Social anxiety ruined my life

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492527 tn?1212179272 it certainly does depebnd on the person they have ruined my life due to misdiagnoses and not believing the medication i wastaking was having the effect on me i triedto tell them its trial and error and we are the guinea pigs
3581773 tn?1349125510 It seems I have tried everything and my life is ruined. I am now 27 years old and I need to start getting my life on track. I have a girlfriend and I know she supports me but I can tell she is getting fed up with me. Please help.
Avatar n tn What can I say. I've got social anxiety and I've got it really bad simply put. However even though my social life sucked and I cursed and blamed my parents day in and day out, I did not drop out of high school and graduated with a High School Diploma and an Academic Diploma. I'm a really nice guy when you get to know me. Sometimes I can just talk to people about something but it never last very long because I suck at conversations... unless it's something I'm really into.
4810971 tn?1359480360 My mother has depression, OCD, and social anxiety disorder, and lately it is getting worse. I am 15, and I have Bipolar disorder and OCD, so I get depressed a lot, too, but nothing like this. At night, she will sit on the couch with her head in her hands, and will stare at nothing for hours, no matter how much we try and talk to her, and we eventually give up. This happens every night, no matter what.
Avatar f tn That's probably inside you, as it was with me. I got my first anxiety attack while stoned, too, but my sister got her anxiety problem despite only dabbling a little in pot. So it obviously was something in the family and with me, it came out when I was stoned, as it did in you. Your job now is to see a good psychologist who specializes in anxiety treatment, probably CBT, and work hard at it and get over it. It's a way of thinking, and if you can change it through hard work it will be gone.
Avatar m tn god i felt like you, it was never gona work theres no point then i got a clue and figured my kids and my life was worth saving there has been many suicide attempts on my part and im getting help now for it, but now that im getting clean every day seems clearer on what life is about, i even read letters from people after there loved ones who were addicts finally died or overdosed or killled themselfs, it broke my heart reading those and i cried for ppl i didnt even know cuz it hit that close to h
Avatar f tn I am not a doctor, I am simply another anxiety sufferer who can try to help from my own life experiences. I know one of the hardest pills I had to swallow with my anxiety, is that "I" cause most of my "mysterious ailments" and my aches and pains with worry. One thing I want you to know is that anxiety causes real physical symptoms, you are actually feeling this pain or having that heartburn but most of us resort to the worst possible scenario when it happens.
Avatar n tn hard to say rocky, this disease affects everyone differently. nothing is the same with this disease. one thing is certain , if you drink ANY alcohol you are shortening your life with HCV.
971443 tn?1282563678 There was one particular hallucination that scares me even when I think about it today - when I practically saw things that were not there and I almost made a fool of myself (it happened on the street after a music festival). All this happened six months or so before my first panic attack and anxiety. I`m fearing I ruined my life by doing things I shouldn`t have done - and my biggest fear is that I will start hallucinating again.
Avatar m tn This has apparently plagued all of my relationships throughout my entire life and I never knew why until now. Basically I would just act certain ways and never had any clue as to why I did it (the behavior) or anything other than sit back while emotions took over and ruined my previous relationships.
758077 tn?1282599161 but I am petrified every day of my life to get wasted and feel the way I do after wards with anxiety, and feelings of losing control and going insane. I think it is what you said a psychosis and it is not fun. Just writing this blog gives me the chills and brings me back to that feeling. You would think that one would do anything to avoid that feeling and be able to never drink.
Avatar n tn From being sold on the black market, getting raped, molested, stabbed by my adoptive mother, molested by her, locking me in my room for three years, being in approximately 15 foster families, being raped by someone in my church. A great deal of mental abuse also. To me, my life has been nothing but trials and tribulations. I tried to get help for deppression before and was taking an expiramental drug called serzone. I had a reaction and ended up with a plate in my head.
Avatar m tn I just want to make friends, be popular for once in my life. I want a girlfriend that is at least half as attractive as my cousin Eric's. I always feel incompetent, like I am a third wheel. I know that a large part of this is due due low confidence, self-doubt, low self esteem, etc. But I can not seem to fix this. I can not keep these feelings of confidence for more than short bursts of time.
Avatar m tn I got stuck in one of the cattle shoots that ran for a mile and it was the longest mile of my life! I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest, my head was spinning, I felt like I was going to throw up and I couldn't wait to get off the highway! My second attack happened in my doctors office, right in front of him. I was so embarassed! I'm on Paxil now and doing pretty welln and take ativan on occasion. I've had a handful of them since then, but I'm making progress.
