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Avatar f tn Have any moms been put on depression and/or anxiety medicine during pregnancy?
7552207 tn?1427020403 After baby is here, will I be able to take my depression medicine and breast feed? I have my heart set on breast feeding and I feel selfish if I cant just because of my own reasons...
Avatar f tn I am 9 weeks pregnant and five days and I am having really bad panick attacks and depression. I was off my medicine for alittle while. But I'm wondering if I should go back on. Are any of you mothers taking medicine to help with depression/anxiety/sleep?? I am scared to do thins but I think it's the best.
Avatar f tn I have had a problem with anxiety and depression pretty much all my life. I had been on some kind of medicine for about 5 years. I stopped my medication last year in March because my Medicaid was running out since I was about to turn 19 in May, my cut off date and I wanted to give myself a chance to feel all the withdrawals before it did. Ever since I have been pretty good at managing it. I hadn't felt depressed out of the blue, just when I was stressed in some way.
1422233 tn?1282701102 This question could also qualify as a depression one so I hope it's ok to post it here. I'm a 22 year old female & have anxiety, depression, & OCD. I have been on Paxil (the generic brand) for about three years now. A couple of weeks ago I started to feel like it wasn't working for me anymore. I can feel the anxiety & I get down. It's not as bad as before I was on the Paxil, but I think I need a change. I have a Doctors' appointment this week.
Avatar f tn Check you Vitamin D3 and magnesium levels for deficiencies or low normal range.
Avatar f tn i get anxiety about taking the medicine for my depression and anxiety i want fix it with out medicine just therapy not helping. I think thats why my doctor try the zoloft again because i am thinking i am itching and i am not really having reaction to the medicine but he said you do have sentitvie to medicine that why he had a backup medcine for me. my question is anybody taking Zoloft 25mm or Citalopram 20mm before and any side effects from these medicine?
Avatar f tn Hey all. This is my first time posting anything. So I'm due November 14th. I was diagnosed with depression when I was 17, I'm 21 now, I've taken medicine on and off. Mostly off because of my stubbornness. Because of all the hormone changes I've been extremely depressed. My therapist suggests possibly getting back on medicine because she's worried about me. Unfortunate to say I'm worried.
Avatar m tn As far as I've learnt through my few years of life, taking pills is not the answer nor solution to that problem. I've studied psychology, natural medicine, tempers, and other things; and from what I've learnt the anxiety and depression may be caused by hormonal and eating disorders, as much as any other psychological issues. Do you exercise? Do you know if you are hyperactive? Are you truly satisfied with your intellectual development? Do you feel fulfilled with your job?
Avatar f tn she is suffering from depression and anxiety. her symptoms are crying for multiple reasons, no willingness to live, doesnt find happiness anywhere and in anything. she feels isolated from inside..she cries in front of whomsoever she meets in the entire day. she is under a lotof medication and almost 3 physchiatrists hav been changed in the process.
Avatar n tn What is the best medicine or herbal supplement to take to get over anxiety and depression.
Avatar m tn Since last 10 years I have been suffering from mixed anxiety and depression disorder. I took esitalopram and now I suddenly wake up at night (once a week or fortnight) feeling uneasy and unable to go back to sleep. I am 48 years old and its a family disorder. I stopped taking Escitalopram about 3 weeks back. What to do?
358304 tn?1409709492 I took lexapro last year for anxiety... now I'm having anxiety/depression pretty bad... going to go see the Dr. tomorrow. Hoping he will put me on something... don't want to feel like this anymore... Think there is hope in medicine these days? My buddy Jeff told me, there is no reason why anyone should feel the way I feel this day in age.. with all the medicines they have out there.. Of course, I kind of want to refuse medicine... but I have to be logic.
Avatar f tn Has anyone gotten anxiety and depression well pregnant? I started getting anxiety attacks at night and now I get them day and night. I'm starting to get depressed over them. The doctor wants to put me on anxiety/depression medicine but I don't want to take any medicine well pregnant. I also read that it can cause heart problems for the baby. Have you taken medicineand did it affect the baby? Are there natural ways to help with anxiety?
Avatar n tn Dear Sirs, I have taken a medicine called trileptal for about three days, one per day before sleeping, and i stopped together with another medicine called dogmatil also i stopped at the same time, after that i started to feel very bad things, to put it short panic attack, anxiety, confusion,do not know whats happening around me, sweeting, did not sleep for almost a week, insomnia, everything was hard. This trileptal medicine should be out of the market.
15305299 tn?1498127242 Hi Koozich I experienced severe anxiety and depression 4 years ago, did not know i had hbv, i came to know about my hbv infection last year (February). My anxiety was triggerd by certain stressful events, anxiety led to depression. A book by Paul David "At last a life" pulled me out of dark place. I used to feel very weak, i am active cyclist, could not cycle for almost a year. I started taking entecavir in February.
Avatar f tn Hello, I've been suffering from anxiety and depression for a while, due to post partum, and the 2 miscarriages, I used to take zoloft which didn't help that much, I strated feeling better after 6 months of being taking it, some side effects came with it, headaches, etc.i decided to stop the medication becuse I was feeling much better.
3581773 tn?1349121910 The info that I received is that SSRI meds are used for the treatment of depression only. SNRI meds treat anxiety and depression, as studies believe that nepinephrine plays a part in anxiety." I'm not sure where you're getting your info, but that's incorrect. BOTH the SSRIs and the SNRIs are "classed" as antidepressants, but they are used to treat anxiety as well.
Avatar f tn That's okay, listen to your psychiatrist. The medication will help you with all this, and make your life easier and more enjoyable. Take care....
7702223 tn?1394319054 It sounds like clinical depression to me and that's not going to go away after the baby is born.