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229538 tn?1300377767 I went on a drive in my convertible thinking this would help and I just felt like everything in Los Angeles was so ugly and glum ! Any of you people been threw this at this point in your recovery ? Thanks in advance for your responses .
Avatar n tn It looks like you are being treated for depression and anxiety. It seems as if your psychiatrist is trying to find the right combination of medications for you. To learn more about eating disorders, visit the bella vita website.
Avatar n tn Google "Best Surgeons in Los Angeles CA" and they will show you the top rated doctors and their specialties.....Good Luck!!!!
Avatar f tn Hey, I'm from LA as well. Santa Monica/West LA to be exact.
Avatar m tn You and your family are invited to the 2nd Annual Bone Family Day, in Los Angeles! Please join children and adults with bone disorders/diseases, and their families, on Sunday, July 17, 2016, at Elysian Park, in Los Angeles. It will be a day filled with educational workshops, BBQ, and live entertainment. This event is FREE and hosted by Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA) Bone Research Program. To attend, you must register with your number of attendees by email, at ***@****.
Avatar f tn I have just been given news that I should take the treatments, and referred to a Fleger Liver Center at UCLA... in Los Angeles.. it will take 3+ to get an appt.. Does anyone have someone they can recommend for treatment closer to Burbank, (that is specializing in this?
Avatar m tn I stay in Los Angeles regularly and looking for an anger-management psychologists. Does anyone here know of any great ones in LA county that you've heard of from your friends or seen yourself?Best anger management psychologists in Los Angeles?
Avatar n tn Dear ny77, Your inconsistent eating triggered by anxiety and stress can be one cause that precipitates anorexia. Other possible causes could be a loss of a loved one relationally or by death, physical illness, life transition (e.g., going away to college), sport involvement which focuses on physical appearance or emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Visit our website. Take our eating disorder survey and learn more about anorexia.
Avatar f tn Los Angeles (CNN) -- A former Los Angeles cop with military training waged war with his former colleagues Thursday, killing one. Jittery police searched a huge swath of southern California -- from San Diego to Los Angeles -- for Christopher Jordan Dorner, a 270-pound former Navy lieutenant with a mighty beef against LAPD officers he claimed ruined his life by forcing him out of his dream job.
Avatar f tn I am currently medically stable but have been struggling for three years with hypothyroid symptoms( constant fatigue, brain fog,cold hands, slow motor skill, anxiety and depression worse, and a couple other symptoms) despite my bmi being normal, and proper nutrition. I am currently on thyroid meds but the only result is that my tsh is very low. Other wise I am still feeling the same and some symptoms are worse.
1530342 tn?1405016490 Los Angeles city councilwoman wins House seat; Republicans were hoping for upset that would send a message ahead of 2012 national elections LOS ANGELES — Democrat Janice Hahn defeated Republican Craig Huey in a bitter contest for a Southern California House seat Tuesday, preserving the party's hold on the district and surviving an unusually tough race in a Democratic stronghold.
Avatar n tn Other ophthalmologists in Los Angeles are probably your best source for referrals. For a $25 fee, you can search CastleConnolly's data base of "top doctors." All of the retinal specialists listed are experienced, board-certified, and nominated by other doctors as someone they would want to see themselves. Be sure to check that they have a special interest in treating retinal tears and detachments (and not something else.
Avatar f tn I took such good care of him. I even shipped him from Taiwan to Los Angeles. I am so hurt I can’t even think straight. Just want to hear I made the right decision.
Avatar f tn are you eating? are you binging and purging?
Avatar m tn whats up with the NA website saying there are no meetings in los angeles? really? no wonder it's so hard for peopl eto stay clean :-) i have 29 clean days tomorrow. feeling great but thought it might be a good idea to know where a meeting is.
619345 tn?1310341421 I plan to go to Los Angeles before the end of the year to have a Fibroscan I have a Fibrotest but have been advised to get a Fibroscan Anyone that has had one in Los Angeles California Can you please give me the address and phone number name of the clinic or location where I can set up an appointment Thanks Baja
229538 tn?1300377767 God I love that town . Living in Los Angeles can really be hard on ones soul . I will be around tonight . Please take care and stay strong ...
404138 tn?1308941656 Well I almost did except on the crossing I was thrown in a storm busted some Ribs,sailed back into safe harbor in Cornwall England, and flew to Los Angeles instead, Hey I am still here 21years later and now an American!! and all for Love....and thats another weird story!