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Avatar m tn So in my mind, I am taking PEP in the unlikely chance the CSW contracted HIV during the past 10 days. For reference venued-CSW HIV incidence in Thailand is 2.5% based on most conservative data.
Avatar f tn we are going to the hospital for further tests first thing in the morning and I intend to start a PEP treatment (tomorrow will be slightly less than 36 hours after exposure, I didn't do it before due to a lack of information, which I now regret). Any sound advices for my situation ? And anybody could tell accurately (well, at least as accurately as possible) how high are the risks of my being infected after a single accident such as this one ?
Avatar m tn Dear Doctors, I had unprotected insertive oral and protected vaginal sex twice with the same CSW in Bangkok on July 15 and 16. To be honest, I didn't give it too much thought as the vaginal part was protected ( and the condoms intact (to the best of my knowledge and I know what a breakage looks like!). In addition, the CSW assured me she has regular blood tests (incl.
Avatar m tn I have a question but before i would like to say that i already know what to do afterwards (test to ease my mind or realize if i contracted the virus), but i need to ease my mind about this event in order to cope with the chance i might be HIV positive. I was in Bangkok, and went to a Go Go bar, i took a girl out and had vaginal sex with her (with condom on). After a while the condom broke, i realized it after maybe 30 seconds and we stopped.
Avatar m tn 5 months as Doctor told me that this treatment will be given under there supervision , please suggest which treatment is suitable under these report.Also with vaccine this problem will be solved and how long i have to take this treatment.
Avatar n tn A couple of weeks ago I had a moment of complete stupidity when drunk and had unprotected intercourse with a high-risk HIV candidate. I went to the best hospital in Bangkok (which wasn't cheap!!) and saw a specialist infection doctor there. I'm not sure if you are aware but in a lot of ways Thailand is ground zero for HIV prevention and treatment. There are specialists here that are supposed to be the closest in the world to developing an HIV vaccine believe it or not!!
Avatar m tn In 90 percent of cases, the body's immune system clears HPV infection naturally (without treatment) within two years. People living with HIV (HIV+ people) are more likely to be infected with HPV than HIV-negative people. HIV+ people with HPV are also more likely to develop genital warts, as well as cervical or anal cancer. If you have sex, it is important to be checked for signs of HPV such as genital warts or cervical and anal cancer.
Avatar n tn I do feel a little more tired and have some stomach discomfort, but I can deal with that for the obvious purpose the treatment is for (preventing an HIV infection). Is the PEP side effects suppossed to get worse?
Avatar m tn There's probably no more than a 1% chance your partner had HIV. Second, sexual transmission of HIV doesn't occur except by unprotected vaginal or anal sex. If it occurs at all by oral sex, it's very rare; on estimate is once for every 20,000 events. And your risk is lower still, given the very brief oral sex exposure. Finally, HIV is not transmitted at all by hand-genital contact, fingering, kissing, etc.
Avatar n tn 64hrs after drunken, unprotected sex with a go-go dancer in the Patpong district of Bangkok,I was in an ER and started a PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis) - Lamivudine and Zidovudine course lasting 4 wks. Does doing these anti-viral drugs affect the 99% reliability of the 4 wk post exposure ELISA test? I went to a standard Go-Go club in the Patpong district and my dancer said she was 'tested' every 3 months in order to work. Does this sound believable?
Avatar m tn Most tests are negative as I am confident yours will be and if you were so unfortunate as to have HIV, the test would allow you to seek treatment sooner. There is no reason to delay or avoid HIV testing. I hope you find these comments helpful.
Avatar m tn None of your situations puts you at HIV risk of any magnitude.
Avatar n tn All were given condoms, counseling and treatment for any sexually transmitted infections, and were tested every six months for HIV. Any who became infected were given free treatment with antiviral medicines. Participants were followed for three years after vaccination ended. The results: New infections occurred in 51 of the 8,197 given vaccine and in 74 of the 8,198 who received dummy shots. That worked out to a 31 percent lower risk of infection for the vaccine group.
