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Avatar m tn There are many new drugs now in clinical trials. I am going to post some presentation titles and some very concise notes under each title. To view each study/trial results, go to Clinical Care Options, Register (you may have to say you are a doctor or nurse), and then you can read the full articles. They are free. You just have to register.
Avatar f tn Can I treat these issues without drugs? The drugs make me so tired and I get very vitamin deficient quickly and have already been diagnosed with Osteopenia at 32. I already have started lifestyle changes - such as changing diet, elevating bed etc. Can I fix this without drugs?
1722607 tn?1335747858 I have heard people mention new treatment drugs possibly coming out soon? Are these the all oral drugs? Does anyone have any more info on newer drugs coming soon?
Avatar f tn Rapid treatment after HIV infection may be enough to "functionally cure" about a 10th of those diagnosed early, say researchers in France. They have been analysing 14 people who stopped therapy, but have since shown no signs of the virus resurging. It follows reports of a baby girl being effectively cured after very early treatment in the US. However, most people infected with HIV do not find out until the virus has fully infiltrated the body.
Avatar f tn Hey. Straight to the point. Your viral load will continue to climb up, everyday. When you stop taking your meds, it gives the HIV in your body a chance to multiply and it wont ever stop multiplying when you are off of your meds. It multiplies in your blood, in your organs and in your brain. They cant measure the amount of HIV in your organs because it hides there. But your viral load is continuing to go up all the time.
Avatar m tn The treatment chemicals kill malignant cells as well as benign cells, just like cancer chemical treatment. The same rescue drugs are used to help maintain the good cells, just like in cancer treatment. You need to adjust your life while on the drugs. People just got used to calling cancer treatment 'chemo' but it doesn't exclude other similar treatments.
Avatar f tn I suppose everyone knows that victrelis and incevek are not new drugs but were used for HIV prior to being used for HCV. With some hiv drugs it says do not ear grapefruit as it will interfere with the drugs efficacy. Although I have not seen this on the list of drug interactions for victrelis or incevek, I was just wondering if anyone knows or has been told by their doctor not to eat them while on treatment.
Avatar m tn Some of the early medications were very toxic and caused problems themselves which impacted ont he lifespan of the person taking them. As the science of HIV treatment has matured and is still maturing newer, better tolerated drug have become available. The bottom line is this; we won;t know just how long a "normal" lifespan will be while taking HAART for at least another 20-40 years.
Avatar f tn Hai...If a person who is undertaking hiv treatment i.e taking Arv drugs can marry a person with hiv negative....By using arv drugs, is hiv virus become non detectable or non transmissible?? If it is not detectable, participating in the sex have the chance of transmission??
Avatar n tn If your to the point where your thinking about suicide then give us your story. We may be able to tell you why your current treatment is not working and what you need to do to feel better.
662972 tn?1270166301 doses between 80 and 120 mgs/day are most effective for preventing HIV transmission, retention in treatment, reducing the use of other drugs, and increasing social productivity. Overall safety potentially lethal Medically safe, no toxic effects found in patients maintained on methadone for up to 18 years. Overdose Can die from overdose of narcotics; potentially lethal, even for tolerant individuals death can occur quite fast without proper medical treatment with narcan.
Avatar n tn I know this might seem drastic (or not) but I would rather be subjected to the side effects of the drugs than to be at greater risk for HIV infection. My question is - where can I go to receive the treatment? I would prefer to avoid going through my regular doctor as I am on private health insurance and with this on the record, they will surely cancel my policy when it is up for renewal leaving me with no health coverage in case of any other emergency. I live in the northern virginia area.
Avatar n tn Also are there other countries that offer more advanced treatment than the Us...
Avatar m tn Jakied, Doubtful relapsers will have a shorter treatment time. By all indications it looks like 48 week course. Treatment naives with RVR will qualify for a shorter treatment time.
Avatar n tn Some people on this forum have used Doxil and Avastin as part of their 2d line treatment. If Nodoxa is same as Doxil talk to your oncologist about his view on adding Avastin to it. I am not sure if Nodoxa has been tested in a combination chemo setting.
Avatar m tn The HIV-acquisition risk for oral sex is very low. Your negative HIV tests out to 12.5 weeks are definitive and conclusive. The corticosteroids in your asthmas and allergic rhinitis medications would not be enough to cause false-negative HIV-antibody test results. Your sore throat may well be due to your inhaled anti-asthmatic medications or postnasal drip from your allergic rhinitis. It is not HIV related. Move ON !!!
Avatar m tn Toxicity to today’s hepatitis C drugs is a bigger burden for patients with HIV than those without HIV, but the new drug combinations will be even harder to tolerate. It’s only in the past year that she’s begun deferring treatment for hepatitis C, she said, and the main reasons is that better treatments are “just around the corner.” Dr.
Avatar m tn Well, it seems like there is no other cause than genes to this (probably), but since I really dont like being this underweight, are there any drugs that could help me gain weight (in other words eat more/ slow metabolism). Like some steroids or something? Again, I have tried the "eat more" thing, but it doesnt seem to work very well. At first I do gain weight, but I get pretty bad diarrhea ETC. from eating too much.
Avatar f tn Say for example, my doctor will prescribe me drugs for HepaB treatment (like Entecavir), and will need to take it for say 6months or 1year, Can I carry that amount of drugs from Philippines to abroad? Any views related to this will be really appreciated!
Avatar m tn As far as I know, leading hepatologists are still prescribing epo for HCV treatment, no doubt because the feel the rewards outweigh the risks. Helper drugs aside, the SOC drugs are not without risks either -- and again, we treat in large part because we feel the rewards outweigh the risks. Future studies may further define the risk with epo, one way or another.
Avatar m tn nothing to share with hiv, hbv is very well studied, hiv is still not purified so i dotn even believe hiv/aids connection as many nobel prices, the discoverer montagner included, have recently decleared also be aware the hbvdna viral load is useless to define the status of hbv infection and is just a measure of how antivirals are working (drug makers just pushed on it in the past to make it eaier to get patients on life time drugs) but today we know that serum tests dont show what happens in t