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Avatar m tn I guess the doctor's forum for HIV Prevent is not accepting new questions so will post here. I had a condom failure with a Female CSW in Bangkok about 72 hours ago. I withdrew immediately upon sensing the break (less than one minute). CSW assured me negative HIV checks in April and June. 24 hours post the incident, the CSW agreed to go with me to Bumrungard Hospital in BKK. I paid for us both to be evaluated and tested.
Avatar m tn Hi, I had recently visited Bangkok for business, on the 3rd day of our trip we visited a soapy parlor. Having never tried this, i thought would give it a try! The place was big with a lot of massage girls ranging from low price to the high. The high ones being models...Anyways, i selected one of the high price ones....was told that the girls get checked every month for HIV and every week for other STDs.
Avatar m tn I asked her the next day if she had slept with anyone else on her holiday and she said yes another english guy unprotected in Bangkok. Now I am convinced I have HIV. The englishman could have slept with an Thai worker in Bangkok and got HIV! Then given it to her and passed it to me! I now have a rash 3 days after all over my body. No other symptons. Could this be acute HIV symptons?
Avatar m tn Vaginal intercourse is a possible risk for HIV, regarding your bangkok girl it seems like you practiced protected sex, so you don't have anything to worry about. Regarding the college girl you can test anytime now for HIV, your test is conclusive at this point. Put in your mind that the chance of contracting HIV from single unprotected vaginal intercourse is around 5 per 1000.But it is risky.
Avatar n tn because i went to a doctor he said it can happen, but very rare. as Bangkok is a danger point for HIV. i am just waiting for my doom... would you please reply me about my risk for HIV...
Avatar n tn and your partner is especially unlikely to have HIV, given her testing history etc (and people rarely lie about HIV status when asked directly). In addition, oral sex is free of HIV risk, or nearly so; and of course condom protected anal sex isn't risky if the condom doesn't break. I don't know how the local doc came up with a 17% risk of catching HIV in this situation. My guess is closer to one chance in a million. It is true that if your partner was in the window period, i.e.
Avatar f tn Hi, my name is premchai from Bangkok thailand. My son Chris 5 months old boy has macular scarring. He infected CMV retinisis. He had no eye contact since birth. ophthalmologic finding not response light reflex,bilateral macular scar and salts and peppers. How can my son having treatment and where? I can not find treatment in my country. Please suggest me. Thanks for your suggestion.
Avatar f tn plz explain sir i have read so many cases abt bangkok. ..maximum ppl have hiv ...
Avatar m tn Please advise if I should go for a HIV test in Bangkok and start taking post-exposure HIV prophylaxis medicine to minimize chances of spreading the infection. I live and work in a Middle-eastern country where I don't want to go for testing as it has very strict deportation laws regarding HIV positive people.
Avatar m tn ll be pleased to confirm your sense that these symptoms are not suggestive of recently acquired HIV. Before I do however, I should point out that HIV rates among Thai CSWs is lower than in most parts as the result of a successful nation-wide condom promotion campaign. Thus I suspect that your partner was being truthful when she stated that she was tested regularly and was negative. The symptoms you suggest are not suggestive of recently acquired HIV.
Avatar f tn And where u had pick the sex work . in bangkok as per me n knowledge most of the sex work test for std n HIV once in every three month . and taking about chance of your risk ... The chance female to male are low ... I would say 1/1000..
Avatar f tn we are going to the hospital for further tests first thing in the morning and I intend to start a PEP treatment (tomorrow will be slightly less than 36 hours after exposure, I didn't do it before due to a lack of information, which I now regret). Any sound advices for my situation ? And anybody could tell accurately (well, at least as accurately as possible) how high are the risks of my being infected after a single accident such as this one ?
Avatar m tn hi recently I had a soapy massage in Bangkok. Can hiv infected from that? I saw in UNICEF website hiv can spread through risen water.
Avatar m tn Finally, HIV is not a serious concern from oral sex, especially given the brevity of your exposure. Scan some threads in the HIV prevention forum about the essentially zero risk of HIV from receiving oral sex, even if your partner had HIV -- which is unlikely, since HIV now is rare in commercial sex workers in Thailand, due to a very effective national control program. I hope this helps.
Avatar m tn Two days later the same thing happened with another prostitute, only this time in Bangkok. Luck had it I made it into the hospital in Bangkok when around 65 hours after the first exposure in Cambodia had happened. The doctor subscribed me with a PEP cure (Aluvia + Truvada). I have been experiencing severe itching and redness in my face after the daily dose of Truvada, which I tried to take Zyrtec for, which helped a little, albeit not much.
Avatar m tn It is now almost 7 weeks since I had the sexual encounter in Bangkok. After 30 days I had an HIV test and the result was negative. I am now going to have a test at 8 weeks. I am worried to death and I wonder if the PEP I was prescribed has been wrong or not sufficient. I have been reading that you have to take a third drug when taking Epivir/Combivir -PEP?
Avatar n tn you could donate to the thai red cross.