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Avatar f tn There are still many different avenues even if its through self expression, picking up a hobby, but it takes commitment everyday and you have to work at it constantly, minute by minute, feeding your mind only positive thoughts, focusing on your achievements, and how far youve come. That you are becoming stronger and Not more weighed down. we r here if u would like to talk more.
Avatar n tn At how many days after your delivery did your husband leave you on your own and went back to work?
535294 tn?1219930112 Namaste, It appears you're handling things very well, considering what's going on in your life right now. If you're anxiety is that bad that you can't enjoy the weekend, remember that it is(from what I can tell without your history) a situational issue that will go away. If the problem persists, however, you may want to consult with a mental health provider.
Avatar f tn Hello & Welcome to our Forum. It has been very slow around here lately, as the holidays roll in..Keep checking your post and I am sure others will come in..YOU might also want to check our other community's like the Depression or Anxiety. I bet they would know more about these type of drugs. I do know a bit about the Benzo, like the Klons & Xanax. Yep, when I came off my 3 meds at once, one of them was the Klons and I had those Brain Zaps bad and Headaches.
Avatar m tn That is excellent iceoteck. We appreciate your helping our members with your own success story! Congrats on stopping smoking. What is your age and how did you find quitting? you are absolutely right that quitting smoking can make a major impact on copd! luck to all.
3958546 tn?1349372775 Hypochondria is a pain the backside, but it does pass if you take the right steps to change the cognitive part of the disorder. That's where it all begins.
Avatar n tn in your own words.. can someone tell me what is depression? (i dont want the text book definitions). the reason i want to see other people's defintions is because i feel like everyone has their own way of describing it.. maybe i would understand it better that way..
Avatar m tn Tons of water, EmergenC power drink, eat as much as you can, get protein shakes to up your calories and nutrition. Like mentioned above above, keep moving. Occupy your mind on an activity or post here. Try not to sit and analyze how you feel or when it will change . Surrender to it and trust it will improve.
Avatar n tn Antibiotics rarely cause anxiety or depression but certain antibiotics may cause symptoms like dizziness or gastrointestinal side effects .Anxiety can be due to these side effects instead of being a side effect on its own. There are many antibiotics available to cure UTI .The choice of antibiotic varies person to person and depends on the severity of the infection, frequency of UTI attacks, urine culture report if available.
470885 tn?1326329037 I think each person is different in terms of if they continue to suffer from anxiety for their whole life. I believe that I will be on anxiety meeds my whole life, which is okay with me because they help me be the "real" me, I don't li,e who I am when I don't take my meds. I have an infant son and feel like I am not a very good mom when I have anxiety because it overtakes my whole life. I can definitely relate to how you are feeling.
Avatar n tn The reality is that almost all the individuals on this site likely suffer from some form of anxiety, so PVCs become something we tend to hyper focus on. For me, part of learning to cope with PVCs involves teaching myself to remain calm, and distract my mind from the problem at hand. I see nothing wrong with having a beer, or glass of wine, but excess consumption makes the next day a complete nightmare! Good luck.
Avatar n tn So I will not -and I cannot- suggest my experience and views on this are or should be controlling on what works for anyone else. But like many other things, I'd be the last to say that anything which can't hurt you should not be considered. For people who have over a long period harbored a growing sense of uneasiness or guilt about the way they have lived, a religious and spiritual sensitivity may be JUST the thing.
Avatar f tn Its best if you want to see if you can do without anti-anxiety medication to work with your psychiatrist and have them give you a titration schedule for lowering it.
Avatar f tn I agree with Paxiled that meds are not the cure all for anxiety. I am a proponent for them, but only when combined with talk therapy. Gaining the long term knowledge to confront this is extremely important in my opinion. One always has to weigh the benefits vs. cost of medications. If you are better with them right now I would have to agree your friends are your friends regardless if you drink or not....keep us posted!
Avatar n tn This can make sure they are move very easily without any discomfort. Sensible physical exercise, consuming lots of drinking water as well as fruit juices, restricting your own consumption associated with coffee in addition to low-fiber meals will help in delivering alleviation to hemorrhoids sufferers. Apart from these types of steps, additional organic remedy with regard to hemorrhoids range from the subsequent 3 ideas to cure and steer clear of hemorrhoids: 1. Witch Hazel.
1584268 tn?1302072803 The simple answer is that PVC's are more likely to occur at a lower pulse rate so exercise keeps your rate above that point (70). Search for PVC's and heart rate on internet - you can also as doctor. Surprised that benign PVC's present surgical problem.
Avatar f tn t want to prescribe me any drugs. He says life will get harder so i have to deal with this on my own. ..... How exactly do i do that and am I going to go crazy !!!!!
Avatar m tn You are most definitely not alone in your fear of public speaking. If I'm not mistaken, I think it's at the top of the list for people's worst fears. If I get called upon to speak to a group of people, I can feel my face turn beet red, I start to sweat like a hog with no waller to wallow in, I KNOW I'm about to wet my knickers and I shake like I've got ants in my pants, which would be my wet knickers!
1844300 tn?1318866131 First of all u need to tell yourself your not going to die. It sounds like u have some anxiety issues, what u need to do is to find out why. R u stress about anything. Get a full check up to make sure there is nothing wrong. But is sounds like anxiety to me.