How long does a blood glucose test take

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Avatar f tn Haven't had mine yet this pregnancy, so not sure if it has changed since 11 years ago. When I did it the first time, it was 1 hour. If you kept it down, great. If you didn't, you have to go back to do it for 3 hours.
1209036 tn?1299178657 During this second test, called the 100-gram oral glucose tolerance test, your blood glucose level will be tested four times during a three-hour period after drinking the cola-like drink. If two out of the four blood tests are abnormal, you are considered to have gestational diabetes.
1012861 tn?1250949418 It can take a long time but the key is getting your blood tested frequently and going into the sun before a test. If you have Lupus it will help your ANA to be positive. If you don't, then it won't do anything. Are they treating you anyway? My symptoms point to Lupus and have positive ANA one time and negative the next time. I am on Plaquenil to help.
Avatar f tn Okay So I Will Be Taking My First Glucose Test Next Monday! How Long Does It Take ? I Know I Can't Eat After Midnight Does That Include Drinking Too ???
Avatar f tn I just got home from by blood glucose test and feel really sick and tired. Is this normal? Does it mean something is wrong?
Avatar n tn I'm am 27 weeks ..I have my Glucose test this Monday @10:15 a.m long does those test last...and which flavor is best.I was told orange .is that true?
8467907 tn?1407411342 So im suppose to get my glucose test done 2day...
Avatar f tn Does anyone know how long it takes?? I've been told it takes two hours by some people and three by others.
Avatar f tn Hey Ladies I took prenatal blood test and feeling a bit anxious, how long does it take for them to come back
Avatar f tn How many hours ahead are you suppose to eat before you take your glucose test and does it matter if you eat 30-40 minutes before you go? Any advice on how to prepare for it? And how much blood do they draw from you?
Avatar f tn Tom I take my glucose test. I'm 27+3 Ftm do I fast? Or can I eat? How long does it take? How long before my results?
Avatar f tn My doctor said that the appointmemt I was going to have to take tje glucose test? How long does that usually take? And if I fail it, what happens? Can I eat early in the morning that day I go to my appointment?
8761324 tn?1399733079 The glucose test is a crucial part of making sure your pregnancy is healthy.yes the drink is nasty to me.but i would rather drink it and wait that hour and make sure all is fine with me and my little boy.than to claim to be "too busy".like one said before. If you cant spare one hour for a test,how are you going to possibly spare hours for a new born?im just saying.
10419881 tn?1410007218 d need to do a blood test. So the results came back with everything fine except he said I have a large amount of hay fever causing cells. He said the results of the blood test shows I don't have glandular fever or giardia or any diseases that are bacterial. So he said its likely that I have a virus and I asked how long they last and he said as long as it takes for your immune system to kill.
Avatar f tn Gotta take the sugar test tomorrow. Any ideas on how to prepare? I've heard the drink they give you is nasty but the said to just drink plenty of water & I should be fine. How long does this test take & how soon can I get my results back?
10798067 tn?1431550433 They will draw some blood, like a normal Blood test. Then you'll have to drink a sort of juice, which is a glucose solution. Then you'll have to wait for an hour and they'll draw blood again. And that's it.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I got some blood work to test for down syndrome! How long does it take to get results back?? Dr told me that if they didn't call me, that everything was just fine, but if they did, something was wrong! I got the 1 hr glucose test as well (for having a very small trace of glucose on urine) and the same they won't call Mr unless something is wrong! But they didn't tell me how long should I be waiting for a call!!
Avatar f tn I go for my Glucose Test on the 5th and i just wanted to know what should i be looking for when i go?
Avatar f tn If the test, which screens for gestational diabetes, reveals elevated levels of blood glucose (sugar), a glucose tolerance test is then given to confirm the gestational diabetes diagnosis
Avatar f tn t done any other one except for the screening test a while ago so idk if they checked that one for blood sugar levels i dunno still doesn't really make sense to me
Avatar f tn I wanted to know if when you do a blood chemistry test, which is to show your sugar level, make sure your liver fonctions well and so on,can the doctor also see with the results if your taking a certain substance like a medication or on the counter drug? Or does he need to do a specific test in order to see, since he only asked for a normal blood test? In other words, can it indicate if you're taking medication or not?
Avatar f tn I have taken metformin 500mg for a year. How long does it take metformin to lose its efficacy. How long it will do its work before I have to increase dosage or change medication?
Avatar f tn If your fasting glucose is higher than 125 you are actually diabetic. If you get a blood glucose tolerance test your glucose level should be below 200 one - two hours after the test...