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Avatar n tn You certainly should see a surgeon. Men can get all the breast diseases women can; infection, inflammation, cancer. Cancer is rare in men, but any swelling that's not going away needs an answer.
Avatar n tn Dear mem2, It is hard to say, most likely not. However, in general, if you have noticed a change in your breast exam, and it is not going away on it's own you should check it out with your doctor to evaluate.
Avatar n tn Hi. Is it a must to have a nipple discharge if you are suspecting breast cancer or paget's disease. How long does pager's disease take to progress, I heard it is a slowly progressing disease. Does that mean it can take 10-12 month before it develops.
1500025 tn?1289292312 ” It is cause by hormonal changes in your body and it's temporary, and not a sign of breast cancer. What you have is perfectly normal,but please talk to your mom or dad about it okay?so that they can make an appointment to visit your doctor for a check up,advice and reassurance. Take care...
Avatar f tn It is not a cause of breast cancer but rather one of the manifestations of breast cancer. Examples of benign condition that can cause nipple discharge include fibrocystic disease, intraductal papilloma, mastitis, and galactocele. On the other hand, breast carcinoma, fibrosarcoma, and Paget’s disease of the nipple are examples of malignant condition that can cause nipple discharge. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I had breast cancer in my rightt breast and had a masectomy. Now my left breast nipple is very tender to touch. can this be cancer?
Avatar n tn Hi, You previuosly started a similar thread and received an answer: Best wishes....
Avatar n tn Hi, As long as the nipple is not inflamed, painful,you don't feel any lump under your nipple/areola and you don't have a spontaneous discharge, there is probably nothing to worry about, since you say that the inverted nipple incident happened 5 years ago and only for a few seconds. You don't state what is your age, but if you are around the age of 40,it is recommended that you should have regular clinical breasts exams for evaluation. Take care...
Avatar n tn is yellow coloured milk discharge from both the breast is a symptom of breast cancer?
Avatar f tn Hi, It is not unusual, particularly in young women ,to get a lump near or under the nipple. This is mostly due to hormonal fluctuations. Usually these lumps tend to get better on their own providing that the area around the nipple doesn't look red and swollen. Cysts,which are round or oval, appear most often during the two weeks before your period and resolve spontaneously after your period ends.
Avatar f tn I had breast cancer and limpnode cancer in my left breast in 2004, they took out part of my breast and limpnodes, I had chemo and radiation, today I noticed my left breast is broke out with red spots and around my nipple is sore, what could be the cause of this.
Avatar f tn I have blood coming from my good breast from my nipple it's been happening for a while i have had a mamagram last october and it showed i have cyts in my breast and dense tissue nothing else has shown. I have told my Dr and Im going back for a check but when you look at my breat or nipple it looks healthy but some days the blood is just a drop and others it's a bit as it nearly comes out on my work shirt do you think it's something to be concerned about.
Avatar n tn The soreness is not in the nipple itself, but appears to be sore behind the nipple. Could this be a sign of breast cancer.
Avatar n tn Your dad needs to see a doctor because men CAN get breast cancer and the key to beating breast cancer (bc) is early detection. It may turn out to be something else entirely but it's best not to take chances. I was lucky in discovering my bc, I didn't have any lumps but my yearly mammogram detected abnormalities that were deeply imbedded in my breast tissue.
Avatar f tn I am 30 years old and just last week I noticed a bump under my right nipple it does not hurt but my breast feels itchy and just 2 days ago my right nipple strated draining a clear yellow liquid. I dont know what it is but was wondering if anyone can help me with something.
Avatar n tn However, if this is spontaneous, it needs further investigation. Breast cancer can be present without a lump.
Avatar f tn I had a ductogram but the mass behind my nipple bent the needle and they could not continue the test. I have nipple discharge, lump behind my nipple breast pain, redness and a enlarged lymphoid under my left arm. My question is if they biopsy one area of the breast and it comes back negative does that mean my entire breast is cancer free or just that area of the biopsy?. I have a followup on the 21 but now the doctor told me she might schedule and MRI or surgery to remove the lump.
Avatar f tn However, some types of BC, could also cause thickening in the breast, including inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) particularly if you also notice rapid breast swelling, persistent itching, nipple inversion and changes in skin appearance. If you are not satisfied with the Radiologist recommendation regarding your Mammogram results, don’t hesitate to consult a Breast Specialist. These doctors are very experienced and can deal efficiently with all types of breast problems.
Avatar m tn But,he said well breast cancer causes no pain. I said I know I have CANCER. So I told him that I want to remove both breast an be done with it now. He keep saying you will be fine. So we did the test. Well I DID HAVE BREAST CANCER.AND IT DID HURT I STAYED HARD AN HEAVY STOOD MY GROUND. Then he calls me an said I'M SO SORRY YOU DO HAVE CANCER. BUT I WAS STEADFAST ON THIS WE CAUGHT IT IN STAGE 1. I am doing great no more cancer. Sense 9/2/08. Had no treatments cause it had not spread.
Avatar f tn Hi, Below are the usual symptoms of IBC. If you don't have any of these symptoms,the it's most probably an infection. (pimple,abscess, boil) that can appear on the breast like on any other part on the body.You could apply warm compresses and see how it goes.If it doesn't get better in a few days,have your Doctor take a look at it for adequate treatment.
1492190 tn?1288527441 she been getting sick pale falling sleep lot weak so worried for her i have her been seen on wednesday next to have a scan and biospy and fluid taken to see what this may be please can u help do u think this could be brest cancer as her lump is hard and grown fast and been crust type sores around her nipple..