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4928337 tn?1362754766 Honestly I'm small chested and have always wanted bigger boobs and a boob job but if one of those things pop it could cause breast cancer it happened to my grandma. I'm good with what I got now there still a perfect size, but I'm not gonna lie I love getting my nails done acrylic..
8428738 tn?1400362075 It can be very challenging to deal with a diagnosis of breast cancer. Both physically and psychologically your world is bound to change and change drastically. At first, you may experience an intense feeling of being afraid or have a severe feeling of disappointment. You may think that the situation is beyond your ability . It is very important to get the right information about your kind of melanoma and how it is best handled.
Avatar n tn Dear joanieuber: There are many possible explanations for breast pain, the most common of which is cyclical pain associated with the menstrual cycle. If the pain continues of if you are concerned, you could see your doctor or a medical breast specialist (often affiliated with large academic medical centers). Most breast cancer is not painful.
Avatar n tn We had a HMO here that treated me through my first pregnancy and they were shut down by a lot of people suing them over ignoring cancer diagnoses (I lost a good friend to them and their lack of concern for her Stage III breast cancer. They put her through months of paperwork before she could see a surgeon or oncologist and she died before she could get the mastectomy). I'm so glad that you found another doctor - even if your hometown doctor is a nice guy.
Avatar n tn how many of you breast feed? Have you fallen asleep ? Now I am scared to breast feed when I have my baby I heard this on the news A woman in WISCONSIN Had TOO much to drink came home and breast fed her 4 month old girl and passed out on top of her and killed her!!
Avatar f tn Over the years i thought ive had testicular cancer, (yes im a guy), lou garrigs disease, early parkinsons, certain mouth diseases, throat cancer, male breast cancer, intestinal cancer, brain tumours, skin cancer, muscular dystrophy...etc...does it ever end? i feel like if it keeps going on like this im really going to go insane, and i dont mean this as an exaggeration, i just dont think my mind can take it and i dont have the mental fortitude for this.
329445 tn?1328924102 dear christine i am also a very young cancer patient 38 i am 2 yr survivor,i have breast cancer metastisised 3 masses in rt breast and large mass in chest wall,18 lymph nodes, my dr says that i am and can be cured i really believe that fighting, staying on top of drs and attitude and prayer all are very important. i think you have a better outcome than u think and shoul see another dr.i have a favorite book called cancer as a turning point by lawrence le sham. good luck happy new yr.
Avatar m tn I really cannot help you much regarding your other health problems, because in this Forum we deal only with breast cancer issues.Of course stress and anxiety could cause a variety of health problems,but the important thing now, is that your doctor is taking good care of you,she is giving you sound advice and is sending you for an Ultrasound and Mammogram.These tests are very important, to make sure that the lump in your breast is not something to be worried about.
Avatar n tn The first ha a pre-cancerous bump and if the second one has the same he want to take the entire breast off. I don't understand why the pre-cancerouse lumps can't just be removed. Why be so redical when the bumps are not cancerouse yet. Yest remove them but leave the breast...I have heard how scared this leave you and how painful an exprensive re-constructive surgery is. Alternitives are needed....
Avatar n tn Another thought came to my mind afterwards. She died of cancer with liver mets. They did not know where the primary was. She was diagnosed and gone in 10 days. When she was in her late 30's she had and hysterectomy and an oopherectomy for possible ovarian cancer. They findings at that time were negative. The doc did leave her a piece of one ovary so she would not go through surgical menopause. could this have been ovarian cancer now that spread to her liver?
Avatar f tn I have gone to the doctor so many times and they always tell me maybe it is my lympnodes or cancer.. I had a breast ultrasound done and there is no trace of cancer. I had blood work done and there is no traceof infection so... Upon removal of this tissue they are going to send it out for testing. I am very anxious to get this procedure done. The surgeon advised me the procedure will take 30-45 minutes and of course it is Same Day Surgery. I will let everyone know how it goes.
Avatar f tn I also had CA125 drawn and I am scheduled for a bilateral breast ultrasound because now my left breast is very swollen and tender against my chest wall. MY primary MD thinks I probably have 2 problems one of them being Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and not Lupus. That would account for my heart problem, accelerated HTN, joint swelling and easy bruising and broken blood vessels. My multitude of problems all so suddenly are very worrisome. I am just afraid somebody is missing something.
Avatar f tn I had a lapse in health insurance when unemployed, so i have a pre-existing condition for breast cancer tthat has applied to my insurance since October 1, 2009. I have currently gotten a new job that will have my insurance change to another provider on September 1 of 2010 (11 months through my wait period for re-covering anything pertaining to BC).
Avatar n tn It was less than a centimeter and turned out to be invasive breast cancer. I threw him another curve when the results from my sentinel node biopsy during further surgery to remove tissue to clear margins indicated microscopic cancer in one lymph node. My message to you is to trust your instincts, it is your body and your life. Be vocal about your concerns. The squeaking wheel gets the grease as they say. Insist on further diagnosis. Isn't it possible for them to perform a needle biopsy?
