Social anxiety leads to depression

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Avatar f tn I think your instincts about 'social dependence' on marijuana and a current minor depression are probably accurate. Symptoms of social anxiety usually respond very well to an SSRI or prozac-type medication.
Avatar n tn You said you are born sensitive and shy and have social anxiety. That means your personality is prone to general anxiety and social anxiety. In order to change your personality, you need powerful and drastic measures. They are professional psychotherapy, love and religion. They can change your life. Try to love and help instead of fear and avoid others. Those who love others will be loved.
Avatar f tn I'm new to this forum and I've realized that we are not alone. I think my anxiety leads to a bit of depression so it's like the 2 go hand and hand if you ask me. Seems like with most these antidepressants you must give them a minimum 2 weeks to have a true idea of how you'll fair out. From what I'm reading, it's about finding the right combination of medications that work for you with the most tolerable side effects.
351317 tn?1204755471 You are projecting a lot of what might happen, could happen, will happen. This leads to self sabotage. Try to be proud of your accomplishment right now. It took a lot of courage to change and its not easy. Its fine to be nervous but do not let it paralyze you. Think about all the things that will change for the better now that you have a job. You might actually enjoy it!! Imagine that.
Avatar m tn m 24 years old My story starts at the third year of the college sec semester I started this bad habit because I was alone most of the time leaving in other city far from my home and family you know I always have deep thinking then one day I said why not I will try smoking, for first couple of months everything was normal but then after that my life changed so badly I started to get massive anxiety/depression sometimes I feel like I want to suicide but for sure I will never do it the good thing w
Avatar n tn I have been on too many psych meds to list here to help with depression and anxiety I have suffered for many, many years. About 8-9 years ago I suffered a compression fracture of T12. Upon taking opiates for pain I noticed instant relief from my depressive symptoms that I had never experienced through numerous meds and years of therapy EVER before. After several years of opiate use for back pain I had become physically dependent on opiates.
Avatar n tn It's been going on for about three days or so, whereas earlier in the week a select few songs would considerably stress me out and that would be all in relation to stress. I also have this sense that I'm not going to be living for much longer and I don't completely understand the cause of that.
Avatar f tn Recognizing teen depression for what it is no easy matter either.
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Avatar m tn WELCOME TO THE ANXIETY FORUM! Welcome everyone to the Anxiety Forum. This is the place to come if you have questions or concerns about anxiety/panic, related medications and their side effects and recovery. Some of our members have been living with anxiety and related disorders for years, while others are new to the waiting rooms of psychiatrists/therapists and the rainbow of medications available to treat our various conditions. Regardless of what brings you here, welcome!
Avatar n tn One of my closest friends suffered from sm and severe social anxiety as a child, teen and young adult. But, when her daughter started to exhibit the same behaviours she had as a child, she knew it was time she did something about her own anxieties so that she could help her daughter. She is the one who "leads" our support group. I'm going to post the address of an article that was published in our local newspaper and then posted on the internet - http://www.selectivemutism.
Avatar n tn Addiction is a very complex disease (as you well know), but within the mental health community, it is a well-accepted belief that most addicts are medicating an underlying mood disorder (depression, anxiety, social phobia, bipolar disorder, etc.). In my opinion, to withdraw an individual from his drug of choice and expect abstinence (without dealing with the underlying cause), is akin to placing a child in the home of a known child abuser and acting shocked at what happens later to the child.
1518141 tn?1290822755 I can't afford to buy stuff. Not really. And that just feeds into my anxiety and depression. I also have bpd (which in my opinion is way worse than anxiety and depression combined). I've added money for gifts but I haven't bought anything. Seriously not into Christmas this year. Can't believe it's only two and a half days away. My brother sent me a book voucher and I was looking at one of the medhelp experts books the other day so ordered a copy of that.
Avatar m tn In fact, most of my time/anxiety is spent trying to figire out ways to NOT to drive, i.e., stay at my mom's, lots of things. I definately spend more time driving than others because I take side streets and avoid major roads and freeways. It ***** and my anxiety spikes really high in the morning thinking about the day ahead. Trouble is, I drive for a living inspecting houses so I kind of have to!
Avatar n tn Doctor, A little bit of background. I have experienced anxiety and depression to varying degrees for the majority of my life. It got really bad when I graduated from college and entered the "real world" (although I also experienced Dep./anx. in high school and college) I was prescribed Effexor and it worked at about 225 mg. After a couple of years I felt that it had "pooped out," so my doctor put me on Paxil. It didn't work very well.
Avatar n tn What happens in modern life is that several times a day many people have low-blood-sugar emergencies. This leads to adrenaline dumping and ANXIETY, it also leads to hormonal imbalances. NORMAL SUGAR PROCESSING: Eat food including sugar; pancreas releases insulin; insulin puts excess sugar into storage for use later.
