How can i make my breast look bigger

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1646080 tn?1303572111 How can i make my boobs bigger? I'm currently a 34D and want to make my boobs bigger. What is the best way to do this not counting in surgery?
2032758 tn?1331628643 My breasts never felt bigger or full and my nipples never bothered me during pregnancy but man oh man when my baby arrived and my milk came in I had SO much milk. And by breast feeding my daughter doesn't get sick never got the flu or anything. She was premature but gained weight quickly and is ahead developmentally. Get this by breast feeding I dropped to my pre pregnancy weight within 1 month of delivering my daughter!! Seriously!
Avatar m tn I have two small lymphs on both sides of my nick. I need few seconds two find them( I can't feel them imediately). When we say the lymphs are swollen?
Avatar n tn hi, i use to weight 100 lbs for 5'7 until one day...i look like i was 5 to 6mos pregnant. i haven't had my period for at least a year and my doctor say is due to stress. but now, the scale keep on going higher and higher. my belly grew so big when i eat or walk on the treadmill. im not sure what's wrong with me? please help...
Avatar n tn I was guilty of this too, so I am by no means criticizing them, but eventually I learned that I was creating an even bigger problem by allowing my daughter to get away with her food issues because 'I didn't want to force her'.
366779 tn?1291346996 I know exactly how you feel. I posted my "nitties" on my profile, I dont know if I'll get my A cup back, but one thing for sure I wont complain about them again. My husband asked why I had my little milk machines on the world wide web for the world to see. I told him I was gonna show 'em off no matter how bad they hurt because I'll probably never see them like that again!
Avatar f tn Ur breast will grow due to the pregnancy n the milk u will produce but once u stop breastfeeding they will go back to the size u had b4 pregnancy. On sagging. It depends on how well u take care of ur body. If u gain alot of fat not just weight during pregnancy well that will make them bigger and when u loose weight they may sag. But having a good exercise routine will help u prevent the sagging. This is my 3rd pregnancy n my boobs r still perky. But I exercise alot during pregnancy and after.
Avatar m tn I had to have breast reduction at age 22 because no matter how much weight I lost,my breast size did not decrease.I had back aches,head aches, and my bra straps dug into my shoulders.I went to see my regular doc and he referred me to a plastic surgeon.Since my breasts were causing me health problems my insurance did pay for almost all of the reduction surgery.It was the best decision I ever made.If you decide to go this route, be sure the doctor is BOARD CERTIFIED as a plastic surgeon.
Avatar m tn hi,i m girl of 24 years...can anyone suggest me the easy way to increase my breast size???is there any medicines??can anyone give me the names?i would be very grateful...
Avatar n tn i went to the doctors twice,the first doctor thought it was my bones(yes its that hard)well anyway,he then did an xray n found nothing,so i decided to get a second opinion,the 2nd doctor did a ultrasound and found nothing too n told me not to worry,that was a year ago,since then the lump has gotten way bigger n it feels like its reaching my nipples and i can even see it when i look in the mirro,but the way i kinda see it its like if it is something dangerous i would have gotten sick by now right
Avatar n tn Don't give up! I'm 36+5 and thought sex was over for us because of my size (gained 60 pounds)but I had wanted to be intimate for the past week so I just said "I wanted to make love" to my husband. I'm so glad I did! It had been about 5 weeks for us, he's always worried I need rest or my hips are too sore. We had to do it from behind but still very good for both of us.
Avatar n tn s boys in my school wont be mature enuff tho :/ does it get better as you get older (i realy hope so)
Avatar f tn It brings tears to my eyes and they're going to sag after my son is done breast feeding and my nipples are the size of my palms. Idk what to do I honestly just hate them so much.
Avatar n tn Thanks! I will wait as long as I can to get a new one. I guess when my bra hurts to the point where I can't stand it is when I will get one!
Avatar f tn im just a heavier set girl I look the same as I did before I found out I was prego. Just gained some weight from eating.. and my boobs are getting a little bigger. .. I like that part! !
964234 tn?1331952807 I put milk storage bags, nipple cream (lanolin), breast pads, gel breast pads, and all the breast feeding supplies on my registry also. I plan on exclusively breast feeding for the first 4 weeks to prevent nipple confusion if I can.
Avatar f tn If you supplement before that time your body will not know how much milk to make for your baby and this can sabotage your breast feeding ability. This is because breast feeding is a supply and demand system. The more your baby demands, the more your body will produce. It's hard for ftm's to know if their baby is getting enough from the breast.
Avatar n tn hello i m 22 years old my boobs r small i m 34A my height is 5feet 6 inches n i weigh 58kgs my fiance is v unhappy wid my small breasts wat can i do to enlarge them?r pills useful?
Avatar m tn Eventually, this cancer will spread (metastasis) from the breast. How fast it spreads and how long she will be able to live like this no one knows especially if she not even going to seek medical attention. No one can tell you if she will die with or without pain; will not know that answer until it happens.
Avatar n tn I scheduled my appointment for october 7th since I think that it should be removed as soon as possible but I have another question. my breast is hurting me a lot these days and I feel like my breast that has the lump in it is growing. both the breasts are not the same size. the one with the lump is bigger. what can that be?
Avatar n tn WOw.. I never thought of it.. I guess I forgot to put some deodorant under my breast and in between. I use Degree..
208686 tn?1293034103 But he says it's an investment in the baby so I can get it if I want it. But yanno, the thing is.. I never got to breastfeed my other two so many years ago and I would hate to order it and not be able to produce milk or not be able to use it for some reason and then not be able to send it back, because I just know when I get it I would want to clean it first thing and then the warranty would be broken.. UGH!!
2996663 tn?1374172676 I dont mean to make them upset, or anything like that. I know my mom wanted me but I Its my dad I think didnt want me. It didnt shove my mom, I shoved my sister because she wouldnt get out of my face. I would never shove my mom. My sister and I just dont get a long and never have, shes always been mean to me.
1933911 tn?1323396095 Is there some kind of test I can take to find out of I am able to get pregnant? Why did my period go away and how can i get it to come back? I don't have insurance, is there a OTC test I can take? Please help me. I am desperate to find out why it won't come back.
Avatar n tn you can take a look at all my pics..i have posted right from 12 weeks i think!! Im huge now compared to what i was and im not 6 and a half months!!
Avatar f tn I haven't breastfeed during my first and my breast actually went down from a DD to a 40c! They don't sag! Now I'm pregnant again. Don't plan on breast feeding and I'm at 42c!