How do i make my breast grow faster

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Avatar f tn What is the difference if any, between BREAST CANCER STAGES and BREAST BIOPSY GRADES I, II, III. Are Breast Cancer stages the same as Grades? Thank you all !
Avatar f tn Hello um... well im a 12 yr old turning 13 in a few days and my bestie told my im flat chested and I'm a 32 a cup and I was wondering how do you make your breast bigger because I feel extremely conscious about my size cause almost all the girls in my school are a size 40 and it feels uncomfortable. I think the reason for my small Breast are:i sleepwith my bra on, I don't live a healthy life don't eat veggies or exercise (unless I'm at school which is 50 min.of p.
1627026 tn?1347882552 My son is 8 weeks today and I can only pump 3-4 between both sides. He also seem frustrated sometimes when nursing. I'm drinking mothers milk but it doesn't seem to help enough. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn What makes your hair Grow faster? I have thick hair and I want it to grow it look like its the same length. I take my vitamin everyday.
8101930 tn?1420001456 I have been breast feeding and my milk has came in full force. My boobs are so engorged. I use a hot towel and I massage the hard spots and it does feel better for a bit but then gets really engorged again. Any tips or suggestions on how to relieve this?
Avatar f tn Why arent my boobs growinhg? Can i naturally put on hormones at home to make them grow bigger? Im not even an A cup!! I feel so bad and i cant wear many clothes bcos i’m ashamed!
Avatar f tn re going to induce me. What are some ways to make labor come faster? Im not dilated at all. How do I make that happen? I cant do sex, im not with my babys father, I havent had sex since January when I got pregnant. I walk a lot during the week, but on the weekends I'm lazy and just lay down a lot. Are there any other ways??
Avatar f tn How can i make my milk come after i have baby..
Avatar n tn This is kind of a personal queston but i am desperate! I am still an A Cup and i would like to know how do i get it to grow bigger faster? Should i take estrogen pills or what?? PLEASE HELP!!
5973125 tn?1378575863 Take vitamin B6. It should help your hair and nails to grow faster. Ice also heard prenatal vitamins will help as well.
Avatar m tn I have a blister on each foot I popped both and removed the skin around it what should I do?I really need the skin to grow back fast because it's too painful for me to wear regular shoes or do anything active.
541150 tn?1306033843 I have been pumping but I know eventually he will have to be given formula although I will keep him on breast milk as well until my supply is no more. I bought organic formula so should I just try giving him that or do I keep trying breast milk in the bottle?. Please help!
Avatar f tn I have been feeling odd for the past three months. First I started gettikng acne that wouldn't go away after my period and then my nails began to get stronger and grow faster. This is something I really picked up on because in my last 2 pregnancy, my nails have been great and then back to peeling and soft afterwards. Now for the last 2 days it feels as though i have done 100 sit ups, but i haven't even done something to strain my stomach.
10256164 tn?1408981241 These vitamins make My hair grow 10x faster. Are we allowed to dye our hair? Iv heard both....
Avatar f tn Hey I'm a first time mom I'm 11weeks and was considering breast feeding but some ppl have been telling me that's gonna make my boobs saggy or have stretch that true? I already have stretch marks light and the darks ones are appearing so is this gonna get worst even tho I use cocoa butter?
Avatar f tn As weird as it sounds my body hair grew faster but my head hair only got thicker. It didn't grow long just thick. But my leg and arm pit hair grew long faster lol.
Avatar f tn Had my Daughter 5 days ago yesterday i squeezed the milk out till my breast stopped hurting they sent my pump to the wrong address how do i make them not hurt so much without having to waste my milk ?
Avatar f tn / how do I know if he's full?
10734189 tn?1412988958 s normal for them to be there regular size ? Will they grow ? Can I do anything to help them grow because I do plan on breastFeed...
Avatar f tn and should we have sex every day or alternative days i was having fugal infection in my unine last month and kind of upsas on my breast i was on medication for 14 days for augmatin now its ok but pls guide me how can i get pregnant faster i am taking folic acid since last month thanx and regards \
Avatar f tn We stuck to condoms. A blessing, in retrospect, since BC would have made my brain tumors grow faster. We were willing to take the small risk with condoms, and also watched CM. I did not ovulate or start regular cycles until I had started to wean well after 7 months with my second. I didn't get any sign of cycles until I had completely weaned my first (4 weeks after I weaned her at 6.5 months). Also a blessing that I did not fall pregnant, as that would have made my tumors grow even faster!
Avatar m tn m a 36 years old woman, when I was younger I had a fuller face with more fat, but after an event in my life which made me very depressed I lost alot of fat on my face and now my face is very skinny. I have searched through internet to find a way to gain back alittle fat without gian fat on other part of my body, but no succes. I also found that chewing gum and sport make face look skinner and I also chew too much chewing gum and do alot of sport.
738822 tn?1264908407 Beside watching movies, reading, and etc.... is there any suggestions I can do to make these 18 days go by quick? Also, what can I do about the sleep? I tried the pillow, warm milk, and etc....Heartburn suggestions? I tried Zantac, Tums, and warm milk.