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Avatar m tn KUDOS for using condoms ! ! ! nothing that you've described put you at risk for contracting hiv. oral sex does not transmit hiv...there's over a dozen different proteins and enzymes in the mouth that render hiv unable to infect. protected sex = safe sex. continue to use condoms for vaginal / anal intercourse.
Avatar n tn Hi My girlfriend lives in Orlando , is 30 now and has 2 children (6 and 3 years old). In the past she had had risky behaviors, having unprotected sex while on drugs, from 15 to 20 years old approx. 10 years have passed and her health is good, her kids too. When i asked her about aids, she was upset, accusing me to ask a "question for ******". Of course it wasn't.
Avatar m tn Handsfield, I wanted to inform you that I took the 4th generation HIV Duo AB/AG test on 2/12/14 and just received the results today which were non-reactive. I know that this concludes that I didn't acquire HIV from anyone before my exposure on 1/27/2014 but I have a few questions. 1) I know that taking the Duo test at 16 days was too soon but is this a good indicator that I didn't acquire HIV from my exposure described above on 1/27/2014? 2) I have read in other post from Dr.
1707113 tn?1307913044 Unfortunately, I cannot find one that offers what is called the P24 and elisa test togther or the p24 test at all or when I call, they act like they have not heard of a 4th generation test which I believe is what these two test together are considered? I live in the Orlando area. The seem to offer the RNA or PCR test included with the elisa but from my understanding these are not accurate test if I am looking for a test at the 4 week period of possible exposure?
1218873 tn?1300094816 Well I manged to do the urodynamics test, I was a complete mess but the nurse & Dr were very good and did all they could to put me at my ease. There were parts I did find painful, very embarrising, and several puddles, it took about an 2 hours including talking over the results. They found I had both severe stress and severe urge incontence . So I asked the question "is this connected to the neurological problems I have been experiencing?
Avatar m tn The next morning, I bought an Oraquick 20-minute home test from a local drug store and took it right away. The test said said it was negative, but I was still uneasy due to the fact that it was only the 4th week, and it is recommended to take the test at 6 weeks. It's been 2 weeks since then, and I've gone through it all since then. I've developed severe anxiety about the whole thing. I can't function at all. I'm not the same person anymore.
242985 tn?1192591669 I've read Syphilis causes rash on hands, get tested for that as well. As for HIV, based on your exposure, etc., I still think you will test NEG. Don't give up hope!
Avatar m tn A p24combi test is the best option for you.The test looks for both p24antigen and antibodies.
Avatar m tn but I've also experienced what I think may be hot flashes, I'm honestly not sure though, its just that lately I feel really hot sometimes and I don't know why. My doctor says I'm just stressed from school and work. I googled all of my symptoms and HIV popped up! I'm EXTREMELY concerned because I do not know this guy at all. He was a black college male who attends school in Orlando, FL.
Avatar n tn but I always been a very healthy grl very healthy I hardly ever ever get cold.. I was tested for an imigration test for hiv and I'm not sure if they tell u or my parnets if u have something wrong..cus at the time I was 17..but my parnets never told me anything. And nothing happen but yeah now I been dating a girl for 4 months I love her soo much and I always have unprotected sex and oral with her. I ask her about her having hiv. And she told me she is negative and she is a virgin .
Avatar m tn Even if you have oral thrush (which you may not -- white coated tongue isn't the same thing), most likely it is the result of broad spectrum antibiotic treatment. For additional reassurance, I recommend another HIV test -- preferably a blood test, either rapid or lab based. The negative result will be conclusive. Second, could your urinary symptoms be due to an STD from the events described? Here too, the answer is almost certainly no.
Avatar m tn took all the meds and that was last week.... Its been like a month now. Any suggestions? Should I go and actually test for hiv or stds? What does this sound like?
6708370 tn?1471493810 As soon as it was known that AIDS was caused by the HIV virus, and a test for HIV antibodies was developed, there was no longer a medical justification for the ban but it continued, largely as a result of societal attitudes towards homosexuality. Now, as of Dec. 2015, the lifetime ban has been lifted by the ARC.
Avatar m tn and i forgot to add, one of the thinghs that worried me a lot, was two days ago I got a pain in the left side of the ribs, was like something stabbing me, probably It was the spleen, and that day I had a lot of gases........................for all I described do I need to be tested, do I have a STD? please answer, any kind of disease?
Avatar m tn But the next blood test showed a viral load of 626. That was about two months ago. I have had one blood test just about 10 days ago, but will not know the results until one week from today, when I have a Dr.s appt. I discovered on my own the last viral load of 626 without the dr. ever even mentioning it. For over two weeks now, I've been really sick with some kind of bronchial infection. Coughed up pink sputum this morning, but not since then. Since I couldn't get an earlier appt.
