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Avatar f tn I have always struggled with some strange form of social anxiety/low self esteem, and could never quite get to the root of it. Interestingly enough, because I have out of neccessity developed a very high sensitivity for cognitively picking up on social cues, I am able to perform quite well, if not thrive, in cross cultural scenarios. Some other cultures embrace ideas such as being forthwrite in general and also apprehensive about new people, etc., which suits me.
Avatar f tn I used to have major problems with it, but I'm a bad habit, recreational user now - (for social situations as I'm a bpd and bipolar sufferer - I have cut down now!) I used to be able to keep w/d to a minimum by having a 2 week binge and then not touch it for a while for a month; this seemed to keep the withdrawal at bay but I could still get my 'fix' as such. I have slight breaks to make sure I havent got to the 'addiction stage'.
Avatar f tn After excessive drinking, I sometimes have a day or more of being in a constant state of panic. It's not a true panic attack, as I understand them, in that it isn't a 5-10 minute bout; rather, it's constant. I feel like I'm going insane and going to die. I've gone to the hospital with this feeling on more than one occasion. Once, it lasted for a week. I saw mulitple doctors, had MRIs, C-scans of the brain, etc.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, there is no "quick fix" for anxiety. It is a biological response triggered by your body becomming accustomed to receiving the anxiety/panic in particular situations. You seem to be taking the right steps and doing the right thing, especially by doing the deep relaxation exercises and deep breathing.
3060903 tn?1398568723 While you’re in a state of deep relaxation, the hypnotherapist uses different therapeutic techniques to help you face your fears and look at them in new ways. Making anxiety therapy work for you There is no quick fix for anxiety. Overcoming an anxiety disorder takes time and commitment. Therapy involves facing your fears rather than avoiding them, so sometimes you’ll feel worse before you get better. The important thing is to stick with treatment and follow your therapist’s advice.
Avatar m tn But know this, if you have had a full medical checkup, you are most likely physically in tip top shape, you just need to work on the anxiety and obsessive thinking. I wish there was a quick fix, we all do, but first step is to relieve some of your mental pressure and go back to the DR. If your parents do not understand anxiety and panic disorder ask that they read this site or be involved with your therapy process.
Avatar n tn I really like my new doctor's outlook on how I should be recovering. Instead of just shoving quick fix drugs like Xanax down my throat, she prefers "lifestyle changes through proper nutrition, exercise, targeted supplementation and stress management". is their website, and you can see my doctor, Julie Khan, here: Although the doctors here are pricy, I much prefer my new doc to my old one.
Avatar n tn I was later diagnosed by my oldest and dearest friend, a physcotherapist who said that I had PTSD and it is not a quick fix so it was easier for them to say I had GAD than try to fix me before Insurance ran out. My experience taught me that Buspar was a joke for me, guess it can help if you have mild symtoms, antihystemines also. I took xanax for awhile but did not want to become addicted to it and have another problem to face!
Avatar n tn Along with that, I suffer from severe anxiety since the birth of our daughter (I had post-partum depression and anxiety). So I take 1mg Xanax usually before bed- and occasionally .5 during the day. Now I'm getting paranoid and thinking "what if I am pregnant"? I'm a nervous wreck thinking that I could have done something.
Avatar m tn I'm pretty naive thinking there could be a 'quick fix', I just really wanted to be over it for Christmas. Thanks again for the help, I needed to hear someone else's opinion as I'm pretty much in the dark about ways of treating Anxiety. I will be sure to keep an eye on this site.
Avatar m tn I am on my second day of my rapid detox. I was using 160-200mg or more oxy/day. it wasn't that much up until about a year ago when I had a major surgery. Then things spiraled out of control. I am functioning and no one knows I have this problem. I get scripts and then buy off a "friend" when im out of my script (which is quick). Anyways.... I managed to get my hands on 9 - 8mg sub pills and I started them yesterday.
Avatar f tn I just can't gandle being alone with the kids on top if the anxiety. I just moved to this town a wekk ago too. I think, maybe, that adds the added anxiety. Since I know where absolutely nothing is. I just need to get out and maybe drive around my neighborhood at first. Maybe that'll help. Idk.
215461 tn?1331866365 For one, once you have the thyroidectomy, your symptoms will improve which will help take some of the power away from the anxiety cycle. It's completely typical for you to have some residual anxiety for a time after your surgery, only because of what you explained in your OP.... ... The simple presence of very scary panic symptoms have caused you to begin fearing the sensations, and you're spinning in panic circles.
Avatar n tn This spring and last (at the same exact time, when oak pollen was strong) I got the constant burping and anxiety. For me, taking some Tussin product helped somewhat. Anxiety and allergies seem to go hand-in-hand for me and can produce some weird symptoms. Sometimes it helps just to know that's all it is. Hang in there!
Avatar n tn Fix the anxiety and you may fix the panic that gives you GERD/stomach acid. Fix the anxiety and reduce the flem (I think!). Fix the anxiety and you fix these panic fits your having because of the wierd symptoms you're having. Fix the wierd symptoms you are having by hitting the root of the problem, and can't you see yourself finally living a healthy life? Maybe the docs are idiots and cant figure all this out on their own FOR us, but hell, let's pull together and be sure, WE ARE NOT ALONE.
