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Avatar n tn I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. My suggestion would be to call the hospital that inserted the stents and ask for there social worker. This person can come out to your home and set up home visits with nurses and nursing aids to help you thru daily activities that you need help with concerning your wife. They can also help set up very low cost meals to be delivered to your home. We had to have assistance when my grandma was very ill.
Avatar f tn m afraid of taking it because I take seizure meds (carbamazepine) and I am now taking Diazepam as needed. Do you believe as well that this is in fact all due to anxiety and depression and not something else. Also, I need to know if this medication is the only option for me. And does Paxil interact with Diazepam and does paxil interact with carbamazepine? Does carbamazepine interact with diazepam and vice versa? Please help! Write me back!
Avatar m tn When it was my daughter suffering from depression and anxiety (20 yrs old) I made sure she saw a primary care doctor then a specialist, a therapist and a psychiatrist including driving her there and keeping track of her appointments. I followed their advice on what to do, in her case when it was bad I had to be with her 24 hours a day and take control of her medication and car keys. Now she's doing better and doesn't need that level of monitoring.
Avatar n tn When I started having problems with my hands, I dumped a second doctor and found a primary care doctor who immediately suspected a neurological disorder and sent me to a neurologist who did the tests for MS.
Avatar n tn s telling me I was crazy sure all of a suden I went crazy and got depressed after playing tennis five days a week and working out every day and leading fullfilling working and active life I decided I wanted to live in my bed and get high heart rates and anxiety and depression and tremors and headaches and lose 40 lbs and not be able to sleep b/c I had nothing wrong with me but depression and anxiety I refused to give up I actually spent one month in a hotel room with my poor mother while I under
Avatar m tn just to name a few. Anxiety and stress play an important role in the development of erectile dysfunction; and is the most common possible cause. At a primary level, I would suggest being a bit relaxed and working on the psychological factors with your partner. You could also see a psychotherapist/ behavioral therapist for the same. It might also be beneficial to get rid of factors like smoking/ alcohol/ drugs, if involved.
Avatar f tn Ejaculatory dysfunction can develop in young adults due to a variety of causes. Psychological stress, performance anxiety, depression, neurogenic disorders, body image issues, medications, alcohol, smoking, drugs/medications, hormonal imbalance, kidney failure, metabolic disorders, hypertension, diabetes, prostatitis, urethritis etc. just to name a few. Anxiety and stress play an important role in the development of erectile dysfunction; and is the most common possible cause.
Avatar f tn I'm 30 I have struggled all my life with focus and just having my crap together.. but as a kid ADHD was never talked about and was just told to try harder.. going into my early 20's I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression even though I have never felt like I was actually "depressed" and my anxiety always came from just being overwhelmed with things to do and couldn't get it under control.
Avatar m tn The problem I am facing is related to irregular heart beat and some time pain in chest. This I am facing from the past 2 years. I feel depression may time and feel disappointment. My heart beats are irregular and sometime it started beating very fast. During that time I feel slow pain. I use to weep many times alone. Some time I use to search a corner in the home where nobody comes generally switch off the light and start crying silently, thinking about my past and all.
1559289 tn?1294749613 Thanks so much for responding what anxiety med are you talking about? i take pristiq 50 milligrams and xanax as needed but if there is something better please tell me!! maybe i can suggest it!!
778037 tn?1377986200 My psych said that it would take two weeks for my moods to improve and that if they improved and my other symptoms did not, then to call my primary care. However it seems logical to call my primary care now that my moods are stabilizing already. Please let me know what you think. Thank you, K.
Avatar f tn I am so sick of having to take meds for this anxiety and Depression. I still feel anxiety this morning ..I don't want to take another clonazapam ...I am afraid..don't know of what,...also don't feel like doing anything but sleep. I don't psychiatrist I will see in 1 hour, and am dreading it. He is going to charge me for 2 missed visits..I am financially poor...have to save every penny. I have no family here in this new state, except my husband and stepson.
Avatar f tn But my to daughters are holding current on medication for anxiety and depression but that seems to not work for me.i have a lot of racing thoughts that has to do with my past and my present. i do not understand these world. sorry i do understand these world but the world does not understand me.i dont know if its because i dont speak up for myself but is that people are so judgemental.anyone give me an advise? please!!!!!
Avatar f tn Ah, binx, that's a very interesting summation of the issues. Sicko was such a distressing film that I had to stop watching half way through. I'm sure Michael Moore did a good job in revealing the problems in the US, but he also romanticised other countries' nationalised medicine in an effort to support socialised medicine in the States, IMHO. The monetisation and commercialisation of medicine is, of course the big problem.
Avatar n tn Oh yeah. Your primary care doctor will see you when your sick and for anything pretty much. I've seen my primary care doctor during my pregnancy but wasn't anything baby related.