Avatar f tn That could lead to a lot of those symptoms as well (especially if you have a night cap to help you fall asleep, it can often lead to waking up part way through the night, which in turn leads to anxiety/stress/irritability). Just thinking out loud here; not accusing or insinuating.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Social Anxiety Disorder and Social Phobia – Learn to understand this disorder and be more comfortable in social situations. ___________________________________________________________ Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) Symptoms, Treatment, and Self-Help Do you worry excessively about things that are unlikely to happen, or feel tense and anxious all day long with no real reason?
Avatar f tn MMM I feel on the urge of passing out which leads to ful blown attacks and then anxiety inbetween thinking another one is going to happen...I am convinced I have cancer or something else wrong with me b/c I almost always feel weird or in pain :( foggy head, derealization, shaky, sweaty, floaters in my eye, shooting pain in my head,heart palpitations, shooting pains in my body everywhere, pain in my stomach both sides where your gallballder is but I had mine removed...
Avatar m tn I hope you can find a doctor that is willing to listen to you. These doctors want to pass everything off as depression, because it's easy to just give you a pill and get rid of you. And maybe it is simply depression and anxiety, but they should at least be willing to make sure that there isn't some underlying physical condition causing the depression.
Avatar n tn Dear Bob, OCD is part of the Anxiety Disorders. Worriness may be do to Anxiety or part of OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is diagnosed in a person who has either obsessions or compulsions or both.. An obsession is a recurrent and intrusive thought, feeling, idea or sensation. Obsessions increase anxiety and a person experiences them as uncomfortable. They can be disabling.
Avatar m tn Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), to relieve anxiety. SSRIs are often the first type of medicine used to treat generalized social anxiety disorder.3 Benzodiazepines, to relieve anxiety. They are fast-acting. But they may be habit-forming and are not generally used in those who have substance abuse problems. Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), to relieve depression and anxiety.
Avatar n tn But I dont like the w/d feelings so i always try to find just a couple, and that leads to more and more, I want to stop before I loose my man he is my best friend, but he doesnt understand addiction, he says just stop but it is not that easy.
Avatar n tn it is my biggest fear, i am terrified of marijuana, so much that it has ruined my social life, and i only smoked from october to december of 2010. my anxiety and panic attacks have also branched off from just being scared of marijuana, im scared to be around people and hang out with friends,i have been scared of death, and scared of the thought, how am i going to live with this the rest of my life? i have constant fears of so many things.
Avatar m tn he is also small for his age and they were concerned about fitting in with older kids. He has NO social issues, loves people, very willing to talk to anyone and offer his opinions about anything. Ok so bottom line (finally) how to emabrace who he is without letting his childhood slip away under his concerns for everything? We got rid of TV because commercials caused him to worry about things and we don't miss it. He does play soccer and is in a co-op and church choir/groups...
Avatar n tn AXIETY LEADS TO DEPRESSION...To be scientifically accurate, anxiety and depression go hand in hand in most cases. Research depression and anxiety and you will see that most people have both symptoms. I am in the nursing field and have experience with administering as well as personally taking anti-depressants. My advice to you is if you can work through your problems with some psychological interventions such as therapy, exercise, hobbies, and things you enjoy then this is your best option.
Avatar n tn It is just like that; either you stop masturbating and continue to feel the anxiety and depression, OR you will replace the addiction with another one. So I suggest you look into Internal Family Systems Therapy. Here are some absolutely amazing videos you should watch and get back to me : Study lesson 1 on the Break the Cycle website : which gives you the entire Internal Family Systems Therapy as self-help.
Avatar m tn She doesn't seem to want to do ANYTHING but take Alprazolam. Which is what leads me to the think maybe she doesn't have anxiety as bad as she claims.. Maybe just an addiction.. AGAIN SO FRUSTRATING.. How am I supposed to help when I do not even know the real deal.. She has an appointment with a psychiatrist and a counselor. I told her I wanted to go with her to make sure her doc knows about her "problem" with alprazolam. She got pretty upset with me..
Avatar n tn I suggest to anyone that suffers from anxiety, panic, or depression to never ever try drugs or alcohol as they can have permanent damaging effects on lives. I learned the hard way but am trying every day and still have hope, i have a loving girlfriend and new 4 mo. old baby girl so i'm going to concentrate on that. I wish every person who suffers with these problems the best and if i could help even one person i'd be happy. Thank you for reading.
Avatar n tn i know what everyone is going thru i am 33 weeks pregnant with a baby girl and i should be happy about that but my life right now is hell. everyday and night its nonstop anxiety and that leads to panic. i have now developed a fear of going places i cant even go to my familys houses. im stuck in my home and feel there is no way out. i cant even go to my doctor appt. i dont know how im going to deliver this baby. i dont take any meds ecept for high blood pressure meds.