Anxiety and depression during menopause

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Avatar n tn I wanted to learn how to cope with the anxiety and depression, which I know is related to my menstral cycle, but all the therapist appears interested in is the marijuanna addiction. I know smoking pot also causes anxiety and depression, but that is not what is suddenly causing my to be unable to function. I want to quit pot as well, but if I try when I am this emotionally unstable I know it won't work.
Avatar f tn I actually do feel so much better and the reason is this..I was taking Remeron for depression and anxiety and sleeping. Still, I felt so incredibly depressed and anxious so I starting weaning myself off it. Within 3 weeks I started feeling amazingly better. I don't have as much awful anxiety, I am not really depressed any more. I have more energy and things are going well. I am exercising and enjoying school. My husband got a job so things are better. NOT ONCE did my doc.
Avatar n tn i have suffered with anxiety and depression for 20 years controlled wihh medicatoin i am nw experienceing menopausal symptons which also seems to have increased my anxiety is this due to the menopause?
Avatar f tn Does anybody know if their anxiety started during menopause and what you did about it?
1022991 tn?1251737991 s all contaminated with death and depression, and bones and body fluids...and that is all from just imagining being there. I dunno...
Avatar f tn I have and do suffer from anxiety and perimenapause my ob gave me prozac 15mgs to take the 14 days of my menstral cycle and I get mines 21 days apart twice a month so you are not alone the prozac=works wonders but I am currently taking nothing! Right before my period I usually get really dizzy having panic attacks the basic hard heart beat shortness of breath tighting of the throat etc....
Avatar f tn Dr. Podell’s Perspective on Brain, Mind, and Mood.
Avatar f tn Cardiologist told me to use this time (now to October) to try to identify triggers. Anxiety---yes. The more my husband tells me to calm down and relax, the more I cannot. I am going on a long road trip (1400 miles one way) with my teenage children, and my husband feels like this impending trip and related anxiety is triggering these episodes. But, that doesn't really explain the episodes in the last week of June.
Avatar f tn Hormones, or lack thereof can play a role in feeling this way, but it sounds more like depression. It robs us of our happiness, motivation, makes us sad and cry, and to no longer have interest in things we used to enjoy including being with friends. See a psychiatrist for an evaluation and the two of you can decide what course of treatment is best for you. You're not alone, we all understand and do care. You needn't feel this way, seek help. I wish you all the best and take care.
18070169 tn?1463175914 Of course new pains showed up like a back ache, which I still have. But the anxiety is out of control and I figured I have been off of zolpidem long enough (38 days) that I started wondering if it had something to do with my hysterectomy. After reading peoples questions - I am wondering if that is now what I am dealing with. I am sleeping really well, but will occasionally wake up drenched in sweat. It is the day time hours that I am constantly anxious. Everything just gives me anxiety.
Avatar f tn I have a history of depression and PTSD and anxiety. I have quit pills a few times and also notice I pretty much quit taking my antidepressant stuff when I'm on all the opiates! I feel better and think I don't need them, plus as much of an addict as I am, I'm a little scared of mixing pills. But anyway, yes I've had experience in what your asking. I'm totally opiate free only 4 days, but I've been working on it for a month!
Avatar f tn Does anyone else experience depression (characterized by irritability and lethargy) as well as weight gain. The more weight I gain, the more depressed I feel. Everyone gets on my nerves. I've gained almost 10 pounds and it has to stop. Any ideas of who to lose weight while in menopause. I'm trying 5HTP now - just started so not sure how it will do. The digestive problems are a pain as well - so so so tired of the gas!! ugh!!
Avatar f tn I actually have had this situation. See your doctors as the main culprit can be thyroid. Or hormone imbalance. I had both. I naturally made too much estrogen and had a slow working thyroid as well. I went from regular to periods every 3 to 4 months and it lasted a year. As I was about to see an endocrinologist to get serious about the thyroid, it out of nowhere naturally resolved. I did have low grade depression with it called dysthymia which I treated with prozac.
Avatar m tn I had an abdominal hysterectomy 8 months ago, my ovaries were left in but only work off and on. I have had terrible migraines, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, hot flashes, mood swings and don't feel at all like myself. None of this was something I experienced prior to the surgery. I was told that if my ovaries were left in, I wouldn't go into menopause. Has anyone else experienced this? Will it go away and how do I get back to feeling normal. Help!
