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Avatar f tn I have been of work on sick since 15 weeks pregnant, due to anxiety and depression. im just wondering am I still entitled to maternity leave and maternity pay?? Im 21 weeks pregnant now?
1310464 tn?1273767271 Hi, I am new here too but, what your describeing sounds like OCD ( Obsessive Complusive Disorder ) and YES it can accompy Depression and will lead to anxiety and stress. Like a vicious cycle one will feed off of the other. Have you gotten any counseling? If not hon I would highly reccommend you do. This disorder can be so painful mentally and lead to more mental issues.
Avatar f tn Based on my pharmacy tech knowledge, I came up with a new one called Stavzor, then loxapine, tamoxifen and olanzapine (zyprexa) and risperdal and mirtazapine. These are available in the UK (according to the I hope I am right.) The tamoxifen is mostly for the mania though. The mirtazapine is for the depression....which I think you should have one of each to stabalize. Also, you have to be careful in how you ask for different pills....
Avatar f tn Sounds to me like you need a new GP to refer u to see a psychiatrist. And i claimed ESA about 5 years ago due to anxiety and depression and yes you do get evaluated for it after a few months of claiming.
Avatar f tn I have gone threw 16 medications for depression and anxiety and all I want them to do is put me back on the meds I was on from my old Doctor and I will be fine again. The only thing keeping me going is self medicating with the meds I use to be on and I'm half way fictional right now . I am getting my meds off the street. And its very costly but I feel if I don't do that I would have already killed myself. The VA does not care about us veterans that is why we are Ginnie pigs to them .
Avatar n tn I tested negative at the 79 day mark but have had trouble believing the result - I believe this uncertainty has been born out of a huge dose of guilt, anxiety, stress and depression with some weird symptoms thrown into the mixing bowl. I had another test on tuesday and get the results tomorrow - at least I'll be certain after. Ultimately, if you find it hard to believe your results, have a test well out of the "window period".
Avatar n tn Once a medical problem is ruled out, it would be wise to start addressing this as anxiety and/or depression. If indeed that is the cause, once you address anxiety and depression and it starts improving, so will your symptoms. Best of luck...keep us updated!
Avatar f tn We understand what you are going thru and know about how you feel. These are the symptoms of depression/anxiety and they are the worst!!! Life is short enough as it is. I'll be praying for you...
370181 tn?1595629445 I honestly believe our UK friend needs some very serious and intense professional help for her many bizzare issues regarding childbirth. I also wholeheartedly agree with a poster who PM'd me that this young woman may WANT children very badly, but is she really emotionally or mentally stable enough to focus on the child instead of herself? I have grave doubts. Well, I didn't come here to debate or rant. I'm just glad she is in the best hands now!
Avatar f tn Well i guess its obvious to most people when i write down what i feel that I'm depressed and i think its time to get treatment if im honest with myself but i'm in the uk and was wondering if anyone knew of any discreet ways of getting help as i am a very proud person and i find it hard to open up about my problems. Thanks for reading this and if anyone could help id greatly appreciate it.
Avatar f tn I have depression, anxiety problems and ptsd all in one, I haven't had any symptoms with my pregnancy and this is my 3rd pregnancy. I'm married and the only support I have is my husband and that is one of the main factors of my depression. I have insurance and they cover all but $20.
Avatar f tn Dear Dr Kokil, I have been perscribed Valdoxan anti depressant for my generalised anxiety and depression accompanied with insomnia. I live in Turkey. I have been taking the medicine for 25 days now and if anything, my insomnia got worse and anxiety has only slightly decreased. I have a meeting with my doc on Friday and would it be OK for me to ask to be switched to another medicine? I doubt this medicine will start working for me anytimw soon.
Avatar f tn Thyroid and symptoms Hi new here and need some advice if possible I went through break up in 2007 by 2008 I had dropped from a size 16 to an 8 I was diagnosed then with irritable bowel depression/anxiety due to me feeling freezing all the time like I'm just about to go down with flu or something - I cannot gain weight I have just undergone total hysto including ovaries at 36 due to pcos (heavy irregular bleeding constant infections etc..
Avatar f tn Look up depression and see if that helps you identify what is wrong. Try and see another doctor. They vary so much. I have found this. I don't see how sleeping pills can help depression. Tiredness is certainly a symptom of depression. I live in UK too. Come back to me if you want to "talk.
Avatar m tn Plus I have had some CBT sessions and have been referred to a psychiatrist for evaluation who incresed my medication. The depression seems better but the anxiety is not and will be coming of the anti depressants. So would really appreciate any advice. Thanks.
2064754 tn?1333375663 There are different types and classes of medication that people are prescribed for anxiety and depression. There are faster actiing meds like Xanax and Ativan that are used on an as needed basis and are usually prescribed more short term and then there are medications like Zoloft and Prozac (SSRIs) that are prescribed more long term and taken on a regular basis. While these are only two types, there are also multiple other classes of medications that are used in the treatment of both.
Avatar n tn Hi all, im 32+3 weeks wth my first and really starting to struggle with the idea of labour I have suffered from anxiety and depression in the past and scared of going back down that route as im constantly thinking negative thoughts about things going wrong in labour. I lie awake at night just going over and over it in my head then im ridiculously tired the next day because ive had no sleep which in turn makes me moody, emotional and lethargic.
Avatar f tn I was the same way depression and anxiety before pregnancy I stopped cold Turkey on my meds when I found out I was pregnant and I am riding it out I don't want to get on medication I want to protect my baby but my dr said it's worst not taking medication that the baby feels the stress hormones.
Avatar f tn I suffer from anxiety and depression. More anxiety then depression (I think), I've had it all of my life and I could always pretty much control it,up till about 12 years a ago. I've seen countless drs and therapist and have not gotten much help. I have uncontrollable feelings of panic,fear,and excessive worry ALL the time. I also have no energy,not even to shower or do "everyday" things that normal people don't even think about.
Avatar f tn You will go through this for some time. Real time. Months and maybe a year or more. The subs are known to cause depression and yes your brain is healing. While you are on any opiates your body stops making seratonin. It's your natural happy drug. It takes a long time for your brain to realize that it has to start making it's own natural pain killer again. You may experience anxiety and depression and even have some aches and pains that you never had before.
Avatar f tn She tends to ease My anxiety and depression. But husband is my rock and helps so much, never makes me feel bad for the way I feel and always helps and comforts me. Hope you ladies can find the same or a way to help cope with this awful feeling.
Avatar f tn I'm currently taking zopiclone for sleep been taking them for ten days. Can I just stop taking these? I've been diagnosed with depression and anxiety I'm also currently taking propranolol and fluoxetine.
Avatar n tn I have been on various forms of different anti-depressants which also help some anxiety. The longest medication I was on was Effexor XR for maybe 8 years. Over that time I developed an alcohol problem. Since then I quit alcohol without a problem, however, I am currently in the midst of a major depressive episode due to a break up of a relationship. I went off Effexor 6 months ago and my doctor put me on 150 mg of the Zoloft generic and also started me on Wellbutrin generic.
Avatar f tn I have chronic pain and a degenerating spine i had been suffering from both depression and anxiety when i found out i was expecting. I've learned to reach out and talk to a professional as well as know there are medications available-if needed. So far, I'm holding my own.
Avatar f tn Jeeperoonies, do I ever identify with that. Just waiting for sleep.. and then in the morning I'd lay in the sack for anywhere from one to six hours, just dreading getting up and facing the day. Things that are supposed to make you happy (like your daughter getting married, with me it was a new grandchild) just didn't seem to have any meaning. I sure do sympathize with you. I'm not sure what fixed me up..