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Avatar m tn Well the time has just about arrived for the over the counter HIV rapid tests--this will encourage more people to test and infection rates will obviously go down--I congratulate the FDA and the Obama administration--by the way--I look forward to President Obamas second term in office--he will win by a country mile.
Avatar m tn However recently i am a bit more worried since I am going to be married. I heard that there is an over the counter antibiotic (I think ceftriaxone) and I just need to take one dose of it. Can I take it?
Avatar m tn even though week 5 I took herpes test, and week 7 i took the antibody,vdrl and culture(urine test ) which the results are negative... Im on week 9 My stomach has kinda been achy since Monday and last(Thursday) night i felt a cold coming on. so i took some over the counter cold medicine . i woke up this morning (Friday) and continued taking cold meds. I have notcie a small red bump on my left upper ribcage and one by lower ab area. could this a rash? ..there is no redness around it.
Avatar f tn Had a encounter with a girl But the condom break her HIV status is negative but i dont Believe her she test in the uk and told me that the clinic over there give results over text messages and send it to me.I tested at 27 days with 4 generation hiv test and it was negative but im still feel sick. The first week i was feeling tired,achy feverish but no fever.
Avatar m tn with these tests now available over the counter…would you "think" that someone could get infected from the test??? NO WAY ! ! !
Avatar m tn Currently, the only over the counter FDA approved home use HIV tests are the OraQuick HIV home test and the Home Access Test. It's much cheaper to just go to your local STD clinic for a free rapid HIV test. They know what they are doing, are using quality FDA approved tests, and can do the follow up confirmatory testing that your will need if the antibody test is reactive.
Avatar m tn Hi, Does anyone know of an over the counter test kit for HIV in Australia?
Avatar m tn The medications you have taken - both the corticosteroids and the antihistamines will NOT affect your HIV test result at all. You can be confident that you are HIV negative.
Avatar n tn Does anybody know if taking St John's Wort or over the counter pain killers, asprin etc , effects a HIV blood test? I remember being asked at my 4 week test if I had taken certain medication, but can't remember what they asked me, my mind was else where. I don't want to go for my 12 week test to be told come back in a week or so, because I have taken medication.
Avatar m tn I found out he is HIV positive. I had the ELISA test done and it showed negative for antibodies. I am curious about the likelihood (for instance a percentage) that I have been infected still despite that showing a negative since it was so short ago. I am desperate for help, I have been so worried. Please any help is desired! Thank you!
Avatar m tn That would be stuff like chemotherapy - not over-the-counter meds or any common medication.
Avatar m tn I became extremely paranoid about the episode and begun experiencing skin tenderness, burning sensations and night sweats after 2 or 3 days past the potential exposure; I took a over the counter test at week 1 past the episode, a rapid test @ planned parenthood at week 3, another rapid test @ planned parenthood at week 5, and then another rapid test @ week 8.
Avatar m tn I am assuming you took the over the counter oral fluid test. If that is the case, then you must test again at 84 days...12 weeks. 7 weeks negative is actually a good indication but unfortunately not really conclusive. Guessing at this with percentages serves little purpose. But seven weeks is very good but not conclusive.
Avatar f tn If it is of a real concern to you purchase an over the counter rapid test and obtain the results in just 20 minutes--I assume you live in the USA.
Avatar n tn Mono is caused by the Epstein Barr Virus. The treatment is rest, hydration, and possibly some over the counter medicines to treat the symptoms, like sore throat. There is no treatment for it. The diagnostic test is called a Mono-Spot test to test for antibodies made to something similar to the mono virus, called heterophile antibodies.
Avatar m tn Ah okay, I might do more research on the test and the manufacture. Just a question....why is the duo test considered conclusive or 99% accurate at 28 days here but other sites and country authorities say 12 weeks? The cdc says 12 weeks, aids Vancouver says 12 weeks...etc. I've heard French authorities say 6 weeks....Seems all confusing. This site speaks of the duo test and I've heard it's the norm test in why the different periods?
Avatar m tn I am a Non drug user so don't use needles or anything, sometimes i just take over the counter supplements for working out at the gym nothing serious. I don't know, the doctor just said not to be worried about it that I should be fine, but yeah the results do scare me because it never gave me a definitive answer. I find that very odd for it to do that especially at that point in time after exposure.
Avatar f tn The good news is that you can take ANY test right now and get a conclusive result. That means that even an over-the-counter test like Oraquick will give you your result, and you won't need to test or worry anymore.
Avatar m tn If so and you truely want to rule out hiv just go to the drug store and buy an over the counter hiv test named oraquick. It will give u results in 20 mins. Then you can go to the doctor because I think u have something else going on. This is what I would do if it were me.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor to talk to them about the experience (because I was paranoid) and they told me based on what I told them (protected sex worker experience) they think its highly unlikely that I contracted anything. However, for the past month ive had diarrhea and I took some over-the-counter medicine and its still not fully gone away.
Avatar f tn You in the US?
Avatar m tn I got cold and mild fever 3 months after the incident which subsided after taking an over-the-counter drug. I had another HIV test 8 months after the incident which was also negative. Now one year later, I am seeing some rashes on my body - most of them are itchy but a few non itchy and they are mostly on thighs, on my hand between shoulder and elbow and a few on my trunk. I will go for another test now but can somebody tell me if it may be HIV symptoms.
Avatar f tn I recently took an over the counter, Oraquick HIV test. I took the test and it was negative. When disposing of the test, I accidentally touched the test stick window and the swab. Also, when putting the cap back on the liquid some of it spilled on my hand where I have cuts because of the extremely dry and cold weather where I am, AND I bite my nails.
Avatar m tn i tried everything to make it go away over the counter meds to home remedies. It could still be there because when it first showed up i popped it and proceeded to keep popping it hoping it would go away. I also keep getting itchy bumps on my legs that look like misquito bites they dont crust over or anything but still worries me. & also i lost weight but i have been skateboarding city to city everyday don't know if that could be why but along with that i have a loss of apetite.
Avatar f tn if you want to set you mind at ease, there is an over the counter hiv screening test called oraquick. it runs about $50 and is quick and easy to use as well as being totally painless.
Avatar m tn She put me on an over the counter antihistamine (Claritin I think) for 3 weeks, and they went away. I suspect that if I'd started on them as soon as the hives started showing up, they would have been gone much sooner.
Avatar n tn There has been no fever so far but I have been taking cold / flu over the counter medication. It feeks like bad cold n sore throat and also general weakness. Worrying that this might be ARS symptom. Anyone please could help me with the situation.
Avatar f tn I remember that day well because after getting a typical blood draw, I went out and saw a boy standing at the counter filling out his paperwork--he'd seen the nurse before me. He circled the top of the paper where it said "Hiv/AIDS related illness" and I remember feeling a little triggered but I kept my ground and was able to shake it off by going home and talking to my mom. I know I can't get it from being in the same room with sick people, using the same pens, etc.