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Avatar f tn Anyone else get social anxiety in big groups? I have always been an anxious person in general but i have always Been able to manage it and show up to group events. I have noticed now though the farther along i get the more anxious i get and the more i get the overwhelming urge to bolt from events. Its getting bad too. Any one else or any ideas?
Avatar m tn I don't feel comfortable at parties, bars, or social events, especially if I don't know any of the people also attending. At party or other social functions, I tend to watch from the sidelines instead of engage in discussions with others. Oh sure, I give the occasional greeting...."How you doing"...."What's new"..bla bla bla. But that's about the extent of it. I really dont' care for small talk of no substance.
Avatar m tn David, as you can see now your drug taking was probably a cover up for this kind of social anxiety. It is now time to learn the skills that you have been avoiding. Read everything you can about social anxiety, and seek cognitive therapy, and begin to work on it seriously as a skill to learn, rather than as an anxiety to run away from. You can get a lot of help very soon with this issue.
5148952 tn?1364325366 I am scared to move too fast but if anyone can tell me some ways to slowly start working on my social anxiety, I would apprecate it. I am taking Abilify but I have read that it doesn't help with anxiety. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
1261539 tn?1269828421 ive suffered with social anxiety for about the last 10 years. i think ive always had it to some degree but i never knew what it was .. i just thought i was shy, like ridiculously shy. i was always scared to get called on in school, not just nervous but scared. i did ok in H.S. as far as making friends and even made it through one year of collage. but when it came time to register for my second year thats when i realized i had a problem..
Avatar n tn When I'm around people I sometimes shake from my anxiety. My anxiety flips on and off like a switch. Will this anxiety go away with time or keep haunting me as long as I try to be social? Can I do anything about it?
Avatar n tn Whenever I'm with a large group of people, I become a social butterfly. In a bar, club, party etc... I'm always very social with everyone and I make a good first impression. But whenever I meet someone new or go to a smaller get together, only hanging out with a few people, I tend to get very nervous and I become mute. Any new people I meet, I can't seem to open up around them. I become overly quiet and some people see that as creepy. I show no personality and I can stay mute for hours.
Avatar m tn One thing to keep in mind that dividing anxiety into categories, such as social anxiety, is useful for insurance companies and drug companies and for a therapist figuring out how to help you, but isn't useful for you -- anxiety is anxiety. For all of us who suffer anxiety, whether it's called social or called something else, the root problem is that for whatever reason we begin to focus on anxious and catastrophic thinking and learning how not to do this is what helps.
Avatar f tn I know I keep re-posting and re-posting. I have severe social anxiety even around my own family. Today I ate with my family trying to face my social anxiety. Whenever I am eating with them I get nervous when I talk to my 5 year old niece. I feel like they are watching my every move. I feel like they are judging me. Whenever my dad speaks to me its usually because I do something wrong like forgetting to take out the trash or not locking the door.
Avatar n tn It sounds to me like your daughter may be suffering from some social anxiety. Does she do okay at school? This is a puzzling one! But an all day party would stress me out too! Have you tried talking to her? Don't make it dramatic, just while doing something together, say something like "that was a long party wasn't it?" or "sometimes I just don't feel like being at a party", make it about you and see if she makes any statements that may be a clue.
Avatar f tn I believe that I have social anxiety, but I am not completely sure because my symptoms are not exactly like those described in most of the research I have been doing. I am 23 and I enjoy going out for a night on the town. I recently moved to a new city and have made a some friends that I have hung out with only a handful of times. When they call to go out, or meet up with some people that I have not yet met, I am excited to go.
Avatar f tn I suspect strongly that your daughter is selectively mute (selective mutism is a severe form of social anxiety). The best site on the internet is "" where you should find lots and lots of information - I would suggest you start by reading the FAQ's. Then read the treatment section and make an appointment with your child's pediatrician or family doctor. If he/she is unable to help you, request a referral to a medical specialist with experience in anxiety disorders.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Phobias and Fears – When fears are irrational and disabling, they are called phobias. Learn how to get help and overcome these fears. Social Anxiety Disorder and Social Phobia – Learn to understand this disorder and be more comfortable in social situations. ___________________________________________________________ Social Anxiety Disorder & Social Phobia Symptoms, Self-Help, and Treatment
506273 tn?1260142381 Namaste, Social anxiety disorder, also called social phobia, is an anxiety disorder in which a person has an excessive and unreasonable fear of social situations. Anxiety (intense nervousness) and self-consciousness arise from a fear of being closely watched, judged and criticized by others. A person with social anxiety disorder is afraid that he or she will make mistakes and be embarrassed or humiliated in front of others.
