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Avatar n tn Would a standard urine test show HIV or does it have to be a specific test. Went to the urologist today and he said everything was fine but would it show HIV?
Avatar m tn No test is conclusive until 12 weeks post exposure. Yes your urine can be tested for HIV antibodies. What was your risk?
Avatar n tn out of interest just want to know in case of hiv disease, if it shows no urine protein in urine test after a year of exposure, will the urine antibody test become negative ? is that mean hiv negative ?
Avatar n tn out of interest just want to know in case of hiv disease, if it shows no urine protein after a year of exposure, will the urine antibody test become negative ? is that mean hiv negative ?
Avatar m tn I had unprotected oral sex 4 weeks ago. The next day I had a burning when I urinated and my throat stated to get sore. The burning got better after 3 or 4 days but I still have a slight burn after I urinate and my throat is still sore. I got tested 24 days afterwards for Chlamydia/GC [ urine test ] and blood test for Hep A,B,C, HIV, Herpes 1 & 2. All came back negative except Herpes 1 and they say I may have gotten that when I was a child.
Avatar n tn Sorry to be so non-specific in my answer but as Itried to indicate above, the real test for HIV is not a bunch of non-specific findings such as ALTs, urine proteins and IgE levels, it is the HIV antibody test. If you are worried get one and then believe the results you get.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if I accidentally got some of the urine on my sweatshirt and it touched a small cut on my cuticle if I can catch HIV. Is it in urine? Would the virus be dead after 3 or 4 hours?
Avatar m tn I have searched the forums for months but was unable to find any usable info in regards to the Calpyte HIV Urine test. I believe this is the test that would have been used since it is FDA approved.
Avatar n tn Hello please could Lizzie Lou or Teak please answer my questions Thank you Aweek ago i had 90 day hiv test done at nhs clinic the nurse taking my blood had a cold My question before she took blood from arm she to blow her nose at least twice i think she washed her hands and chanced gloves each time if any of her nose mucus (snot) was on her hands or glove could she transfer hiv to me if she was hiv+ when she took my blood it took her at least three four times to get blood and tried two veins so
Avatar f tn i just get hiv test jan 27 feb 22 april 5 negative all my urine test is negative from infection bloodtest is okey.. is that assurance that i dont have any STD's ?
Avatar n tn okey....
Avatar m tn I took the HIV 1/2 ab + P24 Ag Combo test after 27 days of exposure as I was really stressed after realizing the risk I put myself under. The test results were negative but they mentioned that: (1) the test was done during the window period (2) The patient (i.e. myself) is unable to produce antibodies (take underlying diseases into consideratio). This is a rare cause for a false negative result.
Avatar m tn If you had protected vaginal sex, it wouldn't matter where the woman was from and would not affect your blood test. What was your risk?
Avatar n tn An HIV test will noit test for Hepatitis. If it is Hepatitis C you are concerned about it is a seperate test and has a window period of 6 months. Hepatitis can be sexually transmitted but in 75% of cases it is through blood transfer e.g. needlestick injuries and needle sharing.
Avatar n tn There was an abnormality detected - there were white blood cells and proteins present in the urine apparently. I had another urine test today, waiting for results. Can HIV cause white blood cells and proteins to be present in urine? I'd appreciate a response thank you.
Avatar n tn hey james 80 days test is nearly conclusive test and urine test wont show test results of hiv..
Avatar n tn Stress could be contributing somewhat to your problems but you still have a (non STD) abnormality in your urine test. If you repeat the urine test and the abnormality is no longer present, I would not worry further but if it is still there, as I said, you and your doctor may wish to address it. Hope this helps. This is not HIV or an STD.
Avatar m tn I had a Chlamydia / Gonorrea test (urine sample) 3 days after the encounter, and again 8 days later. Both tests came back negative. Are these tests conclusive 8 days after a suspected encounter. I am pretty concerned, since I am having scrotal pain, which is a common symptom of Chlamydia. I went to see my doctor today, and he told me that the urine test would not be conclusive, so he put me on antibiotics. Kind of confused by all of this, so any help would be very appreciated.
Avatar f tn My doctor told me UTI is not a symptom of HIV infection and mostly are bacterial infection.
Avatar n tn I was worried so I took an STD test today at the urology clinic I usually go to. The rapid blood test for HIV, Syphilis, and Herpes turned up negative. I took a urine test however, and the doctor said that there is some inflammation. He said that it is "most likely" a minor STD but his English was not good so he could have miscommunicated (I'm currently living in Korea). He mentioned this after looking at my previous tests which did not show any inflammation whatsoever.
Avatar m tn just all of a sudden in early jan 2013 started to develop thrush and sore throat , sore throat has gone just the thrush and the dry mouth still exist , and also i did many blood work cbc , kidney function ,liver function, hcv test is negative,Syphilis negative ,thyroid function urine test all are good , also i did ultrasound test its normal , i'm just wating for ana test result .