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6757907 tn?1385102265 I have developped panic attacks due to all of this and now my anxiety and stress as well as fear, is interfering with me moving on with my life. I used to be very outgoing, fearless and full of energy. Now I feel just the opposite. I need help so that I can move on with my life and heal. I don't want to be like this anymore. I want a sound mind and fearless heart again. Please help. I have been on 300 mg of Lithium as well as Ativan when needed.
Avatar f tn In my experience, anxiety and depression can go hand in hand. Sometimes, it can be like the chicken and the egg in my opinion and sometimes I wondered what came first, but I believe my anxiety led to my depression. Are you still seeing your psychologist? I know for me it was extremely important to continue through therapy during the good and the bad days. You will get through this. Keep us posted!
1084115 tn?1385228589 Ah, I see you answered on this thread the exact question that I just asked you on your other thread! :) So, you're on week 6 of triple therapy with Incivek and you were UND at week 4. Wow! That is an excellent result. You are doing great. Based on reading both of your threads, my feeling is that pooh is right, and it's a combination of both, you're not feeling well and that is adding to your anxiety/fear, and your anxiety/fear is making you feel worse.
1111160 tn?1258471532 I know anxiety brings on fear but my concern is with anxiety can we make the fear seem so real that it will happen? I get a feeling of depersonalization a lot and it freaks me out! I barely sleep and thses past few days I haven't felt as anxious but emotionally numb?? Does anyone else feel like this?
Avatar f tn She tends to ease My anxiety and depression. But husband is my rock and helps so much, never makes me feel bad for the way I feel and always helps and comforts me. Hope you ladies can find the same or a way to help cope with this awful feeling.
Avatar f tn Since being pregnant I've gone from being so happy about being pregnant to now dreading it all. I'm stressing about money and how to afford it and how me and my boyfriend will get on when it's here. I feel worthless sometimes and worry about the future for my child in case I can't afford things for it. I can't seem to sleep because I'm stressing about little things that shouldn't even bother me.
2064754 tn?1333375663 There are different types and classes of medication that people are prescribed for anxiety and depression. There are faster actiing meds like Xanax and Ativan that are used on an as needed basis and are usually prescribed more short term and then there are medications like Zoloft and Prozac (SSRIs) that are prescribed more long term and taken on a regular basis. While these are only two types, there are also multiple other classes of medications that are used in the treatment of both.
Avatar f tn I suffer from anxiety and depression. More anxiety then depression (I think), I've had it all of my life and I could always pretty much control it,up till about 12 years a ago. I've seen countless drs and therapist and have not gotten much help. I have uncontrollable feelings of panic,fear,and excessive worry ALL the time. I also have no energy,not even to shower or do "everyday" things that normal people don't even think about.
Avatar m tn Can anyone give me some feedback on Zoloft for treatment of anxiety and/or depression? I am interested in learning of the side affects people may have experienced. I am suffering from insomnia so I was concerned that this med may make it worse?
Avatar f tn I was the same way depression and anxiety before pregnancy I stopped cold Turkey on my meds when I found out I was pregnant and I am riding it out I don't want to get on medication I want to protect my baby but my dr said it's worst not taking medication that the baby feels the stress hormones.
Avatar m tn well im 24 yrs old i have been sufferin from what i think is anxiety/depression for 3 yrs...i wake up everyday scared 2 death im gonna die...fell like everything that can b wrong with me is wrong...i also feel like whatever can happen is gonna happen...if i hear of soem bein wrong with some1 or something i automatically think its wrong with me...i have this overwhelming fear that soem is wrong with me everyday all day i quit all the activities i used to do.
1779359 tn?1314555834 s a stage of anxiety and depression, but sometimes it can lead to a different mental illness. And then you should be able to get on a right medication. I had a fear of reality too and theres something called depersonalization disorder. Sometimes when your going through anxiety you can feel not really there. I'm not a dr. just trying to help and tell you that i've went through this. I have a totally different diagnosis now..
Avatar f tn Other posters have suggested it may be post-partum depression and I think that is a very valid condition that your OB will be able to diagnose and treat. The heartburn could be from the stress and anxiety and again, your OB/GYN will be able to diagnose and treat that. Please see your doctor so you can begin to relax and enjoy your baby, not only for you but your baby.
Avatar n tn What affects one person will not affect another. Physical symptoms are very common with depression and anxiety - but we cannot give you a diagnosis here of course. Have you been diagnosed with depression and prescribed medication? Medication itself can give side effects like those you describe. It is difficult to tell you what is causing your sweats and chills without knowing a bit more about you.
190673 tn?1259203266 almost 2 decades living with anxiety, fears, phobias, depression, ocd and what not, i finally got better, but today i had a fight with someone in front of my house and the freak left me with a threat that he will kill me. now i cannot stop thinking about the threats and my anxiety is reaching the roof. i did call the police and all that but since we dont know who he is, it is going to cripple me for who knows how long.
Avatar f tn I am a 43 yo Christian woman. I also suffer anxiety, and control it with meds and therapy. Tell me how your fear of God works. Is it that you are afraid He's real, or afraid that He's not?
1111160 tn?1258471532 Im lost and dont know where else to find help for the past week or so I have been having really bad depression mixed with anxiety I feel so numd and and losing my sleep I get insomnia every night and my body is so tired. My mind is always filled with worries and dread each day I feel so lifeless. I dont enjoy the daily things I use too and feel so guilty all the time! Does any one else feel this? And on top of that once I feel better I get scared just thinking about when It will come back!
Avatar m tn I forget name of movies I watch but remember songs and lyrics. I am unable to track even with the help of psychologist and therapist. what to do? I am tottally confused what people are doing and saying and why and can't respond to them properly. I can't figure it out whats wrong with me?
Avatar n tn Even his friends. He is very focused on his own problems. This lead to anxiety and then depression. What is this problem called? What causes this to happen? Are there any natural ways to address this?
Avatar m tn long you live and high you fly...and smiles you ll give and tears you ll cry...and all you touch and all you see... is all your life will ever be...PF sara...i remember peter, paul and mary...i love leaving on a jet plane....
Avatar m tn Hi, welcome to the forum. The replies are giving you many great leads I hope. Therefor I'll only give you a link of where you can find more information on this! http://www.medhelp.org/tags/show/167/Depression?middle_panel=user_journals I hope you find the right answers. It's important that you discuss and draft your worries with your GP to find the right kind of treatment for a condition like this.
Avatar n tn I have bouts of anxiety and depression. I heard that gluten can be a link to causing these, as well as excess sugar in the diet. Is this true? I eat a lot of sugars, breads, and pastas and am considering a change in diet to help.