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Avatar n tn okey....
Avatar m tn Thank you for answering I meant steping on a needle accidentally Not injecting myself. And that needle was contaminated.
Avatar f tn Welcome to the HIV Forum. There is little risk to you for HIV from the exposure you describe. it is not clear if your oral sex was condom protected or not. If both your oral and your vaginal sex was condom protected, there is no risk and no reason for concern, nor any reason to abstain for fear of giving something to a partner.
Avatar m tn Your situation involves personal contact with an object in air (mouth, lips, saliva, air etc.). You will be happy to learn that you had no risk, because you can't get hiv from personal contact except unprotected penetrating vaginal or anal, neither of which you did and you didn't share hollow needles to inject with which is the only other way to acquire hiv - there are only 3 ways to get hiv.
Avatar n tn I would for some unknown reason rather test privately. I have seen an advert for ORAQUICK RAPID HIV 1/2 ANTIBODY TEST which you cillect saliva around the gums on a swab then its tested..What i dont understand is i was under the impression that hiv wasnt present in saliva and that it killed the hiv virus,,,my question is will this test be reliable?
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with gonorrhea and about to finish treatment. I also had a test for hiv and syphilis which came back negative. The test was done around 26-27 days from my last sexual encounter. I used the condom for the sex. Here's the thing the girl put the condom through her mouth and my doctor said that her saliva might have dropped when she was unrolling the condom as the logical explanation on how i got infected.
Avatar m tn UK is 12 weeks for a blood test, 14 for saliva, plasma non full blood. Should be fine, did you not discuss this with the Clinician before or after?
Avatar n tn hi thier, around month ago which is more than 14 weeks post exposure with CSW protected i developed thick saliva that is really bothering me. is thick saliva symptom of HIV?
Avatar f tn HIV is inactivated in saliva so no one can get it from oral. So you wasted your time testing. Go back to your happy life because you had no risk.
Avatar n tn Regarding the efficacy of home testing kits, they are as reliable at 12 weeks as blood drawn test. But something you've written concerns me. You stated..........."It is important to protect us,cause it is so convinient that we can test our partner before sex anyway.
Avatar m tn i had a cranker sore few days ago in my mouth and i ate some spaghetti with a people who has hiv together . will i get infected? cause his saliva in the spaghetti may touch my cranker sore. thanks a lot . when shoud i get a test? six weeks or 3 months? if i am negative after three month. am i ok?
Avatar m tn Three and a half months ago, I was with a prostitute her unknown condition * about HIV *,she set on top of me and she rubbed her vagin on my unprotected penis for 30 second I tried to insert the penis by force but did not enter. I did a quick test of the antibodies hiv. I did not known witch génération after 3 months and one week (after 14 weeks). The result of the test was negative 0, 54, is the result conclusive and what is the meaning of the figure 0. 54 in the result ??
Avatar m tn test du depistage sur automate minividas 0,09 s/co negatif . after 12 weeks i did a test in morocco : ag / ac hiv 1.2 NEGATIF 1- is what I have done tests reliable? 2- is what the tests in Morocco is excellent?
Avatar f tn Hi, I had a protected oral and vaginal sex with an sex worker on 6th June,after we finished I touched the condom and she removed the condom,after I washed my penis with water and I left, I was worried bit and I had HIV Duo test on 3rd, 4th and 8 week..all came negative..bit worried.. How conclusive is the result..
Avatar n tn Saliva have virus or not?........A met HIV+poz gay end his fingering my anus with his saliva end spit..A see lat of spit inter my anus.thanks.
Avatar n tn Doctors have calculated the risk from what you describe to be less than that of being hit by a meteor, therefore no one will get HIV from what you did in the next 40 years of your life either. The above HIV science is 40 years old and very well established, so no detail that you can add to your encounter will change it from zero risk.
Avatar m tn i know you have good knowledge about hiv, but do the hiv doctors say the same thing for mutual masturbation with saliva, according to your studies and knowledge?
Avatar n tn and what are the symptoms 3) Rapid Test- should be done after how many days, is it reliable, and after how many days should the Hiv Antibody test be done. And both the test should be done for how many years to confirm that you are not infected.