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Avatar m tn how long does it take for the blood test results to come back for life insurance policy. when should i not be nervous anymore. my GF is getting the test and i am so nervous it is going to come back with something +. i have heard if you dont hear anything no news is good news?? but how long should i wait? until she gets the life insurance?
487969 tn?1249316891 I have a blood draw and urine sample tomorrow for my life insurance evaluation. Do I, or don't I take my thyroid medication? Also, I took my xanax for the neck swelling last night and will not do that tonight, but will it still show in tomorrow's urine sample? Do they even test that way?
Avatar m tn There are many causes of CHF and the vast majority of cases have absolutely nothing to do with HIV. Second, my understanding is that HIV testing is routine for life insurance applications. While I cannot speak for MetLife's policies on this, if they obtained your written permission for HIV testing, you can assume it was done. If so, for sure you would have been informed if the result were positive. So you ca be very confident your test results were negative.
Avatar m tn As part of the life insurance policy, I had to take a physical and blood test which tested for among other things, HIV. I never got the results of the testing. However, I did get approved for the policy (although at a higher than normal rate...probably due to my high blood pressure - not sure). I'm assuming that if I was infected with HIV, the lab would be obligated to contact me and let me know and wouldn't simply raise my rate...and my application would be rejected.
Avatar f tn Hello. My question is, would a saliva hiv test, (at a life insurance screen), which took saliva from under the tongue, be conclusive at 4 months after possible infection? Are these under the tongue type tests accurate? It was negative i assume, since i did get the insurance. Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn No insurance companies do not cancel your policies if you test.
Avatar f tn I applied for life Insurance I had to signed paperwork to do blood work and Hiv test. The lady came out on July 6 did all the blood work she said it will take two weeks for results, and I haven’t heard anything. I am freaking out due to my Hiv test. I tested in November 2016 with 4 generation test came back neg tested again in June 6 results came back June 9 of 2017 neg. No sex for two years. I am freaking out though. I need to stop stressing but I can’t.
Avatar m tn I have never even thought about it until the last few weeks, because we are getting life insurance policies and they test for the big one (HIV). I have never been tested before in my life. Now that it is upon me I have been consumed with the "what-ifs". I have children and have no idea if my partner was screened during pregnancy. I know in my heart that I am fine, but as many of you may know it seems not to matter.
Avatar n tn I have just applied for life insurance therefore need an HIV test which I took a week ago. I am absolutely terrified that the results will be positive. Since I have been with my husband for ten years and have not had relations outside the marriage, if I did have HIV wouldn't I be sick by now. Any of your opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar m tn anyway im thinking of going to get tested, this would be the third time in a year once because of the previous anxiety and another for life insurance. i dont want to test because i am reinforcing the ocd but my fear is if i write it off i may have hiv and continue to put my family at risk. i should add that i always have cracks in my hands as they are very dry hence my concern over vaginal fluid even though unless it was on my pants my hand came no where near her vagina.
Avatar n tn I don't have any experience applying for life insurance, so I don't know if insurance companies (in general) would deny you coverage in the event you were HCV antibody +, but negative for the virus (i.e. you were SVR). But from my experience insurance companies tend to be fairly conservative entities, so I'd think they might shy away from someone who tested HCV antibody + , even if they were clear of the virus itself.
Avatar n tn I just took a hiv test for a life insurance policy and now i am freaking out! If i somehow gave my wife hiv i would just die.. Please help!
Avatar m tn Just to update, it's been about 4 months since my fear of being exposed, i got a blood test in January, i got another blood test in February, i got the rapid test done in February, i had a surprise test signing up for life insurance in February, and at the 3month mark March 16, i got my 5th blood test. All test came back negative, now i know i am a worry wart, but my question is what are the chances of a false negative, and with all 5 test would they have seen something already?