Avatar m tn A duo test has a 28 day window and any other test is 3 months so depending on which test she used then there is a window period to consider. Oral is not a risk for HIV. You can't get HIV if you use a condom for vaginal which she said you did so in that case you had no risk. Likely she always uses a condom to protect herself from HIV from her clients so she would be negative if so.
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Avatar f tn I am now cutting my vacation short here in southern Thailand to return to Bangkok in order to seek medical treatment. I understand that the risk of contracting HIV is very small, but what about other stds? I gather it is possible, but not probable? What treatment should I be asking for at the hospital? I am obviously freaking out and unable to enjoy myself, thus the need to leave here early. I also feel as though I have to urinate frequently and now it seems as though my urethra is burning.
Avatar f tn I still also developed acne pustules rash all over my face and few on the chest...i have muscle aches and joint pain....i have already done hiv 4th generation combo test which is negative and i did it coz the fever developed 10 days after a facial treatment i did in bangkok where they used a needle to remove blackheads and there was some bleeding.. im also worried that the non reactive value test at 5weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks was 0.15, 0.22 and 0.46 respectively..
Avatar n tn and your partner is especially unlikely to have HIV, given her testing history etc (and people rarely lie about HIV status when asked directly). In addition, oral sex is free of HIV risk, or nearly so; and of course condom protected anal sex isn't risky if the condom doesn't break. I don't know how the local doc came up with a 17% risk of catching HIV in this situation. My guess is closer to one chance in a million. It is true that if your partner was in the window period, i.e.
Avatar m tn // If you do take PEP then testing will be delayed. I would in any event recommend you go see a local doctor in Thailand and discuss urgently. The clinics there are good and the doctors very used to your situation.
Avatar m tn But even in the highest risk situations, HIV usually is not transmitted. When a male has HIV and is the insertive partner (top) in anal sex, the anal partner (bottom) has 1 chance in 200 of catching the infection. The chance you were infected is lower than that, because your partner probably isn't infected, and the unprotected insertion was brief, without ejaculation. The condom-protected penetration was safe. So maybe 1 chance in 1,000 you could have been infected, as a rough guess.
Avatar m tn hi, in 21 july 2010, i have done unprotected vaginal sex (also oral sex) with a massage girl in bangkok, thailand. Then i have tested 3 , 5, 6, 7 and at 12 months after encounter. All elisa hiv 1 and 2 (antigen and antibody) with one western blot. All results came negative. At that time i felt muscles pain, joint pain, headache. but now a days i am worried again with hiv though i have no encounter without my wife(without that one).
Avatar m tn Your test results prove your symptoms are not due to HIV, and the exposure you describe was no risk for HIV anyway. Work with your doctor to learn the cause of your symptoms.
186606 tn?1263513790 Once you start and you see how long treatment TRULY is - you'll see how absolutely little difference it makes. I too was put off two weeks to start (I hadn't had the eye exam -Doc never told me until just before I started) and I was MAD MAD out of my mind going crazy upset. Everyone here was like Deb calm down it doesn't matter a BIT but ME oh no I knew better. Once I did start................
Avatar m tn Hi and thanks for you response. Last night I had sex with a ladyboy in bangkok. I had protected anal sex. But my biggest concern is that the ladyboy ejaculated on my pubic hair region (not on my penis). Then she proceeded to give me a handjob in order for me to finish. The condom slipped off as she was doing that and she continued. I am SO scared that her hand was touching her sperm as she was rubbing my penis essentially using it as lubricant.
Avatar f tn Yesterday when I was having sex with a girl in massage parlour in bangkok, the condom was broken accidentally. I quickly clean my penis with soap and water and urinate afterward. I saw a doctor and receiving PEP course 3-4 hours after the exposure. My questions are 1. What are the risk of me getting infected? 2. Would there be any effect from my first PEP medication 3 months ago to my current medication? Would it reduce the effectiveness of the current medication. 3.
Avatar m tn Finally, HIV is not a serious concern from oral sex, especially given the brevity of your exposure. Scan some threads in the HIV prevention forum about the essentially zero risk of HIV from receiving oral sex, even if your partner had HIV -- which is unlikely, since HIV now is rare in commercial sex workers in Thailand, due to a very effective national control program. I hope this helps.