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Avatar m tn nPEP success rate is 86% apx.
Avatar m tn because one doesn't really have symptoms until the liver is pretty much shot. As for success, the cure rate even for type 1a has never been better and with shorter treatment time. Also keep in mind Hep C can cause other problems besides ones liver. Good luck to you.
Avatar n tn If they are successful at doing this, this would allow your doctor to prescreen their patients for telaprevir suitability and also to monitor them during treatment to see if they are developing a sensitivity as treatment progresses (as myself and a few others here experienced later on in treatment).
Avatar m tn I will be going back every three months after treatment, but I'm curious on the success rate of the treatment. Should I be concerned that this treatment may not work? 4. I was tested for HIV at the same time as syphilis and that came back negative. There would have been no chance of being infected for at least 8 weeks prior to the hiv test done at the same time, but I see a connection with syphilis and hiv. Is it possible that I could be hiv + and that the syphilis caused a neg?
Avatar m tn I will be going back every 3 months, but what’s the success rate of the treatment. Should I be concerned that this treatment may not work? I was tested for HIV at the same time as syphilis and that came back negative. There would have been no chance of being infected for at least 8 weeks prior to the hiv test done at the same time, but I see a connection with syphilis and hiv. Is it possible that I could be hiv + and that the syphilis caused a neg?
Avatar n tn I saw this while looking for info on channel 4 Dallas. Trihepguy, others might want to look into it. LOCAL RESEARCHERS MAY HAVE HELP FOR HEP-C PATIENTS People suffering from hepatitis-C may have a new weapon against the disease. Researchers at Southwestern Medical Center have begun testing how well drugs used to fight AIDS would do against hepatitis-C.
Avatar m tn If it gets in your urethra thats pretty much all it needs. I have heard PEP has a really good success rate. Also according to DR HHH Thailand has one of the most succesful safe sex campaigns and the # of infected there has declined dramatically.
Avatar n tn Patient #1 had a 95% reduction three days post treatment and 89% reduction seven days post treatment. The initial viral load for patient 1 was 5.3 x 10(5) viral units per ml of blood (IU/ml). Patient 1’s viral load seven days post treatment was 5.7 x 10(4) IU/ml. Patient #2 had a 85% reduction three days post treatment and 50% reduction seven days post treatment. The initial viral load for patient 2 was 9.2 x 10(6) IU/ml. Patient 2’s viral load seven days post treatment was 4.6 x 10(6) IU/ml.
2207631 tn?1369848423 From Hectors post "DR. says if I can hold on there are drugs coming thru for FDA approval, with high success rate, unlike inter-feron " "GENO-1" It appears your doctor is misinformed about the new treatment that has applied for FDA approval by Gilead. For genotype 1 treatment naive patients, the treatment will be Sofosbuvir in combination with RBV and peg-IFN for patients with genotype 1, 4, 5 and 6 HCV infection.
149675 tn?1416676733 I know that everyones experience is different but did not like the success rate of the original combo (peg and riba). I have heard from all the people over the years who go right for the treatment and doctors who tell them to go right for it, but it is a personal choice for me. i do not just follow blindly I want to do my homework always. I figured I would wait and then if something better came along I would be a TX niave patient.
Avatar n tn Hi, I just came back from my doctor's office (for those who don't know me I am/was 1b, between stages 2 and 3 on my biopsy 3 years ago, high viral load to begin with, 120 IU/ml at 12 weeks, undetectable at 24 weeks).I am on week 39 of Pegasys/Rebetol treatment. I asked my doctor what he thinks about extending treatment beyond 48 weeks and he said it's up to me. He can presribe another 12/24 weeks of treatment at either regular dose or reduced dose.
Avatar m tn If you are e-positive then the end of treatment is becoming e-negative. If you are e-negative then the end of treatment is less clear and needs further discussion.
Avatar m tn I'm not that up on co-infection but in general when people are co-infected the HCV can pose an equal or perhaps greater threat than the HIV. Success rates are not as good for co-infected groups. I am not up on the treatment protocols but you stand an excellent chance of beating the HCV virus if you stay the course. It would not surprise me if the treatment times would be extended longer than a basic geno 2 infection, not further complicated with HIV.
Avatar f tn I've only heard horrible things about this treatment (low success rate, side effects, etc.) Can anyone give me any advice in considering this treatment or help in finding something else? I feel like all of this has been sprung on me in the last two weeks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn am seriously considering going on treatment, but succes rate is low for my geno type (la). l was wondering if having 'unsuccessful' treatment had any benefit to the liver?
