How can i get my breast to grow naturally

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Avatar f tn well im a 12 yr old turning 13 in a few days and my bestie told my im flat chested and I'm a 32 a cup and I was wondering how do you make your breast bigger because I feel extremely conscious about my size cause almost all the girls in my school are a size 40 and it feels uncomfortable. I think the reason for my small Breast are:i sleepwith my bra on, I don't live a healthy life don't eat veggies or exercise (unless I'm at school which is 50 min.of p.
Avatar f tn My baby didn't want to latch on so I just used a breast pump and I wasn't producing enough milk. I started giving him formula (enfimil lipil) but ever since I started giving him formula about a week ago he started spitting up a lot and throwing up. I had to take him to the emergency room bc he spit up while he was asleep and stopped breathing. They told me it's reflux but he never spit up or threw up when he was drinking breast milk. I think he's allergic to the formula.
1087320 tn?1257899025 Hello everyone, just letting you know how my breast surgery went, and what the doctors did to my precious breast! This is my third surgery to get lumps(non cancer) removed from breasts. The first one, I had two lumps in both breast, and all four lumps were the size of golf balls. The incision (hope that is spelled right) in each breast was only 1.5 in long, but the stitching was horribly done.
Avatar n tn Alysmom – Boy can I relate! And I wish I had an answer. At my worst I found it impossible to explain what I was going through. I'd spend the entire weekend in bed and I'd still be too tired to do anything. It was very hard for my wife to understand what was happening. I think on the one hand you need to be patient with your boyfriend because it is a difficult thing to understand. But on the other hand, you may ultimately need to change the nature of your relationship.
873692 tn?1337279333 so i am 18 weeks 5 days pregnant boyfriend is really insisting upon me breastfeeding our child (i have 3 and have never had the want or need to breast feed) he keeps telling me that its better for both of us (baby and i) i know this i have read thru information and books and anything else out there i just dont feel i can do this i like the freedom of being able to go out with friends, have a drink i mean i have given up drinking since jan 08 when we started ttc and hes keepted on drinking almost
Avatar n tn My ob/gyn didn't give me a specific time period to wait, so I really don't know just how long one should wait. She told me to let my cycle get back to "normal" and try again, and that would probably take 3-6 months.
Avatar n tn WOw.. I never thought of it.. I guess I forgot to put some deodorant under my breast and in between. I use Degree..
Avatar m tn Quitting cigarettes is easy for me, but it always triggers the colitis and I end up going back. It really used to infuriate me because I looked as if I had lost my resolve, when going back to nasty cigarettes has always been a conscious, pre-meditated decision. Proper diet has eliminated (pardon the pun) the constipation that leads to a flare-up that can last months on end.
Avatar n tn Now its getting to the point where he will just cry and cry when we are trying to get him to sleep even when we are holding him. My wife isn't going back to work and we had some friends who just had a kid, and she is going back to work and knew they were going to daycare so they started letting her cry at night for a little while. Now the kid is 10 months, and she can feed and go right to sleep alone in her bed. My wife says they are so lucky to have a good baby that will sleep.
Avatar n tn And yes I did try to breast feed, I had a c section which became infected and did not close for 4 months, I had a partial lung colapse also, I was on 4 different antibiotics which after trying to breast feed for a week I was told not to breast feed My other 2 sections I also got infection and were on antibitocs to, I am known as a poor healer this is why my incisions never close for a long period of time.
Avatar f tn I am trying to get pregnant (I am 30) and I feel my armpit getting sore before my body would even recognize I had conceived. Has anyone had this hormonal pain, but still conceived? Could it mean I am pregnant and my period will NOT be arriving? Please help me!!
Avatar n tn My Doc has me on Provera and told me to take it either every month or every 3 months as long as I don't go more than 3 months without a period. If I don't take my Provera, I don't get my period, will I be able to get pregnant in the future?
4873770 tn?1360342828 00 o'clock i was in pain all over my breast!! i had to carry it to turn over in bed..cant take off my bra either. Had all tests done ultrasound/mammogram on both/biopsy of lump and under arm lymph node right side all. Came up as "acute Granulomatous mastitis" ! no cancer cells found. NOW this is where i am going crazy...
