How i made my breasts grow bigger naturally

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Avatar n tn Wow, it does seem very common. I found this forum naturally because I was searching online as to why my breasts are sore. Like another woman said, I never had any such PMS or obvious hormonal symptoms of my cycle until I hit age 28. Over the last few months (I'm 29 now) I will get sore breasts around the middle of my cycle and it lasts about two weeks. I don't sleep on my stomach, I'm not pregnant, no discharge, no lumps...
Avatar f tn that it used to look like mine but it much darker and bigger now.. so naturally I fear it'll happen to me. I think I first noticed it a few years ago. like 2. what can this be?
Avatar n tn s boys in my school wont be mature enuff tho :/ does it get better as you get older (i realy hope so)
4873770 tn?1360342828 I breast fed both for up to 1 half years with no problems,i have always had large breasts but minus the weight i have on me now. I have Polycystic ovarian syndrome yet i fell pregnant naturally both times,i dont get a regular periods so this is where i am at now... Was on contraception pill for around 2 years then stopped cause i felt it was causing me to gain weight and breast tenderness,I haven't had any period for 5 months almost!
60890 tn?1366361719 Hi everyone, I took a pregnancy test July 18 and found out I was pregnant. The following day I got my HcG checked and it was 1353 and they told me I was about 2 weeks pregnant. Well I had just gotten off birth control and had a two week long period, so I had no clue when I had ovulated.
1087320 tn?1257899025 Thanks guys. do I go about this? I mean, as soon as I get into the doctors office for my check up visit, they are going to give me the run around. Nobody is going to admit that they did something wrong.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am a woman who has had large labia, they were pink but quite large and uncomfortable, it affected my self esteem but did not stop me from loving sex, last year I had a labia plasty for under 1000 in a private hospital, it didnt hurt at all, I had no pain afterwards which I think is a miracle to be honest, I looked after the area very well afterwards, I have to say it was the best decision I ever ever made, i am so much more confident now and I didnt do it for a man I did it for me, I love
Avatar f tn 3-26 for prolactin would they even check out the pituitary? I have made an appt with my endocrinologist,which I probably should have done in the first place. I'm having readings that my sugars are high and that I'm borderline diabetic..I'm sure that's from the amount of weight that I have put on. I'm very frustrated right now mostly from the uncomfortable state that I'm in...any advice?
Avatar f tn this time i have no spotting. my breasts were sore at the beginning, but today is day 12pt and my breasts are sore but not as much as they were at the beginning. i am naustious mostly during the day. i usually suck on a lime to ease the icky feeling. at the beginning, i peed like twice every hour, but it has calmed down. when i 1st tested hormone level, prog. was 52 and estrogen was 1048. went in again on monday, prog. dropped to 28 and estrogen to 328. is this normal?
Avatar n tn i normally get my period round about the 8th but this month the were early and we were trying to concieve ,this period was shorter about 2and half days and light than deep than light again...
Avatar n tn I ended up miscarrying though, so I don't know how ordinary any of my pregnancy was. I don't think my progesterone levels were ever as high as they were supposed to, so maybe it is normal to bleed more with implantation. It could mean that it got good and burrowed.
Avatar n tn 00am I was 19 weeks . My husband and i were devastated . They made me push my son out then they allowed me to hold him for a while and bond (which was totally my choice) then we had a ceremation service for him. There after my period was very funny sometime spotting a day or two, I had 2 periods in June then july and aug i begin to have a regular period. My breast were swollen and leaking milk .
233562 tn?1282771982 Hello ladies!! I finally got my period yesterday ya ya! Now I know everything i working like it should. I've have never been so happy to get my period haha. But as soon as it's over with, we are going to start trying again. I told myself I would wait until we get married BUT I can't take it anymore. It's been WAY to hard for me! Well on another note my wedding is in exactly a month I can't wait : ) Hope everyone else is doing good!
Avatar n tn I really loved it after the first couple of months, but I had similar bad experiences on the Pill, so I know how it goes. I may get another one someday, or I may get my tubes tied as I'm a c-sect. I hope you are feeling better and would love to hear if it all subsides and stays gone! I think I did read about the fever / infection thing in the first days after placement. Bummer! Cause when it works right it's gooooood! Best of luck to you and your little ones!
Avatar n tn I was told that it might be because I missed pills and doubled up...but for some reason, I dont believe that is correct. My breasts are also pretty tender. What should I do?? Im expecting my next period around the 8th of September..should i just wait it out??...please help me! THANKS!
Avatar n tn i have bumps all over my stomache, and sort of on my breasts, i also have like white slashes, like i was scratched...they dont icth...but it seemed to appear on my face then it left and now the are on my stomache, lower back and breasts. anyone have any ideason what to do?
