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Avatar f tn Is it possible for skin cancer that is located on the breast to cause micro-calcs within the breast? I have had micro-calcs for years. They have increased in number, and changed pattern slightly. I have had MRI's, mamo's, and ultrasounds that came back showing solid nodules and simple cysts, as well as dialated ducts. I have had fibrocystic breast disease most of my life. I have had a FNB, wedge biopsy of the aereola, and biopsy of breast discharge, all of which came back ok.
Avatar n tn after mastwctomy ,chemo, and 20 radiotherapy treatments ,had axilla clearance, red blotch appeared on where had mastectomy, after the rads, saw my breast surgeon about 7 wks ago and said all ok ,sine another few botches have appeared,occasionaly skin not on blotches peels as if i'm still getting radio working or is it just dead skin ?
Avatar n tn It's really hard to say what these marks could be, since there are so many skin conditions that can occur on the breast like on skin anywhere else on the body. If these red marks persists and continue to be of concern to you,especially if you notice breast swelling,itchiness and pain, I would advise you to consult your doctor who can evaluate in context of your situation. Wishing you continuing good health and a long cancer- free life!....
Avatar n tn I certainly would NOT use a comb to scratch your skin ... on the breast or anywhere else on your body. You are definitely causing more irritation which of course will cause an increase in the itching. A better method might be to bathe the skin with either warm or cool water and pat the area dry .... rubbing and scratching only makes things worse. If this continues you might consider seeing a skin specialist (Dermatologist) about the problem. Regards .....
Avatar f tn It sounds more like what you say it looks like; a pimple. The skin on the breast is the same as skin on any other part of the body and subject to the same problems. It doesn't sound like anything that would be related to breast cancer but as you know over the internet it's next to impossible to know for sure. You could either have your Dr. ck. it or treat it the way you would a pimple anywhere else on your body. Regards ....
Avatar n tn had a sudden painful lump and then 2 days became red had a neg mammo and ultrasound treated with augmentin went away developed painless thinkening skin on same breast but other side had a negative biopsy they tell me not to worry about it maybe see a dermatologist as long as biopsy neg should i just forget about it
Avatar n tn i am 25 years old. for a few months i have had puckering of skin below the armpit on both sides. they look like red lines and are hollow .could this be a sign of breast cancer?
1223367 tn?1267028253 I see no connection to breast cancer from the symptoms you mention and if you thought that was a possibility you definitely should have seen your Dr. a long time ago. This may be just a skin problem as the skin on the breast is the same as skin on any other part of the body and subject to the same problems. Only your Dr. can tell you what is wrong so please make that appointment and in the meantime .. Don't Scratch ... this only serves to irritate the problem further. Regards ....
Avatar f tn I am 33 no family history of breast cancer, About 5 weeks ago my left breast turned red and felt itching,2 days later I noticed a lump and 2 days from that I started having discharge from one duct. I have had 2 sonograms, mamogram and a skin punch Biospy. I am waiting the skin bioposy report. The last sonogram I had said There is a solitary duct in the 6 o clock subareolar postion of the breast that is minimally dilated within the duct.There is a 2mm fixed filling defect.
Avatar f tn There is a small hypoechoic nodule with cystic component seen in the left breast, just beneath the skin at 2 o'clock position, near the nipple. These measures 0.82 x 01.31 cm. IMPRESSION: - complex nodule, left, as described.
Avatar f tn im 24 yrs old i hve the red dot on my left breast 4 the past 9 does nt cause any pain nothng 2 me.
Avatar f tn Thanks, zouzi, for clarifying. I saved the article on my desktop but never remembered who suggested it. And since both bb and you are usually the gifted ones who find the best info, well, so much for that. Thanks, jazzmine0123, for the tip, and zouzi for the rest.
Avatar n tn my right breast has developed a large cyst, now I have redness,just over the lump my breast skin looks dry,also over the lump, my nipple is tender and my breast appears somewhat swollen, I have seen family doctor, have mamo scheduled for mon, plus an appointment with surgeon on thur, do I have anything to worry about? I am 53 years old, 3 grown children, minor cyst removed in 68. My internist was concerned, but would not give me any real answer.
Avatar n tn Hi, Well these could be pimples on the breast skin, or glands getting plugged and maybe infected too. How long have you noticed them? Have you noticed any relation to your menstrual cycle or are there any lumps on breast self exam? Keep the area clean, wear lose clothing and apply some topical antibacterial antifungal cream. If the bumps still persist for more than a week, consult your physician for a clinical evaluation.
