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Avatar m tn Thank You sooooooooo much. I am going to try your suggestions. I to, used to be able to drive the freeway like a crazy person. I actually LOVED the freeway & driving itself now I fear it everyday. I take back roads to work & have not driven the xpressway in a year but I want to so bad. I try to tell myself that this is NOT going to control me & some days are good & I feel like I can drive forever...but most days are a real challenge. I have trouble at stop lights....
Avatar f tn Obviously anxiety sufferers don't do well on speed. People without anxiety can get it from taking speed. What you need is a social worker, it sounds like, who can help you get the benefits you need so you can afford proper health care. You need a different psychiatrist at least for a second opinion. Any doc who tells you smoking is fine isn't a doctor.
Avatar n tn He was working as a graphic designer and was enjoying his job, until one day he had a bad day with his boss who basically threw his work on the floor telling him it was a pile of ****...impulsively, he walked. After a month of unemployment he found a job in retail which he has been doing ever since. He enjoys the people he works with but feels he is a bit worthless working in such a low paid job with few prospects.
Avatar f tn Things just seem to be getting worse, everything from severe medical issues for the both of us, unemployment and finances, 3 months behind on rent, no jobs out there, his mom in the hospital for that past month, etc, etc, etc. I'm disabled and receive social security and he has no income at all. He seldom even gets out of bed anymore. I can hear him in there now just moaning about life.
Avatar f tn and offer/share support for anything that is Hepatitis related. The Hep. Community Forum is the social branch. Discussions about unemployment going through; "Friday Nite Fight Songs", wives in search of support for husbands, belong in the Hep Community Forum.
1203196 tn?1327434613 My job of 16 years was continuing to make my life miserable and it's constant inconsistency, lack of good management and continuing increase in workload was relentless. I began to have more and more anxiety and panic attacks. I'd been in therapy for a year by then and been diagnosed with Dysthymia and Anxiety disorder.
Avatar m tn I recently had unprotected sex with someone I think would be a high risk for STDs/HIV, and I have much anxiety. I have had a few sexual partners but the girl I had sex with two days ago is older, has probably had many. I began using a condom after 1-2 min. of unprotected sex, probably doesn't matter but thought I would mention it. -Do you know of information about seborrheic dermatitis and an increased risk for contracting HIV and STDs?
Avatar m tn Now just the thought of having to go back to a situation where I am around people who, though they don't make the connection at first, eventually begin whispering behind my back or simply avoiding me at all costs! As an extremely social person who is used to making friends wherever I go, I am beginning to think more and more about just ending the torture I endure along with the burden placed on my family during my current stint of unemployment, since April.
10533519 tn?1418460993 I am convinced for certain it is related to severe stress/anxiety. From my experience people can sense (instead of smell) stress/anxiety/fear which is why people from forty feet away will cough as soon as they see you. Or the person on the phone on the other side of the world will clear their throat when they hear you speak. Why? It is because stress/anxiety/fear shows on your face, in your body language, and through your voice/speech. Don't bother calling people on it.
Avatar f tn Don't know how much research you've done on this but I did quit a bit, and you sound like you may have a social anxiety problem, and there are so many spectrums of certain disorders. I don't know your early childhood, but sometimes if there is extreme stress in early childhood, and you are genetically sensitive personality, this can have a profound effect, and of course there are conditions that are simply inherited. Our whole family has an extreme delicate nervous system.
Avatar f tn It is unsual for me to lose weight. I do not feel anxiety,instead frustartion but I do know anxiety can trigger weight loss,experienced thta as a youg mom 30yrs ago. In Mar/Aug 08 had CT's and nothing shows. On 10/30/08 had MRI and no show! I am an unemployed social worker for a year and will potentially lose my car have no Dec rent or money for bills. I've paid everything out of pocket w/help from my friends.
Avatar m tn I'm at the end of my rope. I've been dealing with sever depression and anxiety for a long time now and I just can't take it much longer. I feel like there is a lot more wrong with me as well. I can barely make it to work anymore and I don't think I can keep working much longer. I take medication but I just feel like I'm going crazy and falling apart. I've been told by some people that I should try to get on disability but, I don't know how long it would take to get it or even if I would.
Avatar f tn I then had a wreck that severed nerves in my knee and totaled my car. After getting myself fired, on unemployment and medicaid My right shoulder was so deformed and unstable that it was replaced. I then had a sidebar of a 10 mm kidneystone with a raging infection. My gp then took me off pain meds and I went 3 months in excruciating pain and took someone elses Lyrica just seeking relief.
1355570 tn?1277290529 It was then that I was diagnosed and prescribed Lamotrigine and Buproprion. It is working well-so far. Currently, I am one of the millions whose Unemployment Benefits are about to end. I am stressed and anxious at the prospect of losing my home, my car and my grip on sanity. My question is: Based on experience or knowledge, can the stress I am under cause my meds to fail and send me into an episode of a manic or depressive state?
