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Avatar n tn 1,2) None of your symptoms are typical of HIV. Even if they were, test results always outweigh symptoms in diagnosing HIV infecitons. ALWAYS. Accordingly, your test results prove HIV isn't the cause. I have no comment about stress or other possible causes; that's an issue for your personal health care provider. But since you raise the issue of psychological care, I suspect that is your only health problem.
Avatar f tn My Dr said you are supposed to get tested for it just to be safe and because now days so many babies are born with HIV or gonorrhea.
Avatar m tn This was after an encounter with a CSW in China where HepB is endemic (around 25% of population i believe) I have found that studies in 1989 have shown passive seroconversion in babies for HIV after HBIG shot due to the presence of HIV antibodies in the pooled plasma. My question is as follows: Is this HBIG shot likely to effect an HIV test in 2 weeks time (28 days post exposure)? What are the chances of an increased false positive?
Avatar f tn First, you cannot transmit HIV to your unborn baby. HIV is contracted via blood, semen, breastmilk and vaginal fluids. The only risk to your baby would be during birth- and in that case they'd deliver them very carefully via c-section. If you were HIV positive your doctor would definitely notify you; whether they wait until your next appointment or not is per their discretion. Most of the time, if it is negative, they never bring the tests up.
Avatar f tn Is Hiv testing mandatory while your pregnant? I live in ny and today when i went to my ob the front desk wanted me to sign a paper for hiv testing and she said it was mandaroy and required by law BUT ON THE paper clearly said its voluntary any input??! I got tested in july and i know im clean just gets me upset that they said its mandatory i refused to sign and the lady was really annoyed and angry. Is this true??
Avatar m tn They also say the 3 month (12 week) window is the time to test, and that's based on research showing no difference in the outcome when testing at 12 weeks and testing afterward. They are very friendly on the line too.
Avatar m tn ( They recommend yearly HIV testing for EVERYONE no matter that only 1% of the population in the US has it and the vast majority of folks are in too low of risk categories to even make it worth the time and money but they don't recommend HSV testing for everyone routinely even though over 60% of the adult population has hsv1 orally which can be transmitted to a partner and is also the cause of 30% of all new genital herpes infections and 25% of the population has hsv2.
Avatar m tn 1,2) Your negative test result are reliable and I see no need for further testing. 3) None; see above. 4) You didn't need testing for any of the infections you mention, if this is your only potential STD exposure. All sexually active persons (outside mutually monogamous relationships) should be tested from time to time for chlamydia and gonorrhea, so you might talk to your provider about having them now if not done recently. But not because of the specific exposures you describe here.
Avatar f tn According to the cdc website you should ask your OB for testing because not all doctor's routinely Do std testing just because of pregnancy... i know with my first my doctor asked if i wanted std testing with this one they didnt say if they were doing tests for that or not... alot of people think just because they get a pelvic exam/swab they are getting tested for std's as well and thats not true..
Avatar n tn I think receiving oral sex has negligible risk, atleast the doctors says so (you are only exposed to her saliva which is a good inhivator of hiv and even it does contain some hiv the amount is very low to affect you). So the odds are in your favour. Just try to relax a bit and wait for your results. I think you can give them a call on friday and probably they will have your result by that time. I understand that anxiety can kill you (it's the same for me), but I am sure you will be fine.
Avatar f tn He has had 2 babies by 2 different women while we are married. I was fighting the other woman the other day and stood by my husband in front of her. I did not make him leave or anything. I am not sure if something is wrong with me for the fact that I stay with him. Should I leave him? Can someone give me any advice on how to handle this.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have seen many different time frames on when to get an hiv test done. I have always heard 6 months, but on the internet it often says 3 months and on these forums 6 weeks......I had unprotected sex 4 months ago. I am pregnant and very scared for fear of passing it to the baby. My fears are preventing me from getting the test and I keep making up excuses to not get it done like "it's too early to tell" and stupid stuff like that. So, my first question is 1.
Avatar n tn Not one person contracted hiv in that study with one of the couples was negative and one was positive. You've tested out way beyond the scope of HIV testing. It's time you look into getting mental help for you unwarranted worries.
Avatar n tn One concern is floating stools for the past month. I suppose DNA testing would make it clear. Any ideas where to send clothing for testing? With all that said I wonder if my possible exposure is considered high risk and if so how far out I need to test? I tested negative at the six week mark.
101028 tn?1419606604 • The Gay Men’s Health Clinic in North Park, run by Family Health Centers of San Diego, offers STD and HIV testing on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. • UCSD offers HIV testing through the “Early Test” research study. Other places that offer STD and HIV tests are listed at or Third, remember to get tested every three to six months. It can be hard to keep track of when you’re due for your next round of tests.