Avatar n tn Inflammatory breast cancer generally presents as a red, hot, swollen breast. Skin on the breast is like skin anywhere else on the body and is subject to a variety of abnormalities. Without evaluation, it is impossible to speculate on what this might be. You might as your doctor to take a look and perhaps he can help you get the mammogram moved up for your peace of mind.
Avatar f tn Hi, Below are the usual symptoms of IBC. If you don't have any of these symptoms,the it's most probably an infection. (pimple,abscess, boil) that can appear on the breast like on any other part on the body.You could apply warm compresses and see how it goes.If it doesn't get better in a few days,have your Doctor take a look at it for adequate treatment.
Avatar n tn almost two years ago i had breast cancer i didnt i just had radiation, about four weeks ago i got a yeast infection under the breast i had the cancer. then i developed a rash on that breast and on other parts of the body. i take requip for restless leg syndrom, and lunesta sometimes, but i have been taking antihistimes for itching.
Avatar m tn The things you mention are quite natural ... the skin on the breast is the same as skin on any other part of the body so it may be just dry which would cause the flakiness you mention. The veins are also a natural thing .... sometimes they are more visible in a person than in others but they are there whether you can see them or not. Don't you think the chest pains you are experiencing might be due to the stress you are causing yourself by worrying about things so much.
Avatar f tn I have red inflamed sores on my breast and in my armpitts the ones on my breast drain vrey painful i have been to the doctor and meds did not help i need help i told them i would like a dermatologist to take a look but they would not give me a referral so i have a pic of the under side of my breast where it is and was wondee if someone can tell me of they have seen this????
Avatar n tn Hi, Most breast lumps are not cancerous.Symptoms of male breast cancer include lumps, changes to the nipple or breast skin - redness or scaling, skin dimpling or puckering, or nipple discharge. A cystic pituitary tumour cannot cause breast cancer usually and the pituitary cancer cells are not documented to travel / reach the breast. Irreguar margins of the nodule could be seen with both a benign and malignant lesion but it definitely needs to be investigated further and a malignancy ruled out.
Avatar n tn So far, this information indicates a T1NxMx breast cancer. It is likely that this represents early stage disease, however, more information including lymph node status, estrogen and progesterone receptor status (ER/PR) and HER 2 status, and results of any x-ray tests is required in order to estimate prognosis or for your doctor to make appropriate treatment recommendations. It is likely that that further surgery including an evaluation of the lymph nodes will be recommended.
Avatar n tn The fact that you are being called back, is very common. Sometimes is just the skin that has folded over on itself and looks like a shadow.A spot compression will often smooth out the tissue and the "density" will disappear. I hope that all will be just fine with your second mammogram. Best wishes...
Avatar n tn For several weeks I had small bumps on my breast and I try creams now the bumps are red and it seems to be spreading down my breast. I am still useing creams but no luck in clearing it up thus far.
Avatar f tn I have a small red spot on my right breast but it is smooth and indented like a belly button. Has anyone heard of that? Or any information as to what it could be.
Avatar n tn when you have a lump on your breast, if you press i shud it hurt, it is just because i am only young and i dont know if im growing or somethings happening because there is a lump around my niple that feels like its under my skin and feels like it slightly moves when i try to move it and it also hurts, please help me ny answering the questions
Avatar f tn Hi, Large quantities of sebum, the oil secreted in the hair follicles, could cause the skin's pores to become clogged and enlarged.This problem is most probably due to a skin condition and nothing to do with breast cancer. The changes you are going through are very common because during puberty, your hormones are changing and all this makes breasts feel dense or lumpy.Also an increase in hormones (Testosterone) can lead to hair growth on your nipples.
Avatar f tn Have you noticed any abnormal features on breast self examination like a breast lump, nipple discharge or skin changes? If it still persists, you would need to see your surgeon for a clinical evaluation. Let us know if you have any other doubts and keep us posted on how you are doing. Regards.
Avatar n tn The fact that you are being called back, is very common and you shouldn't be too worried about it. Sometimes is just the skin that has folded over on itself and looks like a shadow.A spot compression can focus in on the area and very often the shadow disappears.By the way, if the radiologist is present, at the institution where you'll have the spot compression mammogram,the results could be given to you by him/her on that same day. I hope that all will be just fine with your second mammogram.
Avatar f tn Breast cancer is detected as a lump inside of the breast. There really are not any signs on the skin when a person has breast cancer. It is usually only found by getting a mammogram or breast exam by your doctor because you have to really feel around your breasts in order to feel any lumps. I'm sure you don't have to worry sweety if you are really concerned, let one of your parents know and ask to see a doctor about it. I think you are too young to get breast cancer, though.