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Avatar f tn Any gamer mommas that have an xbox 360 account? Just somethin to pass the time when physical activity isn't possible atm.
Avatar f tn s a toss up because the graphics on the Xbox 360 are better.
Avatar f tn I like the Wii and PS3....I haven't gotten into any Xbox 360 games...I like the Wii games for the children...But I would have to say the PS3 for me...
Avatar f tn Glad your not doing anything harmful to make baby come like castor oil ect. Good luck!
338939 tn?1291343160 Hang in there I dont know the feeling but I get bored all the time lol Maybe you could get into something fun and keep your mind off things me I play xbox 360 halo and nascar seems to do the trick
Avatar n tn re discussing individual bedrooms in the context of online postings of questions about XBox 360 should hopefully help keep things in perspective. Too much screening time (i.e., television watching, video game playing and computer time) is generally not good for the health of family relationships. Discussion about all these issues may help improve more than your son's sleeping arrangements. Hope that helps get you started. Good luck.
1080382 tn?1256070327 The EARLY Act would provide federal funding to educate doctors and young women (those 45 and under) about breast health and breast cancer. The bill is sponsored by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, herself a breast cancer survivor. How do you feel about this idea? There is info about this legislation – which has more than 360 cosponsors in the House of Representatives – at
Avatar f tn I love video games and play too dont get me wrong, but i bought a xbox 360 and all my husband does is play HALO first thing when he gets up then he goes to work, comes home, plays more xbox until bed time then he hangs out with me for about an hour and starts all over again. Im at the point where i have to BEG him to hang out with me. He wants to and is always caring and nice but its like the video game has him in a trance! Once he plays he forgets his surroundings.
Avatar f tn I know this is used in breast cancer pts but what is it used for in ovca pts? My recent PET/CT scan did not show any recurrent disease.
Avatar n tn I wish I had some advice for this. Truth is, I have the same problem, although mine is with my bf. I've never been this way with a friend. I do, however, tend to get really jealous if I hear that some of my friends got together and I wasn't asked instead. I feel like I'm left out or something. I get so bothered by it, but I don't let them know that. I really have to hide my BPD from everybody except those I'm really close to like my bf and family.
1307298 tn?1305946851 You have given me something to think about. Thank you. From what I've read, folks with Barrett's have a very low chance of developing cancer when treated and checked. However, I've also read the survival rate if cancer develops is very poor, so if you have familial tendencies to cancer, I sure understand your interest. Is the HALO 360 procedure risky in any way? I had the Nissen Fundoplication procedure, and it was very successful in eliminating acid reflux.
Avatar f tn The days after my last post I just relaxed and the symptoms seems to calm down, until I spent a full day typing on my computer, driving and playing xbox 360 games... This made it a lot worse all night and the next morning, it even hurt to drive. It usually stops hurting when I stop doing the certain things that make it hurt. After doing further research I feel that I may have carpal tunnel syndrome caused by repetitive strain from all the computer gaming that I usually do a lot of.
Avatar f tn I bought my husband an xbox 360 for christmas because he wanted it really bad and he never gets anything for himself. So I bought it for him and he's been attached ever since. I go to bed alone most of the time and nothing gets done around the house unless I have a nutty. On top of all that, my husband is a sore looser so there is lots of swearing and yelling at the idiots that play this game "CALL OF DUTY 4" all over the world.
Avatar f tn Do brain games like on the Xbox 360 or magazine brain games. Nintendo DS has wonderful Brain Game pkgs. These actually help. My brain function has increased 4% since doing the 360 one on a regular basis. Meds can affect your memory also. I'm taking Topamax for migraines, side effect....memory difficulties, duh, yea! It got really bad recently so I lowered the dose and Voila' my memory improved.
Avatar f tn my dh is a HUGE gaming nut (I am about certain games) and we have all 3 major consols. (xbox 360, wii and ps3) when he gets in his gaming moods....there is no interrupting him. granted it only happens once or twice a month and I'm guilty of it on occasion as well (when I got fable 2 and then fable 3...I was a zombie. yeah...i love me some fable! lolol) but unlike your husband as much as we hated to stop (those games truly are addicting) we stopped. kids ALWAYS come first. no matter what.
Avatar f tn And I am Not comfortable with doing that. The reason is the oncologist said I have a nasty kind of breast cancer..Then the 1st surgeon tells me he can't do the dye test on the lymp nodes, so I am seeing another surgeon 03/11/09, to set the surgery up. ( MAYBE) Seems like alot of run around to me. My husband say's it's up to me, an he'll Love me No matter what ! I'm at my WITTS ENDS.. Any insight might help me.. Thank you all !!!!!
1456938 tn?1314573436 Good morning everyone, today is the first day I have decided to really kick into gear and get started on losing weight, once I wake up in the morning I am going to trade in my Xbox 360 and invest in some stuff to get training. Here is a little about me. I am a 22 year old Guy from Ireland, I am 6Ft and I weight 294 pounds with a bmi of 39.9 , I have no health issues aside from arthritis in my hands which is not severe with a good blood pressure and I am generaly fit.
Avatar m tn There are theoretical concerns about very advanced, life-threatening conditions, such as septic shock, terminal cancer, and potent cancer chemotherapy -- but I stress theoretical; there are few if any actual reported cases that even these made HIV testing unreliable. Certainly Lyme disease cannot do so, nor does a dental infection. Your HIV test results are 100% reliable and prove you don't have HIV; neither PCR nor any other HIV testing is needed.
1015873 tn?1261271548 I love all kinds of video games and for all kinds of systems. I used to own a playstation, but currently I have a wii and an xbox 360. I'm a huge gamer so I have xbox live of course. My 2 favorite games at the moments are Gears of War 2, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. They're all so good, but those are the 2 I'm hooked on right now.
Avatar m tn it freaks me out when my 9 yr old grandson has full conversations' with his Xbox games, should this be a concern? For example: he said= This is a multilevel game. No its not. Yes it is. It goes on every time he plays the XBox.
Avatar f tn by Nerdboy, less than a minute Hi I went to massage palour n got a hj she lick my nipple to she was naked any risk just her hand touch me maybe her breast against my chest that's it did.
Avatar n tn t recieved my period since september 2008, and its now april 2009. i have a large lump right under my nipple and i think i just found another lump under my breast that is small but kinda sore. i was told that i am slightly amnemic, but i've been trying to be as healthy as possible... im just really worried and i want to know whats going on with me.. does anyone have any ideas or advice?