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Avatar m tn I have stopped visiting prostitutes in October 2009. And want to be 100% safe before marrying in next 2-3 years. Where in Pune can I get tested for HIV with full privacy?
Avatar n tn Broken condom, for over 1 minute, with a prostitute in Pune, India. Did not realize. ELSA negative at 5 weeks. "HIV-1 RNA Qualitative Real Time RT PCR Report" also negative at 5 weeks. Have I escaped this mishap. Is PCR test different fo HIV-2 ? Swear never to do anything stupid again!
Avatar m tn I was in pune, India and i had a sexual encounter with a sex worker. When i inserted into her vagina the first time the condom almost instantly broke. Within the blink of an eye, i pulled out, changed my condom and had sex. What are my chances of contracting HIV? I do not know the HIV status of the sex worker.
Avatar f tn There is no confusion whatsoever. Information provided to you by CurfewX clearly states that you have tested negative and your result is definitive. You were tested on a IV Generation of HIV test that looks for P24 antigen and antibodies to HIV 1 & 2 in collected serum (Blood collected for diagnostic purpose) through a testing technology or method called as CMIA. You don't need any further testing.
Avatar f tn Statistically no matter where, a chance of HIV transmission through vaginal sex is 1:2,000, considering the partner has been indeed HIV+ by the time of intercourse. If you do unprotected vaginal/anal sex with a non-committed partner, then go test at 3 months post-exposure for a conclusive result on your HIV status.
Avatar m tn I had sex with a CSW in Pune last week- she insisted on 2 condoms coz she said my penis was huge. I knew it was riskier but complied. First she came on top, then I inserted from missionary position. I pulled out before ejaculating and condom seemed intact. I asked her if it broke and she said no. Am I at risk? Really anxious!
Avatar n tn The worry is that the test reports says that Elisa was performed but i got results in 30 minutes. Also when i inquired the lab they told me that the test they actually perform is Tri-dot. Is tri-dot one of the form of elisa? If not then are lab results wrong and i still don't know the correct HIV status of mine? Can anyone put some insight over it ? The lab i tested is respected in our area. Also what are the chances of getting false negative result after 1.5 years from tri-dot?
Avatar f tn Part about Hiv is what worries me about the credibilities of the doctors here in Pune. I am from Pune a city in Maharashtra in India. They all say even rubbing is a risk. Are they being overtly conservative or they just don’t know? Also no testing was done for urine? He told me to take the antibiotics for 2 weeks & if the pain persists to go to a urologist.
Avatar f tn I had protected sex(2 condom) with prostitute in Pune as soon I had sex with her I feel vomiting and not to eat food that night what can cause these These feeling was till tomorrow morning what sti can cause it
Avatar f tn I am tiring to conceive from almost 2.5 yr. This time we did IUI with injections and trigger. I have ovulated on 18th March 2011. Right now I am on progesterone and ecosprin 75 and emfolic 5mg. Now almost one week now and two days past on 23 and 24 I was having pain in my lower left/middle abdominal but today I am not feeling anything. 1. no implantation occur 2. Do we feel something after implantation. Nothing is happening to me :( anyone any idea.
Avatar m tn wait till 6-8 weeks to test, if negative, test again at 3 months for a conclusive result.. dont worry and dont look for symptoms..
Avatar f tn Only a test can determine someone's status. You can take any test now for a conclusive result, so there is no reason to guess and keep worrying when the answer is available.
Avatar n tn I had sex with an unknown pune(servant), we just kissed for about a minute or so , I didn't notice any blood, Also He rubbed his penis over my anus,s outer lining.I didn't notice any pre-*** or cuts. I don't know his HIV status. But I know he's unmarried and single!
Avatar f tn It was started because of back pain and deficiency of vitamin b12 and d3 Can somebody refer good doctor in pune or in delhi?
Avatar n tn i dont knw what these are to be...i want to confirm becz in the laboratory where i test they said Elisa test n HIv rapid test both are diffrent n both have diff. cost Elisa test is costly n hiv rapid test having less cost i take HIv Rapid test. That y i wanna confirm it from experts. As well do tell me do i need to test for Sphille, gonerrhea n chlamydia ???
Avatar f tn I am a home maker staying in Pune, India. I do have Hyper tension and for last two years suffering from Ulcerative Colitis.(U C) Three years back I had Central Serous Retinopathy problem but was not confirmed in Army Hospital but vision was blurred in left eye. During treatment of UC , .I was given Cartizone tablets ( Wyselone). I went to retina specialist on noticing no vision in left eye.
Avatar m tn but after some month I notices that below rib cage pain completely gone but right uper and lover abdominal pain always I notice whitch moving right back. After 4 month I went defreant docter at (Pune ) and ask for the pain he told me that my life style is not good and prescribed some excircise and given some fiber and pills . but still my pain was there but its come and goes after some time... After 2 month again I feel back pain and upper and lover abdominal pain with red blood stool.
Avatar n tn , For your information this anxiety may be due to the fact that the Swine flu is rapant and we are unable to counter the same in PUNE and I am working in PUNe and i fears making me have sleepless nights and sweating is seen with Burning skin onPalms and bottom of legs. also feel the tingling sensation of Sweat forming on my legs and also on the face. It has also caused me the feverish symtoms.
18715433 tn?1467219149 She had also fallen on head about 3 yrs back but she was normal and it was ignored. What treatment she should take and whether she will be alright ?