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Avatar n tn Dear usluceren, C-erb-B2 is another name for the Her-2 neu protein that is found on the surface of some breast cancers. A breast cancer that is Her2 neu positive may be more likely to recur. This information along with the other information such as staging, tumor characteristics (ER status, Her2 status), help to determine the recommendations regarding treatments. However, it is impossible to predict for sure how an individual is going to do.
Avatar f tn My mums aunties both had breast cancer. She has had borderline cysts in her breasts before that had to be removed by surgeries. I know what will be will be, I cant change fate or heal illnesses as much as we'd all love to abolish Cancer. But its nice to chat to people who have been through similar. Sorrt for the huge essay.
Avatar n tn I have a history of Cancer in my family on my mothers side (she has 8 other brother and sisters not including herself, and all have had different forms of cancer, including her mum and dad) and i actually lost my mum to cancer 3 years ago. My father's side also has a history of Cancer in the women, with my dad's mum having breast cancer. I'm worried that perhaps there could be some link - is Cancer genetic?
Avatar f tn if it want for that I think I would do the unthinkable... I also fault stage four breast cancer for the past three years... Just got in remission, yea!!!!
Avatar f tn My current Gastro, who worked in Africa in a leper colony and then at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, got so despressed with young people with cancer( I have breast cancer also) that he decided to go into gastrooenterolgy because he said it was the most exciting area of medicine where he could make a difference...and he has to me. I really don't know what to say to you....
428506 tn?1296560999 There are so many disease that have been linked to vitamin D deficiency including prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, heart disease, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, and type 1 diabetes. I also have a vitamin D deficiency and my levels were lower than yours so I take 3000 U per day and I will get my levels checked again soon. I hope this helps you. How are you feeling lately?
931415 tn?1244681111 Unfortunately, a frequent topic on SBM has been the anti-vaccine movement, personified these days by celebrity spokesmodel for Generation Rescue Jenny McCarthy and her boyfriend comedian and actor Jim Carrey. Unfortunately, it is a topic that is unlikely to go away.
572651 tn?1531002957 In some cases, said Children's National Medical Center physician Nathaniel Beers, president of the D.C. chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, patients who seem difficult may "just really be advocating for high-quality care" for themselves or a relative. In Beers's view, difficult behavior typically has a cause, although it may be rooted in an earlier encounter with another doctor. "There's often some provocation that has occurred," he said.
Avatar f tn and she is an example of how to stay well and keep going. She had breast cancer last year and has been thorugh many other health concerns and has such aposiitive approach to laugh and she laughs forever! Laughter is a great tonic. My sister is also coming to stay this week so that will be fun and for the rest of the time life is just about managiing having my three teenage kids home (although one is now 20) and feeding them etc etc...many of you with larger families know all about it.
Avatar m tn I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and have surgery next week. I have long standing issues with the mhs. I was sectioned under the mh act for severe depression and then later threatened with ect. I have attempted suicide and ended up in icu several times. I like animals, music, reading. You sound a little like me in researching stuff on the internet. i think that can be almost like an obsession. It relates back to anxiety. Not entirely sure if that is part of ocd.
Avatar f tn I would say I had no choice, but the choice to have a child when I had little money and needed to work, was all mine. I had breast cancer and bilateral mastectomies while my kids were teens, and I was going through a divorce. Did I suck it up? YOU BETCHA. No one was offering to pay my bills and take care of me. I had to do it, so I did. You do what you have to do. This has been an interesting discussion. Let's keep it mature.
Avatar n tn Because my mom had breast cancer, things progressed rapidly and I was scared. The place I get my X-rays, etc. is well known for being good. They ran a mammogram with 6 views--digital mammography. Nothing was noted but the radiologist coded it as "suspicious" so an ultrasound would be paid for by Medicare. By the way, I am 36, although I refused to celebrate unless there were only 35 candles on the cake last year, claiming that I wanted some years back for what I have lost.