Avatar m tn I've always had social anxiety, mostly because I obsess about saying the right thing etc. It has ruined my social life. I have been seeing the same doctor for these whole two years and tried therapy twice but almost immediately did not like who I was seeing so stopped and lost interest during a low spell of anxiety. The Dr after hearing all this handed me a months supply of Lexapro. Since one of my main focuses of my anxiety is clearly my health I am now obsessing over taking this medication.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry but everytime I think about my reality I just want to kill myself. I do everything in my power to escape my reality. In my life I can't focus on the positive because there isn't one positive thing going on in this h***hole. I am a prisoner in my home and in life and I can't do anything about it. I have no control in my life at all. And she is right tell them to grow up. If they can't don't let them ruin your own Christmas.
Avatar f tn I just want my life back I am extremely active I live in the gym I'm somewhat of a pretty boy and this is just ruining my life my grades in school are dropping my social life is going away I'm depressed I just don't know what to do or where to go I am so depressed please someone help me.
Avatar n tn Try your hardest to not let it interfere with your life, but I know how hard that is because my anxiety has ruined many of the bvest years of my life. Good luck and let us know what the doctor said.
Avatar n tn I've never had to deal with so much pain in my life. In the early times I would go for walks to try and clear my head. I once found myself in the next town sitting on a bus stop crying.
Avatar n tn I've done so well in school and I feel like my anxiety is limiting my possibilities. It's already ruined most of my life, and I just need some advice before it's too late. I want the rest of my life to be better than this. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I've had crushes on men my whole life and never doubted my sexuality. For months I've had obsessive thoughts where my mind comes up with all the reasons I've been in denial my whole life or didn't know I was gay. I can't get lesbian thoughts out of my mind, and they cause me so much pain in stress. I also need to check myself for arousal when I see girls on social media. I (only as of this week) get a nervous feeling in my chest when I see girls or their bodies.
Avatar n tn it is my biggest fear, i am terrified of marijuana, so much that it has ruined my social life, and i only smoked from october to december of 2010. my anxiety and panic attacks have also branched off from just being scared of marijuana, im scared to be around people and hang out with friends,i have been scared of death, and scared of the thought, how am i going to live with this the rest of my life? i have constant fears of so many things.
Avatar f tn Also it doesn't really help that i'm as introvert as I am, due to all this, over the years i've lost all my social skills, I can't hold a conversation even if my life depended on it, I just really don't know what to say or how to relate so I Just stand there with my mouth shut. I've also never had a chance to find myself a girlfriend, what I wouldn't give for someone that could relate to me, and enjoy the little things in life.
Avatar m tn I never thought I would get to a point in my life where i don't have one aspect in my life that i am happy about, I have complete sadness at the moment. Positivity seems to be drained as soon as I hear the birds singing away in the morning sun. The Constant stares by people are enough to drive anyone mad and yet the sound of elton johns rocketman can lift me for 4 minutes. See Music has been, is and will always be the best medicine for me.
Avatar m tn I was thinking, they are going to show up at my door and take me away to jail for life. My life is ruined from one night of drinking too much. I will be leaving everything I love behind and rot in a cell. I don't think I can handle prison for the rest of my life. What hell. That has been my mind for the last 96 hours/4 days. But even after reviewing the actual evidence in my head, over and over and over and over again, I still think I did something awful.
Avatar m tn I just want to be myself again, to laugh, to smile, to stop thinking I ruined my life with that fateful marijuana use and whatever the heck has happened since. Is it possible that I tweaked my entire CNS that night and am stuck in some sort of panic episode? The only thing I can actually verify is the slightly elevated WBC and the fact that someone's glasses helped my vision. Both of those things could just be anxiety I guess.
Avatar m tn I was thinking, they are going to show up at my door and take me away to jail for life. My life is ruined from one night of drinking too much. I will be leaving everything I love behind and rot in a cell. I don't think I can handle prison for the rest of my life. What hell. That has been my mind for the last 96 hours/4 days. But even after reviewing the actual evidence in my head, over and over and over and over again, I still think I did something awful.
Avatar n tn We have also gone to a psychiatrist and social worker and taken anti-anxiety meds and anti-depressants. We have also gone to alternative therapy like hypnotherapy and others. This is NOT a toddler problem only and they do NOT grow out of it like everyone told me when my daughter was 4 years old. My daughter is going into 6th grade and still wears the same thing every day.
Avatar n tn i am crying because i am so happy to see ppl who have gone through this !! I am 26 yrs old and have had anxiety and severe panic attacks all my life prob due to my bad childhood :( It has tortured me for so many years and all i want is a normal happy family and i refuse to let this stop me but i am a couple weeks pregnant and soo soo soo scared I cant even take it !!! My therapist told me to stop all my meds (zoloft kolonopin, ambien) COLD TURKEY! this cant be right !