7469840 tn?1409849436 Liver cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the world, with lung cancer as the first for men and breast cancer for women, he said. Parikh was careful to explain he was talking about liver cancer in general and not Bowie specifically. The most common causes of liver cancer, with 80% of the cases, are Hepatitis B and C virus infections. "Part of the thing to do is control those viruses," Parikh said.
Avatar f tn No it is not breast cancer as I went to the OBGYN and they said with breast cancer you normally do not have any pain. Costochondritis causes pain and tenderness in the locations where your ribs attach to your breastbone (costosternal joints). Often the pain is sharp, though it can also feel like a dull, gnawing pain. Pain associated with costochondritis occurs most often on the left side of your breastbone, though it can occur on either side of your chest.
Avatar n tn If you don't want to share I understand and no hard feelings. I am a breast cancer survivor and just had CAT scan Friday to see if it has spread. Waiting for the results.
Avatar f tn He could not tell whether it was cancerous or not, but recommended I have CA 125, etc and a Bilateral breast ultrasound because my Left breast is swollen and painful, and schedule open abdominal surgery to remove the mass.
Avatar m tn The drug was also linked to pancreatic cancer the same cancer that killed Steve Jobs and claims nearly 95 percent of all patients within five years. Dr. Carragee said the risk seemed to be greater for Amplify, a high-dose version of Infuse that was rejected by the FDA earlier this year over cancer concerns. there's evidence that the researchers behind the studies that were used to get Infuse approved turned a blind eye to its side effects.
Avatar n tn A self-examination of breast should always include the armpit because breast cancer can enlarge the armpit lymph nodes even when the breast itself seems perfectly normal.” Other causes could be Lipoma (collection of fat), cyst, abscess etc. It is difficult to give a diagnosis without examining the swelling. Ref: http://www.*************.com/ency/408/003099.html I would suggest you consult your physician about this and get yourself examined. Do a self examination of your breast for any lump.
Avatar f tn OK - about two months ago I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer after a lump showed up in my thyroid overnight. I am paranoid and I know it. I had a 6 cm lipoma removed off my torso (over the ribs) just below my right breast two weeks later - benign. Then I had a mas (about 1 cm) show up in my arm. The MRI thinks it might be a lipoma but it was somewhat inconclusive. It did have a fat center.
Avatar n tn Young women, for example, who had gotten whole body radiation for the treatment of Hodgkin disease were found to be at increased risk for breast cancer and other cancers later in life. (This treatment is no longer common.) And some cases of leukemia are also related to radiation exposure. The leukemia usually develops within a few years of exposure. The risk peaks about 5 to 9 years after the radiation exposure and then slowly declines.
Avatar f tn From the San Antonio Breast Conference in December, new data shows a higher than predicted rate of breast cancer recurrence even with very small breast cancers that are HER2 positive. The data is from the first large study to analyze early-stage breast cancer patients with HER2 positive tumors one centimeter or smaller. All these women would benefit from adjuvant Trastuzumab, also known as Herceptin, (for one year, the standard in America) - along with adjuvant chemotherapy.
Avatar f tn Who would have thought you could have MS Ovarian Cancer and the BRCA1 gene giving me a 87% of Breast Cancer. My doctor says I will get breast Cancer. I just have to be happy for what I have and live my life.
Avatar n tn I am 42 years old, mother of 3 (breastfed) children (they're 21, 15, 11), non-smoker, BMI of 21, and no one that I know have breast cancer in my family (my dad died of lung cancer-big time smoker). I had a hysterectomy in 2003 due to irregular bleeding, endometriosis and pain with intercourse. I still have my ovaries. I have had mammograms every year after 40 and I'm due in April for my 3rd one. . I got breast implants in 2004 and have had no problems. I do regular breast exams.
649848 tn?1534637300 Anyway, it's been confirmed that my darling has breast cancer; I took her for biopsy today, which according to the doctor will tell us what type of cancer we are dealing with. I'm absolutely terrified with all of this. My dad (Auntie's brother) died from prostate cancer; another of her brothers died from lung cancer; this doesn't look well to me, but this is one time, I'd love to be proven wrong.........
Avatar f tn I just found out I have Breast cancer. Did the MRI to surgeon Monday for results. I do not know anyone personally that has had it. I need support very badly. I am almost sure I will have a double mastectomy. I really want to talk to others that have had the same procedure done. I'm just going to a regular surgeon. Does it need to be an oncologist surgeon?
561476 tn?1220959376 at any rate, biopsy came back that it was indeed a return of the ovarian cancer, The left breast tested neg, the right pos. yup the cancer likes to jump around and play what can I say.....They did take some lymph nodes out for biopsy..... I make my follow up Apt.... The biopsy results are in and my Dr tells me that I'm "officially weird" The lymph nodes they removed tested postive but the cancer isn't in the nodes itself its in the string.
Avatar m tn Interesting question - why do you ask? I got steroid induced psychosis in 2003 when dx with breast cancer. I was in a flare with Crohn's and on 25 mg a day of prednisone. I had been on steroids for 30+ yrs at the time and never had psychosis before. It was the most frightening time of my life and I was suicidal. I didn't get anti-psychotic drugs, but should have done. My gastro said he will never prescribe steroids for me again, as it could reoccur. I am now on methotrexate, 12.