1814148 tn?1332489398 My LFT's have only ever been slightly elevated and ultrasounds have been unremarkable. My PCP doesn't think I should have treatment until I'm really sick and is reluctant to refer my back to the specialist as "it's a waste of time". I'm having difficulty understanding why I would not want to try to clear the virus asap. I understand my genotype is not favorable for remission.
Avatar n tn Serine Protease Inhibitors Many companies have pursued drugs designed to inhibit the HCV serine protease enzyme, based on the success of protease inhibitors in HIV treatment. As with HIV, the hepatitis C virus encodes a protease enzyme essential for viral replication. However the HCV protease has proven a more difficult target due to the shape of the molecule. While many compounds have demonstrated antiviral efficacy in vitro, few have moved into human studies.
29837 tn?1414538248 He also mentioned that it will be at least six years before there’s a treatment without Interferon and the nasty Ribavirin. Can you wait? To his3707 As to your question of how do you go about getting the "compassionate use" of Telaprivir before its release? Aside from begging, you have your doctor fill and present a series of documents to the FDA and eventually Vertex. Search my archives on this and it will tell you everything, including where you can download the documents, etc...
Avatar f tn It’s most important function is to act as a barometer to treatment; it will help determine the rate of response, and doesn’t necessarily correlate with disease severity. Continue to read and ask questions; getting informed is your best defense. Good luck with your biopsy results, and let us knw the outcome.
Avatar m tn Also, there is a treatment protocol of adding Interferon to Tenofovir after several years of undetectable viral load that has a high success rate of clearing the virus. If you dislike taking a pill daily for a long time, you may like to consider the 48 week treatment with pegylated interferon. Under ideal conditions, such as low level of HBsAg, this treatment offers a chance of a cure, it can also lead to your Hepatitis coming under control if you are a responder.
Avatar n tn Lifestyle choices impact the success of the treatment for those who treat. No doubt about it. For most people, getting the lifestyle in order prior to treatment and going into a course of treatament in "good shape" improves the chances of success and can reduce the discomfort of side effects. It takes work and commitment. Overweight people have two strikes....
4950316 tn?1394188185 I was told not to take ANYTHING other than regular food that was not approved by the doctor because you cant take a chance of an interaction that would diminish or increase the affects of the treatment drugs. I dont think they would approve the use of heroin. You dont want to mess with these treatment drugs. His doctor will have approved meds he can use for pain and nausea, anemia, rashes, etc.! I was not even able to take my statin drug.
Avatar n tn Has anyone used Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment for HVC related liver and other intestinal damage? I'm on a transplant list with a MELD of 15. I never opted for Interferon. Late in the game when HVC was discovered and I have the most resistant genotype. It was highly recommended by my primary heptologist, but one of the country's most respected infectious disease specialists told me last year I would just have been injecting side effects. It's my second time on the list in 2 years.
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
1711722 tn?1356491154 I believe I have read too much about the SVR rate in African-Americans -- which is making me think twice about this treatment. End the end I just want to make sure it was worth it. Anyway sorry for the rant but if anyone has any tips on how to get through this that would be great! Like I said I am only a week in. Tx's okay so far...worst are when I take the shot. Again this is just week 1, my second shot is on Tuesday morning.
Avatar m tn The doctor is very excited about the new non interferon treatments. But I am seeing here that many have had mixed results with it. Is is 90% success rate? PS If there are certain posting policies that I am not doing right please let me know.
181575 tn?1250202386 This little methyl group meant the difference in renal toxicity that made tenofovir a blockbuster in HIV and now also coming up in HBV, while poor Adefovir was dying in HIV development and was schlepped to an underdosed ( because of the renal toxicity) semipale existence in HBV teatment. Any beginning resistance to Adefovir ( which has about 30% breakthrough after 5 years of use, as you probably know) prepares for a future resistance to Tenofovir, becouse of its chemical similarity.
Avatar m tn 1 how much risk of getting hiv infection is there in my situation. 2 weather i am having right kind of medication. 3 what is success rate of PEP in general. waiting for reply....
1323976 tn?1279581232 “Wild type” is the dominate virus “Mutants” mutations of the parent “wild type” virus * (First and foremost) Mutants are there all the time in every person with chronic HCV. HCV mutates more rapidly then HIV. HCV has a high rate of replication with approximately one trillion particles(!) produced each day in an infected individual.