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Avatar n tn a reaction to a prior infection (try to recall if you used to have some problems with the skin, wounds), benign cysts (some of these have a tendency to grow near the joints – the exact reason isn’t clear, but some minor injuries along the tendons may form capsules and promote development of cysts), then there’s cancer (though lymphoma presenting on the arms not the armpit is pretty rare). It is not likely that the asthma is connected with the lumps you are feeling.
Avatar n tn Yeah, great fun is had by all that tries to wrap their heads around this. Frankly, I wish I had breast cancer so they knew what the heck they were doing and a breast reduction wouldn't hurt me any...haha. AND....I have a GREAT team of doctors that know what they are doing but this stuff is a crap shoot, plain and simple until a WHOLE LOT more is done in the way of research. Last summer (2009) I did eighteen weeks of carbo/ numbers went back to normal...all was clear.
Avatar f tn The results of her biopsy haven't budged in years and she is 70 now. She's had all kinds of other operations and chemotherapy due to breast cancer, tumors in the stomach... I don't know what to think....
Avatar n tn I'm 32, male. I've had various health issues (testicular cancer and an apparent inner-ear disorder) but for the most part I'm healthy. The sensation is in the left leg only: a rush of warmth from the knee down to the foot. It lasts no longer than a minute at a time, and probably hits once an hour all day, every day. It's been about six weeks. I had a brain MRI that showed no signs of multiple sclerosis. I've been seen by two neurologists.