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Avatar m tn Also had ghonorrea swab test after 1 week of exposure and came back negative. Is this window period correct for ghonorrea? Is it too early? Symptoms: No discharge, just frequent urination and icthy urethra some times (12 days after exposure), but i had this before when feeling anxious. Have discomfort in the perineal area. Does this sounds like STD sympotms?
Avatar m tn hiv window period is 12week~84day izzit?what gerenation elisa hiv test also is 12week hiv window period?i need to any test agian? can i move on now and stop worry hiv?can i unproteced sex with my wife now?sorry for my bad english...
Avatar n tn I know that there is a window for HIV, but given the negative results for STD can I quit worrying about the HIV and the "window" remaining?
Avatar m tn Viral Load tests are not an approved test for early detection of HIV. One can be infected with HIV and not have a detectable viral load. It's a total waste of money. If one has had an exposure, the best one can do is use condoms for vaginal or anal sex until they have received their conclusive negative result and are in a monogamist relationship. It's that simple.
Avatar m tn Is the Chemiluminscence HIV test a standard and a modern HIV test, the reason being all these forums usually talk about the Elisa tests and other rapid tests.
Avatar m tn i have various ars up to now? i got tested with the determine rapid hiv test@ 21 weeks post exposure and it was neg. advice me guys iam going crazy over the symptoms. is the test coonclusive?
Avatar m tn Doc, I live in Indonesia, i have an unprotected sex with a csw, i am very worried and goes to testing frenzy, i know that the window period for HIV test is 3 month, after 3 weeks of exposure my doc suggest i test my cd4 and the result is 1140 with cd4 percentage 36%, on 5th week i tested my cd4 again and the result is 1042 and the cd4 percentage is 34%, as i cant wait for a 3 month window i have an hiv test on the 40th days (PCR RNA test and HIV antibody test using CMIA, ELFA, and MIA method a
Avatar m tn At the 4 week mark the woman who performed oral sex on me and I both tested negative for HIV via and antibody test. Please understand that I have had extreme anxiety over this situation and every little symptom I am having I contribute to HIV when I should probably be chalking them up to stress, anxiety, allergies, and a cold. I have been told that receiving oral sex is not a risk for HIV, I guess I need to hear it one more time. Do you agree with Teak that I do not have and HIV concern?
Avatar n tn Your test is final and conclusive.
Avatar n tn Dear doctor, after ready views and concern about people i decided to take hiv/aids elissa test today morning which came negative,should i consider this test to be 100 percent accurate, the nurse said something about window period antigens are ok and they didn't find any hiv, so if a person has slept with somebody who has aids can the test still detect the aids virus after 2 or 3 years even when a person is close enough to die with aids do they still produce antibodies?
Avatar m tn My "encounters" I know would be classed as zero risk activities on this and other respected forums, but anxiety leads me to probably having to test for peace of mind. French kissing (multiple) events Mutual masturbation Protected oral (receiving) No penetrative sex Events occurred over a 3 month period with various sex workers, with the last being 30 days ago.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have been reading this (and other) forums and I could not figure out one issue. I'd like to be tested for HIV, but I am waiting the window period. Most experts say that modern HIV tests are much more sensitive than the previous ones, that is why the window period would be shorter nowadays. However, oraquick (only as a example) is perhaps one the most common test in US (free cost - I don't have health insurance). But as far as I know it is only 2nd generation.
Avatar m tn The DUO test is an HIV test that looks for antibodies for HIV-1 and HIV-2 and also looks for evidence of the p24 protein which is on the surface of the HIV particle.The advantage of testing for p24 is that this indicator of HIV infection can be detected earlier than with tests that only looked for HIV antibodies.
Avatar m tn Can HIV ANTIBODY TEST(ELISA<HIV ! & ANTIBODY) test after 6 months fi fully conclusive????? I hb done ELISA test aftr 6 mnths of exposure???? Can I be 100% confident tat I m HIV negetive as the test came back non reactive with ANTIBODY 0.020 OD........will I have to test aftr ! yr?
Avatar m tn kissing someone on a pimple...ALTHOUGH not a risk for contracting hiv.
Avatar m tn he had oral sex, so not really test nedeed, the PCR DNA HIV test does have a shorter window period of 15 days, but this test also have a false positive rate of 2-8% so its really high, just imaging how worried or desperate you will be if you had a false positive, a test at 6 weeks is 95% accurate, and at 3 months conclusive
Avatar m tn 3 months has been the official,conclusive hiv window period for the last 7 years. The 6 month window period is OUTDATED and WRONG.
Avatar m tn Whats the longest window period of time reported that it takes a person to find out if they are HIV or not..?? Please answer my question..I'm getting crazy with this all symtomps.. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/HIV---Prevention/The-longest-window-period/show/1704462">The longest window period</a>.