Avatar n tn I had sex last week and may be pregnant.. A week before I had severe ovary pain on one side, which i usually have when Im ovulating. I had sex 5 days later without a condom, and am 2 days late for my period.. How long do you think I should wait before I take a test? Am I pregnant?
1272624 tn?1395437957 I need to order my trigger shot. I go back to RE on saturday to see where my levels are and how my folicals are reacting. I want everything to go right this cycle. Good luck to all and baby dust to all. Keep me in your prayers as i start over.
162948 tn?1205256292 I didn't get my period after and on Friday July 4th I found out I am pregnant.
Avatar n tn Wow, us ladies are so much alike! :) I had light pink spotting in early December (one full week before my expected period) there was 'no' cramping, it was so light I only needed a liner. I continued on with the month just thinking it could be stress (so much going at work & with my other 3 children etc...) The last 3 weeks my breasts have gotten bigger, very sore & tingly, I am very very tired & moody & seem to be crying over anything at all?
Avatar n tn I was on clomid for 4 months and never ovulated, now on femara for 4 months, on Feb 17th I had my first iui with ovidrel injection on the 15th. The last 2 days I have noticed my breasts feel very sore and today I had some light bleeding at work and noticed it get more heavy at home this eve. My problem is my blood test is for Monday the 3rd, but if this is the start of my period I have to start my femara on day 3 of bleeding (that would be Thursday) how do I know what it is.
Avatar f tn It started a few weeks ago, I woke up with pain in my neck but I thought that was because I've been laying weird with my head. After I started feeling in the neck I felt the lump and I think it has gotten bigger in just a short time. My grand mom had a toxic nodule and had her thyroid removed in 1969. My mom had thyroid symptoms and a lump, biopsy showed it was "struma" and she never needed meds, her symptoms went away on its own.
1055869 tn?1294203119 Hello my lovely lady! How are you doing? I am hangin' in there...trying to keep my spirits up. I wish you the best of luck with your sonogram tomorrow, and that you little bean's heart is strong. I can't believe that you are working the road! Your going to have a tough baby...Wishing you all the best, enjoy your Thanksgiving although you will be working. babyboom: Hi there. Isn't it horrible? Lately I have tears just ready to roll.
Avatar n tn So do you think yeast infection woudnt make you miss a period i feel like my vagina is swollen i no thats a bit personal but i jus wanna ask sum 1 as if i dnt i be worryin all my life and what is wrong with me now might travel to sumthink more serious x Welll thank you for those comments really apperaite that
Avatar f tn (32A) Literally every woman in my family is a D cup regardless of how fat/slim they are. My chest size is seen as abnormal and I've gotten plenty of genuine questions as to why they haven't grown to its full size already. I'm really worried that this is forever going to be my chest size and that it's not going to grow anymore. Is it possible that I'm just a really, really late bloomer? I got my period right when I turned 12.
Avatar n tn Thank you kimmie that answer helped alot, how far along were u when the bleeding started? Cause like i said my bleeding started around the time i was to ovulate, how would i have conceived, it must have been earlier. I actually stopped taking my pills on the 6th of september, but by September 10th i started to bleed,i was wondering if it was withdrawal bleeding but am so sick, and i have never had withdrawal bleeding before.
Avatar f tn I am glad to tell you that the female monkey whose breast have been cut off has grown out a new breast, though it’s small and it would take half a month to grow into the normal size. What I want to say is you can come to my laboratory and see how the breast grow with your own eyes. ”Said Lucea expressively, after he got to know about her misfortune. Randy couldn’t wait to see it, though her husband didn’t have a feeling of optimism just like her.
485259 tn?1519050626 Yes, my heating pad is my best friend right now! I'm new to this forum. How do I start a thread? I only saw a button for asking a question, not starting a new thread. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I completely know how you feel! I am now going on my sixth day late and 2 neg test so far! I don't really know what to think...both my other pregnancys showed up right away!?! My husband thinks that it is because i am just telling myself that i am pregnant...but i prayed that it would go one way or another cause atleast if i got my period i could try again...ya know!?! If you want, we can keep in touch and see what happens! =) I think we should just leave it in gods hands!
Avatar f tn Also, I have only been on the Hydrochlorat for 5 days now, and they said I would have large amounts of water output, but I have not seen it yet. I know I confused a lot of people. Just too much on my mind so I am giving this a try because the Clinics will not give me anything for my nerves. They said "counseling". I said - h--, I know what is wrong with me, all I need to do is pray, talk to my family and find out what the heck is going on with me.