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Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex with a friend, 28 days after that se tested negative on a 4th generation test, i tooked an hiv test after 90 days but the lab told me that due to holidays the result will be available after 7 days and that they will refrigerate the sample until then. My question is if hiv will still detectable in that conditions.
Avatar n tn Hello, this question if for an HIV infection specialist. Person 1: HIV 4th Gen test (collected 14 AUG 2017), results posted 24 AUG 2017 with comment "additional testing required" and a confirmatory panel was run reflexively by the lab-- HIV-1 ab: serum neg. HIV-1+2 Ab Rapid: Serum HIV-1 neg / HIV-2 neg. HIV-1 RNA: Serum neg. HIV interpretation neg. Band patterns to P18, P24, P31, P40, GP41, P51, P65, GP 120, GP160: all 0.0.
Avatar m tn thanks in advance can you advice on my below result? pcr test HIV I & HIV II Abs+p.24 Ag 0.
Avatar f tn ) I went to lap and they took sample of my blood , and i duno what they did do with it but its antibodies test and the result came next day , and the one i did earlier was oraquick test ، mouth swap ، and the last one was exactly 2 months after my exposure
Avatar m tn So, on 20th Oct, the lab re-ran the test on my stored blood sample and the result was Negative. Is the DUO test on stored blood sample still reliable?
Avatar m tn i took my final test (18 weeks) but lab said sample is missing.
Avatar f tn So today I went to get an std check at a clinic in Tanzania, I told the guy testing to test me for syphilis, he took a urine sample and it came back positive. This clinic and lab were really dirty and the lab looked like it wasn't well equipped, but it was supported by various govt and NGOs for testing HIV. After some research I found out that syphilis is detected through a blood sample, nothing about urine.
Avatar m tn i have taken HIV ELISA test after exposure of 5 months it came negitive the lab report is SAMPLR RECEIVED DATE 09/01/2015 SAMPLE TYPE SERUM HIV 1 & 2 ANTIBODIES BY EIA Test Description : HIV 1 & 2 Antibody TEST REPORT : NEGATIVE METHOD : ELISA O Interpretation Sample Reading 0.61 Cut off value 1.00 Positive >1.00 Negative <1.00 O NOTE Please Correlate Clinically can anyone please explain me the result.
Avatar m tn - 2 Weeks 3rd Gen Lab Base test by Abbott (Negative) - 6 Weeks 4th Gen AB/AG Combo by Abbott Architect Lab Base (Non Reactive - value 0.11 ) < 1 is non reactive - 9 Weeks 4th Gen AB/AG Combo by Abbott Architect Lab Base (Non Reactive - Value 0.74) < 1 is non reactive STD Check @ 6 Week :Syphilis, GO, HSV1, HSV2 all clear. Than assumption on the exposure i'm clear from STD during Exposure that also lower my Risk as ONLY have ONE exposure outside monogamous partnership ??
Avatar m tn Cutoff value : 1.00 Sample Rate: 0.04 What does it means. Is the testing method accurate...I am not known with the testing method... " Experts Comment Please...
Avatar f tn Couple of days I had pain in my left testicles and then burn sensation and blood at end of urination the doctor took urine sample and gave me antibiotic for a week until getting result back from the lab Within the week no more blood and burn but the urine test came back negative so I started be worried again of HIV as there is no clear diagnosis to my symptoms I decided to do another test doctor here in UK told me I thrust the duo test result but I will repeat it for you.
Avatar n tn Sorry if I seem to be dwell on this point, but the reactive test have thrown me quite a bit. Also could you tell, if possible if the blood sample taken from me two days earlier by the gum clinic, would have picked up the antibodies, if there were any. As the private clinic took my blood two after the gum clinic. Thank you I will try and move on, if you are able to address these points.
Avatar f tn Why it took long time in London if it positive the laboratory will repeat the test on the same sample to confirm the result right ?
Avatar m tn You can be confident your test result was accurate and you can be sure the repeat test will also be negative. You don't have HIV.
Avatar n tn I was exposed to HIV. I had a HIV antibody and antigen test 5 years later. ( Blood sample) . It came back negative. I am aware that there is a 3 month window period.. But my question is... Would there still be HIV antibodies (antibodies that the blood test will pick up) in the body after 5 years of exposure ?? (assuming u were HIV positive). Thank you.
Avatar n tn I asked him to also order a HIV and syphilis blood test because my dr did not test me for those last time. We're trying to cover all the bases. He said that the blood test was not "wrong", it just means I still havent built up the antibodies. He told me I could retest my blood in 3 months if I wanted to. If I get a second positive culture, I'm still going to do the blood test. Not because I think the tests were wrong, but just to make sure I'm developing antibodies properly.
Avatar n tn I don't know if it's the correct forum) 1 Month after the no risk exposure that I described previously (Protected vaginal sex - unprotected oral sex) I did a test which came back negative for all stds including Hiv. I know it was too early but it was a no risk exposure so I decided not to do another test. One week ago (9 Months after the no risk exposure) I did an HIV Test (Even if there was no need, I have a new girlfriend now and I wanted to be 100% sure that I don't have Hiv).
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Avatar n tn It is almost never possible to find a reason for a false positive HIV test result. Don't waste your time. That's definitely all for this thread. Do your best to move on.
Avatar m tn - HIV 1 and 2 antibodies and p24 antigen test (HIV DUO or HIV Combi test) This HIV test is licensed in the EU for use after 28 days after a possible exposure. It is probably much better than this and will probably identify the majority of newly infected HIV positive individuals at between 14 and 21 days. This HIV test is referred to as a fourth generation HIV test. Certainly in our clinic we have had many new diagnoses of patients using this HIV DUO test combination in that time frame.
Avatar n tn Hi, How reliable is the Oraquick Advance rapid HIV test with oral mucosal transudate? I was tested 18 months after exposure and the test was negative but recently there has been research indicating that oral test is not as reliable as blood test or finger prick. Is that true? Do I need to be tested with finger stick? It states that the sensitivity is not as great as the blood test, approximately 98% with oral sample compared to 99.
Avatar m tn Hi. I have been exposed to a little risk of HIV..I would like to do the test for the peace of my mind.. I have already missed the 28 days mark..what could be the next best time to get tested ? Is it at the completion of 3 months ? Or I can do it as per my convenience ? Is it good to the test as early as possible or I can delay it to couple of months ?
Avatar m tn Can blood draw pass hiv ? When giving blood for sample !! Hi all, I went to a diagnostic centre last month & gave blood for hiv screening they have done & it came out negative.
Avatar m tn Dear Dr, On 2 Sept 2009, I accidently had unprotected Vaginal & Oral sex with a un known girl , now on 21.09.2009, i got my test for HIV ie. HIV 1 & 2 Anibody & P 24 Antigen Combo Test ( CMIA), the result showed Non Reactive, but still the Interpretation showed that : Index Value : 0.17, Result : Non Reactive result implies that antibodies to HIV1/2 have not been detected in the sample by this method.
Avatar m tn sir i thnk that if he was HIV INFECTED then i can also be,,, for solving this confusion, i was tested HIV 1,2 antibody screening test named as HIV 1,2 and p24 antigen test COMB test(CMIA) at 1st april 2011 in Dr. LAL paths in INDIA(i m an indian)in which index value was 0.14 which is non reactive..... sir may i satisfy from this test that i m negative for HIV or any re test require for me......
Avatar m tn Post in the HIV forum. As for STD test, you had a low risk and no real reason to test. It should be first catch and at least 1hr after last urine.