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97676 tn?1340408973 I tried the Lucinda Bassett program 6 years ago i have panic disorder and depression comes and goes. The program really really changed me and i am really thankful that it made me a different person. I even stopped having panic attacks. two months ago they came back, the fear, the worry, the panic, the depression everything!
Avatar f tn After lots of prayer and searching I heard a commercial about Lucinda Bassett and the Midwest Center for Anxiety and Depression, and ordered the program. Yes it is an investment of about the cost of seven DR. visits...but it saves you from your self when you are in the spiral of Depression and Anxiety. You've got to learn some new skills and I love Lucinda for putting herself out their to help save lives. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I have used the attacking anxiety and depression program by Lucinda Bassett...dfrom the Midwest Center..I cannot stress how much this program helped me..knowing now what I did not know then...I wish I had purchased the program when I first saw the infomercial. I purchased the program in 2002..I was going through nursing school..had I not taken the program..I believe o would have quit nursing due to my anxiety and low self esteem and WHAT IF THINKING..I have been anxiety free since 2002..
366811 tn?1217426272 Friends, like it or not, we DO THERAPY here on the anxiety forum. We can't NOT do it. And, in a sense, we really ARE experts, if experience is the most important measure. More than anywhere else, we owe a high degree of care to our fellow travelers here. It is not only our assurance that what we offer to others is credible -but also our assurance that what we receive for ourselves is the same.
Avatar n tn I have had anxiety for 7 years, and have only taken meds for one month because they scare me almost as much as my heart symptoms do :-) I became housebound and terrified to go anywhere. I decided I needed some help when I realized that my daughter was housebound with me, against her will. I had learned to "live" with my anxiety, but she shouldn't have to. I was teaching her to be anxious. Anyway....
Avatar n tn The problem with people with anxiety is that we all have a problem with being able to put ANYTHING out of our minds, whether it is something that made us angry, a health worry, or nervousness about any given situation. Retraining your mind to deal with such issues cannot be taught in a forum such as this, although the best advice I could give you is whenever you find yourself about to explode either walk away, or stop and count to ten in your head. Do not be afraid to appear foolish, or slow.
Avatar f tn The program I used was Attacking Anxiety and Depression by Lucinda Bassett (Midwest Center), but I have an e-freind who experienced equal results from The Linden Method. From what I understand they are both focused on Cognitive Behavoiral Therapy which help you "retrain" your thought patterns. It helps you understand that we beat ourselves up and worry about things WAY more than healthy happy contented people do, and gives you a different outlook on things.
Avatar f tn program through the Midwest Center for Anxiety and Depression by Lucinda Bassett. Check it out. You have a wonderful life ahead of you!
Avatar m tn Stop being angry and control your mood swings 7. ASSERTIVE BEHAVIOR: speak confidently and gain respect.
372760 tn?1201479497 I have copied most of this from another question I just posted a responce to... I lost my father in Dec of 2000 and developed anxiety the months following his death. With the emotional turmoil of his passing, my worry over how my mother was going to make it through it all, I began to have the classic anxiety symptoms, the heart palps being my major focus. I began to obsess about my heart (my dad died of a fatal cardiac arrhythmia) and wonder if that would be my fate as well.
Avatar f tn pharmacy and he recommended Rodeola, Holy Basil and Siberian Gensing. Have you heard of them? Has anyone here tried the Lucinda Bassett Program? I asked on the Anxiety board a while ago and got mixed replies. Hugs to you also, Sunshine!
Avatar n tn To KMDC, --------- I know how you feel about these damn things. I would recommend to you a program called "attacking anxiety and depression", which is a program started by a woman named Lucinda Bassett. I heard about this on the radio and checked it out. It is an EXTERMELY valuable tool in helping people deal with anxiety. She went through horrible anxiety and depression and got out of it and helps others do the same.
393587 tn?1211056644 R. Webster, I would say you are on too many medications is why you are so sleepy. As a matter of fact, I found this message board because I googled "muscle relaxant made me sleep for 24 hours". They don't always make me sleep that long, but quite often they do. I too have fibromyalgia, but I have to take meds sparingly because they make everything worse if taken too much.