Avatar f tn Nobody knows a thing bout HIV-symptoms, anonymous test, risk exposure, the existence of a treatment or eventually the “living with” part. Young educated people give up their lives knowing that’s “no after” –no work, no socialization, no family……and they are right….Society does not give them a chance :people are afraid to touch them, to employ them, to form magnet couples, to have babies. I really know it’s like this.
Avatar f tn For the life of me I can'nt understand WHY,WHY, do they not test women for hepititis c when pregnant!!They test for hiv and everything else !! it Angers me that I HAVE HCV i HAD THREE BABIES AND WAS NEVER TESTED ! WHERE'S THE LIABILITY it should be a law ! I love my children and woulden't tradem for the world!!!But if i'd known i could have infected them at birth maybe i WOULD HAVE WAITED TO TREAT BEFORE HAVEING MORE ! now i have to deal w/ this stress too!! IT'S NOT RUTINE WELL IT SHOULD BE !
652407 tn?1300740799 // 21. July 2010 Early HIV treatment can save more children's lives Efforts worldwide on access to treatment for children with HIV have reached a new milestone, with 355 000 children receiving life-saving HIV treatment at the end of 2009, compared to 276 000 at the end of 2008; but many more lives could be saved if more infants started on medication earlier according to new recommendations from WHO.
936016 tn?1332769204 // ) and also our information on novel testing methods for more information ( ) What happens during seroconversion? The article ( ) also gives a rough timeline of the different stages of HIV infection. Day 0: A person is infected with the HIV virus.
Avatar n tn but there are many one who says very low risk to theoratical risk. why?
Avatar m tn RNA PCR tests are most frequently used for screening blood donations and donor organs for HIV, while DNA PCR tests are used for testing newborn babies born to HIV positive mothers. Both types of test can be used to measure the amount of virus that is present within a person's body (when they will usually be referred to as 'viral load' tests).
Avatar n tn cuz she comes from south asian country where % of Hiv is 1% ,it seems quite high for me cuz my country only 0,05% carries HIV ,other fact is she has 2 babies -Thank u meworried for ur answer,I know that maybe i wrote some stupid things but 2 weeks ago I have no knowledge about hiv and i was very scared,now i feel better and hope everything would be ok but i am not certain yet: give me 2 answers yet risk increases when a girl has menstruation? 2.
Avatar m tn NIAID-supported investigators are conducting an abundance of research on all areas of HIV infection, including developing and testing preventive HIV vaccines and new treatments for HIV infection and AIDS- associated opportunisitc infections. Researchers also are investigating exactly how HIV damages the immune system. This research is identifying new and more effective targets for drugs and vaccines.
Avatar m tn Posted on medhelp (you can check out the thread under HIV prevention) and Dr. Hook said no testing required 3. Went and met two renowned specialists in my city (at leading hospitals) and they assured me it was low risk and did not recommend any specific testing except for my peace of mind. 4. I have had 3 tests over the past 7 weeks at 3,4 and 6 weeks respectively on 4th Gen P24 + Antibody assays, the lab director says 'no need to test anymore' as do the other doctors I have spoken to.
Avatar f tn I don't know what to believe about HIV testing. I tested negative for HIV at 6 weeks and then 12 weeks after a needle stick from an HIV negative patient. I'm not comfortable with the negative HIV result from the patient because he could have been in the window period. My baby that I'm breastfeeding keeps getting sick with colds every month and the week I tested HIV negative at 12 weeks, she had a viral rash and fever and ear infection. I am told to seek mental health help.
Avatar m tn Your anxiety however is making you think it might be HIV. If you cannot relax, get yourself tested after 4 weeks via a HIV Duo test, however I would not recommend testing from the information you have provided.
Avatar f tn ( Few questions are thre please hlp me answer them . 1. Am i prone to hiv or std (any ) by sucking hiv infected fluid or milk for 10 minutes ? 2. If i am infected , can i paas this to my family anyways ? We used to share eACh n everything ( restroom , utensils , towels ...... ) 3. I had a fresh cut in my mouth ? M i prone this way ? 4 . Is testing warranted in my case for hiv or any std ? 5.
Avatar f tn Please don't worry, what a horrid man refusing to share the results, no wonder your so worried but I think after those tests you did you should be fine, I work for a HIV charity and I am HIV its called sahir house we have branches within London also Terrence higgans trust if you don't fancy the hospital.
Avatar m tn I was talking to one of the OBY nurse practitioners at our clinic today and she also practices at nearby Albany Medical Center which is a large regional hub for the treatment of HIV. Because of the co-infection rates of HIV and HCV they see a lot of pregnant women with HCV and she says emphatically that C-sections are not and should not be routinely reccommended for HCV infected women.
Avatar n tn What group of people are having an alarming increase of HIV? Hetros.. I don't know what testing facility they go to, but I can tell you right now that where I go there are more hetro's than gays and it is alarming to the clinic. Hetros think that HIV is still just a gay disease and people like you push the information in that direction that is totally incorrect.