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Avatar f tn You shouldn't take either 5-HTP or St. John's Wort along with an anti-depressant, because it's theoretically possible to get an overdose of serotonin. I'm also curious about the term "mood swings." Anxiety and depression are what 5-HTP can help with, and St. John's Wort is for depression. Melatonin is a sleep aid. But mood swings are different from anxiety and depression.
Avatar f tn Best of luck.
Avatar f tn Over the years I tried lots of anti-depressants and they all made me worse until I found a doctor who actually listened to me about my physical symptoms and seemed to understand the different types of anxiety and depression, and appreciated how individuals are all so different. I believe this suffering after WD is inevitable. You can't just eliminate a drug without having the equivalent of a mental earthquake.
Avatar f tn You will go through this for some time. Real time. Months and maybe a year or more. The subs are known to cause depression and yes your brain is healing. While you are on any opiates your body stops making seratonin. It's your natural happy drug. It takes a long time for your brain to realize that it has to start making it's own natural pain killer again. You may experience anxiety and depression and even have some aches and pains that you never had before.
Avatar m tn First of all try the links page on the bipolar forum such as the website "Depression Central". Those are better than books because they update themselves because as regards understanding of neurotransmitters science keeps updating itself. The book I use that also describes medications is "Instant Psychopharmocology: A Guide for the Nonmedical Mental Health Professional" by Ronald J. Diamond.
Avatar m tn Hi Doctor - I recently had a brain scan (SPECT) with Amen Clinics because I have had a long history of low focus, anxiety and depression (I'm in mid 40's). Had a very traumatic childhood too including my Father committing suicide. I see a psychologist weekly for inferiority and low self esteem. Noone (including my primary Doc) believes my scan results. The scan results came back with "significant brain impairment". In order of severity, 1.
Avatar n tn I prefer taking my meds for the IBS (levbid) and working on the anxiety through counseling. I am 42 and female and have had some years to deal with my issues. I used to go to the doc a lot more but through counseling and working on some self-regulation of my emotions (like saying to myself, "It's probably nothing, remember when you were worried about ____ and it was nothing? Just take a few deep breathes and calm down.
1673455 tn?1305212120 How do you know if your suffering from depression and anxiety? I'm pretty sure I am but am embarrassed about going to my university doctor's as the issue is complex and quite embarrassing. I'm considering making a fake source of depression up in order to be prescribed anti-depressants?
Avatar m tn Not really. There is no method. There are a number of treatments for depression and anxiety, varying according to the symptoms and the severity of the illness. Many people may be helped by a family doctor but, most need more specialized treatment. Have been to a doctor to talk about whats going on and how you are feeling and maybe why? Some people have experienced good results with herbal medications, dietary ajustments, or a controled exercise program.
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444265 tn?1292467473 Dear Avianna, There is another book called Healing ADD by Dr. Daniel Amen. He describes six different types of ADD/ADHD. You can find excerpts online by googling together the words Amen six types ADHD. The web site for "Attend" by Vaxa also has these six types listed. Your parents, and yourself, might be interested in alternative approaches such as bio-feedback, Emotional Release Therapy (Google Weston ERT) and supplements such as tyrosine, theanine, and 5htp. God bless.
1643531 tn?1477519969 It will astound you, it sure did me, 12 years later, many trials and test, Jesus Christ is the Same yesterday , Today, and Forever! Watch or hear true events of healing lines and sermons that God done through the ministry of Gods Servant, William Branham-I have personally been affected by this Message and personally Know and have sat at the same table with folks who were healed in these meetings! God Bless You Forever! www.williambranham.
6757907 tn?1385102265 I have developped panic attacks due to all of this and now my anxiety and stress as well as fear, is interfering with me moving on with my life. I used to be very outgoing, fearless and full of energy. Now I feel just the opposite. I need help so that I can move on with my life and heal. I don't want to be like this anymore. I want a sound mind and fearless heart again. Please help. I have been on 300 mg of Lithium as well as Ativan when needed.
Avatar n tn My gut feeling is that once the accutane is completely out of your system, your depression and anxiety will get back to where they were before.
Avatar f tn AMEN to a year of healing!
561706 tn?1333947274 Get the book "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life" By Daniel G. Amen, M.D. This book is all about scanning of the brain to understand the different problem areas of the brain. The ISBN # is 0-8129-2998-5 It is an excellent read and has lots of resources. Good luck with your project! Oh, if you have any questions about BP just ask, we are all really knowledgable on this board about it! Take care.
Avatar f tn I have had anxiety for 20 years and latley its so worse getting like social anxiety now.Im a christian but have falling away over the years....trying to get back.Will you pray for my anxiety to lessen and for me to get back in the word.god Bless You all...
Avatar m tn Since my girlfriend started suffering from stress, and afterwards anxiety, i have been trying to find online resources for her in Danish - without luck. The only site i have stumbled upon is www.stress-center.dk but i would love to hear from you if you can find any others?
Avatar m tn My name is Daniel. And I go to Mexico almost every year.
Avatar m tn Hello all, I have been sufffering from major depression and Anxiety for the pass three months which was caused by several medical test which I had to go through. ( Prostate Biopsy, Throat Problems ) Some test are still to be done, everything I feel has been intense from body aches to pains in different areas. My Doctor has me on Celexa and Atavin, only Atavin seems to help, but I hate feeling sleeping all the time..
1533382 tn?1357962152 We have 2 kids together. Until about 6 months ago everything was very terrible. I had such high levels of anxiety and depression that I was not a good person. I took the step and talked to my doctor and she put me on meds to help with it all and it took a little while for it to kick in. Through this he's shown patience and kindness and all I've done is tear him apart.
715114 tn?1229744030 I also have bad anxiety with irrational fears that have left me feeling paralyzed at times. I finally went to the doc, and am currently on anti-anxiety and depression meds. While I'm not completely better, I do feel like I'm on the way to feeling better. Please go see your doc, and let us know how you're doing. We're here for you!