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Avatar m tn A little over Three Months after the Pep treatment, my wife went to take the Hiv test (elisa test). Im happy to report it was NEGATIVE!!!! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU, YOUR SUPPORT AND ADVICE. What you do here is GREAT!!! GOD BLESS YOU !!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!! AND THX AGAIN!!!!
Avatar m tn for people taking hepatitis C treatment and could considerably increase the rate of treatment success. A study published in June (Freedman) found that in patients with hepatitis C and not HIV, drinking three or more cups of coffee a day increased the likelihood of treatment success by 80%. The HEPAVIH ANRS CO13 study is a cohort study of hepatitis C/HIV co-infected patients taking pegylated interferon/ribavirin hepatitis C therapy. For the present study, 106 patients were evaluated.
Avatar m tn Just take an HIV test 3 months after your last does of nPEP.
Avatar m tn I will be going back every 3 months, but what’s the success rate of the treatment. Should I be concerned that this treatment may not work? I was tested for HIV at the same time as syphilis and that came back negative. There would have been no chance of being infected for at least 8 weeks prior to the hiv test done at the same time, but I see a connection with syphilis and hiv. Is it possible that I could be hiv + and that the syphilis caused a neg?
Avatar f tn , the battle was at least half over -- I was tired after having been ill for many months pre-diagnosis, but then it was on to Lyme treatment, and things just slowly got better throughout treatment for me and for Family Member. Go for it.
Avatar n tn I've read an awful lot of posts here (great, helpful site) about the odds of treatment with pegasys and ribavirin. My own Dr. quoted about a 50% success rate. But I've read here that genotype 1 is the hardest to get cleared. Does anyone know what the odds for success are for genotype 1? By the way, I do not know if I'm 1a or whatever. Only that I'm a 1.
Avatar m tn I was wondering when HIV (and HCV) would come in to play. In 2008 Baton Rouge was rated #2 and New Orleans was rated #3 in Aids per capita. We are only 1.5 hours drive (depending on traffic) apart from each other. I saw on the local news a while back that Baton Rouge bumped Miami out of their #1 position.
Avatar m tn Do you have to have treatment if your liver is ok? if you never develop symptoms? Is that even possible? I have 1a and it seems that it is not treatable or without success. I recently had some blood work at Mayo and was diagnosed last summer. I had many questions but only had a short time with the hepatologist.
Avatar f tn m undergoing treatment for the 4th time-this time with incivek as wel as the pegasys and interferon. What is the success rate for someone like me? Last treatment had viral load of 0 by the 10th week and was 0 through week 48. Follow up Tati g 30 days after treatment ended viral load was >5million.
Avatar m tn I am thinking do I need to test( in the five weeks of this exposure) I knew that the road to the success is very tough, especially the very solid scary toward HIV, sometimes I may think about death, coz for the past month, I am always having a tough and suffered life.
Avatar m tn I am curious if many have gone through the entire Vic cycle and what their success has been in clearing. My doc strongly suggested Vic over incivek and I'm not sure why. He just said it was best for me. I have 1a probably for about 40 Years. Stage 1, grade 1 with no prior tx.
Avatar m tn I know that condoms have high success rates when used correctly, as far as HIV is concerned. As for STDs, it reduces the risk except for those like Syphilis and HPV which can infect via skin-to-skin. Condoms are being distributed in our community. Some groups however, opposses this and tells that that hiv is smaller than the pores of condoms making it easily pass through. Quite scary. I read some articles about HIV needing a host in order to infect.
Avatar f tn I do consider my thyroid treatment a success, although my recovery is not dramatic at all. It's taken me a couple of years, and a doctor, who like Stella, I thought was going to kill me; but THANKS to Stella -- I was able to put a stop to it and get the tests I really needed. I'm currently doing much better with the thyroid issue, but getting one thing under control brought up other issues.............symptoms that *I* thought were thyroid related, I'm now finding are NOT.
Avatar n tn However, your questions would be more appropriate for the provider who prescribed the Truvada. That treatment should be protective against HIV, and in any case you describe an essentially zero risk exposure. Even if your partner has HIV and if you weren't taking the antiretroviral drug, there is no realistic risk of catching HIV via oral sex or condom-protected vaginal sex.
Avatar f tn I was put on Truvada and Rilpivirine after confirmed HIV exposure, through vaginal and anal intercourse. How effective is PEP when started after 10 hours from the exposure? I have been sick for last couple months. I have been using alcohol and cigarette. My immune system has not been at its normal. Would it affect PEP success chances?
Avatar m tn Hello preston 1985, I feel very sorry that it happened to you in a situation like this its always good to see a doctor immediately and get all your doubts clarified since you contracted gonorrhea, syphilis , uti earlier , did you follow up with the doctor that the treatment was successful and all tests have confirmed it, sometimes tests will go on for 2 to 3 years also to ensure the success of the treatment.
Avatar n tn // While logic might lead one to assume that a dosage customized for each individual would deliver safer and more effective results, the data does not completely support this view. The conflicting evidence already in existence clearly indicates that more adequately funded, large, impartial, well-designed studies comparing the two pegylated interferons are needed.
1284613 tn?1271629460 The new protease inhibitor drugs Bocepravir and Telaprevir (noted by banarep) show much better success rates for G1 patients both treatment naive and non-responders. Depending on length of treatment, Telaprevir shows greatly improved response for previous non-responders who took 12 weeks of triple therapy (Telaprevir, Pegasys, Ribavirin + 12 weeks of Peg & Ribavirin): 39% versus 9% SVR in control group (48 weeks Peg & Ribavirin).
Avatar n tn Wondering if others have success with the medication verapamil for PSVT. Have been taking it for two weeks, with little success - waking at night and unable to get back to sleep due to heavy heart pulsations.
Avatar m tn ya, HIV status of sexworker is unknown, which puts me in risk if she is HIV positive... for safer side i decided to have PEP.. do u have any experience in PEP, r u a doctor???