Avatar m tn I've read that smoking raises blood pressure and therefore exacerbates anxiety/stress, so it's a no-brainer that the social-smoking needs to stop. I also read that it's a good idea to cut out caffeine (no more Diet Mt. Dew *cry *throwfit *repeat). So if you are reading this looking for how to stop anxiety and panic attacks after a night of drinking, the simple answer is to STOP drinking.
Avatar n tn We just discovered that she suffers from Social Anxiety. Anyways, the medication supposed to help with this problem. Go to for more info. My other friend went on this for 6 months and she came out a brand new confident self. Anyways, it is worth looking into.
Avatar f tn Thank you for the quick comment! I feel better knowing that someone else has similar effects. I took my last pill last night. I cant wait to see how I feel!!
Avatar n tn So I have had pretty serious anxiety and depression issues for as long as I can remember. I am 22 years old, and I have spent everyday of those 22 years obsessing over things that are completely out of my control. I have been diagnosed/misdiagnosed as having multiple disorders; GAD, agoraphobia, borderline personality disorder, and finally as manic depressive, which I think is the most accurate.
Avatar n tn I have noticed after his surgery that his anxiety level is extremely high. He lashes out for the smallest things and everything seems to get to him, especially anything that involves me. He drinks more wine to relax and I think it is having an adverse effect. When I mention that he might try some relaxation techniques to quell his anxiety he "goes off". He says "the doctor says I shouldn't be stressed and you are adding to it".
Avatar f tn thank you... Its just scary seeing him go through it & how its affecting him and the rest of the family.. He is such a smart kid... honor roll & top of the list in his school orchestra class.. its fustrating too me.. i want a quick fix... just got his brain MRI scan back today and they were normal... its just so heartbreaking too see cope & being confused when these thoughts take over his mind and he has so lil control....
1448936 tn?1363209946 She's not a bad therapist but I don't improve a lot because I have a lot of anxiety disorders (Social phobia, GAD, OCD, as well as some personnality disorders), so that's maybe why I don't improve a lot. I also done a group therapy for panic with agoraphobia and had no improve at all, in fact I was feeling just worse after it cause I was very frustrated about seeing the others in the group improving and not me!!!
Avatar f tn I, after many years, along w/ my doctor's approval weaned myself off of Paxil 20mg. I had been on it for postpartum depression and just came to rely on it. I weaned myself in March, very slowly.....but then very slowly, the symptoms all came back with anxiety worse than ever. I started on Zoloft, just the minimal dosage, but also knew how well the Paxil had worked for me and after a week on the zoloft and not feeling better I switched right over to the Paxil.
Avatar m tn Its a fact that weed can bring out anxiety in people. For me it brought out my social anxiety. I was bullied as a child and through my teens and always been worried about what people think of me. I know deep down i am not schizophrenic. And i know you do to as well. Bare that in mind. If you are aware that yours worries and thoughts are wrong and abnormal then you don't have schizophrenia. With that illness you lose touch with reality. With anxiety your grasp on reality is too strong.
Avatar f tn I do not know what Klonopin is , but I am assuming it is just another anxiety med like Xunax ( quick fix ) and I don't think that was a good idea becuase it is also addicting and should only be used for short term is what I was told by my doctor and he won't let me take that. Now if the Klonopin is not what I assumed then have you ever heard of Trileptal, mention that to your doctor, I just posted some info on that online just now, you can read that also.
1836724 tn?1334598491 Hello ppl out there ,  I might have posted many things on this forum before bt today I am feelin extremely down tht I thought letting go all tht happened in my life wil make me feel better , besides tht im rly hoping this doesnt bore u ppl ,first of all I wud regard myself as a smart shy emotional person and I pretty much excel at all my examinations and till I was 17 I kinda screwed my o level , and basically i was v ambitious and very much keen in pursuing my dreams in medicine , I loved the p
1460021 tn?1445739558 It appears as though i have traded one addiction to another I wish there was a quick fix. I'm sick of the sight of myself when i look in the mirror. I know all it takes it the right eating and a bit of exercsize...but i have no motivation or even the strength to do so. Somedays i look forward to night coming so i can escape in my dreams and not deal with reality. But seriously how come i can overcome a codine addiction and being on suboxone...yet i struggle with something like weight loss?
7604172 tn?1445635794 Getting well is a process, and the drug seems to only release you bit by bit...little by little. There isn't much of a quick fix, but doing all you can to make it easier and not sabotaging yourself is very important. I have said it before, and I will reiterate it now...DO NOT OVER STIMULATE! This includes caffeine, junk food, processed foods. Steer clear of energy drinks and just about anything that will make your insomnia, anxiety, and RLS worse.
Avatar m tn Now I am on paxil cr( paroxetine cr ) 37.5 mg. still I am feeling social Anxiety. So I consulted My psychiatrist. He stopped paxil and prescribed zoloft (sertraline) 150 mg a day. morning dose 50 mg and night dose 100 mg for 15 days. what will he prescribe after 15 days that's I don't know but I want to know that can suddenly dose be changed like this?