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Avatar m tn took all the meds and that was last week.... Its been like a month now. Any suggestions? Should I go and actually test for hiv or stds? What does this sound like?
Avatar m tn t the same thing), most likely it is the result of broad spectrum antibiotic treatment. For additional reassurance, I recommend another HIV test -- preferably a blood test, either rapid or lab based. The negative result will be conclusive. Second, could your urinary symptoms be due to an STD from the events described? Here too, the answer is almost certainly no.
Avatar m tn I am a nineteen year old female who made a HUGE mistake during a recent Spring Break Trip. I was totally wasted and had an unprotected encounter with a guy. It only lasted a matter of minutes, like less than 5, and he did not ejaculate; there was also brief oral sex (me to him), which lasted under about 2-3 minutes or so (no ejaculation). Well about 2 days later I developed a rash all over my back, including my buttock. This was on March 13th, the encounter was on the evening of March 11.
1168180 tn?1265337332 Just wondering if anyone here is around Orlando. Hoping to get some info on some docs in the area.
Avatar f tn Does anyone in the Orlando area have a pituitary tumor? I am having a very hard time finding competent doctors. Anyone with any experience would be greatly appreciated.
6708370 tn?1471490210 As soon as it was known that AIDS was caused by the HIV virus, and a test for HIV antibodies was developed, there was no longer a medical justification for the ban but it continued, largely as a result of societal attitudes towards homosexuality. Now, as of Dec. 2015, the lifetime ban has been lifted by the ARC.
Avatar f tn Hello ladies I'm looking for a middle name to go along with Orlando Help please!!
Avatar m tn and i forgot to add, one of the thinghs that worried me a lot, was two days ago I got a pain in the left side of the ribs, was like something stabbing me, probably It was the spleen, and that day I had a lot of gases........................for all I described do I need to be tested, do I have a STD? please answer, any kind of disease?
3206391 tn?1345548398 I have had a partial thyrodectomy about 20 years ago due to nodules and cysts. The biopsy was fine so no cancer. I now have nodules in the right half of my thyroid. My endo ordered a needle biopsy which came back as not enough cells to determine. I went to see my dr. yesterday to see where we go from here and he told me he wouldn't be concerned if there had not been calfication (I do have calfication). That puts you at a much higher risk that it is cancer.
1320677 tn?1305757368 miami is nice but not kid friendly.. orlando has seaworl, disney, and universal. i think orlando is awesome....
Avatar m tn Hi there if you want to see a Doctor , Please see your Family Doctor he/she will take it from there , you don't say your age ?
1747881 tn?1546175878 Noel Carter, the South Florida bank employee who was repeatedly kicked, hit with a metal baton, shocked with a stun gun and blasted with pepper spray by Orlando police, has been formally charged in the incident, officials announced Friday. Prosecutors confirmed that Carter has been charged with battery on a law-enforcement officer, resisting an officer with and without violence and misdemeanor battery. Carter, 30, was arrested June 4 by Orlando police Officers Charles Mays and David Cruz.
Avatar f tn t get a local neurologist to take her on as her MRI shows no leisions, but she still needs help ,what can we do? We live in Orlando and she has trouble traveling because of panic disorder.
Avatar f tn I have to go to two different doctor one in winter haven and one in Orlando because I am high risk I have kidney problems and cant get Orlando like that because I don't drive in that area that's why I was wondering
Avatar f tn m in FL as well. Of course there is Orlando and Miami. Tampa has Busch Garden and the MOSI museum. We're fairly new to our area so we are still exploring too.
Avatar f tn I have no friends or family to help can't find Amy shelters in fl I'm in Orlando but prefer to be back in Daytona I can't get housing I have no job or car now I need help if anyone can help please help me please my baby daddy's are horrible horrible people message me for a phone number if u can I'm not sure how that works please
1707113 tn?1307909444 Unfortunately, I cannot find one that offers what is called the P24 and elisa test togther or the p24 test at all or when I call, they act like they have not heard of a 4th generation test which I believe is what these two test together are considered? I live in the Orlando area. The seem to offer the RNA or PCR test included with the elisa but from my understanding these are not accurate test if I am looking for a test at the 4 week period of possible exposure?