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Avatar f tn Once I was done with 'babs', the battle was at least half over -- I was tired after having been ill for many months pre-diagnosis, but then it was on to Lyme treatment, and things just slowly got better throughout treatment for me and for Family Member. Go for it.
Avatar m tn Do you have to have treatment if your liver is ok? if you never develop symptoms? Is that even possible? I have 1a and it seems that it is not treatable or without success. I recently had some blood work at Mayo and was diagnosed last summer. I had many questions but only had a short time with the hepatologist.
Avatar m tn A little over Three Months after the Pep treatment, my wife went to take the Hiv test (elisa test). Im happy to report it was NEGATIVE!!!! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU, YOUR SUPPORT AND ADVICE. What you do here is GREAT!!! GOD BLESS YOU !!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!! AND THX AGAIN!!!!
Avatar m tn Now I feel tired due to side effects of Pep. Expect a doctor's advice about my risk. And How many treatment success percentage? Tks& brgds!
Avatar m tn The main page has a bunch of good basic questions about Lyme and its diagnosis, transmission and treatment, and the answers just didn't match the other things I read .... so I scrolled down to the page with the board members' names, and whaddaya know, Wormser and Steere, the researchers at the IDSA who have been stonewalling on Lyme subjects for decades now. They make flat statements like 'Lyme can only be transmitted by deer ticks' -- which makes no screaming sense.
Avatar n tn If they are successful at doing this, this would allow your doctor to prescreen their patients for telaprevir suitability and also to monitor them during treatment to see if they are developing a sensitivity as treatment progresses (as myself and a few others here experienced later on in treatment).
Avatar m tn I will be going back every three months after treatment, but I'm curious on the success rate of the treatment. Should I be concerned that this treatment may not work? 4. I was tested for HIV at the same time as syphilis and that came back negative. There would have been no chance of being infected for at least 8 weeks prior to the hiv test done at the same time, but I see a connection with syphilis and hiv. Is it possible that I could be hiv + and that the syphilis caused a neg?
Avatar m tn I will be going back every 3 months, but what’s the success rate of the treatment. Should I be concerned that this treatment may not work? I was tested for HIV at the same time as syphilis and that came back negative. There would have been no chance of being infected for at least 8 weeks prior to the hiv test done at the same time, but I see a connection with syphilis and hiv. Is it possible that I could be hiv + and that the syphilis caused a neg?
1451936 tn?1294902315 00 New Delhi, Dec 16 (IANS) The government Thursday told the Supreme Court that it will provide free the second line of treatment to all the HIV patients even if their initial treatment was done in private hospitals. The National AIDS Control Organisation's (NACO) decision is a significant departure from its earlier stand that the second line treatment at its expense would be made available only to those patients who were treated at the government's hospital for the first line treatment.
Avatar n tn Trihepguy, we must have posted near same time or I would have put this in with yours. Sorry for taking a post.
Avatar m tn Hi Lizzie, Can you please assit me with my above query. I originally directed to Teak, but I guess he thinks my question is a silly anxiety question.
Avatar n tn Patient #1 had a 95% reduction three days post treatment and 89% reduction seven days post treatment. The initial viral load for patient 1 was 5.3 x 10(5) viral units per ml of blood (IU/ml). Patient 1’s viral load seven days post treatment was 5.7 x 10(4) IU/ml. Patient #2 had a 85% reduction three days post treatment and 50% reduction seven days post treatment. The initial viral load for patient 2 was 9.2 x 10(6) IU/ml. Patient 2’s viral load seven days post treatment was 4.6 x 10(6) IU/ml.
2207631 tn?1369848423 anyone else starting treatment with the new drugs sofosbuvir/ledipasvir. i took my first pill this afternoon. i'm feeling so anxious about the whole thing and i really need support from others who are also being treated with these new trial drugs and those who have been through treatment and finished. it would help so much to hear how your doing and for me to share how i'm doing. i've been selected to for a 8 week trail being done at NY Presbyterian Hosp....
Avatar n tn Hi, I just came back from my doctor's office (for those who don't know me I am/was 1b, between stages 2 and 3 on my biopsy 3 years ago, high viral load to begin with, 120 IU/ml at 12 weeks, undetectable at 24 weeks).I am on week 39 of Pegasys/Rebetol treatment. I asked my doctor what he thinks about extending treatment beyond 48 weeks and he said it's up to me. He can presribe another 12/24 weeks of treatment at either regular dose or reduced dose.