Avatar m tn You don't say why you're taking the alpha blocker, and you're posting in the anxiety forum but taking Cymbalta, which is usually used for primary depression rather than primary anxiety as its effects on norepinephrine you're talking about can be very stimulating -- intentionally so to get depressed people going again but can cause anxiety because of this. None of us on here are pharmacologists, so this is a question for your psychiatrist or perhaps a pharmacist.
Avatar f tn You could be the luckiest person in the world and still be depressed because the chemical levels in your brain are messed up. I have anxiety/depression, and I know for sure that my anxiety at least is chemically based, because when I started taking medication (Pristiq) nearly all my anxiety instantly went away. I would seek help from a psychiatrist, medication and therapy together have proven to be the best help possible for depression.
Avatar f tn Hi there, I have posted before but still struggling. I am 39 and started with unexplained anxiety and depression starting in nov of last year. No history of it. Tried zoloft and didn't work well with side effects now have been on lexapro 10 mg for almost 8 weeks and feeling worse. I am also taking klonopin .25 bid Symptoms had gotten worse around period and I am going to naturopath. Had hormones tested and on natural progesterone, but nothing is helping.
Avatar m tn Pain in joints and muscles, most severely in my low back and neck, hands and feet Numbness in big toes, tingling on and off in hands Migraines Low grade fevers on and off Severely itchy rash on elbows and knees that comes and goes, looks like small bumps under the skin Constipation Rectal bleeding Sores inside nose on and off Hair loss around hairline Stiffness in morning and after sitting for long periods Hematologist and neurologist suggested autoimmune as strong possibilities d/t blood
Avatar m tn In some states (the one I mentioned above, being only one), the patient is assigned a therapist and a primary care doctor and no matter how they like (fit) or agree with the treatment, that's what they get, because that's the "standard of care" in that state, which is only the minimum of the care. This is a state run (Medicaid) program, not H&H services...
Avatar f tn Although Topamax is primary metabolized via the cyp450-3A4 and Welbutrin is is primary metabolized via the cyp450-2B6, there is some secondary drug/drug interaction between them. It is not a major interaction but can cut the effectiveness of one or both of the medications. Typically, when we have someone on anti-depressants that also suffers from migraines, we co-prescribe Gabitril (available as generic Tiagabine ) which is not to be confused with Gabapentin.
Avatar f tn hi i am new in this group find out from a doctor i have anxiety and depression they called it situantional anxiety and depression.he precribed me Zoloft on Sept 14th was nervious before taking it did have some side effects but went away like itching then longer i took the itching got worse and felt like flu like systems had a low grade fever 99.0. found out from my primary doctor had sinus infection took meds for the infection finished medicine felt better.
Avatar n tn Wellbutrin is not generally used when anxiety is the primary problem. It's more of a pure antidepressant like the snris, and as such is stimulating. That can make anxiety worse. Dizziness usually goes away, but dry mouth usually doesn't, but we all differ. Are you doing this with a psychiatrist or a primary care doc? The latter don't usually understand these drugs very well. Is this the first antidepressant you've tried, and is it for anxiety or depression?
Avatar n tn Before this stuff started, I had minor, manageable anxiety with no history of health issues. This all started so suddenly. My primary care phsycian thinks this is anxiety and depression that is causing constant faintness, fatigue, shortness of breath, etc. However, I don't see anxiety causing shortness of breathand feeling faint nonstop. When I go for walks now, I feel like i'm on cloud 9. I havent' seen my friends since this started - only doctors and my parents...
7527404 tn?1391634460 anyways a year passedand i finally went to the walk in clinic, he told me i had anxiety and depression and put me on flouxetine. it worked at first and ive been taking them for almost 3 months now and thought they were working good. but now for a couple days ive been feeling really down again, harming thoughts, cant sleep good at night and really hard to breath. cant stop yawning caus ethats the best way to get the most air. what is happening? will my mental issues EVER go away?
Avatar f tn I started with the symptoms last week and I thought they would go away. My therapist said that my anxiety and depression would get better and I would have peaks and troughs, I guess this is a trough. I don't think the doctors know what to do with me and they are just hoping I come round on my own but this is the hardest time. I think i'll ring my therapist cos I'm a bit stuck in it. What are you doing about your job? Are you on sick pay? Do you think the tablets made you worse?
Avatar n tn Anxiety and depression can certainly cause all of those symptoms that you describe. My first question is, have you gone to see your primary care doctor to express your concerns? Odds are overwhelmingy stacked in your favor that you are fine physically, and he/she will refer you out to a mental healthcare professional. Confronting these feelings and this pattern of thinking is a very good way to understand this in my experience.