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661382 tn?1224950637 Thanks for your reply.The doctors on this forum are saying that African sex workers(20% with HIV) are probably having higher viral loads because of not having access to medication ,so the same rule about oral sex does not apply to everybody, for instance to North America or Europe where there is a medical treatment available.
Avatar m tn few weeks later i had the very heavy flu likeillness, hives, red bumps over the back and shoulders, swollen nodes i got tested for hiv at 99 days and it was negative. so i think i have herpes or mononucleosis bacause my symptoms never go up to now. neeed ur avice guys. do my symptoms look like mono or herpes.
Avatar n tn s consider I was in a high class night club (but still in Africa) where Bar Ladies always use condoms (probably more safe sex than with someone else). I have read that the probability of infection through cunnilingus is much less than 1:10,000. Let's say under my conditions it is full 1:10,000. If I have a test at 18 days from the cunnilingus, I assume there is more than 50% probability to detect HIV if I have.
Avatar f tn Thanks for reply.. I am only worried about tests in Africa and method they use..i see much degradation in foollowing standards for othr industies in africa..also i am going to geet married in bit concern...i know this is somthing to do with mental satisfaction...can you put some light on tests in africa and possibility of infestion in one encounter..even i dont knw the HIV status of girl with whome i had sex..
Avatar f tn in america right, i am from africa and it is compulsory, lol, by law, lol. If a woman is pregnant she MUST be tested for hiv. It is just so different how things work here.
Avatar m tn I was in the Ivory Coast which I know has a high HIV risk. The girl was a waitress in a club, not a prostitute, but was perfectly happy to not use a condom. I do not know her HIV status, but assume that she has a high chance of bieng positive from her lifestyle. It has been nearly 4 weeks now, and will be getting tested anyway, but really wanted to know what my risks are. We had one encounter of vaginal intercourse that lasted around three minutes. Also i am uncircumsised.
Avatar f tn i am not an expert but even my self can tell you didn't need a test
Avatar m tn Statistics in UK show that heterosexual infections now form the largest increase percentile wise in new HIV infections, the majority of which , however, are acquired abroad eg Africa or Asia. In North America there is a disproportionate incidence of heterosexual hiv acquisition in the urban Afro-American community. Why this is so I am not sure, as purely basis scientific knowledge , HIV should not have a ethnic minority-specific transmission rate. Its not a gay/black /IV user only disease.
Avatar n tn The risk of transmission from male to female is higher than 1 in 2,000, probably closer to 1 in 1,000 in North America and Europe. It likely is quite a bit higher than that in southern Africa, where more HIV infected people are likely to have higher viral loads, to have other STDs, and to be uncircumcised. In addition, Dr. Hook's and my recommendations on timing of HIV testing depend in part on the level of risk; in a high risk situation like this one, testing out to 3 months makes sense.
Avatar n tn I have heard and read that some laboratories only test for HIV 1 because they say HIV is very uncommon and is from Africa. So, i you werent in Africa, test for HIV 1 would be enough. Make sense?? not for me!! As Europe is full of african sexworkers... I think is easy to spread hiv 2. Just one man or woman ifected in Europe and travelling to USA and reinfect, it would be enough to spread HIV 2, all over the world. Wouldn´t be?? So why are some docs telling just to test for HIV type 1??
Avatar n tn I feel bad that the main reason I do not believe him is because he is african and living in HIV paradise-south africa-but also because i lost a lot of trust in him for aiding me in getting pregnant. I wish I could believe him. deep down i think i do but something holds me back. I can't get tested yet as it has only bee 3 weeks but I will be test come the 3 week mark. I was tested in May and was negative so if he is truthful I know I am negative.
Avatar n tn unprotected vaginal / anal intercourse sharing iv drug works mother to child transmission takes place INSIDE the in penis in vagina / anus. when hiv is exposed to becomes inactive and rendered incapable of infecting. you had NO risk...testing is not warranted.
Avatar m tn 1%, and that is, of course, with a person who is HIV+. Factor in the odds that she was HIV+, and your chances of contracting HIV are extremely low.