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Avatar m tn No insurance companies do not cancel your policies if you test.
Avatar m tn Their website states that samples are tested for HIV-1 and HIV-2 for insurance services but the FDA does not currently list an approved HIV-1 and HIV-2 Urine test. CRL seems pretty big and I would think they have a lot to lose by not using FDA approved tests. Is there any advantage to an Insurer, as far as cost of testing, to use a Urine HIV test instead of a Blood based test? Again, I'm sorry for bringing this up.
Avatar n tn if she has not heard anything back and is signing papers today with her insurance guy she obvously dosnt have HIV or hep or anything correct?? i dont want to ask her because i dont want to know that i am nervous. any comment would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn Recently I was hospitalized in India in April and came back to USA in August and applied for life insurance in August 30 and they did blood work and sent me medical blood exam but I don’t see hiv test in it but I was told that life insurance companies always do hiv test before giving policy and now they came back saying my blood pressure and colostrol was high so I need to pay high premium and they also mentioned that there are no major issues other that these two issues.
Avatar f tn Hmmm having trouble getting approval for much needed cardio tests for interferon approval. Has anyone else run into this problem and does anyone know how long these test are good for before hep docs want new tests. If and went I get it approved I doubt I'll ever be able to take the test again. Something wrong in insurance land.....Private insurers...
Avatar m tn Then in October 2006 or November 2006 i got life insurance and took an Omni-Sal hiv test. My boyfriend got the Omni-Sal 6 months after we were intimite, that was also neg. I hear these are not in the US (i live in the Bahamas), they placed the test stick in my mouth under my tongue to collect the saliva, then sealed it to send to the lab. I got approved for the insurance so i guess the test was negative. Now, Just last week i took another Omni-Sal test since i am upgrading my insurance.
Avatar m tn I got tested for HIV for life insurance. What would happen if they detected the HIV virus?
Avatar n tn i started noticing them when my Girlfriend went to get a blood test for life insurance and i started getting nervous about HIV. i started reading about them on the internet that they are seen in HIV. i think im just paranoid?? i would have other symptoms too right?
Avatar n tn t have a job, or else I would just go and pay for the tests myself. If I request an HIV test, can the insurance company drop me or my parents? Are they notified of the results? Or is it just considered routine/preventative health testing because I'm in the 13-64 age group? I always use condoms when I have sex, but a couple of times the condom slipped off. We switched to ones that better fit my boyfriend but I always worry in the back of my mind.
Avatar m tn Ten years ago, I had sex with a white female escort in Atlanta. I was intoxicated and having a tough time cumming, so, I pulled out, at which time the condom came off inside her. She went to the bathroom and pulled it out. I washed myself. She did not have another condom, so she finished me off with a handjob. Afterwards, we talked and she gave me her name and number to call her, directly (instead of going thru the service), which I never did.
Avatar n tn My friend is desperate to pass an HIV test for an insurance company. Is there anything you can possibly do to make the HIV test -ve? Like drink lots of alchohol, or anything?
Avatar m tn For the life of me, i cant find those lab results in my records, but is that true? Do the large life insurance companies automatically test for HIV?????If this is true, my stress and anxiety will diminish significantly because i ended up getting the life insurance policy which is north of $1m.
Avatar n tn a few years ago I became pregnant and went in for my first dr visit.I got tested for 'everything' including HIV. The doctor told me well, if we have any problems we'll let you know otherwise we'll see you in a week. Well, in that week I was out of town and had a miscarriage. I never made it back for my Dr appt. When I had a follow up appt (I went to a different Dr this time), I asked to be screened for STD's since I never got my previous results. The new Dr.
487969 tn?1249313291 I have a blood draw and urine sample tomorrow for my life insurance evaluation. Do I, or don't I take my thyroid medication? Also, I took my xanax for the neck swelling last night and will not do that tonight, but will it still show in tomorrow's urine sample? Do they even test that way?
Avatar m tn Depends on whether the life insurance company is requiring you to have an HIV test as part of their underwriting of your policy. If so, then you will have the test and a result. If not, then there is no other diagnostic test that is part of a routine physical exam that would provide you with that information.
Avatar m tn but i have results now. I had to get blood work for life insurance and i got my results yesterday. The company i went with was called examone. My blood results came back with a negative result for hiv. It will be three months next week since my possible exposure. Should i trust the results from this company?
Avatar m tn ve gotten life insurance from american income, and I believe they tested me for hiv but am unsure. The man told me the test was for tobacco (perhaps so as not to scare me?) but I quickly noted the packaging clearly stated hiv testing. Plus, he gave me a pamplet all about hiv and orasure testing. No hiv test consent form was signed, though all the medical information waiver forms were signed.
Avatar f tn The blood bank wouldn't tell you that you tested postive they would say your unit was rejected and to see your doctor. As for insurance companies they would tell you if you were going to be tested for HIV.
Avatar m tn How do you know an HIV test was done? Most insurance testing does not include an HIV test and when they do they are mandated to tell you verbally or in writing.
Avatar m tn Had a high risk exposure in april of 2010,tested 7 weeks later and came back negative,and 6 weeks after that i had to submit a urine sample for life insurance and it came back negative ,my question is the urine sample a good hiv test??BTW my high risk was insertve anal sex on a woman THANK YOU!
Avatar n tn Hi -- 18 years ago had possible exposure to HIV thru unprotected sex. Been married & monogamous15 years -- husband recently tested negative for HIV thru life insurance policy testing, but I got 2 ambiguous results (was still granted huge life insurance policy). I have never felt any type of symptom except about 4 yeast infections a year. We have had five children together, the last in 2000, and somehow neither I nor my children were ever tested.