Will my breast ever grow

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Avatar n tn i'm 15 too and i'm only an A cup and my mom and everyone else in her family have like DD cuped boobs, and i wonder when my will grow all the time, but like they have said...just have paitence. I'm hopeing mine will grow soon too!!
Avatar f tn Im 26 weeks pregnant and my boobs are the same!!
Avatar f tn Go to a specialty bra shop and they can measure you so that you will know. I also had my breasts grow twice after my twenties! I was around an A or B at 18 and then went to a C around 22. I am now growing more and I am 28. Part of it is my weight. I was only around 100 pounds at 18, and then went up to 130 and now Im at 160 lb. Hope this helps!
Avatar m tn okay. my left breast hurts really bad. i dont know why but it hurts. especially when i touch it. what is it?? i want to know without having to go to the doctor....
Avatar n tn Will breast soreness ever go away? I am so uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn -/ hopeful it will be worth it and I will be able to breastfeed (neither of my sisters could even with lactation consultants and all the tricks)
1715474 tn?1318193049 No, nothing will naturally grow your breasts. The only way to change them would be to get implants and I do not recommend doing that. Your breasts will enlarge when you get pregnant, but don't run out and get pregnant just to have larger breasts. Learn to love your body because you don't need big boobs to be beautiful. Take care.
Avatar f tn According to the surgeon who recommended my stereotatic biopsy, calcifications are rarely, if ever, found to be cancerous. But, it's when they grow in clusters that causes concern... and, that's when biopsies are recommended. Statistically, it's highly likely that they're benign. Good luck with the biopsy.
Avatar f tn I was a b cup before pregnancy and I'm now a c cup. And cause of breast feeding will my boobs shrink or go bigger? I'm sorry if this all sounds dumb, I wasn't to sure how to word everything without sounding dumb. But I was just curious.
Avatar f tn /...my bestfriends went from A to D.
Avatar n tn The discharge I have had for 21 years and no one seems to want to do anything about it, but I do have an appointment this Thrusday with my personal doctor, I will bring it up again, all of it, thanks again. And the lump is benign, but since the biopsy, it is much bigger and very painful, but no one told me that this might happen, and I wasn't expecting it, and it has scared me really bad, and I am in alot of pain, but I do thank you very much for your time...
Avatar m tn I felt that way when I first learned that, at the age of 49, I had multiple mirocalcification clusters in my right breast. That was 5 years ago and two biopsies later. According to the surgeon who performed my first biopsy, the calcifications, in themselves, aren't cancerous. They are, as their name suggests, calcium formations exactly like those found in Arthritis sufferers.
Avatar f tn I think in my last post (almost a mth ago) I mentioned been declined by my breast specialist since I didnt wanna go on Prednisone. Things have just been the same with breast abscess bursting open before my periods. These last 15 days developed a new cyst like mass just above my suregry scar. Also underwent an Ultrasound which was long time pending ever since my wide excision surgery for the breast abscess in Oct 2010.
Avatar f tn I originally mentioned to my gyn that I had some soreness on the outer side of my right breast. After the radiologist looked at my films today, he sent me for an ultrasound. The tech came back after the radiologist looked at the pictures and she told me that he said he thinks its lymph nodes. To come back in 3 months for a repeat u/s to see if anything changed. I am a little beside myself. I think that they could have gave me a little more information than that.
Avatar f tn I make the meanest most delicious cinnabuns you will EVER have in your life. I now grow my own veggies and some fruit and almost all my own spices as well as canning, dehydrating and putting food up in whatever manner I want. I create my own spice blends and share with friends.
183784 tn?1189759432 I breastfed my 1st child for 15months, my second for 18months- and I just had my 3rd baby 8 days ago and will nurse as long as I possibly can. I remember when I was around 6months pregnant dreaming about the day I can hold my baby in my arms and nurse him for the first time- I just couldn't wait to experience that. Anyway- there is a website- LaLeche League.
Avatar f tn I went from an F cup to an H. and im definitely nervous for how much bigger they can get after the babies born. The key is a good bra. (i spent over 100 for mine but worth ever penny) ive always been busty and very aware of my posture and do Pilates to help strengthen all the right muscles.
Avatar n tn I scheduled my appointment for october 7th since I think that it should be removed as soon as possible but I have another question. my breast is hurting me a lot these days and I feel like my breast that has the lump in it is growing. both the breasts are not the same size. the one with the lump is bigger. what can that be?
Avatar n tn I will try the baby power if that doesn't work guess I will too be going to the doctors! Good thing my husband has GREAT insurance! Thank you all for having the same issue and sheding some light to this issue I have!
Avatar f tn So my questions are...How quickly do the tumors grow back, should I fear menopause as much as I do, will I ever get rid of the fatigue. Do I do the surgery???? Has anyone had more energy after a full hysterectomy or are the side affects of menopause similar???
Avatar f tn I'm 17 and 7 weeks & 4days prego Ive heard so many things about breastfeeding, like I should breast feed for the first month to help Newborns fight infection then switch to Similac. I want to breast feed but I don't want "MY" milk being the only food the baby wants especially when it's getting older . I've seen 1year olds getting breastfeed because they won't eat anything else . and I don't want that to happen.
Avatar f tn Hey there! Almost medical professionals will tell you, there is no substitute for breast milk. Breast milk has special ingredients in it specifically generated for the needs of the baby. Breast milk makes for a healthy infant child and adult, babies who drink breast milk have higher IQ's, vaccines in breast fed babies work better, they have fewer ear infections, diaper rash, colic among other childhood/ baby ailments! Everyone should try to breast feed their children!
Avatar n tn I have been at 34DD for a year know. Will my boobs still grow or will they stay? I have lossed wieght before but my boobs stayed the same size. when I did loss the wieght I was 110lbs. but saddly I've put it back on. I would love to be a 34-36C but I realy dont want to get a brest reduction if I dont need to. Is there any thing I can do? Can any one help me?
Avatar f tn In my family, we have a very high risk of breast cancer (every female on both my maternal and paternal sides has has breast before they were 45). There are members on my maternal side that cannot grow hair and the cause is unknow, we have members with no fingerprints (no reason as to why), then there are those that have extreme hair growth (me). I have dark thick hair and it is excessive and always shedding, my poor drains!! I have to keep it short because it adds to the headaches.
Avatar f tn I use a nipple sheild to help my baby latch on to my breast now and if he is still hungry afterwards I will follow up with a couple ounces of formula to fill him up. So I use everything as of right now but always offer him the breastmilk first before the formula since it's best. Of you plan on giving your child breast milk when you go back to school I would invest in a pump of some sort to store a supply of milk.
Avatar f tn It's still there, (the left side of my breast-bone, at the top of my rib cage sticks out just a bit) but no one would ever notice besides me, since I developed breasts which make it obviously less apparent, and grew into the rest of my body. But I was always very boney and skinny anyways, so I think it's usually only evident if the child doesn't have much fatty tissue to cover those protruding bones.
Avatar n tn Asking this question: "Are my breast ever going to grow?" That is gonna be so awkward. Plus, this one gyno already told me to wait until I'm 21 to see if my period comes back. Hmmm...my body is so messed up. Thanks for all the replys and trying to help me.
Avatar n tn how % do u think that its not a breast cancer?.......i mean it will give me relief from this fear.......