How long does a blood glucose test take

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Avatar f tn I just got home from by blood glucose test and feel really sick and tired. Is this normal? Does it mean something is wrong?
Avatar n tn I'm am 27 weeks ..I have my Glucose test this Monday @10:15 a.m long does those test last...and which flavor is best.I was told orange .is that true?
Avatar f tn Haven't had mine yet this pregnancy, so not sure if it has changed since 11 years ago. When I did it the first time, it was 1 hour. If you kept it down, great. If you didn't, you have to go back to do it for 3 hours.
Avatar f tn Its a one hour test if u fail it u get sent for a three hour test
Avatar f tn Okay So I Will Be Taking My First Glucose Test Next Monday! How Long Does It Take ? I Know I Can't Eat After Midnight Does That Include Drinking Too ???
Avatar f tn My doctor said that the appointmemt I was going to have to take tje glucose test? How long does that usually take? And if I fail it, what happens? Can I eat early in the morning that day I go to my appointment?
8467907 tn?1407414942 So im suppose to get my glucose test done 2day...
10798067 tn?1431554033 They will draw some blood, like a normal Blood test. Then you'll have to drink a sort of juice, which is a glucose solution. Then you'll have to wait for an hour and they'll draw blood again. And that's it.
Avatar f tn How many hours ahead are you suppose to eat before you take your glucose test and does it matter if you eat 30-40 minutes before you go? Any advice on how to prepare for it? And how much blood do they draw from you?
Avatar f tn Gotta take the sugar test tomorrow. Any ideas on how to prepare? I've heard the drink they give you is nasty but the said to just drink plenty of water & I should be fine. How long does this test take & how soon can I get my results back?
8761324 tn?1399736679 The glucose test is a crucial part of making sure your pregnancy is healthy.yes the drink is nasty to me.but i would rather drink it and wait that hour and make sure all is fine with me and my little boy.than to claim to be "too busy".like one said before. If you cant spare one hour for a test,how are you going to possibly spare hours for a new born?im just saying.
Avatar f tn Excuse you? "You have to watch these lab techs". Lol. I'm one of those lab techs. "If they measure it wrong"..? A glucose is a very simple, basic test. The phlebotomist draws a tube of blood, the tech puts the tube on an analyzer, the analyzer gives you a result.
Avatar f tn How long does it really take ? Sorry I knw im being sill but I hv some feeling not to attend. I hv been good iv been to all my appointments in hospital nd doctors and wher ever else it was necessary but this one I have a gut feeling bot to go.
Avatar f tn But I hadn't done any other one except for the screening test a while ago so idk if they checked that one for blood sugar levels i dunno still doesn't really make sense to me
6710217 tn?1386114492 What should I expect? If I have a choice to choose a flavor is the best one fruit punch? How long does this appt normally last?
Avatar n tn I freaked I thought you had to fast before these things. The nurse reassured me that they do a more simple test to see if there is a reaction first before they go throught the in depth test. And since I was having some in depth stuff done that day, I would be there for the time needed to test, and would not have to stay any longer. So you may be surprised. You may just go in and they tell you that you are doing it. You can ask your Dr. when you go back in though.
Avatar f tn My very first pregnancy was long before CGMS technology was available and I have a tendancy to take sharp bloodsugar drops. I delivered a very healthy little girl. She was 5 weeks early but that was due to pre-eclampsia and not my diabetes. My son was delivered at term three years later and he was a model of good health, too. My success was directly related to how often I tested my bloodsugar (manually). Yours can be the same situation.
10221785 tn?1410994058 So I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning and I am due for my glucose test very soon and I am extremely nervous.. How did it go for you mums? What does it determine exactly? All I really know is that you're not suppose to eat and it's a three hour test and involves a sugar based drink?
Avatar f tn I was told you drink a drink almost like a flat extremely sugary orange soda then they take your blood an hour later to see how your body is affected by the glucose. The blood being drawn I'm not worried about its the drink itself! And waiting that hour to see how you feel.
Avatar f tn What does it exactly mean when you fail your 2nd glucose test? Does that mean you are a diabetic?
Avatar f tn I was 30 weeks when I took mine if you have it and don't get it under control it can be harmful for you and your baby and you could have a huge baby you just take the test once usually it's a 1 hour test and if you fail that one you have to take a 3 hour test If you fail that one you have GD and just have to watch your diet and check your sugars and what not
863754 tn?1239148355 Hi, It is good that your aunt is being referred to a better hospital. This may bring light to whatever is causing her condition. Her kidney's condition should be monitored and may indeed take a while to be controlled. Your aunt is very lucky to have you by her side. Just hold on and think positive always. I will be praying for your aunt's speedy recovery. Take care and best regards.
551604 tn?1333986735 * Fasting blood glucose level ≥95 mg/dl (5.33 mmol/L) * 1 hour blood glucose level ≥180 mg/dl (10 mmol/L) * 2 hour blood glucose level ≥155 mg/dl (8.6 mmol/L) * 3 hour blood glucose level ≥140 mg/dl (7.8 mmol/L) I also failed the 3 hour one, but many people who fail the 1 hour pass the 3 hours with flying colors. Dont stress Jen, try to take it easy....Keep us updated, good luck!
Avatar n tn now my question is i took the 4 pills but how long do the results from the test???
508203 tn?1233238404 For the next test, they had me fast for 10 hours prior to taking the test, drink the orange stuff, then had blood drawn an hour later and again the following hour. The second test resulted in a normal result. I'm not sure why the first test showed high. Maybe because of what I ate/drank before the test? Not sure. I haven't spoke to my doctor since the test. I had just called her receptionist and found out that the result was ok. I do see the doctor tomorrow though, so I will find out then.
Avatar n tn With my glucose test which was not that long ago I failed the first test (Glucose Screening) But I passed the second one (Glucose Tollerance) I eat a very very very large amount of sugar and sweet products... Hence the name sugar mama. Since I have been pregnant the only thing that appitizes me is sweet stuff. I do not drink nearly enough liquid and the doctor says I am dehydrated all the time. So foods should not affect the test considering I did not change my diet between the two tests.