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Avatar m tn On the other hand, they have 9 drugs in the pipeline, 2 HIV drugs approved, a third that has been fast-tracked (they collaberate with GSK so they get royalites on those), MRK is funding 3 different phase IB studies on a promising cancer compound, they have an RA drug that looks good, and a number of these will have data out over the next 3-9 months, including the other HCV drug MMPD.
Avatar n tn Some people on this forum have used Doxil and Avastin as part of their 2d line treatment. If Nodoxa is same as Doxil talk to your oncologist about his view on adding Avastin to it. I am not sure if Nodoxa has been tested in a combination chemo setting.
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Avatar m tn I don't know about your genotype (I am/was 1a), but I don't think your Dr can predict your treatment length either. There are, however, other drugs coming out in a few years. However, you need to find a different Dr the has experience with HCV (a hepatologist or GI that is very experienced) and find out the extent of your liver damage before you can decide if you have time to wait for the all orals.
Avatar n tn Last time (2003) I cleared after 3 months of treatment, but I encountered problems that made me stop after 19 weeks. I decided to try again this year, but I did not clear after three months. The only thing I did different this time is that I used a generic brand of riba instead of the Copegas I used last time. Do you think this could be the problem, or could my body have developed immunity to the meds? Before treatment my viral load was 269,288. After three months it is now 84,300.
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Avatar m tn There are many new drugs now in clinical trials. I am going to post some presentation titles and some very concise notes under each title. To view each study/trial results, go to Clinical Care Options, Register (you may have to say you are a doctor or nurse), and then you can read the full articles. They are free. You just have to register.
Avatar n tn Any one using natural cures for treatment for hep-c? I am, and it is working, with no prescription drugs!
Avatar n tn I was on ant-viral drug (Famciclover) for treatment of Shingles when I had my Dr. do an HIV test. I can not recall where I read that you should not test when on an anti viral because it could effect the test. Can anybody unequivically ( i think that is the spelling ) deny or confirm? 15 months after possible exposure.
Avatar m tn nPEP, is not given unless one had an exposure with someone known to be HIV positive. Why? The drugs are very toxic. They can cause damage to the liver and kidneys. They can cause severe allergic reactions and death.
Avatar m tn There is no cure known to medical science as of today for HIV. The available treatment, called Highly Active Anti Retroviral Therapy (HAART) is a cocktail of various medicines only prescribed by experts for the patients living with HIV, after examining the progression, helps keep their viral load at minimal and CD4 counts at a reasonable level so that he can survive longer, though his post infection health condition is not as good as a normal person has.
Avatar m tn As you can see, there is no one working on drugs that aim to target the cccDNA directly, at least from this info. I'm not any expert, but it seems to me very strange when the researchers know the cccDNA is the genomic reservoir that keeps the chronicity of the disease, yet, no one is researching on how to hit the cccDNA directly. http://www.hepb.
Avatar f tn So excited - today got approval for BOTH Solvaldi and Olysio to be provided to me for a 12 week treatment using just these 2 drugs! As you might recall from my previous posts that my Hep Dr. believes that this combo will be the perfect cocktail for SUCCESS! Tomorrow marks exactly 1 year since I stopped the last treatment at 24 weeks of Riba, Victrelis and Pegasus. HORRIBLE side effects, blood transfusions and detectable AGAIN at the post 12 week mark.
Avatar f tn Apparently, the docs doesn't know about the drinking and crack hobbies. Otherwise, they would think about getting those eliminated before the treatment. Hep C causes blood sugar abnormalities, so that might have someting to do with the diabetes in the first place. The hobbies just make that part worse. Assuming he plays it straight, I don't see why the high glucose levels would keep treatment from starting.
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Avatar m tn Well we hope you all had a wonderful Xmas. My Xmas was not so good the drugs that were available was horrendous especially for an addict like me. It was so hard trying to stay clean over this period hell on earth that is the only way to describe it.
Avatar m tn The IL28B CC polymorphism may be associated with sustained virological response. The development of new drugs and off-label use of other drugs is still of interest to improve the treatment of chronic HCV, especially in patients with genotype 4. Many promising molecules must still be evaluated to determine their potency, efficacy and safety.
Avatar n tn I know it it unlikely icontracted anything, but if i did would these two drugs be sufficient to cure anything i could have caught (e.g. chlamydia, Gonorrrhea etc etc? Have had no symptoms at all.
Avatar f tn Hey. Straight to the point. Your viral load will continue to climb up, everyday. When you stop taking your meds, it gives the HIV in your body a chance to multiply and it wont ever stop multiplying when you are off of your meds. It multiplies in your blood, in your organs and in your brain. They cant measure the amount of HIV in your organs because it hides there. But your viral load is continuing to go up all the time.
Avatar n tn We are already taking drugs used to fight HIV...antiretrovirals such as ribiviran. More info will be posted when I bring home some interesting web sites from my agency: we help people with HIV/HCV. Please know that a lot of things you hear on the news or read in magazines is already old info, like a year or more. The news doesn't keep up too well with the medical community or the pharmecuetical companies unless it's to say something negative.
Avatar m tn and for those infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) whose anemia is caused by the HIV drug AZT (zidovudine). ESAs are also approved to reduce the number of transfusions during and after major surgery. On Nov. 30, Amgen, manufacturer of the three ESAs – Aranesp [darbepoetin], Epogen, and Procrit -- provided FDA with information from the 733-patient PREPARE study of women who received chemotherapy before undergoing surgery for breast cancer.
Avatar f tn "The price of this war however is not simply the cost of enforcement and incarceration." "Globally, the HIV and hepatitis C epidemics are fuelled by the criminalization of people who use drugs. Of the 16 million people who inject drugs worldwide, around three million are living with HIV and two thirds are living with hepatitis C.
Avatar f tn Drugs will never affect tests, if anything some drugs would cure infections. They are reliable. What do you mean by anonymous? Going to your Dr is anonymous for the most part.
537639 tn?1232057169 have no insurance. does anyone have any ideas as to how i can go about getting treatment? does any place offer treatment when u can afford to pay for it? i jsut want to get the **** over with so i can go on with my life. i'v stressed over this for a week now & im tired of stressing. thanks for any help that anyone can give.
2207631 tn?1369848423 anyone else starting treatment with the new drugs sofosbuvir/ledipasvir. i took my first pill this afternoon. i'm feeling so anxious about the whole thing and i really need support from others who are also being treated with these new trial drugs and those who have been through treatment and finished. it would help so much to hear how your doing and for me to share how i'm doing. i've been selected to for a 8 week trail being done at NY Presbyterian Hosp....
149675 tn?1416676733 One thing that is not mentioned often here is that when and if the "new drugs" are available to the public there is nothing that says insurance companies will be willing to pay for these new drugs for patiennts to use. I very much doubt they will be on the "formulary" of insurance companies right away. They will be brand new drugs with no track record and that fact might very well make them unavailable to most.
Avatar n tn Patient #1 had a 95% reduction three days post treatment and 89% reduction seven days post treatment. The initial viral load for patient 1 was 5.3 x 10(5) viral units per ml of blood (IU/ml). Patient 1’s viral load seven days post treatment was 5.7 x 10(4) IU/ml. Patient #2 had a 85% reduction three days post treatment and 50% reduction seven days post treatment. The initial viral load for patient 2 was 9.2 x 10(6) IU/ml. Patient 2’s viral load seven days post treatment was 4.6 x 10(6) IU/ml.