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Avatar m tn I have stopped visiting prostitutes in October 2009. And want to be 100% safe before marrying in next 2-3 years. Where in Pune can I get tested for HIV with full privacy?
Avatar n tn Broken condom, for over 1 minute, with a prostitute in Pune, India. Did not realize. ELSA negative at 5 weeks. "HIV-1 RNA Qualitative Real Time RT PCR Report" also negative at 5 weeks. Have I escaped this mishap. Is PCR test different fo HIV-2 ? Swear never to do anything stupid again!
Avatar f tn Statistically no matter where, a chance of HIV transmission through vaginal sex is 1:2,000, considering the partner has been indeed HIV+ by the time of intercourse. If you do unprotected vaginal/anal sex with a non-committed partner, then go test at 3 months post-exposure for a conclusive result on your HIV status.
Avatar m tn Teak Sir, I hav called at Pune HIv centre and told them about the joint pains regular its increases not decreses i am taking medicine also for the same but the councellor there told that HIv dont have any symptoms for 7 -8 years.. I ask for ASR symptoms that include joint pains also. They said there is no such symptoms so i just wanna ask these ARS symptoms are the part of HIV n plz sir clear it. JOint pains n muscle ache come that much early in ARS symptoms.
Avatar m tn But still i was searching on net about HIV and then I came to know that HIV test after 15 days is of no use , U have to wait for atlest 28 days after exposer.I then I was into same situation I was before. test done after exposer 15 days:- Test 2010 ---Feb HB :- 14.3 g/Dl RBC :- 5.04 WBC :- 6.8 k/Ul Platelets ;- 203 k/UL Lym% :- 29.1 % Mon% = 4.2% Eos :- 7.
Avatar m tn I tested for HIV in one ICTC in Pune (india). It was negative test. But now I am worried becoz, from childhood I am hearing / reading these stories of lacunae, corruption & carelessness in Indian Government Hospitals. Evereyone knows that subsidies drugs suplied by governent to these hospitals makes its way in grey market, hygine & sanitation standards are substantitaly low there....... Therefore, considereing all above mentioned cirucumstances........
Avatar n tn Your words are a relief. Should i test, all those P24, PCR etc. My life will be in ruines if i test positive - imagine 4 days before the marriage .. we come to know of this. guys, do i need to test!!!
Avatar n tn BJMC, Pune. Pune Chest Hospital Aundh, Pune. AFMC, Pune also, have a look at the URL below, though You would not need this since you are HIV NEGATIVE :-) take care..
Avatar m tn I was in pune, India and i had a sexual encounter with a sex worker. When i inserted into her vagina the first time the condom almost instantly broke. Within the blink of an eye, i pulled out, changed my condom and had sex. What are my chances of contracting HIV? I do not know the HIV status of the sex worker.
Avatar n tn Hello , I am male 26 yrs from india. I have a question regarding tri-dot test and elisa. After a risky exposure after 1.5 yrs i recently got tested. i got the result negative. I also had tested from same lab just 5 days after i had risky behavior. it was also negative. The worry is that the test reports says that Elisa was performed but i got results in 30 minutes. Also when i inquired the lab they told me that the test they actually perform is Tri-dot. Is tri-dot one of the form of elisa?
Avatar m tn After a week i told my close friend about the incident and he advised me to get tested for hiv as CSW in this part of the world are high chanced hiv+. Gathering courage i got tested 6 weeks after the incident, an immunoassay, immunochromatography and rapid tri-dot test all turned out non-reactive. Its now been 9 month since without any sexual contact and im scared that the report might have been false.
Avatar m tn Why would you test when we both told you that you never had a risk?
Avatar m tn wait till 6-8 weeks to test, if negative, test again at 3 months for a conclusive result.. dont worry and dont look for symptoms..
Avatar n tn I think your problem leis in mind not in body yes in INDIA time for conclusive test is 3 month.
Avatar m tn Hi Doctor, I am 28 year old man and had visited a red street in Pune in Maharashtra, India in June 2010. I met a women (sex worker) and went to her room. I put off my pants, she wore me two condoms and I laid on her and started massaging my penis on her thigh and stomach. During this time the condoms come out of my penis. I feared and after that I just sat on the bed and masturbate myself and fingers on her body (not in vagina) and ejaculated in condoms.
Avatar f tn Few more Blood was on the lower parts of genitals This happened in pune india massage parlor.. she refused kissing as well.
Avatar n tn i want to confirm becz in the laboratory where i test they said Elisa test n HIv rapid test both are diffrent n both have diff. cost Elisa test is costly n hiv rapid test having less cost i take HIv Rapid test. That y i wanna confirm it from experts. As well do tell me do i need to test for Sphille, gonerrhea n chlamydia ???
Avatar f tn Part about Hiv is what worries me about the credibilities of the doctors here in Pune. I am from Pune a city in Maharashtra in India. They all say even rubbing is a risk. Are they being overtly conservative or they just don’t know? Also no testing was done for urine? He told me to take the antibiotics for 2 weeks & if the pain persists to go to a urologist.
Avatar n tn So I went to this specialist and after looking at it he recommended I test for HIV, which came out negative. He prescribed Silverex (silver sulfadiazine) + Ocuvir cream along with Acivir 800 (aciclovir) tablets 5 times a day. This made the situation even worse for me. It caused even more diarrhea, severe itching and burning. I continued this regimen for 5 days with no improvement. The he prescribed Momate along with Acivir 800 5 times a day.
Avatar n tn They also follow me to work,and I have them in my office too. Then when I go to another person's office, they follow me in there too. So essentially it's me they are after. There is no food or fruit anywhere,and I do not wear cologne. I have not done anything different from when they were not constantly around me. I am not sure why they are around me, but as you can see, it has become a problem. Does anyone have any ideas?
530191 tn?1214166411 I had my first flare in Decemeber of 2007 and life has been hell ever since. I tested positive for AICU with the CU index test in March of 2008. I do have Hashimotos and take 100mg of Synthroid daily (notice someone mentioned a link between AICU/CU and Thyroid conditions above). I've made this correlation though none of my doctors seem to have information about it.
Avatar n tn Like all of you, I have the same problem, and I just had a PAP test and everything is good, I just got my IUD taken out as well, because in my head I thought this was causing all of my issues.