94902 tn?1330479667 Well I went off of Zoloft while I was pregnant but had to go right back on it after I had the baby bc of Post Pardum Depression and Post Partum Anxiety. I have had an anxiety disorder since I was very young (27 now). Before I was on 50mg but now I am on 100mg bc the 50 wasn't cutting it with the PPD. I have only had anxiety in the past, so this was my first run in with depression.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression about a year ago. Finally about 3 weeks ago, I really felt better. My doctor and therapist were very pleased, but now I feel so much worse and I don't understand it. I don't think I'm suicidal, but I sure wish I was. Does anyone else feel like that? I'm nervous, sad, want to die but can't do it myself. I even think I just haven't found the right method yet.
Avatar f tn Anxiety can be caused by soooo many things. The menopause and hormone changes could have brought it on. Stresses in life, changes in life(moving, etc) it can be hard to pinpoint the exact cause unless you know what seems to trigger it. If you are still having anxiety I wouldnt worry to hard about weaning off the prozac. I would maybe seek out the advice of a counselor, therapist or someone that may be able to help find the root of your anxiety.
Avatar f tn I have had a problem with anxiety and depression pretty much all my life. I had been on some kind of medicine for about 5 years. I stopped my medication last year in March because my Medicaid was running out since I was about to turn 19 in May, my cut off date and I wanted to give myself a chance to feel all the withdrawals before it did. Ever since I have been pretty good at managing it. I hadn't felt depressed out of the blue, just when I was stressed in some way.
Avatar f tn I did not eat for over a month, just drank ensure and lost 30 lbs. I went to the doc and was treated for Anxiety/Depression with Zoloft and recently have been put on YAZ. I have very bad night sweats (wake up damp), no hot flashes, hair loss, dry skin, anxiety which gets worse before period, dry hair, itchy skin, temp has been running at 97, headaches were bad until I started taking YAZ, allergies which I have never had, etc. Anyone thinking this sounds like peri-menopause?
Avatar n tn They did chest and lung X-rays my regular doctor has done blood work and everything came back fine so she said it is anxiety and put me on 10 mf of Prozac and 10 mg Singular. It has been 3 weeks and still having some difficulty breathing is that normal? I think it is getting better but then my anxiety kicks in. I have never had a problem with anxiety before. I was fine before the cold and now in this situation ever since.
Avatar f tn Signs and symptoms of premenopause Irregular bleeding – periods will sometimes be skipped, bleeding may be lighter or heavier, Irregular ovulation – during months when ovulation doesn’t occur, mature eggs don’t drop, this makes it hard to conceive if you’re trying to get pregnant, Hot flashes, Night sweats, Insomnia – maybe a result of night sweats, Vaginal dryness – this may cause pain during intercourse, Loss of sex drive, Hair thinning, Facial hair, Ear ringing, Mood swings, Difficul
Avatar f tn To combat the horrible anxiety and mood swings, I take black cohosh, evening primrose oil, magnesium citrate and chaste berry. I think it's helping but have only taken all this for 2 weeks so it may take longer to work. Does anyone have any tips for me on how they managed during this awful time?
1258539 tn?1293840202 I agree with Peggy. I had anxiety, depression, insomnia, once I got my hormone levels in more normal range I felt SO much better. Your dr did actually test your hormones? My first dr just gave me prescription- premarin without checking any levels at all. It made me WORSE!! After getting my hormones checked I found I was estrogen dominant and she had given me MORE estrogen- that is why I was worse. I needed progesterone to balance the estrogen.
973741 tn?1342342773 Hi specialmom. I had awful mood issues - extreme irritability, suicidal depression, anxiety - after my (unwarranted) hysterectomy. Estrogen made a big difference for me although it took awhile to get enough into my system and maintain the level to level things out. I hope you find something that helps or it runs its course soon! I know how hard it is!
Avatar f tn Thyroid problems are common and seem to be more prevalent around the time of menopause. Depression and hair loss are two symptoms that can be caused by thyroid problems as well as menopause. Hope this helps!
446896 tn?1237802742 I HAVE RECOVERED! And I want to share my story because I went searching for answers all over the internet when these problems were happening to me, and not many people had comments about being better. I'm sure many of them just moved on with their lives as I almost did. But I came back to these forums to post so that whoever is hurting might know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep hope alive.
Avatar f tn hi and thanks for comment im not anxious at upcoming menopause i could have explained that better basically i was unwell for quiet a few months with ailments fatigue constantly getting flu and generally not feeling myself before i was diagonsed with peri menopause but since then my symptoms have got worse and is literally taking control of my everyday life i dont want to take meds i would rather try and beat this without going down the road of believing a tablet will make everything ok.
Avatar f tn yes i do have anxiety, along with dizziness, ears ringing, eyes getting worse, IBS, poor concentration, memory getting worse, and depression that comes and goes(some days i feel like curling up and just crying and don't know why) i said though, thank you for letting me know that i'm not the only one that has these issues.....