689528 tn?1364139441 So my son (almost 4) has been diagnosed recently as having social anxiety disorder. When we are in public situations like a fair or even a small room with plenty of people he either acts out or cries. It takes him a VERY long time to warm up to some people, especially other kids. I think his teacher thinks he's autistic because he doesn't acknowledge the other kids. I run a home daycare and he will play with the kids here. He also talks to adults that he knows well.
Avatar n tn It is possible that your granddaughter is suffering from social anxiety. You might wish to google phrases as "childhood anxiety" or "social anxiety in children" or similar words/phrases to read more about this issue. One question - does she speak to strangers or just "hide behind someone's back"?
Avatar f tn When I hit teenage years I was very depressed, but slowly i've noticed it became more anxiety. I have met someone in which I see a lot of good with, but I also have the things that I find to bother me. I am so protective, and cannot deal with certain people. My boyfriend has a lot of friends and I am not one to hangout with a lot of people, I am an infp type.
Avatar f tn She would play only if those freinds are alone and not with anybody else that she didn't know of.If we go to a birthday party she will just stay with me or my husband, she won't go and play even if her close friends otherwise plays with are there in the party. She will tell all kinds of reasons not interested, doesn't want to play, very tired, want to eat something. Sometimes she even takes resort with the food.. she will slowly keep on eating just so she doesn't need to get up from there.
1796826 tn?1558679629 On the other hand, I'm 40-something, and I have always enjoyed a beer here and there, or a cocktail at a party, and so on - with no sign of abuse. I KNOW the addictive pull (tobacco and opiates), and I simply don't have it with booze. I also have a huge stockpile of benzo's. I think about 6 100-pill bottles of Xanax and 9 100-pill bottles of Klonopin. I was prescribed them once for anxiety, didn't really like the feeling they gave me and kept filling them for barter (and as a useful sleep aid).
Avatar f tn There are new medications for social anxiety disorders and depression. See a Doctor. They can help get you fixed up. (I've had similar issues, due to being raped when I was 15.
Avatar m tn hey all :) its my first time posting on this forum. let me talk a bit about myself, i am a male who is not shy at all BUT in certain social situations i enter into the cycle of "Sweating- social anxiety in certain situation - panic attack" . I have crazy genetics which make me sweat a lot by nature, so at some point in my life i started having the fear of sweating in certain formal social situation (like meeting, presentation ) and it became like a sort of phobia.
Avatar f tn It sounds like your daughter could be suffering from social anxiety. If she has been on the Zoloft for 5 months and has noticed no improvement, then it's time to think about trying something different, Has she also been in therapy this whole time as well? Since this began when she was quite young and you mentioned sleepovers, makes me wonder if this may have it's roots in seperation anxiety. These are only my thoughts, I am not a doctor and am not offering a diagnosis of any sort.
Avatar m tn He needs some things that are just for him. And remember, social anxiety is real. Adults are often treated for it medically. If he starts preschool and social problems persist. Come back. I have lots of tips. My son had many issues at 4 and now at 6 is a very athletic, well liked kid. He's one of the guys which was HIS goal and not mine.
Avatar n tn Your daughter may have anxiety and specifically social anxiety. She sounds like her imaginative play is good and her verbal skills are fine which is all good. But she prefers to play alone. At 3.5 kids are coming out of paralell play and interacting more. What I would do is to start focasing on socializing with her. First, at home------ you are her playmate. Come into her games and actually play with her.
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Avatar f tn I had anxiety attacks for a few years, so when all those feeling came at me at once it was like I was right back there. I could really use some tips about how to handle these things.....and I know the obvious would be to go to therapy but because of my prior depression in my college years I have already spent the better half of a decade living as a patient and it didn't help me much except make me feel trapped in that identity.
Avatar m tn Social anxiety occurs when you are in a social environment like a party, school, mall, etc. You can overcome social anxiety by taking some basic measures to build your confidence. Social anxiety is a very common problem and you should not feel embarrassed about accepting the fact that you suffer from it. In fact, accepting that there is some problem is the first step towards recovery. Here are a few easy to follow techniques that can help you to manger anxiety in a better way.
Avatar n tn My 10 yo daughter was diagnosed w/ ADHD (inattentive type) and anxiety disorder last summer. 2 psychologists said her type of ADHD is very responsive to stimulant med. Her 5th gr. teacher says she daydreams but is a good student--very creative and bright--thinks she might be GATE. Teacher doesn't thinks meds are necessary now. We still have a couple of concerns though: her social behavior and negative attitude. She's never been well-liked at school--gets very few party or playdate invites.