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Avatar n tn Urine tests are not as accurate as the blood or oral tests. Forget the urine test.
Avatar m tn How conclusive is a urine test to a blood test for hiv? My urine was sent off by uroligist, I think something has showed up in urine test which I have to wait till monday, the secretary would not give me the results she has faxed them to my doctor. My blood test have been fine, just worried about my urine test.
Avatar m tn 3) Should I go for a urine test for HIV ? I am not even sure if the place I live in has any labs that does this. Please advise.
Avatar n tn Would a standard urine test show HIV or does it have to be a specific test. Went to the urologist today and he said everything was fine but would it show HIV?
Avatar f tn You can take an HIV urine test. Blood testing is the best of the two.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if I accidentally got some of the urine on my sweatshirt and it touched a small cut on my cuticle if I can catch HIV. Is it in urine? Would the virus be dead after 3 or 4 hours?
Avatar m tn nil -------------- He told me, based on the report, You don't have any problem about STD but i have irritation while urine out and frequent urine sensation, while urine sensation have pain in my bottom abs and in my foreskin of my **** has some bubbles. have you plz expalin is any problem ? Thanx srinivas.
Avatar m tn I took a home bio hiv urine test today it came negative is this test reliable ?
Avatar n tn out of interest just want to know in case of hiv disease, if it shows no urine protein in urine test after a year of exposure, will the urine antibody test become negative ? is that mean hiv negative ?
Avatar m tn However, I made the mistake of not asking ahead of time whether they performed a urine test for chlamydia and gonorrhea. When I arrived and was told they performed the swab test I almost backed out but was told the discomfort would be minimal and very brief. Yet, I ended up enduring 30 seconds of absolute hell. A sadist interrogator at Guantanamo Bay could not have devised a more painful procedure.
Avatar n tn After 2 months I had pain in my penis . i took a HIV test and got the result as Negative. i took a VDRL screening (latex) test and got the result as Positive 1:4 after take 4 days treatment and took a VDRL(RPR) test another Labortary and got the result as NON-REACTIVE. I have taking treatment with antibiotic tablets and injection for 2 weeks. Sometime I have pain when urine pass. My urine is normal colored. Is any possible will HIV infect? Do i need to take any other test?
Avatar n tn There was an abnormality detected - there were white blood cells and proteins present in the urine apparently. I had another urine test today, waiting for results. Can HIV cause white blood cells and proteins to be present in urine? I'd appreciate a response thank you.
Avatar n tn About 2 months after exposure my urine test came back clear of infection. I then took another test a month later, so 3 months after possible minor exposure, and it again came back negative. How accurate can these tests be? doctor says he's not giving me a standard blood test because he thinks the problems in my mind, not my body.
Avatar m tn 5g Z-Pak (in 500mg doses) over 24 hours enough to kill bacteria? Should I have a urine test if I have no symptoms after 7 days? 2) Do I have increased HIV/Herpes risk due to her bleeding? Does ejaculation outside of vagina do anything to flush any substances that could have entered my body? Would you recommend HIV/Herpes testing in this case? If so, at what point? How do you assess my overall risk profile here?
Avatar f tn While I know that this routine urine test at the gynecologist does not show HIV antibodies but wouldn't this test come up abnormal if I had an immunological disorder such as HIV? I also took a blood test so I should know my status for sure in a few weeks. I just wondered if the urine test would show up abnormal as well although they are not testing for that. Thank you all!
Avatar m tn If you had protected vaginal sex, it wouldn't matter where the woman was from and would not affect your blood test. What was your risk?
Avatar f tn Hello, I had an unprotected encounter with a woman and was tested for all STD's over the course of about 9 months. At 9 months I did a herpes/HIV/syphilus blood test and a urine test for gonorrhea and chlamydia. All were negative, however, I have a concern. The internet tells me that you aren't supposed to urinate for at least 3 hours before taking the urine test for it to be accurate.
Avatar n tn I was worried so I took an STD test today at the urology clinic I usually go to. The rapid blood test for HIV, Syphilis, and Herpes turned up negative. I took a urine test however, and the doctor said that there is some inflammation. He said that it is "most likely" a minor STD but his English was not good so he could have miscommunicated (I'm currently living in Korea). He mentioned this after looking at my previous tests which did not show any inflammation whatsoever.
Avatar m tn No, urine doe snot have an active HIV virus in it, that is why a blood test is needed to check for HIV. You had no risk.
Avatar n tn I go for my HIV test on monday. I always use protection. Not as far as I know slept with anyone positive, but have slept with a lot. Will I probably be fine?
1339665 tn?1334074369 hi ,i need to know whether Heavy HIV anxiety will change urine things ?? From my urine test , Every thing was Normal other than below.Please Let me know if it serious ? if the below are found in urine , what it could be.
Avatar f tn What was your risk?
Avatar n tn That is why the blood test for antibody serology is not very useful. The most useful test for detection is a PCR test (urine or swab), even in absence of any symptoms.
Avatar m tn just all of a sudden in early jan 2013 started to develop thrush and sore throat , sore throat has gone just the thrush and the dry mouth still exist , and also i did many blood work cbc , kidney function ,liver function, hcv test is negative,Syphilis negative ,thyroid function urine test all are good , also i did ultrasound test its normal , i'm just wating for ana test result .
Avatar m tn You need to see a therapist who can make you understand this . You are wasting your life with your silly made up HIV theories about toothbrushes and urine. You sure can't solve this on your own. You need to go back to therapy, because the fact you only believe your own science fiction theories means no one but a therapist can help you get over that. No one here can provide therapy, so there is no use in constantly stating your theories.