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Avatar m tn Since then she has been suffering from headaches and mind seizures as well as fear, depression and anxiety. She has had to quit her job and we are probably going to have to file for disability for her. I think a support group would help her feel not so all alone.
672839 tn?1305796547 To me, there are two types of groups, 1) Support and 2) Self Help. Support Groups are places to go and feel safe. Lead by others with medical conditions like ours, opinions are shared by all, and comfort is widely given while tears flow. The discussions are personal and individualized making this the place to be when your chin is on the ground. Self-Help groups relieve a different pain. In this setting professionals teach you the steps necessary to better yourself and your position.
Avatar n tn YOu need to find someone to talk to so you can talk through and end up with a clear,less cluttered and quieter mind. That takes time and effort, but it is a much more certain path to relief than hoping the next antidepressant will do the trick.
Avatar f tn I'm also ftm and I have moments where I'm overwhelmed, but I manage to get to a place of serenity and realize this is normal. I also suffer from depression of and on and have had some good cries during my pregnancy, but I've learned to use my instincts and coping mechanisms from my past. Don't feel guilty about how you feel, the baby is fine as long as you're getting your rest, eating well and recognizing how you feel rather than keeping it in.
Avatar f tn I was also very young like your daugher when my first symptoms of Severe Uni-polar Depression and Anxiety manifested, and head pressure (deep inside my head) dizziness and nausia were some of my most profound initial symptoms. I had also been convinced that I was sick or that I was suffering some undiagnosed physical condition. Unfortunatly after months of just about every test known to man, I was found to be physically healthy.
Avatar f tn Advice I know advice wasn't asked for, and I'm no mental health professional. But having suffered from depression for many, many years and bouts of anxiety from time to time, I'm going to tell you some of the things I've learned. Many years ago when my husband and I were having severe problems, I couldn't eat, could hardly function, and was consumed with the whole situation. My shrink said, "OK. Here's the deal. I want you to envision a huge ball just outside your door.
Avatar m tn I dont ignor him but he seems to think i am and i ahve a lot of close mates who he has now met and also became close with but he seems to get annoyed when i meet up with them and says to me he doesnt like them but then speaks to them all day the next day and doesnt talk to me, im not upset about this but it seems strange. he doesnt like having conversations with large groups of people and tends to sit next to someone and have a litlle chat whilst we are all talking away.
1468734 tn?1316539497 I have been diagnosed with major depression/dysthymia. I also struggle with anxiety and add. Goodie Goodie. I get so tired of recovery but it is necessary. I used to track my moods here but am trying to do that again. I hope to make some new friends here.
1049259 tn?1295092078 I think I have a mix of PTSD and Depression after the miscarriage and I am now ingulfed in panic attacks almost all day long!!!! anyone know a specialist online? or maybe a great book to help? I REALLY nedd your help. I think I am going to go MAD I feel dizzy, shortness of breathe, chest pain... it depends on what I focus on but they never seem to go away! I have insomnia now and a pressure headache. idk what to do.....drs. just brush me off and say it will pass.
Avatar n tn best bet would be to ask him if he is happy with the way he lives his life or its because of depression or anxiety.
Avatar f tn High blood pressure and depression are almost cross connected with anxiety. Depression can lead to anxiety, anxiety can lead to depression and anxiety can lead to high blood pressure. Vitamin B12 (cobalamine) can also have harmful effects on you like memory loss and some cognitive effects. Mania and psychosis may result. But they are most likely to happen in elderly people. The best sources of vitamin B are fresh dairy products and meats.
Avatar f tn First I'm a male 21 years old and live in Garden Grove California. I have anxiety, I haven't seen a doctor and been diagnosed but I've quite had a few panic attacks, also for about 2 or 3 months I couldn't leave the house. My dad has anxiety as well and although he kind of got it he didn't at the same time. I got an anxiety workbook which had a section on some other things including OCD and depression. In the check for depression I showed 7 of the 9 signs for it.
2070825 tn?1337229569 go to pregnancy groups..make friends..get counselling or cbt for your anxiety and depression its not safe to take antidepressants whilst pregnant. I asked my doc when I was pregnant and he researched if they were safe . His answer was "only take them in pregnancy if the benefits outweighs the risks. So no he said. They're not safe.. only if you're feeling desperate that you'll harm yourself. But I wouldn't recommend taking them" also the first month in taking them you feel even worse.
Avatar n tn I live in Bend,Oregon and feel I need to attend a support group either for Interferon-Ribavirin therapy users or HCV positive(chronic) patients. Do you know if there are support groups in my area???? I have very limited resources and no PC of my own, I am using a friends today to contact you. Any advice of help you could offer would be sincerely appreciated!!! Thank you for your time and consideration, T.