1700643 tn?1464850282 I have been dealing w/stress OK BUT its getting so much worse.Right now and lately its been lots of money husband is on unemployment after taxes out its only$211a week,cant find a job+Im n the process of getting on social security but almost done w/that long process(a couple more months).We have NO SAVINGS AT ALL LEFT!Our bills r piling up no one to turn to(electic will b turned off friday if we dont pay it+no$4rent due on the 3rd.
Avatar m tn Scientists are also making progress in finding the biological markers for behaviour associated with depression, anxiety, fear, anger and other symptoms of mental distress like obsessive-compulsive neurosis. Markers are essential to understanding the anatomical basis of mental disorders, diagnosing them objectively, and following their responses in daily life situations. 2.7.2.
Avatar f tn I have always been on the shy and introverted side and have seen various therapists who have diagnosed me with anxiety and social anxiety. I am wondering now if I may be depressed as well. Last September (2014) I quit my full time, good paying job that I held for over 2 years because the stress was really getting to me and I felt anxious all the time at work. I took about a month off and saw a therapist, exercised, caught up with friends and family, etc...
Avatar f tn The reasons given for my approval were, impaired vision, bending lifting and driving restrictions, bulging discs in my neck, seizure disorder, anxiety and depression and social phobia I just had my first year review and had to see the disability doctor. I know I failed miserably, especially the eye exam. But....... Believe it or not,,,,,, I was now denied.
Avatar f tn I have had a change in insurance because my husband is now on unemployment.(I have state insurance now.) my new pain management Doctor treats me as a potential drug abuser even though I have no drug abuse history. He took me off the meds that were working well for me-I was working, exercising, doing yoga, had a social life and went to all my childrens activities.
740593 tn?1232491904 This stupid FM has robbed me of my life. I'm always been a pretty happy, social and active person, got a cold maybe once every two years...and thats about it. Then this...oh boy...what a blow to your spirit. I'm like a homebody now, can't work, and have cognitive problems transferring information, which I'm hoping is from the lyrica and not some sort of added symptom of the condition. I wake up everyday and say maybe today this is gonna get better...
Avatar f tn They layed me off, pretty sure for for health reasons and after drawing unemployment for 1 1/2 years Social Security put me on permanent disability. After this I got really depressed and started drinking to much, often thinking it might be better to let nature take it's course. After suffering several journeys to mental hospital for suicidal crisis. I quit drinking and 8 years sober, best thing I ever did and started seeing a very special therapist who specializes in senior counseling.
1518141 tn?1290822755 20th - My oldest son had gotten kicked out of his house on Sept 18, was arrested on Sept 20th - took 30 Xanax and approached and scared some kids. Sept. - My oldest loses unemployment because there was a misunderstanding with his paperwork Sept - I pay all the bills for my oldest son girlfriend and baby so they can keep the place Oct - My oldest son got into a car accident with the family car. Nov - My personal laptop gets stolen from my house $1000.
Avatar n tn By the time I was through with them, I had my own special person to call any time I was upset with them and they completely rolled over and payed up. Social Security will requre a lawyer, but you will beat them as well. They routinely deny every claim, but you will prevail with them as well if you fight hard. You have a lot of people that support you here and we all are hoping you pull together and beat this thing.
Avatar f tn Neil, I take Diltiazem, Coreg, Nifedical, Benical HCT, Lasix, Clonodine to name a few and thos are just for the BP, I take others for the Anxiety and depression and Insulin for Diabetes. I don't have the energy to exercise, if I am on my feet for more than an hour my feet ankles and legs swell. I have made changes in my lifestyle, I have lost 20 lbs so far since Jan when I was diagnosed, I watch what I eat and portion sizes.
401095 tn?1351395370 THERAPEUTIC ACTIONS OF BENZODIAZEPINES (IN SHORT-TERM USE) Action Clinical Use Anxiolytic - relief of anxiety - Anxiety and panic disorders, phobias Hypnotic - promotion of sleep - Insomnia Myorelaxant - muscle relaxation - Muscle spasms, spastic disorders Anticonvulsant - stop fits, convulsions - Fits due to drug poisoning, some forms of epilepsy Amnesia - impair short-term memory - Premedication for operations, sedation for minor surgical procedures Other clinical uses, utilising co
Avatar f tn I am hoping to get some kind of insurance once on unemployment. (So sad that it takes you losing your job to get some insurance,but that is a whole different topic) I will miss my job terribly ,I can't help to think that my time off for doctors visits and my mental stress as of late have caused this job loss(which will end in June)until than no insurance. But I can only think that it is for the best,and I am meant for some other purpose.
Avatar f tn He secured passage of a historic healthcare reform law — the most important social legislation since Medicare. Just as important, Obama brought a certain levelheadedness to the White House that had been in short supply during the previous eight years.
Avatar f tn I have anxiety pretty much all the time. I am afraid of taking prescription drugs because of the side effects. Does anyone know of any herbal or natural products that can help?
Avatar f tn The anxiety might be making you depressed. Not the other way around. You seemed to have developed a strong social phobia. One were everything will go wrong if you go near it. The quick reply would be to say ' see a doctor ' and then ' a therapist '. You need to learn how to trust things you once trusted all over again. See that the fears are all just part of your subconscious thinking. The longer we leave things the more they become embedded. Deeper and harder to sort out.