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698208 tn?1228354650 Hi, I am thirty eight years old, recently diagnose with breast cancer and due to have a double masectomy. I just want it to know what kind of therapy is need it after surgery. I am so scared , i cant help feeling sad.
Avatar n tn I have a patch, like one you would find in the hippie days when they patched their jeans. It is awful. Then my breast is nowhere close to the size of the other breast. My tram flap was placed under my arm and not on my chest. No matter what I do, you can see my breast mass under my arm from behind me. In the front the bra is always wrinkled in the front. But all that said, it is painful. It feels like I have fire burning my skin on a pretty much constant basis.
272338 tn?1252280404 I have found a list of all of the corporate sponcers of breast cancer awareness that have something going on this month. These companies should be bombarded with e-mails asking why they only support breast cancer and don't the rest of us matter. 3M ACH Food Companies: Bake for the Cure Acushnet- Titleist, Cobra and FootJoy Worldwide American Airlines Atlas Garden Glove BAND-AID® Bausch & Lomb Belk Belkin Better Homes and Gardens BMW of North America, Inc.
Avatar f tn Mom, aunts, grandmother, great-grandmother, and younger sister all had or currently have breast, colon, orovarian cancer. Some died oflung, but it was always from a metastisized cancer. I am having extreme pressure in my abdomen, difficulty maybe a half cup of food a day, problems with B.M's and pain in my lower abdomen. Basically my stomach feels like I am seven months pregnant with twins. I have had this off and on, but now it is constant.
512869 tn?1211428656 I had both grandmothers pass away due to cancer. One was breast and the other was (they think) Ovarian Cancer is where it started, BUT at the time of her diagnoses it was spread throughout her body. Is it true when the say it skips a generation? I am a bit concerned, but don't like to make a big deal out of something that isn't. Does that make any sense? I have gained on 25 pounds in a matter of 3 months. I have a lot of bloating too.
Avatar f tn I have measured my leg and it is the same size as my left but when I put on jeans I feel as if they are more snug on my right side. I have heard certain cancers can cause swelling to limbs so of course I have convinced myself I have cancer. I also believe I have sciatica does any one know if this can cause mild swelling in the affected leg?
Avatar f tn yea my belly is gettin big but i cant wear stuff that comes out a mile on my sides... any jeans are uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn Im so excited because my maternity jeans i ordered came in today and tomorrow is jeans day at work lol. I live an exciting life :p i ordered them from walmart and they were only $16! Good deals there if anyone is looking for affordable clothes. I bought dress pants for $15 too!
1927715 tn?1392055940 So just out of curiosity I tried on my pre pregnancy jeans and THEY FIT!
1115088 tn?1266223043 Hi there, I have just found out on Monday that I am pregnant - now going on 4 Weeks and 5 days. I took the test due to my rapid weight gain and intense breast tenderness and swelling. No other sypmtons. I have officially missed my period (as I took the test on the day I should have gotten it).
Avatar n tn t recieved my period since september 2008, and its now april 2009. i have a large lump right under my nipple and i think i just found another lump under my breast that is small but kinda sore. i was told that i am slightly amnemic, but i've been trying to be as healthy as possible... im just really worried and i want to know whats going on with me.. does anyone have any ideas or advice?
Avatar f tn 5 weeks bleeding slowed and stopped at 7 weeks pp and I got stitches too. I gained roughly 50lbs and just lost it all at 4 months pp. I still don't fit in pr-pregnancy jeans due to wider hips.
Avatar f tn It is common for many young women to have a breast lesion similar to the one you describe. In medical parlance, it is called a fibroadenoma. It is sometimes called a "breast mouse" because of its mobility. Please dont worry about it. However, this should be a good opportunity for you to learn about breast health. Please surf the internet to access sites that describe the correct way to perform a breast self examination. Perform this every month.
Avatar f tn Ovarian cancer as I understand can be curable just if it is detected early as it does with breast cancer and cervical cancer by means of mastography and pap. So it will be prudent tu look for a says that if you have 3 months with constipation abdominal upset, menstrual irregularities, pain it will be o.k. to check this. but not just the ultrasound. it will be best to be examine physicaly by a doctor too. so he can analize everything.
Avatar n tn Lumps that do not hurt when you press down on them, and are in and around the lobules/stroma of the breast are cancer lumps. Breast cancer occurs in the lymph system. Certain moles also indicate cancer. Melanoma with asymmetrical and uneven flat edges are cancer moles. Melanoma with symmetrical, even edges are noncancerous moles. Here is a link for cancerous moles. (
Avatar f tn Hi! I usually have irregular takes me 2-2.5 mnths to get my periods.I got my last period on jan 29th and befor that on nov 24th and its 2nd apr today. Ok..I never had sex but I kinda had dry humping with my guy on Mar 8 with his jeans and boxers on and I had my tights and panties on..I'm having breast pain since more than a week but not getting periods yet.It pains a lot specialy when I wake up. Have mild backache too. What could be the reason?
Avatar n tn If you find changes or something unusual in one of your breasts, it’s important to see a health care provider as soon as possible. But keep in mind that most breast changes are not cancer. The best way is to consult a best doctor near to you.
Avatar f tn I havnt had any symptoms besides sore tender breast acid reflux heartburn really everything but morning sickness. Is that normal? And I suppose to be the one that's having twins but I'm a bigger girl not as fat but muscle and my dang pants don't fit anymore! Is that normal at 7 weeks for one baby or maybe twins!!