Avatar n tn And also, even if any of us ARE diagnosed with it, it's not as scary as being diagnosed with cancer, or ALS. It is easily treated nowadays. Both my dad and my uncle have been doing pretty well. My dad has his days, but for having the disease since for like 18 years, he's doing very well. Also, a spinal tap would also show abnormalities that could point to MS. If both of those tests come out normal, you are fine.
Avatar f tn 2 years ago both of her grandmothers became ill - one with life threatening illness - but she recovered. The other diagnosed with terminal cancer - but she is still alive, but on hospice. My husband and I are married for 17 years (only marraige for both) and our daughter is a fertility baby (with our egg/sperm). My daughter has always been a vibrant, vivacious, extremely intellegent girl. Always scoring at the top of her class, always successful in anything she does.
Avatar n tn I was put on Wellbutrin XL 150mg, 3 pills once daily about 6 months ago after trying to deal with my Mom being diagnosed, with breast cancer (the second time) and lung cancer, on my own... I told my general practitioner about the anxiety and depression I was experiencing and she suggested an antidepressant.
Avatar f tn I've chosen the topic of my last writing essay to be about the exploitation of children on reality TV series and I'm going to do a comparison of Jon and Kate with the Duggers and Roloffs. The essay that I'm supposed to be working on right this very minute is should they lower the drinking age to 18. Do you have any idea how boring this is to look up all of the statistics?? Lori - that's the problem. I'm not getting my housework done.
Avatar n tn Ive been really worried and thinking the worse as i lost my mum and dad through cancer, i feel a bit better now reading im not on my own through this. I feel drained and moody all the time which isnt fair to my husband or children i hope i get it sorted i will keep you updated.
Avatar f tn All on the left side, below the heart,, in the side, sometimes in the back of the shoulder, and above the breast. Can not walk at a normal pace. Walk very slowly to control the pain. Cardiologist suggested cardio rehab which will begin in a few weeks. But have not heard of anyone else with such symptoms. Don't know if I should risk walkin through the pain, or if it is a symptom that should be further pursued, and or tested. All of my blood work, tests have come back normal so far.
Avatar n tn Well yall, I went to take my bath this morning and noticed some lil clear liquid coming out of my right breast nipple. I am having more and more symptoms everyday. I called the doctor and they sat me up for an appointment way in September. I guess they wanna make sure I don't see no period at all for the whole month of August and the beginning of September. I already know I'm not gonna see anything cause I don't have any feeling at all in my body that a period is even trying to come.
Avatar n tn On April 27 my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex (normal for us -- together for 4yrs). AF was to come on on the 13 of May and she didnt show. I usually get breast tenderness and swellness really bad a week before AF is to show but this time I did't get anything. Well AF was a week late and I felt nauseated, always hungry and constantly sleeping.
Avatar n tn Getting a real diagnosis is so important because persistent, long-term itching is a major indicator of vulvar cancer. This type of cancer is EXTREMELY rare and is very slow-growing and easy to treat - so don't let this drag on until it's too late. If your itching doesn't respond to any kind of treatment, DEMAND THAT BIOPSY. If you have never had a doctor try the vinegar treatment on you, ASK FOR IT. Doctors are human and they can't know everything.
Avatar n tn I have had tests and lots of lab work, I've tried synthetic hormones which I am taking now which scare me considering their link to cancer and my family history. I've tried creams, bio-identical compounded hormones and over the counter herbs and supplements. I practice yoga regularly for years and mediate and have used acupuncture when I can. Why don't healthcare practitioners know anything about this or take it like "oh well, ***** for you, at least it's not terminal"?
Avatar f tn ---I guess all those women with health issues due to the breast implants are delusional!! So apparently none of what I am saying or feeling has any basis in reality or science. This is pretty much what most health care practitioners say. Meanwhile, my health and energy levels continue to decline. I was not able to get a removal date until the 24th.