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Avatar f tn Sorry about my English , I am from New Zealand , 33years old male, recived unprotect oral sex from sex worker on 10/07/14 has been 17days am so worry about syhilis hiv ect especially I fond out coupe red spot on my balanus yesterday ,had std test at 14 days every thing was fine I know a bit early however really scare about syhilis hpv and hiv please help only had oral sex no others
Avatar m tn Oral sex does not transmit HIV.
Avatar m tn The Company licensed ABX203 from the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) in 2013, providing the Company with exclusive rights to market ABX203 in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, select Asian countries, and most of Africa. Abivax is currently conducting a Phase II/III trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of ABX203 for the treatment of patients with chronic hepatitis B. The trial is fully enrolled and the Company expects to report data in the fourth quarter of 2016.
Avatar f tn Is there anyone in new zealand on this site. If so I have started a page on facebook for you to come and join if you would like. I am looking for people in new zealand as I am the only one that I know of. There are also other sites for other places like america and australia. All you need to do is join facebook and then search for New Zealand Chiari or if you are from else where just put where you are from then chiari. These are support groups as well and you can share your story.
Avatar m tn Iast nite I went to brothel in wellington new zealand. I had alot of drinks but remember everythin what happened. I went with a girl who is 25, and she already have a baby. She was quite wasted too, she gave unprotectd oral and then we had vaginal sex for 30secs-1min without condom, and i cum. than i realised that i have done without condom and got freaked out, so i ask her is she clean she said she is clean and just got a report from hospital, she said she can show it to me..
Avatar m tn There is no treatment support offered by any New Zealand public or private hospital specialist, support also and blocked by New Zealand Surgeons presenting medical opinion denying heath complications (many listed above) as side affects of having a removed gallbladder . With no support, there is no hope for the further. Life goals and ambitions replaced with a painful living hell fighting for survival or recovery from damage affecting vital organs such as liver , heart and pancreas.
Avatar m tn Don't do it and you won't be putting yourself at risk.
Avatar n tn I am terrified too once i tested positive I dont what to do I am here in New Zealand I am alone I dont have relatives and family here I am scared I am really scared. Everyday I wake up early morning have anxiety and panic attacks I feel like I am in a cage I feel like drowning.
Avatar f tn I did swap moisturizer as it had it in it and remains on the skin to be absorbed. In New Zealand where I am, the percentage must be shown on the label and only products containing less than 5% are able to be sold over the counter so no warning is required on the label. It's up to you, but I've chosen to avoid as there are many chemicals I can't avoid, that is one I can. It's only for a little while.
Avatar f tn Rainlover. Do you think Australia will eventually use rapid hiv tests to combat the hiv rates in Australia. I know Australia has great resources but read that they have not implemented point of care rapid tests.
1797925 tn?1341096204 Actually I see that the Danoprevir plus RG7128 trials were largely conducted at Australia and New Zealand hospitals. I can ask directly for some information. It will probably be a couple of months before my next appointment though.
Avatar m tn It's about the incident in New Zealand where a HIV +ve husband infected his wife by injecting HIV positive blood into her. According to the woman, the husband had injected blood into her left thigh. ( intramuscular injection) Teak and Lizzie have maintained that HIV blood has to be inserted into the vein (intravenous) for it to carry any risk. Then how did the woman get HIV in this manner?
Avatar f tn 20th August, i had sex with my new boyfriend in Singapore ( he coming Singapore from New Zealand ) . I always afraid that i will ttransmission of disease for him, at that time i get sick ( SORE THROAT ), then after one day we have sex. He had too, but recover after take med in one day. Then he back home he said always few hot at midnight, sometimes he get fever at night but not high then recover at next day without medition. But he not rash at all too .
4460811 tn?1355471314 Any other new zealand mummies to be out there? Im 24 and 18/4 due 7th June with my first. Just wondering if anyone else is from NZ as ive only been living here a few months and maternity care is all totally different from the UK.
Avatar f tn I recently had protected heterosexual sex with a man originally from South Africa but who has lived most recently in New Zealand, Australia, and the US. Before we had sex he entered me with his tip once without a condom. Then he pulled out and put the condom on. When we were done I realized the condom was hanging out of me. It wasn't completely inside just the tip of it was. He says he has tested negative for HIV and other std's.
Avatar m tn I am not familiar with the type of tests used in New Zealand, however if the test includes the p24 antigen, it would be the equivalent to our HIV Duo, conclusive after 4 weeks.
Avatar n tn If I understand you correctly, you are looking for free medicine to help fight hepatitis C. There are groups in this country that do this sort of time, i.e. ship medicines out of the country for those in need. I believe the way it works, is that individuals and hospitals in this country donate unused medications to the organization then ship them overseas. You might want to do a search under "donate medicine" and see what you come up with.
Avatar m tn Apparently, In Australia the results take 1 week. In New Zealand, the results take only 24 hrs and they do CMIA (Chemiluminescent Microparticle Immuno Assay) which is a 4th gen test.
Avatar f tn Licensed brothel nov 2011 new Zealand. Sex with csw - condom was put on for oral sex. Then had vaginal intercourse with her. I was quite drunk and don't recall if the condom broke or was removed, but would think I would have noticed. Unwell 6.5 weeks later - tired, no appetite, generally unwell. Sore armpits and groin for three weeks now. Normal HIV antibody test at8.5 weeks. No other std's. Risk?
Avatar m tn 24 March - hiv antibody test - negative 21 April (123 days after first exposure, 50 days after second) - take unigold recombigen rapid test at NEw Zealand Aids Foundation - negative. The counsellor told me these rapid tests are accurate if you get a negative result. Should I feel happy now? Can I stop testing?