How i made my breasts grow bigger naturally

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1715474 tn?1318189449 No, nothing will naturally grow your breasts. The only way to change them would be to get implants and I do not recommend doing that. Your breasts will enlarge when you get pregnant, but don't run out and get pregnant just to have larger breasts. Learn to love your body because you don't need big boobs to be beautiful. Take care.
4808549 tn?1359436104 does anyone know if i can grow my breasts bigger naturally? or has anyone heard of anything?
Avatar f tn ) I ask because it is already hard to find my size as it is because my ribcage is small. If my boobs grow I fear it will be even harder.
Avatar f tn Hello um... well im a 12 yr old turning 13 in a few days and my bestie told my im flat chested and I'm a 32 a cup and I was wondering how do you make your breast bigger because I feel extremely conscious about my size cause almost all the girls in my school are a size 40 and it feels uncomfortable. I think the reason for my small Breast are:i sleepwith my bra on, I don't live a healthy life don't eat veggies or exercise (unless I'm at school which is 50 min.of p.
Avatar f tn (32A) Literally every woman in my family is a D cup regardless of how fat/slim they are. My chest size is seen as abnormal and I've gotten plenty of genuine questions as to why they haven't grown to its full size already. I'm really worried that this is forever going to be my chest size and that it's not going to grow anymore. Is it possible that I'm just a really, really late bloomer? I got my period right when I turned 12.
Avatar m tn Hey everyone . Im 17 years old girl,5,8 ,really skinny . i had my period when i was 11, my breast where growing but oneday i've injure them ,they hurt me so much and since then they didn't grow ,Im totaly flat . So Does the injure could cause the problem of being with no boobs for the rest of my life ??
Avatar f tn Why arent my boobs growinhg? Can i naturally put on hormones at home to make them grow bigger? Im not even an A cup!! I feel so bad and i cant wear many clothes bcos i’m ashamed!
Avatar f tn I would like to know what makes a woman have big labia, and if as she grow older it does grow bigger, as well as mens' testicles will grow bigger as they get older? I also would like to know if the size and development of the clit and labia will have something to do with developed sexuality, does it depend on how open sexualy she is and the frequency that she orgasms?
Avatar f tn I'm 39 weeks and I only had nipple tenderness at the beginning of my pregnancy. My breasts haven't been tender at all. I just count myself lucky. My OB said I shouldn't have any problem unless my nipples were inverted, which they arnt. Best of luck!
Avatar f tn I'm sorry to hear about your husband as well. I hope for his speedy recovery, my husband has some medical issues as well we are working through. I hope this journey will be safe for us and our spouses as well. This is my 5th pregnancy and only second child i've had miscarried three and this will be our last one we have a 13 yr. old girl, this is a boy!
Avatar f tn The only time my breasts were bigger was when I was nursing my baby-girl. We do things to the body that might and will never mend - allthough many things can be mended. It's sad but I think that when the breasts stop developing, it's not much at all that can have the halt undone.
Avatar n tn i am 14, i was wondering how i could make my penis bigger? using a natural method. please help.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone! I'm only 7 weeks but my boobs have gone up almost one size already! Is this normal??? (This is my first). I'm quite small but with naturally larger breasts, and I'm wondering if they'll keep growing at this rate??? It seems quite a big growth in such a short time!!
Avatar n tn i had my period six times last month and i thought that i mighr have something wrong, until some one came up and told me my boobs had gotten bigger and i said well i'm not pregnant cause i had my period six times and they disagreed and since then my stomach has gotten tighter and i think i had milk on my breasts should i take a pregnancy test?
Avatar f tn First comment said it perfectly. When I was your age, my Boobs were just going into the b's. They continued to grow even after I graduated high school. I'm now in the DDs or Es and still growing. I'm 25.. I wish I had smaller boobs. Clothes look better ( not to mention I have to buy large or xl so they fit on the boobs.
Avatar f tn I just wanted my breast to grow haha . thanks mommas .
Avatar f tn Okay so here's the thing ... I'm naturally blessed in the chest area but come on... how big am I gonna get throughout my Pregnancy. I'm naturally already a 38 DD... my breasts are so sore all the time now... even my bras are starting to not fit and be tight on me. I'm only 8w2d! do women's breasts really go up 2 cup sizes during Pregnancy?
10734189 tn?1412988958 s normal for them to be there regular size ? Will they grow ? Can I do anything to help them grow because I do plan on breastFeed...
Avatar f tn My breasts stayed the same both pregnancies.
Avatar f tn ) and after about 6 months of taking birth control my breasts have become larger (again not sure exactly my size now versus what I was before). That being said you may or may not end up with larger breasts while on birth control.
550943 tn?1330727580 My pg with my oldest my son I didn't get big boobs until the end when my milk came in. They got bigger with both my girls. This pg my b's are banging and big. It depends on the pg. It's a possible side affect enlarged breasts. Wait until your milk comes in Omg. Hipe this helps my friend!!!!
Avatar m tn m not going to have a normal breast size like 34 C or even B. Is there anyone I could know if my boobs are going to grow or is there a way to make them grow?
1222635 tn?1366396286 did they grow during the beginning of your preg? i recall with my son my boobs didnt grow much at all...however this one i start an A cup and im pushing a DD now...its amazing how dramatic my boobs have changed just remember that everybody is different and im sure everything is are almost full term....
Avatar n tn ve had 3 kids. My youngest is almost 8 and though I am in shape my breasts are GONE. I have to wear a padded bra, and it has to be a certain kind to make it look like I even have anything!! I am an A but not even an A. :( So I know how you feel! And if I were to gain weight, it goes to hips, belly and butt. I think the only alternative is plastic surgery. I can't afford that, nor do I think I want it. If I were to ever get it, it would be only to a B cup.
Avatar f tn I am not sure if they have a fredricks out where you are. But i am naturally top heavy I wear a 42F which is a 42DDD I believe. And i find their bra its a corset style bra thats really comfy. I am hoping I don't go up too high in bra size. I haven't gone up yet and I am 10 wks so I am pretty happy right now.
1646080 tn?1303568511 How can i make my boobs bigger? I'm currently a 34D and want to make my boobs bigger. What is the best way to do this not counting in surgery?
Avatar f tn I am 17 and I only just fill a 32A. and it pretty much sucks cause all my friends have bigger breasts than me. I mean, I don't want bigger boobs because I want to attract men but because I want to look good for myself. My boyfriend is okay with my small breasts but I want to go to at least a C cup, for myself. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both of us.