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Avatar n tn So I will not -and I cannot- suggest my experience and views on this are or should be controlling on what works for anyone else. But like many other things, I'd be the last to say that anything which can't hurt you should not be considered. For people who have over a long period harbored a growing sense of uneasiness or guilt about the way they have lived, a religious and spiritual sensitivity may be JUST the thing.
Avatar m tn Do you suffer from status anxiety? If so, how do you deal with it? Is there any cure for status anxiety or is it just an unfortunately reality of capitalism?
Avatar f tn There are still many different avenues even if its through self expression, picking up a hobby, but it takes commitment everyday and you have to work at it constantly, minute by minute, feeding your mind only positive thoughts, focusing on your achievements, and how far youve come. That you are becoming stronger and Not more weighed down. we r here if u would like to talk more.
Avatar n tn In my experience they can be a useful tool in helping you confront your anxiety, but I believe the most important step you can take would be to go to see a therapist and learn and gain knowledge about why you are experiencing and how to beat it. And remember, not to do anything on your own with medications...always do it under the advice of a doctor....keep us posted!
135691 tn?1271100723 I have grade one cancer - slow growing cancer. Look what happened in 4 weeks. Please be your own advocate for your health. I trusted that the Dr's knew what they were doing. But you know what? They are only human - they make mistakes too. Now I have to pay the price. Don't let these kind of mistakes happen to you. I'm now waiting for more surgery and more chemo. I have a 3 yr old at home - this is not fair to him. Don't allow yourself to fall between the cracks.
Avatar n tn What triggers YOURS is something you must discover on your own. If you are having anxiety attacks, think about WHERE and WHEN you've had them. If you've had several at the Mall, then you know SOMETHING about the Mall is a trigger. You then need to figure out exactly what that trigger is. Some people have very specific triggers, like public speaking. They know if they have to get up and speak in front of a crowd, they will have an anxiety attack.
1844300 tn?1318869731 First of all u need to tell yourself your not going to die. It sounds like u have some anxiety issues, what u need to do is to find out why. R u stress about anything. Get a full check up to make sure there is nothing wrong. But is sounds like anxiety to me.
Avatar m tn Im due to see a cardioligist on the 27th of feb and im petrified of what he might find. anxiety is ruining my life i cant work or do anything socially anymore and its putting real strain on my relationship with my girlfriend because when i met her i was going through a good spell. I have a constant tight chest, i get heat palpitatioins and all the other usuall symptoms but im worried that there is something the doctors are not seeing.
Avatar f tn I had really bad anxiety and depression to and for awhile I was on lexapro. i helped while i was on it but it dosnt last all day so...I came up with my own solutions. I started getting away from class about 2 or 3 minutes early to avoid the rush and It helped with my people and moise problems, I eat something I enjoy everyday, and I read alot. Watching tv, unless its your favorite show, tends to make you more depressed. I don't watch tv anymore I watch movies with friends.
Avatar f tn You will hear horror stories and positive stories, you have to allow yourself to have your OWN experience. You have to give these kinds of meds at least 4-6 weeks before you can fairly assess their effectiveness. They work by increasing the amount of circulating serotonin in the brain, which is basically a "feel good" chemical that helps us increase our overall sense of well being, which in turn decreases anxiety. Zoloft has some common initial side effects.
Avatar f tn Perhaps the med you are on could be changed to one that works well on BOTH depression and anxiety. There are coping strategies to implement. Physical activity is excellent as a mood stabilizer. No, it won't cure you but it helps. Meditation if you can do it, breathing exercises, yoga, eating well, getting proper rest. Journaling can help you find a trend or pattern that will help figure out strategies. I would speak to your doctor/therapist specifically about this increased anxiety.
Avatar f tn I urge you to find a doctor who specializes in the treatment of anxiety and get some of your life back, get to feel like your back in control. If you have trouble finding such a doctor you can consult NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) and ask them to assist you in finding a doctor in your area, or within reasonable distance. Good luck.
Avatar n tn If you're not going to believe your doctor, why go? So, he has given you "every" test, but what is he DOING for your anxiety? Are you on any meds? Are you in therapy? Does he just simply tell you that you have anxiety and then walk out the door? That is VERY poor medicine. I personally would look for a different doctor. Your's sounds like a moron. The floor moving is a very common side effect of anxiety.
4549134 tn?1363196815 It helps people learn to control their mind. You might do better on the anxiety forum. I have no experience with that other than knowing that meditation and deep breathing have helped me the few times I've felt that way.
