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661382 tn?1224954237 Thanks for your reply.The doctors on this forum are saying that African sex workers(20% with HIV) are probably having higher viral loads because of not having access to medication ,so the same rule about oral sex does not apply to everybody, for instance to North America or Europe where there is a medical treatment available.
Avatar m tn few weeks later i had the very heavy flu likeillness, hives, red bumps over the back and shoulders, swollen nodes i got tested for hiv at 99 days and it was negative. so i think i have herpes or mononucleosis bacause my symptoms never go up to now. neeed ur avice guys. do my symptoms look like mono or herpes.
Avatar m tn ..FROM THE HIV EXPERTS HERE AT MEDHELP: "As you know from other posts about oral sex, our stance is that giving or receiving oral sex is not a risk for HIV. Some others suggest that there is an appreciable risk of HIV from oral sex however, there are no convincing scientific reports which support these statements. The presence of a burn in your mouth, or a sore, or ingestion of blood does not change this. Still no risk an no reason for testing.
Avatar m tn Both my own PCP and people on the forums have told me either a) I would have known if the condom broke, or b) my risk was really really small, even if the condom had broke. Also my symptoms seem staggered which is not typical in acute HIV infection and came on at only 6 days. I am away from medical care until February.
Avatar n tn A patented product in India and South Africa, patents for Nudoxa have also been filed in EU, US, Japan and several countries globally. Doxorubicin, the first generation drug, was launched in 1960s and gave a new lease of life to cancer patients with its ability to combat aggressive and malignant tumours. This DNA-interacting drug, however, was discovered to cause life-threatening side effects in the form of cardiac abnormalities.
Avatar m tn 26 year old healthy white male, with no STD’s, and HIV neg. I had a possible risk exposure with a black CSW in East Africa – Tanzania to be specific. We had protected sex, until the condom broke. The “unprotected” sex lasted for around 3 or 5 seconds. I basically immediately realised this and withdrew. However, we continued to have unprotected oral sex (which she performed on me), and ended with me ejaculating in her mouth.
Avatar f tn My sexual history is no better than his, because at least 3 of my partners once lived in middle or east Africa. What I want to know is, how can I find if I am infected with N Group? I don't want that examination failure happen to me. If it can be detected in time, I'll take treatment ASAP. Thank you!
1451936 tn?1294902315 00 New Delhi, Dec 16 (IANS) The government Thursday told the Supreme Court that it will provide free the second line of treatment to all the HIV patients even if their initial treatment was done in private hospitals. The National AIDS Control Organisation's (NACO) decision is a significant departure from its earlier stand that the second line treatment at its expense would be made available only to those patients who were treated at the government's hospital for the first line treatment.
Avatar m tn Not satisfied I travelled to South Africa (I am from there but working in an Middle Easter Country. I had urinal swap taken, blood and urine monster. I asked for all the test including PCR. I tested positive for Chlamydia but negative for Gonorrhoea, HPV2, HEP and HIV. The doctor put me on Doxycyl 100mg, 2 x daily for 15 days. It got better (the burning). After 10 days I again did all the test and this time everything turned our negative. I am back in the Middle East.
Avatar m tn My question pertains to the high prevelance in southern africa, some quoate as high as 30% To me this just does not seem to add up. these numbers suggest a very infectious disease? can you please explain this??
Avatar m tn I was in Africa and had unprotected sex with someone.
Avatar f tn I am also not active in sex since aug 6 to till now
Avatar n tn I won't comment on what it is like to be in the end stages of liver disease - too many folks here can supply first-hand knowledge and there is nothing I can add to that. They will post info for you. Natural treatment? Almost 100 percent of the "natural" treatments are quak medicine. Some treatments seem to help reduce liver inflammation which is generally held as a good thing.
936016 tn?1332769204 When contemplating exceptionally high background rates of STD and HIV in populations there is a correct tendency to view this as a feature of poverty and also developing societies such as Sub Saharan Africa etc. South Africa has the highest rate of HIV in the world. But there is a catch and that is that in different population pockets around the world, such as Washington DC in the USA, HIV infection rates in some sub-groups exceeds that of the South African HIV rate.
Avatar n tn The likelihood such CSWs have HIV is generally low, and many who are infected probably are on treatment. The situation is radically different in sub-Saharan Africa, where most women who prostitute themselves do so out of economic necessity, not choice. Often that necessity exists for the precise reason that they have HIV! They caught it from their husbands, then became widows; or got kicked out of the house because of their HIV infections.