Avatar f tn I'm also really anxious bc the dad of my baby doesn't want to be there and that we aren't working out right now, and it makes me sad that he won't be bc I want my son to be able to have a father figure in his life. I'm also stressed with classes. I'm currently trying to switch them to online but my professor and academic advisor isn't responding. Honestly I feel like dropping out of college bc I feel so overwhelmed. I also am thinking of moving back home. I just want to quit.
Avatar n tn That may be something for you to look into, also you can look for support groups in your area. There are usually quite a few for anxiety and depression. Support groups always sounded so cheesy to me, but it has really helped, so if you can find one give it a try it's really good therapy. At one point I couldn't drive, all I could do was lay in my bed, the depression and anxiety had gotten so bad. I was unable to care for my son most days.
Avatar f tn Any one have good advice for forum or group that I can recommend for my husband and loved ones as I have suffered so much from depression and anxiety and PTSD. Though I am getting better, I have begun to realize that their pain is so strong too as they watched me go through this. I want them to continue to understand me and just like I am reaching out to my own groups to understand my pain, I know they are suffering too and I want to help them if I can.
2070825 tn?1337229569 I have dealt with depression my whole pregnancy you should look into speaking to professional about your depression and looking into joining groups with similar stories so you don't think your the only one. I also found that going shopping even if u don't buy.anything helps you could started planning all the things you want/need for the baby. I never wanted to take any meds I'm 36 Weeks and single its a daily struggle my depression is so bad I'm over being prego cant wait to pop this baby out.
440680 tn?1205685975 She does not know anyone with social anxiety and depression and feels very alone. Your note struck me because sh has been living this for years and no medicine has helped yet. About the girl, just make eye contact and smile for a few days and then use movies as a conversation starter, i'ts easy to keep a conversation going about movies.
Avatar m tn Its been 4 years, me too therapy, phys. Was on all kinds of depression pills and nothing worked. Its 2007 and i still fear the symptoms, I call cdc all the time to asking same questions, talk about crazy. I havent felt well and the doc say nothing is showing up, well i ended up with an autoimmune disease, hashmotos(hypothyrism). read that could be caused by a virus. and and they say I have fibro cause theres no answers to my pains.
449946 tn?1205493932 I was told my two doctors that I am suffering from Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and I would like to know what the symptoms are.
Avatar m tn I bought kit from the Midwest Centre for Anxiety and Depression, it is a 15 week course, but at the end i felt 80% cured. With time, and through constant practice, i would say that i am basically cured. In addition to changing your way of thinking, the course teaches you to relax through breathing exercises. I would really reccommed you look into the Mid West Centre for Anxiety and Control and let me know what happens.
1018650 tn?1251395719 sorry that was mean't to say daughter... and after re-reading your posts i firmly believe this is post-natal depression and anxiety.... trust me the doctor will help you... i would strongly recommend making an appointment.....
2206935 tn?1373642205 Hi i have bad anxiety and depression insomnia Its causing me to be veryyy tired during the day :( im 20yrs cant function Ill hv a new job next week and i dnt know hOw ill function well...i tried antidepresant yesterday and today i feel worse its like a zombie feeling/what can i do//i v beennchecked for heart blood pressure thyroid and cbc all r good..
Avatar f tn I am a single mom. My problem is anxiety and depression to the point that I can not sleep or function. I hate my job and maybe that contributes to my anxiety. I am completely hopeless at this time and just can't take it anymore. People tell me I am very pretty. But I don,t even feel like dressing up or taking care of myself anymore. I just wish I was dead! so I wont have to suffer anymore!
Avatar f tn i cannot relate to that, im sorry for your loss. anxiety and stress and depression are horrible. i have bouts of GERD from stress, as far as being happy it will take some time.
Avatar f tn I am 24 year old girl,I have severe anxiety and depression. It began when I was 16. I started therapy and started zoloft. It helped for like 6 years and then zoloft was losing its effectiveness a little so i switched to celexa and was on that for a year maybe and felt so good that I got off meds completely seven months ago. Two months ago it came back even worse. I had terrible anxiety, panic attacks, crying, isolating, no appetite.
Avatar m tn it seems to work quite well and only have problems when I forget to take it. Do these symptoms indicate anxiety or an anxiety disorder? Or is there something else I should tell the doctor to look for?
Avatar f tn This more so started to happen when I met my best friend, I found all the times I spent with him really helped me out of depression, and now it's just the anxiety I got to work through a little. That helped more than a doctor though. As for the boy, i'm not so sure on that one. It's only been a month, hes into what I like and we agree on a lot. Theres no doubt we do like each other, i'm just not sure on life right now I guess.
331673 tn?1199357885 all meds do, but you definitely have depression that swings over to anxiety (that is under the depression anxiety--have been at this a long time....Go to a psychiatrist...they can prescribe and try it...If you don't like it, you gradually get off them...Good luck and Happy New Year...Struggling here job, husband not working, mortgage, feel sick to my stomach most of the time...cann't rest and no peace....take care...