149675 tn?1416676733 and those were made pretty damm available (relatively speaking) to people suffering with HIV, at least in THIS country.... Current treatment protocols are less then say the least....I would think that any treatment protocols that would improve on them to a great extent...would be expedited.... Of course, got some wishful thinking here but this is another scenario that I feel should be considered...
936016 tn?1332769204 The rationale behind the research is that because so many people with HIV have been correctly identified in the San Francisco area, many more have been offered treatment. The aim of treatment with ARV's is to reduce an individual's viral load and thus his or her infectiousness.
Avatar f tn I have been on it for about 3 months now, but I was also on it for quite awhile a few years ago. I have never had anything but success with it. there are no side effects. I will be on it for another 2 months and my dr plans to take me off of it. I am also on a antibiotic called Cipro that I will be on for at least another 4 months and I have been on it for just about 2 months now.
Avatar m tn If you are e-positive then the end of treatment is becoming e-negative. If you are e-negative then the end of treatment is less clear and needs further discussion.
Avatar m tn I'm not that up on co-infection but in general when people are co-infected the HCV can pose an equal or perhaps greater threat than the HIV. Success rates are not as good for co-infected groups. I am not up on the treatment protocols but you stand an excellent chance of beating the HCV virus if you stay the course. It would not surprise me if the treatment times would be extended longer than a basic geno 2 infection, not further complicated with HIV.
Avatar m tn I am thinking do I need to test( in the five weeks of this exposure) I knew that the road to the success is very tough, especially the very solid scary toward HIV, sometimes I may think about death, coz for the past month, I am always having a tough and suffered life.
Avatar n tn Then explain your situation and maybe they can quarterback the tx with the fellow (I'm assuming a doc) who treats you for HIV. Nothing rocket science about HCV treatment, and I would think any doctor could administer the protocol IF given the correct "recipe" by a hepatologist and if the hepatologist is kept in the loop during tx.. Often a consulting doctor will not charge on phone follow-ups with another doctor.
Avatar f tn l tick some boxes for successful treatment (female, not overweight, never had hep a or b or HIV) others not ( had the virus for 28 years, am 56 years old). There is talk of me going on a trial that uses telepvan (spelling!) or some other third ingredient that the doc said was just 'letters', who knows! Was just reading on the net that there have been trials where the riba is replaced with something else and the side effects are not as severe.
Avatar f tn I've only heard horrible things about this treatment (low success rate, side effects, etc.) Can anyone give me any advice in considering this treatment or help in finding something else? I feel like all of this has been sprung on me in the last two weeks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
149675 tn?1416676733 This combination may represent the first IFN-free treatment regimen for both treatment-naive and previously treated patients with HCV Genotype 1 infection." These results are very promising in regards of antiviral potency and lack of resistance development.
Avatar m tn And in general, better overall health predicts at least slightly improved odds for treatment success. So from these points we can reasonably conclude that obesity is certainly not helping his case. However beyond that, I don't know the answer to your question. Hopefully someone with more knowledge and experience will be along soon - and can provide you w/a more conclusive reply.
Avatar n tn Serine Protease Inhibitors Many companies have pursued drugs designed to inhibit the HCV serine protease enzyme, based on the success of protease inhibitors in HIV treatment. As with HIV, the hepatitis C virus encodes a protease enzyme essential for viral replication. However the HCV protease has proven a more difficult target due to the shape of the molecule. While many compounds have demonstrated antiviral efficacy in vitro, few have moved into human studies.
1814148 tn?1332489398 My LFT's have only ever been slightly elevated and ultrasounds have been unremarkable. My PCP doesn't think I should have treatment until I'm really sick and is reluctant to refer my back to the specialist as "it's a waste of time". I'm having difficulty understanding why I would not want to try to clear the virus asap. I understand my genotype is not favorable for remission.
Avatar n tn Lifestyle choices impact the success of the treatment for those who treat. No doubt about it. For most people, getting the lifestyle in order prior to treatment and going into a course of treatament in "good shape" improves the chances of success and can reduce the discomfort of side effects. It takes work and commitment. Overweight people have two strikes....
Avatar f tn Hi there, Sure; in my opinion, the side effects are well worth the treatment. Do you know how much fibrosis you have? Have you discussed which treatment drug you’re going to use? Sorry to hear you have other problems as well, but there are lots of us in here with other things going on. Many of us have had to treat more than one time, too; Genotype 1 can be persistent sometimes. Not everyone gets trampled by the meds; I tolerated them fairly well; and I treated twice, and for many weeks.