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Avatar m tn Oraquick is a second generation assay for the qualitative detection of HIV by saliva. Per the FDA, Oraquick was discovered to have a test window of 55 days to receive an initial reliable result. 3 months is the window period to receive a final result. This is due in part because saliva in the mucosal region of the gums has a lower presence of antibodies and are picked up later by saliva than blood. It is 99% accurate in negative results and 91.7 accurate in positive results.
Avatar m tn I read online that in late stages of hiv the loss of HIV-specific antibodies can lead to false-negative results on rapid HIV tests. Now I am concern that the two oraquick test that Ive taken might have been a false negative and that the one my husband took could have also given him a false negative..My husband had an encounter over 10 yrs ago so we decided to take the oraquick test..
Avatar m tn I'm just wondering if anyone out there has any idea how an orally administered test can detect the presence of HIV since HIV does not exist in saliva? It just doesn't make any sense to me. Does saliva start to create special digestive enzymes specific only when the body is infected with HIV?
Avatar m tn I'm reading that 2 in 25 may test negative on a oraquick test and be positive for hiv. I have taken several oraquick test leading up to 6 months. All negative including the one I took today. Can I rely on this result. My girl friend keeps having fevers and sore throats over the last 2 months.
Avatar m tn The gay men's health center in my city of residence offers the OraQuick rapid test with results in 20 minutes. They also collect blood samples for the longer test for which it takes 2 weeks to get results. I went to get such a test taken 2 weeks after possible exposure to HIV, and the rapid test did not detect any antibodies. The health center will give you the rapid test so long as it's at least 2 weeks, so I went on the 2 week mark. Should I have waited longer to take the rapid test?
Avatar m tn I read online that in late stages of hiv the loss of HIV-specific antibodies can lead to false-negative results on rapid HIV tests. Now I am concern that the two oraquick test that Ive taken might have been a false negative and that the one my husband took could have also given him a false negative..My husband had an encounter over 10 yrs ago so we decided to take the oraquick test..
Avatar m tn I took a hiv rapid test at 4 weeks, an ora quick at 7 1/2 weeks and then another oraQuick at 6 months and all were negative. I self administered the oraquick test and followed the directions very carefully. Are these test conclusion and can i move on?
Avatar f tn The oraquick test was a swab test. Does that change the accuracy? Also, I've read a few posts here that it is a low risk, so just curious how you can say that I am 100% in the clear?
Avatar f tn org/posts/HIV-Prevention/Oraquick-Question/show/2594318#post_12613976 So you took another test after the one you asked about week ago?
Avatar m tn "Oral fluid HIV tests are very accurate. In studies, the OraQuick oral fluid test detected 91.7 percent of people who were infected with HIV, and 99.9 percent of people who were not infected with HIV." Means if you are negative then you are negative. The 91.7% would give an indeterminate test.
Avatar f tn Any test you take/took/will take, etc. will be negative because that is not a risk in any way of HIV. HIV is spread by unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse or sharing IV drug needles. so you had no risk and need to move on.
Avatar m tn what is the likelihood that a oraquick advantage test was done wrong and given a false negative at 6 months post exposure?
Avatar n tn For one you didn't have a swab for an Oraquick test. Oraquick test is a blood test. The OraQuick Rapid HIV-1 Antibody Test checks for HIV-1, the virus that causes AIDS, in a person’s blood. The test detects antibodies to HIV-1 found in blood specimens obtained by fingerstick or venipuncture. As is true of all HIV screening tests, a reactive test result needs to be confirmed by an additional, more specific test.
Avatar f tn Oral swab tests do not test the saliva. They test the fluid that your mouth produces along the gumline in your mouth. They test for HIV antibody reactions. And to answer your question, they are very accurate. A blood test or an oral swab test are both going to give you the same result: negative.
Avatar f tn You would of been deathly ill years ago if you had HIV. You don't have HIV. You had a test that proves this. You have a flu. People get the flu. It is common.
Avatar f tn I had protected sex with striper in nights club, and oral sex and at that time the condom was falling in here mouth, I did tuch here floud with my hands, and I did but a new condom but I didn't do anything after that I mean after the new condom no sex , I did an oraquick test after 4 weeks then after 6 weeks and was negative, then I did the same test after 11 weeks almost 83 days and negative.
Avatar m tn An Oraquick home swab test is almost (almost) impossible to screw up. The instructions are clear. The "C" line is a built in safety feature that tells you the test has run it's course and has detected other cells in the oral mucosal fluid, it is not just a confirmation of capillary action of the test stick.So, the only thing you need to worry about is if you took the test at least 12 weeks post possible exposure. If that is the case then you do not have HIV.
Avatar m tn No - and this is important for users of the test to understand. The test is not reliable at detecting HIV infection until at least three months after infection. In addition, even after three months, there can also be false negatives. Clinical studies by untrained consumers showed that the OraQuick test will produce about one false negative result out of every 12 tests performed in HIV infected individuals.
Avatar f tn Can someone tell me how good the oraquick in home HIV test are !! I took one at three months four and a bunch at six months!!! All negative!!
Avatar m tn Blood test results always overrule exposure history and symptoms. Your yeat infections and cough make no difference. No worries!
Avatar n tn Could someone explains the composition of the developer solution used in Oraquick. Recently the fluid in the vial came in contact with my fingers. Is there any risk?
Avatar m tn You have a limited time to read a rapid test. You don't have HIV.
Avatar n tn Today I went and had an OraQuick HIV test done; the process included sticking my finger and result returned 20-30 minutes later. They were negative. My question is, what is the likelihood that these results are concrete in relation to this time frame? Please help put my mind at ease. Thank you in advance!
Avatar m tn If you're going to question the validity of the Oraquick test then just go get a duo test from your doctor or a clinic and be done with the speculation. Oraquick requires a 12 week or 90 day window period to be considered conclusive. But a duo test from your doctor is conclusive anytime 28 days or later after exposure. You don't even know if you had a risk or not so this could all be a moot point if the condom didn't break.
Avatar m tn Boy they sure are proud of there test the oraquick directions say 90 after possible contact if you test negtive you did not get infected with HIV no wacky 6 mouth deal so I hope there right have the derections right here the guy that gave me the test through the cdc program in montana let me keep it It sure made me feel alot better than the ant deppresion pills or anything for that matter so next time you go get tested ask if you can to .
Avatar m tn Before Aug 19th 2015 I had an exposure (oral sex without condoms and also I had shaved my genital and I felt some liquid coming out from the girl on me). I got tested with Oraquick on Dec 18th 2015 and Dec 21st 2015. Both results were negative. My questions are: 1) Is Oraquick accurate in this situation? 2) how could I understand the accuracy of 91.7% for false negatives? Thank you.
Avatar m tn thanx for repliying im telling i beenreading your post for a long time thanx for the help but is the oraquick advance mouth swab a good test sorry last question promise
Avatar n tn I would trust the blood test. Blood has the highest concentration of HIV in it if you are infected. If the blood test was negative you should assme you are negative. Try to relax and get some sleep, I understand how hard that probably is right now for you though. Maybe go see the doc and gte some sleeping and anxiety meds to mellow you out some until this whole thing blows over.
Avatar f tn Oraquick can detect hiv 1 and hiv 2 and thats all you need to be aware of.