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Avatar n tn This is the notes of a doctor on my Mother's Cancer Report ""The positivity of ER/PR (hormones) means that the cancer relied on these hormones for growth. After surgery there will no doubt be prescribed a Hormone Therapy (Tamoxifen, etc.)"" What is "Hormone Therapy" How is it done? Is it costly enough???
Avatar n tn I am a breast cancer survivor, and have been through chemo, radiation, and am now on hormone therapy, taking Femara(my age is 69).Could you tell me some of the side effects of femara--what to worry about and what not to worry about? I don't want to be calling my oncologist all the time with questions. Thank you! I am also lately taking Actonel for osteoporosis and wonder if there are any interactions i should be concerned about.
Avatar m tn I originally thought i was having a heart attack then I thought I might have male breast cancer got an ultrasound and they said it looked suspicious. Got a second opinnion and the surgeon I saw said they were full of sh*t and were known to do stuff like that to make money off the biopsy and there is a liability issue if it doesn't meet specific criteria for further investigation. Anyway it was a anxiety attack and gynecomastia.
1344197 tn?1392822771 Follow-up analysis of data collected for the Women’s Health Initiative study of postmenpausal women has shown an increase risk of breast cancer in women taking combined estrogen and progesterone. The findings suggest there is an increased risk of invasive breast cancer, breast cancer presenting with positive lymph nodes, and breast cancer related deaths.
Avatar n tn If you want to lower your risk of developing cancer, Tamoxifen alone may give you this benefit, but the risks and benefits should be discussed very well with your oncologist. Furthermore, the late age of occurrence of your mother's breast cancer may mean that the cancer is not totally inheritable. Regards.
Avatar n tn HRT isn't recommended much these days due to the fact that it has been proven that it is a factor in developing breast cancer. When it is recommended it is for the shortest time possible and at a very low dose. From your post your Physician is quite aware and following protocol. I see no reason why you can't follow his recommendation for a short transition time.
550018 tn?1264194565 this is what we know -the use of oral contraceptive pills (estrogen /progesterone) in premenopausal women reduces the risk of ovarian cancer by 50% -the use of prempro (estrogen/progesterone) in women in their 60s who have not had a hysterectomy causes a small increase in breast and ovarian cancer and a decrease in colon cancer -the use of estrogen by itself in women in their 60s does not increase breast and ovarian cancer -hysterectomy is associated with increased cardiac disease -the consequ
Avatar n tn Form what you posted, it seems that your mother is in the early stage of breast cancer. She will benefit from either chemotherapy or hormonal therapy. She can undergo chemotherapy then hormonal therapy after she is done with her chemotherapy. Her hormone receptor status is positive. A positive hormonal status has better prognosis compared to those with negative hormone receptor status.
Avatar n tn Lymph nodes clear. After surgery had mammosite. Should I do hormone therapy? I also had ovarian cancer 2 yrs. ago. Stage 1A also. Doing well here. Took chemo for OV. and left me with aching legs and joints. The hormone therapy has so many side affects. The drugs suggested for me are Arimidex or Raloxifene. Is there anyone that does not take hormone therapy and is still doing well with no recurrance?
Avatar n tn I was recently diagnosed with stage 0 breast cancer and have stopped using estrogen replacement. How long does it take before I will see my menopausal symptoms return? Its been 30 days since I stopped taking estrogen and I have NO symptoms that I experienced at the start of menopause. I've been waiting for the hot flashes and insomnia to return which I have read come back with a vengence after getting off hormones. I actually feel better not taking them.
Avatar f tn But she stopped taking the pill last year thinking of side effects like breast cancer, heart disease. after stop taking the pill she is having few problems like dizziness, hair loss, tiredness. so is she doing the right thing or she should have continue the pill ?
Avatar n tn I took it in the trial because I have 3 daughters and had seen many family members die from breast cancer, to see if it prevented breast cancer. My cancer showed up 8 years after I stopped the Tamoxifen. My younger sister had it 1 year before me, she was 48. She had not taken any drugs. Turns out, we have the BRCA2 mutation. She and I chose bilateral mastectomies and I had total hysterectomy. We choose to fight and live.
Avatar n tn From reading the info above, your siste is ER and PR positive so hormone therapy is normally suggested. I too am ER and PR positive and will receive Hormone Therapy.
Avatar f tn I have heard that taking hormones can lead to a higher risk in getting breast cancer. How long in all have you taken hormones?
Avatar n tn Im reading a lot of advice against the use of hormone replacement therapy, but the studies I have researched report that its the combination of progesterone and estrogen that is bad for you, and that estrogen alone may actually decrease the risk of breast cancer. My question then is has anybody else read any studies similar?
Avatar f tn I know, suzanne sommers had breast cancer, and she takes them. If you don't want to do hormones, then you might want to look up the herbs for female hormonal balance. Some are black cohosh, some use soy, **** quai, damiana(sp) there are others, but I can't think of them now.
Avatar f tn Ok, to pick that up again - have any women received advice from their liver docs on starting hormone replacement therapy after treatment (assuming you do not attain SVR). I'm wondering if it's safe. Will it do more damage to my liver. My nurse doesn't have much experience in this area and is a bit non-committal when I ask. And while I'm asking - have any women asked about taking testosterone?
Avatar n tn If radiation treatment is recommended for you, the dose and duration would be determined by the radiation oncologist. Technically, hormone therapy can be given during radiation therapy or after radiation therapy. It is generally physician preference.
Avatar n tn Is this phase of breast cancer really necessary? What is the reocurrance rate if not part of therapy?
Avatar n tn Chemotherapy is recommended for breast cancer when the disease has some factors which may increase the risk of the disease returning. Large tumors, and positive lymph nodes are examples of two such factors. The drugs chosen will depend on a number of factors, including the person's specific disease and the health of the patient. AC+T is a more aggressive approach.
Avatar n tn It was operated and she underwent hormone therapy, radiation and chemo therapy. Cancer cells were slightly receptor positive (about 15%). Bone metastasis were detected last July, 2001. Initially, a hormone (tamoxifen) therapy was applied. My sister is 40 year of age and premenopausal. A befriended physician strongly recommended to support the hormone therapy with LR-HR analogs - this recommandation was supported in the literature which we consulted.
Avatar f tn I was told I needed chemo 2 times a month times 4 months and hormone therapy for 5 years or just hormone therapy for 5 years. i am really scared so please repl,y asap. can anyone help me.
Avatar m tn These cancers are considered to be more aggressive. This type of cancer cannot be treated with hormone therapy but can be treated with Herceptin. Regards ....
Avatar n tn Dear ski2005: Hormone therapy, such as Arimidex, may indeed have a role in the treatment of this cancer. However, the question is really separate from the question of chemotherapy. Hormone therapy is not usually used "instead" of chemotherapy but often "in addition to" chemotherapy. So the real question that you should discuss with the oncologist is whether you should take chemotherapy.
2085799 tn?1332453559 // ). If the pain persists, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Hi, How are you? There are many options for breast cancer treatment and several factors such as type of breast cancer, its stage, whether the cancer cells are sensitive to hormones, patient's overall health and medical condition that needs to be considered. After diagnosis, most women undergo surgery for breast cancer and receive additional treatment, such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy or radiation. Aggressive and early treatment usually results to remission. Take care and best regards.
Avatar n tn However,no matter what your age is,and you have noticed a sudden increase in size in your breast,I think you should see your doctor for a clinical breast exam to check for any underlying problem.I hope this helps, but please seek medical attention if you have any doubt at all okay? Take care....