Avatar n tn So inyour perception if I did become infected with hiv it definitely would have shown up in the PCR test at the eight day mark which measures the amount of hiv in the blood. Also the anitbody test I was given at the 23 day mark was by a life insurance company what hiv test do they generally use. Also in general I am still having symptoms now. Such as feeling tired and pain under left rib cage and under arm pits and sometimes groin but no swelling. I also have some nausea.
Avatar n tn I am a heterosexual woman, have known my husband for almost ten years and have been married for seven years. I have three young children and I had my first HIV test for life insurance purposes. I am scared to death that it will be positive. I had a few sexual encounters in my single days, some one night stands, some four or five, etc. times. No sexual encounters except for my husband in the last ten years or so. First question...what do you think my risk is?
Avatar m tn Then in October 2006 or November 2006 i got life insurance and took an Omni-Sal hiv test. My boyfriend got the Omni-Sal 6 months after we were intimite, that was also neg. I hear these are not in the US (i live in the Bahamas), they placed the test stick in my mouth under my tongue to collect the saliva, then sealed it to send to the lab. I got approved for the insurance so i guess the test was negative. Now, Just last week i took another Omni-Sal test since i am upgrading my insurance.
Avatar n tn Or go to the drugstore and pick up a Home Access HIV test. Sometimes you have to ask for it, and other times it's on the shelf. But just to bury your head in the sand and wait to die b/c you don't want to be fired? Do you understand how ridiculous that sounds?
Avatar n tn I am not sure what kind of HIV test was done originally. Does this happen very often? I had HIV tests with my first two pregnancies and one for life insurance a few yrs ago - all were negative. Also, I gave blood back in spring and was not flagged for any problems. I have been married and faithful for 13 years. My husband says he has not been unfaithful and I have never suspected it.
Avatar f tn My therapist thinks that I have this obsessive thoght of HIV because I am afraid I will destroy myself or my life or I am afraid that I already have. hence, HIV. Does that make sense to you? I have struggled with dep and anx for years so this doesnt surprise me about myself! and you sound just like me. I'd go get help for it!!!!!
Avatar m tn I recently had some blood work for life insurance. I received the results and noticed I had an elevated ALTof 67U/L(with up 45 being normal range for lab),GGTP of 100 U/L(with up to 65 being normal range for lab),and Total Bilirubin levels of 1.5MG/DL(with up to 1.4 being in the normal range for lab) but all else looked good.I am a 40 yo male in good shape and work doing very active work and play in 3 softball leagues a week. I am 6'2" and weigh about 232 lbs.
Avatar m tn I recently had some blood work for life insurance. I received the results and noticed I had an elevated ALTof 67U/L(with up 45 being normal range for lab),GGTP of 100 U/L(with up to 65 being normal range for lab),and Total Bilirubin levels of 1.5MG/DL(with up to 1.4 being in the normal range for lab) but all else looked good.I am a 40 yo male in good shape and work doing very active work and play in 3 softball leagues a week. I am 6'2" and weigh about 232 lbs.
Avatar f tn My husband had to take an HIV test for a life insurance policy .He tested negetive on the Oraquick Orasure swab test but then I started hearing the false positive results a while ago and got to wondering again.I just wondered why would an insurance company use an inaccurate test and take a chance on insuring a person who may be positive.Thanx again.You were a big help.
Avatar m tn Hi I am sorry to hear your problem I don't know why you should feel shame unless, as a child, you were told to be ashamed.
Avatar f tn how can anyone here help you with the insurance co? HCV is a life threatening disease. i can't see how you would be denied if you have HCV. have you had a biopsy? have you had a blood test to determine your viral load?
1043834 tn?1269046623 So I went ahead and looked it up on Youtube, turns out there are some stupid people leaving comments on why noty to test yourself for HIV. I was completely infuriated. I mean if knowledge is power this individual was saying that an HIV test could ruin your life. This was that individuals comment: DON'T GET TESTED!
Avatar n tn I have one more question my parents took out a life insurance policy in Janurary 07, they required an HIV test. How accurate are the oral fluid test and if something was wrong would they have informed me by now and was that enough time after having sex to produce an accurate result?