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Avatar n tn Can somebody from U.K please tell where i can get tested for HIV through URINE sample. Please reply!
Avatar m tn Hi. Had a quick question. Some say that HIV can also be detected through a urine test and that is more accurate than any blood tests for HIV. I am confused now. 1) Does this mean my HIV Combo blood test (CMIA) which was non-reactive (0.24) at 8 weeks cannot be treated as conclusive? 2) I have read that urine contains only HIV antibodies and not the virus itself. Is this true? 3) Should I go for a urine test for HIV ? I am not even sure if the place I live in has any labs that does this.
Avatar n tn If it were possible to have a risk less than zero, it would be you. HIV absolutely cannot be transmitted through urine, it can't get in through a cut (unless it's a very fresh cut), and it can't survive in a toilet or in any other exposed place for more than a few seconds, much less than three or four hours. You cannot get HIV this way.
Avatar m tn I took a home bio hiv urine test today it came negative is this test reliable ?
Avatar m tn I went to CVS to get a at home hiv test (oraquick). I took the test, I let 22 minutes go by to see the results (20 is recommended time) and they came back negative. But I still have that doubt because of my sweating and now that damn canker sore came out.
Avatar m tn so the next day on june 18th i went for a HIV oral test. it came out Negative. after that i was realived. but then 2 weeks later i got a rash on my arm. i went to webmd AGAIN and found out that it can be a cause of HIV. Once again i got terrified. so i went on july 17th to get tested again with the oral test. once again it came out negative. the next day i went to my doctor to get an std check up which came out negative also.
Avatar m tn I have an question i got tested for HIV and HBsAg 23 day after. values were HBsAg Test values 0.213 Control values 0.4323 HIV TEST (ECLIA) Non Reactive 0.3 HIV Cut off value: 0.697 After 6 weeks HBsAg 0.328 Control values 0.4323 HIV 1 and 2 Screening Antigen Non Reactive 0.401 HIV Cut off value: 0.697 is it an sign of worry.
Avatar n tn About 2 months after exposure my urine test came back clear of infection. I then took another test a month later, so 3 months after possible minor exposure, and it again came back negative. How accurate can these tests be? doctor says he's not giving me a standard blood test because he thinks the problems in my mind, not my body.
1024580 tn?1331577721 We know that testing and identifying new HIV positive people is very important in terms of their own health but also in reducing the chances of HIV spread to others. The biggest risk of HIV infection is through having unprotected sex with someone who has just become HIV positive. If you do think you have been exposed then you should obtain medical advice regarding the use of Post Exposure Prophylaxis to reduce your chances of acquiring the infection. The earlier you do this the better.
Avatar m tn My question is if I did indeed have a STD that could be tested via urine, like gonorrhea or chlamydia, would my urine test have at least indicated that something was wrong? I know based on what I was told that it wouldn't specifically tell me what I had going on, but would it tell me that there was something present that required further testing? Just curious. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I had an unprotected sex on 24th nov and after 10-15 days i had itchy feeling in my organ and on examining my urine i found pus cells which disappeared after taking ofloxacin 400mg twice a day- but after that i started having some muscle pain which is now off again- i had my HIV test as well at 7weeks and 3 days after the probable exposure but found negative through rapid method of testing. can i consider it as sure and certain a NEGATIVE test?
1024580 tn?1331577721 - - Chances of acquiring HIV through oral sex with an HIV infected partner are very low. The majority of the studies reporting zero to miniscule risk. - Very large, very expensive, well controlled studies would be needed to define the question exactly.
Avatar n tn An HIV test will noit test for Hepatitis. If it is Hepatitis C you are concerned about it is a seperate test and has a window period of 6 months. Hepatitis can be sexually transmitted but in 75% of cases it is through blood transfer e.g. needlestick injuries and needle sharing.
1024580 tn?1331577721 - HIV 1 and 2 antibodies and p24 antigen test (HIV DUO or HIV Combi test) This HIV test is licensed in the EU for use after 28 days after a possible exposure. It is probably much better than this and will probably identify the majority of newly infected HIV positive individuals at between 14 and 21 days. This HIV test is referred to as a fourth generation HIV test. Certainly in our clinic we have had many new diagnoses of patients using this HIV DUO test combination in that time frame.
