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Avatar f tn If I get breast cancer the chances are it will be triple negative a harder to treat form of breast cancer. I was supposed to have a double mastectomy. I did not because I think they are coming up with new treatments for Cancer all the time. I think by the time I get breast cancer if I ever do radical mastectomies will no longer be necessary. Plus I am in chemo so it will knock down any breast cancer. If I looked at just statistics I would want to quit.
Avatar n tn breast cancer is 10 times more common than ovarian cancer. Women with two or more first degree family members with ovarian cancer or who have personally tested positive for the BRCA 1 or 2 gene mutation have a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer. For this group of women at higher risk, the prophylactic surgical removal of the ovaries and fallopian tubes after completing child bearing is recommended.
Avatar f tn t go for a mammogram evey year only would mean that it might have been discovered earlier and I would certainly advise you to continue to be monitored yearly as well as doing monthly self breast exams. Breast cancer as a rule can mestatisize to either bone, lung or brain .... it can also recur in the breast or even the chest wall after mastectomy. Mets to bone is the easiest to control of all the possibilities. Regards .....
Avatar f tn I am a 3 year survivor of breast cancer I was diagnosed with t2n3mo stage 3c breast cancer in 2007 I had a mastectomy followed by chemo and radiation I took tamoxifen till I had a hysotectomy now I take Arimedex I would like to know what my survival rate is
Avatar n tn t know the specific numbers in your questions, but you can find a lot of statistical information at the major breast cancer sites (type breast biopsy statistics into google for a start). I do know that the number of breast biopsies in the US is quite high compared to elsewhere, with the result being a "general" statistic of about 20% of biopsies coming back as malignant. Somebody correct me if I have this wrong. More statistical refinement can be found in the BIRAD classification.
Avatar m tn hi doctor , Could you please give me a bit of information as which cancer is more severe is it Ovarian Cancer 3C or Breast Cancer 3C ? which cancer has a higher 5 year survival percentage and what are the recurrence statics for these cancers in comparasion stage remaining constant( 3C ) ? usally in ovarian cancer if even few lymph nodes are involved they say the prognosis is poor , but generally in breast cancer a lot of lymph nodes are usally involved, what is the reason for this statement ?
Avatar f tn s concern with architectual distortion of my breast. Now she is recommending a procedure, stereotactic biopsy. Are there statistics regarding the likelihood of cancer? Should I be alarmed? Should I get a 2nd opinion, now or later?
Avatar m tn The older a woman is, the greater her chances of developing breast cancer. Approximately 77% of breast cancer cases occur in women over 50 years of age. According to the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Program of the National Cancer Institute: White, Hawaiian, and African-American women have the highest incidence of invasive breast cancer in the United States (approximately four times higher than the lowest group).
Avatar m tn The risk of breast cancer in carriers of BRCA1 mutation is estimated to be 36-87%. Lifetime breast cancer risk for carriers of BRCA2 is 45-84%.
Avatar f tn Hi There for a women with no risk factors for ovarian cancer,there is a 1 in 80 lifetime risk of developing ovarian cancer which is one tenth the lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.
Avatar f tn Is there a "typical" presentation of Breast Cancer in Hodgkins Lymphoma patients who have received mantle & axillary radiation? Is DCIS in such a patient more likely to become invasive than in the general population?
Avatar f tn I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. A pea sized non agressive cancer , in sept. 2014. My mammogram showed clear last year. How long would this have taken to develop?
Avatar n tn I have had breast cancer twice and my sister passed away with breast cancer at the age of 37. I got breast cancer when I was 34 and got it again at 47 years and than at the sametime they took a 125 blood test and found out I had ovarian cancer too. so alittle scared about my back pain and other systems i'm having thanks again. I will talk to my dr.
Avatar f tn Is there a right or wrong answer to using estrogen blockers for ADH? I realize that ADH isn't cancer just a disorder that puts me at a higher risk to develop breast cancer. Has the research shown that it is better one way than the other? Estrogen blockers vs. monthly breast self-exams, MRI's of the breast and noting any type of changes in the breast? I'm only 54 years old and not really sure what to do from here?
Avatar f tn First, breast imaging and breast cancer treatment has advanced so much in the last few years that women can look forward to early detection and, in many cases, complete cures. Second, if you look at all the statistics, breast biopsies in the US only show malignancy in about 20% of the biopsies. And because of digital imaging and such, many of those cases are DCIS instead of more advanced cancer.
Avatar f tn My mother : 66years old dg. with breast cancer -right breast ( Ca. ductale in. gr. 2 -sine metast.lymwh.axillae 0/19 ) was treated with surgery - right mastectomy and removal of the axillary nodes. And on the left breast with lumpectomy -LCIS ,classical type The tipe of the tumor of the right breast is pT 23 x 10 mm, positive estrogen and progesteron receptors, her-2 0 , adn Ki67 1% - T2NOMO.She was operated one moths ago and now we should choise the right therapy for her.
Avatar n tn My daughter in law (age 31yrs and 2 months) just a a radical mastectomy on the left and opted to have a total mastectomy on the right after being diagnosed with HER 2 breast cancer. At the age of 11 she had PNET and took chemo. On her recent pathology report she was staged at 2A because she had 11 lymph nodes removed and 2 were postitive. She can not take the adrimycin because she had it as a child and due to no accurate records the oncologist is afraid to give it to her.
Avatar n tn Other statistics show that the average age at diagnosis is 63 and the average age at death is 71. Ovarian cancer statistics gathered by the American Cancer Society indicate that in 2006, 20,180 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer and 15,310 women will die as a result. Thats enough for me..............they can take mine out.
Avatar f tn The sono tech told her that she thinks it could be a dilated milk duct. My concern is that since she was never childbearing, is she at a higher risk for breast cancer? We will not get results for another week on Mammo or sono. I have been researching and realize it could be mammary duct ectasia, etc. but just needing some thoughts.
Avatar n tn Decisions about adjuvant chemotherapy treatment are based on several factors including size of tumor, status of lymph nodes, the appearance of the cancer under the microscope, the presence or absence of hormone receptors for estrogen and/or progesterone, as well as HER2 status, the general health of the patient etc. Triple negative breast cancer means that ER and PR status are negative and that HER 2 neu status is also negative.