Avatar m tn You were right the first test they ran was the standard blot antibodies test. I showed him the PCR and the lab he uses can check for it so I have to go give blood tomorrow. Hopefully I will find a answer. Thanks so much for the info!
Avatar f tn Hey, I went in yesterday for my 6 month HIV test and had a PCR RNA test. Waiting for the results now. I have an appointment with an ID specialist on the tenth of this month.
Avatar f tn Moreover, I read that there are studies which state that those who also tested positive for HSV1, had more of a likelihood of the HSV2 test being false. So I don't know if this is irrational speculation, but I tested negative for HSV1, so does that mean I have MORE of a chance of my HSV2 results being true? And the fact that I even tested with a 1.19 inclines me to conclude I have it definitely, correct? As in even though it's really low and maybe not active, I can still spread it?
Avatar n tn was up to 161 - doctor wants to repeat the test in 4 weeks. The test in December was not fasting, but my GP says that's fine. What could this test indicate? I have no specific symptoms (some minor dry skin, itching, mild bowel changes since c-section surgery) and all other tests including a cardiac echo were normal. Please let me know what this could be.
Avatar n tn Finally my doctor did the unthinkable. Blood test for HIV. The HCV is done at the same time. Dec. 20, 2002 was the day of the news. I was only able to take 7 treatments. Not to scare you but most all will tell you that the tx are not easy. Some are worse then others but you must try to keep your spirits up. If you are going to begin the tx, be sure to stay in touch with this forum. I found it only last week and wish I had known a year ago while do tx. The people here are great support.
Avatar m tn Hello to all of you. I'm Justin, 25, I live in Orlando. I will say, PATM reactions in this city are no fun at all. My first reaction was at a huge concert called "Sunset Music Festival " .... which is a HUGE RAVE with a lot of people. I didn't know what was going on and why my friends started sneezing, coughing, clearing their throats, etc. It was weird because everyone else in the crowds were as well, and when I got closer to them, the reactions were inbearable.
Avatar n tn Thanks be to the man upstairs that I didn't get that philthy chick pregnant, or get AIDS or HIV. But to comment on your post about getting sores. I got an outbreak the very next morning after I had sex, but it took me three years to break down and go see a doctor. In those three years, every outbreak I got went untouched, untreated, and went away on it's own.
Avatar f tn The protocols are still not to test the general population, probably because of medical economics - we all know how much treatment costs. Yet from my two years visiting this forum, I've read many posts from folks like myself who didn't fit into the profile and thus weren't tested until substantial liver damage had occurred, in some cases even cirrhosis.
Avatar m tn i insisted on the biopsy and found i have bridging fibrosis. at my 12 week point he denied me of my EVR TEST even after i begged him for one. i was already preparring for a fight over my request to be on tx longer because of no evr test and being so fat...(which changes my prospects of clearing at 24 weeks) well, i finally,changed insurance to a PPO,(one where the dr. actually gets paid for each thing he does to me by the insurance co.) and switched to a this system.
Avatar f tn Remember, you had a positive culture already from the lesion that grew HSV-1. Unless you have another test of the virus from the lesion, I think you should consider this HSV.
Avatar n tn You definatly have neurological symptoms and I'd demand a lyme test,especially Igenix(sp) a lab in California,they test through spinal fluid. It took me 2 years to get a DX of MS and had every test under and over the sun done. I just finished my second treatment of Solu-medrol IV infusions in 3 months,I'm hoping to get my MS under control ,as it has effected my legs a great deal. Professor you keep searching for a DX.
Avatar n tn I can tell you this its not the flu , it is however a virus and in the same family of Mono and CMV from what I've been able to find out from other sources there is a type of test for EBV that it may show up on (not the standard tests). I was never able to get that test done myself, mainly due to doctors not listening and cutting corners in Canada and the fact that I eventually completely recovered. At any rate here is what will work .
Avatar n tn I'm on the Central - East coast, East of Orlando, south of Cocoa Beach. Anyway, I'm praying for you today at Shands and I hope that everything goes well for you.
Avatar f tn you watch her drink it and no bathroom for 20 minutes so she wont throw it up, I dont think she could be on the max dose of 32mgs per day, the at home urine test you'll give her this should wake her up if fact you should have control of her suboxone so she cant sell them, or the dr could prescribe a weeks worth with 3 refills on it if hes giving her a months supply, If none of the above work then the only thing that will save her life is getting her commited or her going to prison for at least
Avatar m tn Cannabis Use in Teens Linked to Irreparable Drop in IQ Fran Lowry Apr 26, 2013 ORLANDO, Florida — Cannabis users who start smoking the drug as adolescents show an irreparable decline in IQ, with more persistent use linked to a greater decline, new research shows. On the other hand, adult-onset cannabis use is not linked to a decline in IQ.