Avatar f tn After my transfer i had a lot of cramps at one point i called my doctor crying to tell him that i was going to get my period he told me to relax and that it could be because they were implanting! which they did i am now 6weeks 2 days, so in my case cramping was good!!! Best of luck to you and your hubby!
Avatar n tn how old are you? that would help. puberty? stress? symptoms because of your period?
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with DCIS (estrogen positive , had a lumpectomy, had radiation and is now taking tomixifen. I wanted to know how harmful eating foods with soy in it,, i am getting so many different answers to this question.
435814 tn?1234452591 Doctors really need to take the time and research these things and stop acting like it's in out heads. I know what I feel and I know it's thyroid. Are there tests that I can ask my pcp to run to determine if it's possible that my grave's is still active and blocking the medicines? I really appreciate any ideas!! Thanks.
Avatar n tn i normally get my period round about the 8th but this month the were early and we were trying to concieve ,this period was shorter about 2and half days and light than deep than light again...
Avatar f tn I am glad to tell you that the female monkey whose breast have been cut off has grown out a new breast, though it’s small and it would take half a month to grow into the normal size. What I want to say is you can come to my laboratory and see how the breast grow with your own eyes. ”Said Lucea expressively, after he got to know about her misfortune. Randy couldn’t wait to see it, though her husband didn’t have a feeling of optimism just like her.
948349 tn?1294383837 I take my 1 liter water bottle and fill it up to almost the top, and then mix in the rest with blueberry/pomegrante juics, it adds flavor and antioxidants. I have decided... I'm 25 and i might as well do everything I can do to get rid of my acne. I also eat 1 piece of dark chocolate daily, a cup of lemon/ginger tea at night before bed to give that end of day and overnight liver detox. I also had a bad habit of drinking coke zero. I cut out the diet colas completely...
577395 tn?1277404964 It is definitely good to take baby steps, rushing is not going to change whatever the results will be, take it easy and don't stress yourself. As far as I know and when I had to look for my oncologists, I was told by my friend a chemotherapist to look for a breast specialist because they are precisely specialized in soft tissue but the ones I met were not breast surgeons/mastologists so I had two oncologists as mentioned.
Avatar f tn I'm a 43 year old woman who is 2 years out with Breast Cancer. I was taking HCG injections when I noticed a lump in my Breast. I made an appt. to see my doctor and within a couple of weeks it had doubled in size. The lump was noncancerous, but my doctor found 3 on my left side that was cancer. I have been having mammograms since I was 40. I had had one within the year and the lumps was not detected. My cancer had tripled within 1 year!
Avatar n tn 20th to see how my tubes were tight to get my tubes untight, i found out there one tubes tighted , i want to get pregnant, but how can i get pegnant with the chance of have a ectopic pregnancy, please tell me what i can do to get pregnant soon?
Avatar n tn i was thinking that it was a good first choice but now that i see. i think i will ask them to get that info as well so i can see whats going on here. Thank You!
Avatar n tn Also it was not for back issues, purely a confidence thing. Well I wish I was hung like a horse but I'm not going to get an operation! Just had to get that off my chest. Getting married in two months and I am still holding on to this ********. If anyone has any advice to finally put this **** behind me, please let me know.
Avatar m tn And while the formula makers can make all the claims they want about how close their junk is to breast milk, repeated studies have all reached the same conclusion: breast-fed babies grow up smarter, healthier and probably better-looking, too. On the other hand, formula does have breast milk beat in one area: Bugs seem to love the stuff.
Avatar f tn So the bend is really far upward i think this was when i was young i like laid on my stomach when i had a erection and it went upward and anytime i was at school i put it upwards. Does anyone have any ways i can fix this? Could I try to train it back downward some when i get hard like how i made it go up but the opposite way?
60890 tn?1366361719 I refused this and i was told that if i wanted i could go and get my HCG levels done but he wouldnt do them, i told him i wanted to do this and went to a private lab and had them done there.
Avatar f tn I always warn people ahead of time so theydont get shocked! I dont know how to get her to stop and I want to make sure its not something to be concerned about?