Avatar m tn You cannot diagnose HIV through symptoms, but take a test at 6 weeks then 3 months. The 6 week test will be a very good indicator of your status and the 3 month test will be conclusive.
Avatar m tn everything was clearing up felt great, went to facility 3 days later to see if was all cleared up they said the test results were negative, anxiety came back need to know what wrong that night is it someting major hiv or? took another hiv test at 6 weeks was negative...have flu cold symptoms now couple days blowing nose and mild cough need help is my mind playing tricks or what?
Avatar m tn I started having them after my 3 month HIV test all the way till my 7 month HIV test. In my mind the HIV readings were coming down because of the acidity medicine I was having. I am still convinced I have HIV FOR SURE. I really do not know why the tests are coming negative (thank God) but I want to know if I do not have HIV then what the hell Do I have. Which STD has these symptoms of frequent urination.
Avatar m tn you might not get hiv by a single exposure,at the same time the chances are also there what i am saying is its not 100% u might have got it just hope you'll be a lucky person.. have faith a negative test at 6-8 weeks will ease the anxiety that you are goin through but test again at 3 mths for a conclusive result..
Avatar n tn 2. Fingering. HIV does not go through intact skin. Fingering is only risky as to HIV if the person doing the fingering has an "open and fresh" wound. Even fingering with a small paper cut is really not risky. Having a VERY, VERY, VERY minor "knick" on my finger that is NOT open, that is not bleeding is not an HIV-risk. Thus, I do not have an HIV risk here. Doctor, please tell me if I am wrong on any of these.
Avatar m tn The physicians urged me to get std tests, and I did a Full complete screening ( two urine tests from two different labs for chlamydia and ghonnorea, both negative, hep a,b,c, HIV, etc). All came back negative. Physicians were unsure what caused this, but said she could have had a ruptured cyst since she hadn't been sexually active in her life and our sexual contact could have caused a rupture?
Avatar f tn First, assuming you are in the US or other industrialized country, it is unlikely your partner had HIV. Among most sex workers in such countries, fewer than 1 in 1,000 have HIV. Second, HIV is rarely if ever transmitted by the sort of exposure you describe. Third, you don't describe the "sores" enough to allow any judgment about the risk. Are they open sores? Bleeding? What is the cause? Do they come and go (e.g., herpes)?
Avatar f tn So today I went to get an std check at a clinic in Tanzania, I told the guy testing to test me for syphilis, he took a urine sample and it came back positive. This clinic and lab were really dirty and the lab looked like it wasn't well equipped, but it was supported by various govt and NGOs for testing HIV. After some research I found out that syphilis is detected through a blood sample, nothing about urine.
Avatar n tn You cannot get hiv through urine.
Avatar m tn After this encounter i had a full STD/HIV test done at exactly 90 days post exposure (Blood test,urine test,throat swab,anal swab,Hepatitis B was not tested because of vaccination). All the test results where negative. But after this i (stupid i know) started looking on the internet and read a few things,i read that when you have HIV your Syphilis test window mat become longer?
Avatar m tn In STD clinic they performed some test including blood test urine culture and some test involving swab to be inserted in urethra which came out as normal. But i am still waitng for urine and herpes blood test report. Doctors say initial reports are never reliable and asked me to wait for 1 month for HIV test and Herpes. I cannot wait even a single day, i have ruined my everything just for a pleasure of few seconds. Please advise me what to do as unexpected things do occur in life!
Avatar f tn I agree your positive HSV-2 test has nothing to do with the urine "threads" or the symptoms you describe.
Avatar m tn Gave urine sample for test Aug 3rd: Started having Pricking sensation was very painful in my penis for 4 days almost untill Aug 8-9. No lession, no itching, no sores, no painful urination or flu like symptoms. Aug 12: my test was negative. I was okie for a day then i again started started having discomfort in my penis (sometimes pain in testicles, sometime tingling, burning in my penis)for more than a month. My doc said that was anxiety.