203342 tn?1328740807 - I start off each day at a time, try not to look to future worries or the next Friday appointment thats stressing you out, - Try and find something to look forward to per day, chocoloate, the walk with a friend, your favorite soap opera, a trip, anything to look forward to - Try magnesium citrate supplements, I have been taking them for about 2 months now and feel the positive effects, I get to sleep easier and wake up without feeling I did not have any sleep, - Try visualization techniques,
1539037 tn?1294322228 I slept in a post office at night as it was the only building open to the public to access their PO boxes. Eventually I got on welfare and got my own place. I was tired, alone, scared and the anxiety had completely taken over. I developed agoraphobia. I also use to pull my hair out while having attacks as it was something that soothed me. I was on lots of different meds etc but doctors would not offer therapy. I got pregnant at 19 and had to come off xanax and most of my meds.
Avatar f tn Hello & Welcome to our Forum. It has been very slow around here lately, as the holidays roll in..Keep checking your post and I am sure others will come in..YOU might also want to check our other community's like the Depression or Anxiety. I bet they would know more about these type of drugs. I do know a bit about the Benzo, like the Klons & Xanax. Yep, when I came off my 3 meds at once, one of them was the Klons and I had those Brain Zaps bad and Headaches.
333612 tn?1302886990 This sh*t is going to kill me and I'm done---but it's been 10 days and the anxiety only gets worse. I know it could go on for weeks-but then I'll feel better right?? I'm so glad you are here today---almost called it's so bad!! how long...........?
1584268 tn?1302076403 The simple answer is that PVC's are more likely to occur at a lower pulse rate so exercise keeps your rate above that point (70). Search for PVC's and heart rate on internet - you can also as doctor. Surprised that benign PVC's present surgical problem.
Avatar f tn Why some days on and some days off? I have my own way of keeping it under control but it sucks. How do you cure a leaky gut? Surgery? (Personally, I'm skeptical on the leaky gut) So I'm still waiting for answers.
3430285 tn?1353150237 Yes I get those all the time, and listen you can cure your anxiety. I've felt with anxiety, really really bad anxiety, I've experianced just about every symptom, and you can definatley get over it without meds. I've never taken 1 pill! But yes I understand the tension aches in the head. All the sudden your head hurts real bad almost as if your brain seems super tight and it last only minutes. I'm going through the same thing so no worry.
Avatar m tn That is excellent iceoteck. We appreciate your helping our members with your own success story! Congrats on stopping smoking. What is your age and how did you find quitting? you are absolutely right that quitting smoking can make a major impact on copd! luck to all.
470885 tn?1326332637 I think the most important thing is how you feel and if you think you will be okay to stop treating your anxiety. Several people on this board have spoken about being off medication for a long time and having their anxiety start back up, oftentimes because of life stressors. I know I am nowhere near being able to stop my medication because I would be a wreck, but each person is different.
Avatar f tn I would also suggest you research all you can on Hypothyroidism and this way you can be your own advocate. After extensive research, I no longer 'ask' my Doc what dose I should be on and he just confirms that my change in meds is the right dose. I know at the start of Graves and Hyper when diagnosed, I was at the Docs every week, then had RAI and Throidectomy which (of course) left me Hypothyroid. I then found I couldnt run to my Doc everytime I felt like cr@p.
531005 tn?1286519132 And congratulations on your negative result also.
Avatar m tn Anxiety causes you not to sleep which causes your anxiety to get worse which causes you to not sleep which causes your anxiety to..... Set up a time to be in bed by. Do not take your phone or computer into your bedroom. If you have trouble thinking in circles instead of sleeping, try white noise, such as a fan or air-conditioner. Try to get the temperature of the room between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooler temperatures are better for your comfort while sleeping.
Avatar f tn Hi i saw your post on the anxiety forum. I have heard of this happening to a few people after smoking pot for the first time. There has been a few people with your symptoms on the forum a couple of months ago from one smoke. I have no idea why this happens to some and not others, or even if this is connected. Some old friends i used to know years ago, have had a trip or ecstacy only once and have never been the same. It can also happen from crystal meth and if the pot was laced with coke.
Avatar n tn FYI - I haven't read all the posts but my hydrocodone addiction started with treatment for migraine headaches that would put me in the ER. Turns out I have an underlying anxiety disorder and started abusing the hydrocodone to smooth out the mini anxiety attacks. When I got to the point that I was taking 30 10/650s in less than a week, I knew it was time to get help. A psychiatrist put me on Wellbutrin, Cymbalta, and Lithium. A pain specialist gave me Suboxone. Talk about a miracle drug!
Avatar f tn Im not one to give up, and i am not ready to take the spiritual path like some of the other tenured folks have taken, although i do believe that controlling your anxiety DOES help. Meowkity, she made me think if deworming is a possible solution. I read that its better to take more that not enough cuz parasites will become immune if you take too little. She took a goat dewormer though?? I am not a goat, but im guessing its stronger and maybe targets parasites more effectively?