How long can anxiety and depression last

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Avatar f tn Yes, you can still start a taper. It could be withdrawal. By the way, this drug isn't used for primary anxiety, as it's very stimulating and can cause anxiety in people who don't already have it. It's generally used for depression and for anxiety that is caused by depression, not for primary anxiety. It's not known as one of the worst for withdrawal, so this will probably pass in a couple of weeks, but to avoid problems you can still get a refill and taper off slowly.
Avatar m tn However, I kept getting symptoms which are classic signs of anxiety. My one question is how long can these affect me? Two months later and I still get dizzy spells almost daily, chest heaviness, a cloudiness to were I can't concentrate on anything and digestion problems. Will these eventually go away? I've been to my Primary Care about 4 times in the last 2 months. If I don't have a sinus infection or something then these must be caused by stress? Are these purely psychosematic?
Avatar m tn so please relax... I used the Gabapentin and still do and I swear by it for physical pain and depression. so if you can get some from our doctor that may help you too. I used a lot of Calcium/Magnesium and maybe that is why I didn't get restless legs.. but you can buy stuff in the drugstore for that. Restless legs and insomnia are the two biggest physical symptoms, plus the runs as the opiate is take something for that. hydrate, hydrate, hydrate..
Avatar n tn the hospital took me off prestic, seroquel and lithium and the neurologist put me on lamital for both seizures and depression. also, i am taking invega and ativan for anxiety. the reason for my seizures is because of medicine. i lost my memory, use a cane and bit my tongue badly. caution: beware of anti-depressents--they can lower your seizure threshold. thank god i am getting better.
Avatar n tn I had found forcing myself outside to walk was a great help physically for the rls and also helped me with anxiety and depression.. it takes a lil longer for the feel good endorphins to start producing on their own again but exercise helps to speed up the process.. sleep is the last to return but it does return.. Congrats on freeing yourself.. hope you stay around for support as this is a great sight with many understanding people..
Avatar f tn all i can say it is normal...for me it was not so much anxiety as it was fatigue, depresion and loss of lasted a few months....exercise helped...often an AD can help..i also used the thomas recipe as well...have u talked with ur dr about sumpin to help with all of this?
Avatar f tn How long will this last do you think? I am hoping the anxiety/restlessness won't go past a week. I haven't been taking them for very long at such a high dose so I am hoping for the best.
Avatar m tn I was just wondering from someone with expierience with opiates. I was on opaites mostly oxy and morphine everyday for only about 4 months or so and I'm 7 days clean went through all the intial withdrawals. Now I'm left with a very bad depression and anxiety and racing thoughts. I just want to be who I was before I ever did them and I have no desire to do them, but everyday I think about times before I did the drugs and everything that I was passionate about before has been lost.
Avatar f tn t last long, but they can freak you out because nobody wants to feel those things again. Part of it can be some lingering depression and anxiety as your mind resets its own chemicals back to your baseline. That's why aftercare is preached so much on here. If you aren't prepared to deal with the cravings and paws, it can set you up for relapse. And make sure you have cut your sources. You can't take what you can't get. Good job on 5 days...
Avatar m tn My 18 year old daughter spent the last 4 months weening off Pristiq and now feel she really needs something for depression and anxiety. So my question, how long to start feeling the effects of Zoloft? She is starting at 50 mg for a week then moving up to 100mg. Any information would be helpful.. I realize everyone is different, but would like to know some experiences.
Avatar m tn So, now she is off the butalbital - cold turkey and says the withdrawal is hell. Does anyone know how long the withdrawal lasts? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn i also feel anxieous when i forget to take dose. my question is for how long we can be on it for relieving there any other anti anxiety medicine for long term use.because due to anxiety i oftenly come into depression.
Avatar m tn s and how often they happen or how long they last. What is the normal length of a PVC and can they happen several back to back and you still be in the safe zone? I sometimes get a flip flop feeling that lasts 5 to 10 secs in my chest and was told by someone else that PVC's are usually just a quick faint feeling with a skipped feeling in the beat as it kicks back in.
Avatar m tn I went to the store and got some vitamins that they say should help but how long will this withdrawl %^$# last. I am on day 4 but I still do not feel good.
1190535 tn?1279923329 Wow I just read your post... that is really amazing that you weened yourself off of the medication. I don't know how long withdrawal is suppose to last and perhaps you are the first documenting it like that on here. I think it is amazing that some people can make the decision and stick with it, you have tremendous will power.
Avatar f tn Overall you can expect to feel bad for about 10 days. But others are right, after the super flu, depression, anxiety and cravings kick in so be prepared. Also it takes awhile for energy to return. I felt like I was walking through mud all day long for over a month. But I was w/ding from fentanyl which is a killer to get off of. Stay strong...
Avatar m tn However currently I seem to get shaky as the day goes on, some days are worse than others. How long is this going to last, is there preventative measures I can take? I currently take Celexa for depression but I was shaky before this and the doctor recommended that I increase my dose but it hasn't had any effect on the shaking. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn how long do negative side effects from ECT last? its been 5 monthes n im experiencing exteme social anxiety which i never had before the ect n depression.
Avatar f tn t so bad, i can move now, get up for a few minutes at a time...but what i want to know is how long does or can it take to feel normal again, i want my life back...for me, my husband who is supporting me through all of this, and my 3 kids who deserve better...
Avatar n tn Has anyone else had a similar experience and how long will it be before I can become motivated again? I really needed to write about this and any replies will be most welcome.
Avatar f tn The dose of opioids that you were taking is actually quite low compared to the average opioid addict, but opioid withdrawal is miserable even from lower doses. To compare, Brett Favre supposedly took about 70 vicodin tablets per day during his period of active opioid dependence. Withdrawal peaks at 4-6 days, but the tail end can last for weeks.
Avatar f tn and my second question is ..
1685280 tn?1305432053 Hi iamtoni and marebear74..I haven't been on here for a few days so id just like to say hello! It is very hard when you have just been diagnosed but keep in mind that you have coped and survived this all of your lives, being diagnosed is a positive, it gives you a reason and a way forward, you can now get the help you need..
Avatar m tn 9 days is a long time and I am hoping that it gets better soon. I am doing this and can continue to do this. Hot baths have helpped with the WD ......