Avatar n tn The average risk of HIV infection per exposure is higher in much of Africa, although I don't have specific knowledge about Nigeria. More people are infected, so random sex partner selection is more likely to be an infected partner; more infected people have high viral loads, because they have recent infection and most infected people are not on treatment; and other STDs are more out of control, enhancing transmission risk. So the average risk clearly is higher than 1 in 1000.
936016 tn?1332769204 HIV ‘out of control’ among French gay men Doctors in France have described HIV among gay men in France as “out of control” after a study into the latest HIV infection rates. Scientists from the French National Institute for Public Health found that while new cases of HIV had dropped dramatically in the general population, there was no drop in cases among gay men. Their findings were published in the September 9 Lancet Infectious Diseases journal.
Avatar m tn This has been an interesting post, and this would be a question for the doctor. Isn't the reason for the high HIV numbers in sub-sahara Africa due also to malnutrition already lowering the immune system in many people? So that it takes fewer actual HIV viruses to become infected and seroconvert that compared to people in other wealthier countries?
1995824 tn?1330382649 Will A higher plasma level of low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol is an independent predictor of SVR to Peg-IFN plus RBV, both in HCV-monoinfected and in HIV/HCV- coinfected patients. Also, variations in 3’UTR of the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) receptor (LDLR) gene are associated with plasma levels of LDL cholesterol. Accordingly, a SNP in 3’UTR of LDL receptor gene (rs14158) was found to predict SVR in HCV-monoinfected patients, but these results are contradictory.
Avatar n tn htm pay attention to section 3 Clinical, while it is seen in patients with HIV it is not a symptom of HIV. it is mostly seen in people who drink a lot of tea or coffee or use tobacco products.
1024580 tn?1331577721 Romero and others, in their article describing an excellent and diligent long term study failed to identify any risk at all in transfer of HIV from an HIV positive to an HIV negative partner through oral sex. In total 19000 episodes of oral sex were documented amongst 135 heterosexual couples over ten years and in 34% of these episodes the HIV positive male ejaculated into the HIV negative females' mouth. (Romero J et al.
Avatar n tn e. typically in parts of tropical Africa. Test results for HIV always are more reliable in judging whether someone is infected than are exposure history or symptoms -- more about which below. But even without the test results, I don't see a big worry about HIV. Regardless of her French origin and being a CSW, it is exceedingly unlikely your partner had such a rare HIV type (indeed, statistically unlikely she had HIV at all).
936016 tn?1332769204 There is good evidence from population studies of people infected with both HIV1 and also HSV2 that infection with Herpes Simplex 2 virus will both increase the amount of HIV1 which is shed in gental secretions and also it increases the rate at which HIV 1 is transmitted. Treatment designed to suppress Herpes simplex 2 (HSV2) is established to reduce the amount of HIV1 RNA in blood and also genital secretions such as semen and vaginal secretions.
Avatar f tn g. southern Africa. And by the way, even including men having sex with men, HIV isn't all that common in the US. It is estimated that there are about 60,000 new infections per year. That number is terrible in some ways and certainly far too high, but it compares with millions for most STDs (herpes, HPV, chlamydia, trichomonas), and with far higher rates for any number of cancers, deaths from accidents, etc.
Avatar n tn In the UK we have the NHS which offer treatment for HIV FOC. Is there a fund or similar to support people who are +ve in the States? Sorry if this is a dumb question but I am curious.
Avatar m tn Unless someone lives in an HIV endemic area such as an inner city, is an immigrant from a country with high HIV prevalence, is bisexual or a partner of a bisexual, or is an injection drug user or commercial sex worker, the prevalence of HIV in people without these risk factors is extremely low- less than 1 in 1000 people.
Avatar m tn An interesting parallel story is the history of virulent viral outbreaks in Africa. For instance, Ebola, which first emerged into public consciousness in the late seventies. Deal was, an isolated outbreak was occurring in, I think, the Belgian Congo. Medical care being limited in such areas, the Catholic Church took up some of the slack by offering basic medical care (nuns were the primary caregivers, often with rudimentary knowledge of health care).
1123376 tn?1261561299 My doctor said that it is nothing really serious and there are treatment for it. However, he warned me about the risk of HIV in Thailand and every since then, I am unable to sleep well or eat. The doctor has instructed me to come back for a blood test 6 months after the exposure to confirm my HIV status. My questions here should be very clear. (1) Given the circumstances above, what are my risk of HIV being contracted? I thought my sex was protected (Durex Extra Safe Condoms).
Avatar f tn Plz reply me sir what are my chances
Avatar f tn hbsag quantity by abbott architect or roches hbsag quant.available in africa, nigeria, ghana, india, china, europe but US hasn t this test which is available from earlier than 2005...