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1646080 tn?1303568511 How can i make my boobs bigger? I'm currently a 34D and want to make my boobs bigger. What is the best way to do this not counting in surgery?
Avatar n tn ) In January I had my regular well woman exam and my gynecologist ordered an u/s based on some of my complaints. I have a 6 cm cyst on my right ovary - decided to wait 3 months to see if it disappeared, had another u/s on May 4th...cyst still there, not any change. CA 125 that day was 102, so gyne referred me to gyne onco at MD Anderson in Houston.
Avatar f tn I'm curious as to how long you plan to breast feed?... How old do you think is too old? Are you not going to breast feed? Why? Why not? I'm a first time mom. Curious others opinions.
Avatar f tn Make sure you're drinking lotssss of water!  Oatmeal or granola bars with oats in them, carrots, mixed nuts (cashews,almonds, macadamia ect.) Cookies! Not just any cookie, but special lactation cookies. You’ll need: 1 cup of butter 1 cup of sugar 1 cup of firmly packed brown sugar  4 tablespoons of water  2 tablespoons of flax seed meal (don’t skip this step, and no substitutions!
4715985 tn?1371582997 my son is three weeks tomorrow and the first week or so i had to pump at least once a day since my son didnt drink enough and my breasts hurt a lot. Now my milk has settled down abd i dont need to pump but i would like to freeze more. How should i pump? Im worried my son wont have enough milk on his feeding if i pump now. But i really want to have some in tge freezer since winter is coming and i usually get sick easily then my baby can drink without veing exposed and all.
Avatar f tn Anybody planning on breast feeding? if so, how are you learning how to? A lot of my friends said that breast feeding was not as easy as they thought. They expected the baby to just know what to do. My hospital is offering a class, but without the baby, I don't think it will make sense to me. Anyone know of a good DVD that shows you how? Or a book that gives good, clear instructions? Thanks so much for any suggestions.
Avatar m tn If your confused on which days are your most fertile then look it up. type ovulation calander in. Thats how i figured out mine :) and yes your bf could've gotten your egg however it doesnt always happen at first attempt it can take some woman very long to get pregnant when ttc.
Avatar f tn now I just have to figure out how to even the skin tone.
Avatar f tn Now my surgeon said I should think about talking to a Oncologist about drugs to help lessen my risk of breast cancer because of the atypia my risks have doubled. By the end of the conversation he seemed to agree that I didnt need to do that haha, so I feel like its just something he had to advise me about. I will get it if I am gonna get it and I can't see taking drugs for the chance I might not get it sooner....I will follow it with mammograms and hope I made right decision. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I would also like to mention that when I lay on my stomach, the pressure/pain on my left breast is pretty strong, and sometimes my breast aches without even being touched.
Avatar m tn i never mean that i cant enjoy any thing but im able to enjoy when he is with me,some funs,he is crazy on my breast-always he will be playing with that or he will be sucking it,etc....than *******.............and till now i couldnt make him moody but when ever we have sex he used to makes me...can you please give me some tips for that and tell me wht should i have to do to get interest in sex????
1627026 tn?1347882552 You have to take in sufficient liquid. To remind myself, every time my baby cried to be fed I drank a glass of water. If you are a little short of milk, and it is not clear that you are, drink a bottle of beer every day. Stout is better and was our grandmother's standby, but I don't like it.
Avatar f tn Had my Daughter 5 days ago yesterday i squeezed the milk out till my breast stopped hurting they sent my pump to the wrong address how do i make them not hurt so much without having to waste my milk ?
Avatar n tn Hi. I can tell you as a married woman, it is important for one's spouse to love them as they are. It feels horrible for someone to be plotting on how to change you especially one's physical appearance. There are no pills or creams that reduce (or enhance) breast size. If her breast size is causing HER discomfort such as back pain, she can have surgical breast reduction. Or if she is gaining breast size as she gains weight, losing weight will also reduce them.
Avatar n tn No I don't want to risk any harm coming to my baby..
Avatar f tn Hi, It's really hard to say what could be your best option,since we deal only with breast cancer issues in this Forum. I see that you also posted on the "Granulomatous-Mastitis Forum" that deals specifically with this condition and you might find it very helpful.I hope that other women there,could give you more information or advice regarding your situation.
Avatar n tn re watching salt, a healthy vinegar that you like also on your salad will actually help with the salt craving. This is a healthy way to make a vinaigrette. You can even mix the olive oil in vinegar ahead, but make sure you shake the bottle before pouring a little bit on your salad. Just make sure you don't put too much. You wouldn't like it if it was too much anyway.
Avatar f tn You will only need to make sure that while using these positions, your baby is turned in towards your body and the ears, shoulders, and hips are all aligned (this is important as to not cause additional nipple trauma and to make sure there aren’t any restrictions while your baby is trying to swallow) Bring the baby IN towards your breast once the mouth is open wide (like a yawn) taking in plenty of areola/breast as well as nipple. *breastfeeding, not nipple feeding.
551885 tn?1300383822 When I stopped breast feeding my son (who is now 3) I stretched it out over about a month, but you can definitely do it faster if you wish. Feed him only from the breast (or pump) when you are very full, like you said you were doing. Let only a little bit of milk out, just to relieve the fullness, but do not completely drain your breasts. Continue to do this until your breasts are no longer producing milk.
2082492 tn?1366727308 t have any clue, i had been previously told my latch was great) they will also weigh your baby before and after feeding to see how much baby is taking in. they will help you correct any problems they see. the other thing that i found helps is a natural herb called fenugreek. it can be found in most any natural food store or any grocery store that has an extensive vitamin section. its totally natural perfectly safe for baby and totally boosted my supply!
Avatar n tn If you wish, you can gradually go to a bottle mix of ¼ breast milk and ¾ formulas, then totally to all formula depending on how she accepts it. When you want to wean her off the breast milk you can follow the above also. Hope this helped you.
Avatar f tn I was releaved it was going to be removed. So got to the breast clinic again to speak to my new consultant, she assured me after examination it was definetely not cancerous, but did a core needle biopsy. The result of that was FATTY TISSUE?? That is what the registrer doc told me when i went back for examination, but it was like as if the sample came back inconclusive, like should nt they of said it was either a fibroid or a cyst?
Avatar f tn Are you pump only? Babies who are breastfed may be getting most of what they need during a feeding @ the breast, and by the time they take a bottle (which they may or may not prefer less) they will take a different amount according to what they need. Just separate the milk in small quanities and offer as long as baby is giving you hunger cues. W/ bottle feeding (even w/ breast milk) the baby will need burped.