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Avatar m tn nPEP success rate is 86% apx.
Avatar m tn I know that condoms have high success rates when used correctly, as far as HIV is concerned. As for STDs, it reduces the risk except for those like Syphilis and HPV which can infect via skin-to-skin. Condoms are being distributed in our community. Some groups however, opposses this and tells that that hiv is smaller than the pores of condoms making it easily pass through. Quite scary. I read some articles about HIV needing a host in order to infect.
Avatar f tn Wow! $26,000! That's a lot of money. I've never done IVF, but I've checked the cost (I've had two miscarriages myself...and each time it took me more than a year to get pregnant). At the center I went for three IUIs last year, they charge about $7,000 for IVF, but that does not include meds, which I've heard can cost several thousands by itself. I've just kinda guestimated that it will cost about $10,000...but I'm starting to wonder if that's way off now.
Avatar n tn I've read an awful lot of posts here (great, helpful site) about the odds of treatment with pegasys and ribavirin. My own Dr. quoted about a 50% success rate. But I've read here that genotype 1 is the hardest to get cleared. Does anyone know what the odds for success are for genotype 1? By the way, I do not know if I'm 1a or whatever. Only that I'm a 1.
Avatar m tn for people taking hepatitis C treatment and could considerably increase the rate of treatment success. A study published in June (Freedman) found that in patients with hepatitis C and not HIV, drinking three or more cups of coffee a day increased the likelihood of treatment success by 80%. The HEPAVIH ANRS CO13 study is a cohort study of hepatitis C/HIV co-infected patients taking pegylated interferon/ribavirin hepatitis C therapy. For the present study, 106 patients were evaluated.
Avatar f tn m undergoing treatment for the 4th time-this time with incivek as wel as the pegasys and interferon. What is the success rate for someone like me? Last treatment had viral load of 0 by the 10th week and was 0 through week 48. Follow up Tati g 30 days after treatment ended viral load was >5million.
Avatar m tn Success rate? I'd say better than 75% or don't do it. The success rate is very patient specific. In my case it is less than 75% (some reasons given in my bio on this sight). Mortality rate? Less than 1% is my guess. But, I'll guess again the rate of some complications is much higher, but still no more than a few %. Most AFib, I believe, originates in the left atrium.
Avatar m tn Just take an HIV test 3 months after your last does of nPEP.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows how much IUI increases your success rate. I was on Clomid for a while with Metformin with less than adequate results. The first round of Femara I had 3 good follicles(can't remember sizes) and the HCG trigger on Saturday morning and then IUI on Sunday evening. My husband has excellet counts and motility, there was a brief issue with the morphology but that is even great now.
20365740 tn?1496186597 I treated 3 times in the past with interferon based treatment and had no decrease in viral count. So being a person that had prior treatment and been a null responder plus having liver cirrhosis for 7 years by the time I treated with Harvoni all were reasons I would be harder to cure. I am now 2 years post treatment and cured of hep c.
Avatar m tn t really have symptoms until the liver is pretty much shot. As for success, the cure rate even for type 1a has never been better and with shorter treatment time. Also keep in mind Hep C can cause other problems besides ones liver. Good luck to you.
Avatar m tn see what success rate they report with their medicines. (I did this.) If they report a 90-95% success rate, find out two things: 1. if an adult gets infected with HepB, what percent of people clear the disease through their own antibodies, and 2. What is the range of age that these homeopaths report such a success range for.
Avatar m tn If it gets in your urethra thats pretty much all it needs. I have heard PEP has a really good success rate. Also according to DR HHH Thailand has one of the most succesful safe sex campaigns and the # of infected there has declined dramatically.
Avatar n tn Wondering if others have success with the medication verapamil for PSVT. Have been taking it for two weeks, with little success - waking at night and unable to get back to sleep due to heavy heart pulsations.
Avatar f tn What is the success rate of PEP if taken in 10 hours? I have some side effects from the PEP, diarrhea and nausea, but i would rather take it for a month than forever. I was wondering if anyone went through same thing.
Avatar m tn I will be going back every 3 months, but what’s the success rate of the treatment. Should I be concerned that this treatment may not work? I was tested for HIV at the same time as syphilis and that came back negative. There would have been no chance of being infected for at least 8 weeks prior to the hiv test done at the same time, but I see a connection with syphilis and hiv. Is it possible that I could be hiv + and that the syphilis caused a neg?
Avatar n tn I have recently started on Peginterferon alfa-2b (rbe) 100 micrograms and rebetol 200mg. I would like to know the success rate for this medication.I am on 2x 200mg rebetol tablets twice a day and the interferon injection once a week.I do not use iv drugs or any other type of drugs but I do have 2-3 drinks per day 5 days a week. My treatment is only for six months and I am desperate to clear my hep C as im only 20.
Avatar f tn Im at the bottom of the bottom after my blood test for success rate. . He said around 50% for me so wait til 2014-15 for the new new drugs. Anyone else waiting? What are some healthy things diet wise I can do to keep my health up. (should I stop eatting red meat? I don't drink. Vitamin?..
4043517 tn?1374006573 Hepatitis C drug success -- read that Abbott Labs has success with an oral only treatment for hep c. Here's the 411: Patients who took a three-drug regimen and the drugs Ritonavir and ribavirin had undetectable virus levels after 12 weeks of treatment. The North Chicago, Ill., company says it observed a 93 percent cure rate in a group of patients who were not helped by other treatments.
Avatar f tn Hi all, it's been some time. just looking to see if the new treatment of telaprevir, interfuron & reba started yet? I heard different start dates. being a non responder I'm really interested in the stats.